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on alert lioness cubs c1878 1910 1912
'On the Alert - Lioness and Cubs', c1878-1910, (1912).Artist: John MacAllan Swan
impressionism/venice palazzo da mula 1908 artist claude
'Venice, Palazzo Da Mula', 1908. Artist: Claude Monet
dulwich college london 1829artist j rogers
Dulwich College, London, 1829.Artist: J Rogers
popular art/mona lisa c1505 1912artist leonardo da
'Mona Lisa', c1505, (1912).Artist: Leonardo da Vinci
the angelus 1857 1859 1912artist jean
'The Angelus', 1857-1859, (1912).Artist: Jean Francois Millet
jmw turner/venice 1840 1912artist jmw turner
'Venice', 1840, (1912).Artist: JMW Turner
pope john ii d535 c19th century artist
Pope John II (d535), c19th century. Artist: Unknown
pope john xxi 1215 1277 c19th century artist
Pope John XXI (1215-1277), c19th century. Artist: Unknown
pope innocent vii c1336 1406 c19th century
Pope Innocent VII (c1336-1406), c19th century. Artist: Unknown
cardinal francesco sforza italian priest 16th
Cardinal Francesco Sforza, Italian priest, 16th century. Artist: Unknown
raoul lufbery french american fighter pilot flying
Raoul Lufbery, French-American fighter pilot and flying ace of World War I, 1914-1918
british royal flying corps aircraft repair c1916
British Royal Flying Corps aircraft under repair, c1916. Artist: Unknown
maurice boyau leading french fighter ace first
Maurice Boyau, leading French fighter ace of the First World War, 1914-1918. Artist
french squadron objective factories edge river
'French squadron on the objective; factories at the edge of a river', 1918, (1926)
merci c1918 1926 artist l sabattier
'Merci!', c1918, (1926). Artist: L Sabattier
prime minister georges clemenceau announces end war
Prime Minister Georges Clemenceau announces the end of the war, 11am, 11 November 1918 (1926)
the joy paris 11 november 1918 1926artist
'The Joy of Paris', 11 November 1918, (1926).Artist: L Sabattier
kaiser wilhelm ii germany frederick augustus iii
Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany and Frederick Augustus III of Saxony, June 1918. Artist
general diaz general foch meeting italian headquarters
General Diaz and General Foch meeting at the Italian headquarters, Italy, 2 May 1918
rene paul fonck french fighter ace 1918 artist
Rene Paul Fonck, French fighter ace, 1918. Artist: Unknown
breguet french biplane bomber action c1917 1926
A Breguet French biplane bomber in action, c1917 (1926). Artist: Unknown
georges guynemer french fighter ace 9 september 1917
Georges Guynemer, French fighter ace, 9 September 1917. Artist: Unknown
lieutenant georges guynemer meeting french generals
Lieutenant Georges Guynemer meeting French generals, 19 February 1917. Artist: Unknown
georges guynemer french fighter ace c1916 artist
Georges Guynemer, French fighter ace, c1916. Artist: Unknown
lieutenant georges guynemer captain felix brocard
Lieutenant Georges Guynemer and Captain Felix Brocard, French fighter pilots, 5 February 1916
allied troops marching liberated town 27 october 1918
Allied troops marching through a liberated town, 27 October 1918. Artist: Unknown
general currie canadian troops walking liberated town
General Currie and Canadian troops walking through a liberated town, 27 October 1918
ground crew attending french spad snow covered field
'Ground crew attending to a French Spad on a snow-covered field', 1918, (1926)
french fighter squadron aerodrome 1918 1926
'French Fighter Squadron Aerodrome', 1918, (1926).Artist: Francois Flameng
an inversion little close ground 1918 1926
'An Inversion a Little Close to the Ground', 1918, (1926)
departure french breguet planes reconnaissance
Departure of French Breguet planes for a reconnaissance mission during winter, 1914-1918
german aviatik aircraft photographed flight belgian
A German Aviatik aircraft photographed in flight by a Belgian aviator, Ypres, Belgium, 1916
queen elisabeth belgium visiting allied pilots c1915
Queen Elisabeth of Belgium visiting Allied pilots, c1915. Artist: Unknown
german aviators shot french ace jean navarre 1916
German aviators shot down by French ace Jean Navarre, 1916. Artist: Unknown
jean navarre french pilot 1916 artist unknown
Jean Navarre, French pilot, 1916. Artist: Unknown
