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8 Aug 2006

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william gilbert english physician late 16th century
William Gilbert, English physician, late 16th century. Artist: Unknown
for better worse 1866 artist unknown
'For Better or Worse', 1866. Artist: Unknown
pythagoras ancient greek mathematician philosopher
Pythagoras, Ancient Greek mathematician and philosopher, 6th century BC. Artist: Unknown
lambeth gas works 1872 artist gustave dore
'Lambeth Gas Works', 1872. Artist: Gustave Dore
grey drone fly observation xxxix hookes micrographia
Grey drone-fly, observation XXXIX from Hooke's Micrographia, 1664
solar lunar eclipses 1785 artist unknown
Solar and lunar eclipses, 1785 Artist: Unknown
early forms bicycles tricycles 19th century artist
Six early forms of bicycles and tricycles, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
camera obscura 1646 artist unknown
Camera obscura, 1646. Artist: Unknown
chemical lecture 1802 artist james gillray
Chemical lecture, 1802. Artist: James Gillray
human sacrifice tahiti south pacific c1773 artist
Human sacrifice on Tahiti in the South Pacific, c1773. Artist: W Woollett
the artist c1845 artist benjamin waterhouse
'The Artist', c1845. Artist: Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins
la salle des illusions paris september 1900
'La Salle des Illusions', Paris, September 1900. Artist: Unknown
the illuminations international inventions exhibition
'The Illuminations at the International Inventions Exhibition', 8th August 1885
brick maker 1808 artist william henry pyne
'Brick Maker', 1808. Artist: William Henry Pyne
the fife cantilever c1880s artist unknown
'The Fife cantilever', c1880s. Artist: Unknown
falls view suspension bridge niagara north america
Falls View Suspension Bridge, Niagara, North America, c1869-c1889. Artist: Unknown
aqueduct barton near manchester 1793 artist
The aqueduct at Barton, near Manchester, 1793. Artist: William Orme
le chirugien campagne the country surgeon c1747
'Le Chirugien de Campagne' ('The Country Surgeon'), c1747. Artist
la pharmacie rustique c1775 artist barthelemi
'La Pharmacie Rustique', c1775. Artist: Barthelemi Hubner
mammal embryos 1905 artist unknown
Mammal embryos, 1905. Artist: Unknown
alexander fleming prix nobel 1945 artist
'Alexander Fleming Prix Nobel 1945'. Artist: Unknown
john harrison c1835 artist william holl
John Harrison, c1835. Artist: William Holl
william harvey demonstrating king charles i theory
William Harvey demonstrating to King Charles I his theory of the circulation of the blood, 1851
thomas linacre md 1847 artist h cook
'Thomas Linacre, MD', 1847. Artist: H Cook
john hunter frs c1850 c1870 artist william
John Hunter, FRS, (c1850-c1870?). Artist: William Holl
dr lyon playfair c1850 c1880 artist g cook
Dr Lyon Playfair, (c1850-c1880?). Artist: G Cook
indians fishing c1845 artist benjamin waterhouse
'Indians Fishing', c1845. Artist: Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins
agriculture manure c1845 artist benjamin
'Agriculture, for Manure', c1845. Artist: Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins
agricultural c 1845 artist robert kent thomas
'Agricultural', c 1845. Artist: Robert Kent Thomas
garrett sons double cylinder steam ploughing
'Garrett & Son's Double-Cylinder Steam Ploughing Engine and Tackle', c1862
bells improved reaping machine crosskill c1840s
Bell's improved reaping machine by Crosskill, c1840s. Artist: Joseph Wilson Lowry
kew heliograph used eclipse viewing expedition spain
The Kew heliograph being used in an eclipse-viewing expedition to Spain, 1860. Artist
principal observatory siam 1875 artist unknown
Principal Observatory, Siam, 1875. Artist: Unknown
public witness solar eclipse london c1870 artist
Public witness of the solar eclipse, London, c1870. Artist: Unknown
solar eclipse observatory nicobar islands c1875
Solar Eclipse Observatory, Nicobar Islands, c1875. Artist: Unknown
solar eclipse seen royal observatory greenwich 1858
Solar eclipse seen over the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, 1858. Artist: Unknown
systeme descartes 1761 artist rene descartes
Systeme de Descartes, 1761. Artist: Rene Descartes
experiments fairlies steam carriage short distances
'Experiments with Fairlie's steam carriage for short distances', August 1869
galileos thermometer 1592 artist galileo
'Galileo's thermometer', 1592. Artist: Galileo Galilei
model joiners hand saw c1816 artist unknown
Model of a joiner's hand saw, c1816. Artist: Unknown
break gauge gloucester gloucestershire 6th
'Break of Gauge at Gloucester', Gloucestershire, 6th June 1846. Artist: WJ Linton
warehousing city 1872 artist adolphe francois
'Warehousing in the City', 1872. Artist: Adolphe Francois Pannemaker
great western railway disaster thorpe near norwich