room tsar nicholas ii family executed yekaterinburg
Room where Tsar Nicholas II and his family were executed, Yekaterinburg, Russia, July 17 1918
yakov yurovsky chief executioner tsar nicholas
Yakov Yurovsky, chief executioner of Tsar Nicholas II and his family, 1926. Artist
tsar nicholas ii children sitting greenhouse tobolsk
Tsar Nicholas II and his children sitting on a greenhouse, Tobolsk, Siberia, Russia, 1917
damage interior douai church france 1918 artist
Damage to the interior of Douai church, France, 1918. Artist: Unknown
ruins bell tower douai france 1918 artist
The ruins and bell tower of Douai, France, 1918. Artist: Unknown
inhabitants caudry come seek food british army
The inhabitants of Caudry come to seek food from the British Army, France, 1918. Artist
british soldier helping woman return village france
A British soldier helping a woman return to her village, France, 1918. Artist: Unknown
american soldiers passing ruins varennes meuse argonne
American soldiers passing through the ruins of Varennes, Meuse-Argonne Offensive, France, 1918
american 14 inch railway gun meuse argonne offensive
American 14 inch railway gun, Meuse-Argonne Offensive, France, 1918. Artist: Unknown
americans preparing attack argonne forest verdun
Americans preparing for the attack on the Argonne Forest, Verdun, France, September, 1918
american soldiers the village nonsard north east
American soldiers in the the village of Nonsard, north east of Saint-Mihiel, (1926)
american soldiers entering village nonsard near
American soldiers entering the village of Nonsard, near Saint-Mihiel, France, 12-15 September 1918
re supply machine gun unit horseback aisne france
The re-supply of a machine gun unit by horseback, Aisne, France, 2 September 1918
artillery barrage advance aisne france 2 september
Artillery barrage before an advance, Aisne, France, 2 September 1918. Artist: Unknown
french artillery position france 1918 1926
French artillery position, France, 1918, (1926).Artist: Henry Cheffer
370 mortar action 1918 1926 artist henry
'370 Mortar in Action', 1918, (1926). Artist: Henry Cheffer
german prisoners captured 3rd 4th british armies
German prisoners captured by the 3rd and 4th British Armies, Somme, France, 21-22 August, 1918
field marshal douglas haig reviewing canadian troops
Field Marshal Douglas Haig reviewing Canadian troops, Drocourt-Queant, 31 August 1918, (1926)
columns german prisoners somme france 1918
Columns of German prisoners, Somme, France, 1918. Artist: Unknown
ruined town church bell tower albert somme france
The ruined town and church bell tower of Albert, Somme, France, 22 August 1918. Artist
allied commanders chateau bombon france 1918
The four Allied commanders, Chateau Bombon, France, 1918. Artist: Unknown
british soldiers exploring ruins albert somme
British soldiers exploring the ruins of Albert, Somme, France, 22 August 1918. Artist
german soldier surrenders aisne france world war i
A German soldier surrenders, Aisne, France, World War I, 18 July 1918. Artist: Unknown
ferdinand foch french general allied supreme
Ferdinand Foch, French general and Allied Supreme Commander in World War I, 1918. Artist
american 155th artillery battery south soissons
American 155th artillery battery, south of Soissons, France, 18 July 1918. Artist
french 75th artillery battery aisne france
French 75th artillery battery, Aisne, France, 18 July 1918. Artist: Unknown
broken french light tank villers cotterets aisne
A broken down French light tank, Villers-Cotterets, Aisne, France, 1918. Artist: Unknown
observation post general mangin 18th july 1918
'Observation post of General Mangin, 18th July 1918', Villers-Cotterets, Aisne
georges clemenceau talking farmers near front
Georges Clemenceau talking with farmers near the front, Chemin des Dames, France, 1918
french infantry position sunken lane north villers cotterets
French infantry position in a sunken lane, north of Villers-Cotterets, Aisne, France, 1918
french infantry resting shell hole chemin des dames
French infantry resting in a shell hole, Chemin des Dames, France, 11 June 1918. Artist
french machine gunners sweeping road courcelles
French machine gunners sweeping a road, Courcelles, south-east of Montdidier, France, 9 June 1918