The Great Western Railway disaster at Thorpe near Norwich, 10 September 1874. Artist
pewter making c1750s artist unknown
Pewter-making, c1750s. Artist: Unknown
tay bridge disaster scotland 28 december 1879
Tay Bridge disaster, Scotland, 28 December 1879. Artist: CR
cutlery making c1750s artist unknown
Cutlery-making, c1750s. Artist: Unknown
natives sandwich islands hawaii slaughtering
Natives of the Sandwich Islands, Hawaii, slaughtering swine before Captain Cook, c1778
the black country near bilston staffordshire 1869
'The Black Country' near Bilston, Staffordshire, 1869. Artist: G Greatbach
sir joseph wilson swan scientist inventor c1900
Sir Joseph Wilson Swan, scientist and inventor, c1900. Artist: Unknown
turning wood 1754 artist i hinton
Turning wood, 1754. Artist: I Hinton
sir humphrey davy english chemist 1803 artist
Sir Humphrey Davy, English chemist, 1803. Artist: C Turner
sir richard owen english zoologist c1860 artist
Sir Richard Owen, English zoologist, c1860. Artist: DJ Pound
eadweard james muybridge british american photography
Eadweard James Muybridge, British-American photography pioneer, 1889. Artist: Unknown
sir isaac newton english scientist mathematician
Sir Isaac Newton, English scientist and mathematician, c1700. Artist: Jacobus Houbraken
antoni van leeuwenhoek dutch pioneer microscopy
Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, Dutch pioneer of microscopy, c1660. Artist: Abraham de Blois
joseph banks president royal society prs botanist
Joseph Banks, President of the Royal Society (PRS), botanist, 1800s
peter dollond optician c1800 artist unknown
Peter Dollond, optician, c1800. Artist: Unknown
christiaan huygens dutch physicist c1670 artist
Christiaan Huygens, Dutch physicist, c1670. Artist: Unknown
samuel crompton english inventor spinning mule
Samuel Crompton, English inventor of the spinning mule, c1880s. Artist: James Morrison
henry ford american automobile engineer manufacturer
Henry Ford, American automobile engineer and manufacturer, 1908. Artist: Unknown
john flamsteed astronomer 1712 artist george
John Flamsteed, astronomer, 1712. Artist: George Vertue
matthew boulton engineer industrialist c1801
Matthew Boulton, engineer and industrialist, c1801. Artist: William Sharp
joseph black scottish chemist c1780s artist
Joseph Black, Scottish chemist, c1780s. Artist: C Cooke
isambard kingdom brunel civil engineer c1850s
Isambard Kingdom Brunel, civil engineer, c1850s. Artist: Unknown
sir david brewster scottish physicist 1800s
Sir David Brewster, Scottish physicist, 1800s. Artist: William Holl
robert bunsen german chemist 1850s artist
Robert Bunsen, German chemist, 1850s. Artist: C Cook
alfred berhard nobel c1880s artist unknown
Alfred Berhard Nobel, c1880s. Artist: Unknown
lord kelvin compass 1902 artist james craig
Lord Kelvin and his compass, 1902. Artist: James Craig Annan
orville wright 1903 artist unknown
Orville Wright, 1903. Artist: Unknown
vincenzo lunardi c1770 artist unknown
Vincenzo Lunardi, c1770. Artist: Unknown
sir joseph john thomson physicist inventor 1900
Sir Joseph John Thomson, physicist and inventor, 1900. Artist: Unknown
sir christopher wren english architect c1680
Sir Christopher Wren, English architect, c1680. Artist: Unknown
john dollond optician c1750 artist posselwhite
John Dollond, optician, c1750. Artist: Posselwhite
sir william herschel astronomer 1790s artist
Sir William Herschel, astronomer, 1790s. Artist: John Russell
sir john herschel astronomer scientist 1810s
Sir John Herschel, astronomer and scientist, 1810s. Artist: Gaspare Gabrielli
thomas willis physician 1742 artist george
Thomas Willis, physician, 1742. Artist: George Vertue
joseph jackson lister english wine merchant amateur
Joseph Jackson Lister, English wine merchant and amateur microscopist, 1830s. Artist
samuel franklin cody 1912 artist unknown
Samuel Franklin Cody, 1912. Artist: Unknown
sketch moon galileo galilei c1635 artist galileo
Sketch of the moon by Galileo Galilei, c1635. Artist: Galileo Galilei
galileo galilei italian astronomer physicist 1635
Galileo Galilei, Italian astronomer and physicist, 1635. Artist: Ramsay
sir frederick william herschel 1800s artist
Sir Frederick William Herschel, 1800s. Artist: Unknown
emil fischer german organic chemist 1904 artist
Emil Fischer, German organic chemist, 1904. Artist: Unknown
marie pierre curie physicists 1904 artist
Marie and Pierre Curie, physicists, 1904. Artist: Unknown
jons jacob berzelius swedish chemist early 19th
Jons Jacob Berzelius, Swedish chemist, early 19th century. Artist: Unknown
tay bridge disaster scotland 28 december 1879
Tay Bridge disaster, Scotland, 28 December 1879. Artist: Unknown
tay bridge disaster scotland 28 december 1879
Tay Bridge disaster, Scotland, 28 December 1879. Artist: Frank Dadd Artist: Unknown