american marines digging trenches lucy le bocage
American marines digging trenches, Lucy-le-Bocage, France, 1 June, 1918. Artist: Unknown
french artillery battery move chemin des dames
French artillery battery on the move, Chemin des Dames, France, 1918. Artist: Unknown
battle aisne chemin des dames france 1918 artist
The Third Battle of the Aisne, Chemin des Dames, France, 1918. Artist: Unknown
french prime minister georges clemenceau versailles
French Prime Minister Georges Clemenceau in Versailles, France 3 June 1918. Artist
american cavalry unit rest chemin des dames france
American cavalry unit at rest, Chemin des Dames, France, 1918. Artist: Unknown
cavalry artillery french 10th army villers cotterets
Cavalry and artillery of the French 10th Army, Villers-Cotterets, Aisne, France, 1918
french troops using flamethrowers flush germans
French troops using flamethrowers to flush out Germans from their shelters, Cantigny, France, 1918
french infantry establishing fallback positions
French infantry establishing fallback positions in front of a ruined farm, Picardy, France, 1918
french counter attack somme river oise picardy
French counter-attack between the Somme and the river Oise, Picardy, France, 1918
amiens cathedral picardy france 1918 artist
Amiens Cathedral, Picardy, France, 1918. Artist: Unknown
fench sappers gas masks re laying telephone lines
Fench sappers in gas masks re-laying telephone lines after a bombardment, 1918. Artist
machine gunners edge hangard wood picardy france
Machine gunners at the edge of Hangard Wood, Picardy, France, 28 April 1918, (1926)
presentation general franchet desperey italian
The presentation of General Franchet d'Esperey to an Italian envoy to France, Champagne
french field hospital near moreuil picardy france
French field hospital near Moreuil, Picardy, France, 1918. Artist: Unknown
allied command post mount kemmel near ypres belgium
Allied command post on Mount Kemmel near Ypres, Belgium, 23 April 1918. Artist: Unknown
french english officers mount kemmel near ypres
French and English officers at Mount Kemmel near Ypres, Belgium, April 1918. Artist
german prisoners taken 18 april 1918 told rules
German prisoners taken on 18 April 1918 being told the rules of their captivity, France
german prisoners taken 18 april 1918 france artist
German prisoners taken on 18 April 1918, France. Artist: Unknown
french cavalry action 1918 1926 artist
'French Cavalry in Action', 1918, (1926). Artist: Georges Bertin Scott
flag regiment marche french foreign legion
The flag of the 'Regiment de Marche,' of The French Foreign Legion, c1914-1918
french machine gunners dug edge road apple trees
French machine gunners dug in at the edge of a road, under apple trees, 1918. Artist
line french infantry foxholes 1918 artist
A line of French infantry foxholes, 1918. Artist: Unknown
general philippe petain georges clemenceau 1926
General Philippe Petain and Georges Clemenceau, (1926). Artist: Unknown
regiment french infantry going front france
A regiment of French infantry going to the front, France, 30 March 1918. Artist: Unknown
french infantry regiment returning front 30 march
French infantry regiment returning from the front, 30 March 1918. Artist: Unknown
evacuated french wounded battle plessis de roye
Evacuated French wounded after the battle at Plessis-de-Roye, Picardy, France, 30 March 1918
german zeppelin l49 brought captured intact french
German Zeppelin L49 brought down and captured intact by the French, 20 October 1917
relief french infantry passing line prisoners
Relief French infantry passing a line of prisoners, Plessis-de-Roye, Picardy, France
aftermath fighting park plessis de roye picardy
Aftermath of the fighting in the park of Plessis-de-Roye, Picardy, France, 30th March 1918
john pershing hunter liggett american first world
John Pershing and Hunter Liggett, American First World War generals, March 1918. Artist
marie emile fayolle french first world war general
Marie Emile Fayolle, French First World War general, (1926). Artist: Unknown
american french troops trench front 1917 1918
American and French troops in a trench at the front, 1917-1918. Artist: Unknown


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