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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Welcome to the Heritage Images FAQ page, where you'll find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our products and services. If you can't find the information you're looking for here, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service team for further assistance.

How do I place an order?
Ordering is quick & easy - Just follow 5 Simple Steps:
  1. Find your image: Use our search box or browse our online photo collections to find the image you want.

  2. Choose your print format: Select your desired product and add it to your cart.

  3. Enter your details: If you're a returning customer, simply enter your email address and password, and we'll fill in your billing and shipping address details. All personal details are held securely and are fully GDPR compliant. As standard, we remove all Personally Identifiable Information after 12 months.

  4. Pay for your purchase: We use state-of-the-art security for online shopping and do not have access to your card details.

  5. Sit back and relax: We'll email you confirmation of your order and when it's dispatched. Registered customers can also track orders in the 'My Account' area.

How do I pay for an order?
You can pay for your order with most credit and debit cards, or PayPal. For added security, major financial institutions process payment details separately and securely on our behalf. We do not have access to your online payment card details. Online payments are preferred however we do take UK phone orders and UK cheques (issued against a UK bank).
Can I add to my order?
Unfortunately, due to our automated production process after an order is placed this is not possible.
Can I check the progress of my order?
In addition to email updates, you can also check the progress of your order by logging into your account on our website, providing you supplied a password to create an account at the checkout.
How long does it take to dispatch an order?
At Heritage Images we take pride in providing premium quality products that are custom-made by skilled craftsmen at a reasonable cost. As a result, the production process can take time. Smaller photo prints are usually dispatched within one business day, while other products may take up to 5 working days to ship. The estimated shipping date will be shown within your order details. We strive to produce and dispatch orders as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality.
Can I view my order history?
Yes, all of your previous orders are available in the "My Account" area when signed in.
Can I cancel my order?
We sadly can't change or cancel orders once they have entered production. Your email order confirmation may allow a 2 hour window in which to pause an order or amend the address before it enters production. After that if an item in your order is incorrect you will need to wait to receive the order. Once it has arrived, please go ahead and follow our easy return process. This is because our print partners use automated production systems that immediately process orders as soon as they are confirmed. Therefore, we encourage customers to carefully review their orders before confirming them to avoid any inconvenience
Is Sales Tax (VAT) included?
Sales Tax (VAT) is included for UK orders. It is also included in EU orders with goods up to the value of 150 Euros. For countries outside the UK, USA, Australia, and for larger EU orders, you may be liable for import tax and duties, where applicable our prices are reduced to help compensate for this.
  • Sales Tax (VAT) is included for UK orders. It is also included in EU orders with goods up to the value of 150 Euros. For countries outside the UK, USA, Australia, and for larger EU orders, you may be liable for import tax and duties.
  • As the UK is no longer part of the EU, to make life simpler for you, orders to the EU are automatically handled by our system with any relevant costs clearly shown in the shopping cart before payment is made.
  • EU Orders for goods valued up to 150 Euros are covered by the HMRC/EU "IOSS" (Import One-Stop Shop) agreement. We handle the VAT for you so there are no additional fees to pay upon receipt. The applicable VAT rate is that of where the order is to be delivered and you will be given an IOSS code in your order confirmation as proof that VAT has been paid. In the unlikely event the courier accidentally requests further VAT payment just let them know it has already been paid and quote the IOSS code given.
  • EU Orders for goods totalling over 150 Euros are not covered by the IOSS scheme. In this case payment is simply made in two parts. In the shopping cart any VAT is removed so there is less to pay upfront. We also show the estimated final payment that may be due when the order is ready for delivery (covering the applicable VAT rate for your location and any fees payable).
  • In most cases this will be a simple secure online payment for the VAT due.
How do I return my order if I am not happy with it?
We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. If for any reason you are not happy with your order, please contact us to discuss the issue. In addition, here is the link to our Returns Policy.
Is my data safe?
At Heritage Images (operated by Media Storehouse) we take data security very seriously. We do not have access to your full card details and all payments are requested over a fully secure connection. Additionally, we fully comply with current European and GDPR legislation, and automatically remove all personal data after at most 12 months (unless you have an account with us and have signed in recently). We also have a strict opt-in policy and would never sell your personal details. Your data is only used to fulfill your order promptly and efficiently.
Is Wall Art ready to hang?
For quick and easy installation all Wall Art, including framed prints, canvas prints and metal prints are supplied with a ready to hang solution on the back. Generally, saw tooth hangers are applied as they allow wall art to hang flush against the wall. The serrated edge of the hanger prevents the frame from shifting or tilting when hung.
How do I safely remove posters from tubes?
Posters can easily be removed by tapping tubes gently on a hard surface which will drop them down to one end. When done, insert two fingers inside, open them out and gently twist clockwise or anti-clockwise to draw the posters inwards, making them smaller, then gently pull to remove. When removing posters from tubes, it's important to be gentle and avoid any sharp objects that could potentially damage the poster. Additionally, make sure to handle posters with clean hands or wear gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints or other marks on the print.
How do I know if the product is in stock?
All of our products are custom made to order, which means you are buying a bespoke product and should therefore never run out of stock.
Why are the white lines on the sides or top and bottom of the print?
This is likely due to the original image having a different shape (aspect ratio) than the paper or product it's printed on. To accommodate this difference, we can either print the entire image with margins, or crop the image to fill the paper with no margins. During the ordering process, we offer the choice of how you'd like your image printed if applicable. Some of our products can accommodate a range of shapes, so this choice may not be necessary for those products.
Are the photo prints fade resistant?
Yes, we use archival quality photo paper photographic paper for vivid reproduction. Prints are an accurate representations of the original artwork, which is preserved for artistic character and authenticity. We guarantee they match the previews shown on our web site
What is the distinction between a Photo Print and a Poster Print?
Photographic prints range in size from 6x4" (15x10cm) to 60x40" (152x102cm). Poster prints are an enlarged version of photographic prints that come in standard poster paper sizes (A0, A1, A2, A3 & A4). Because they are both printed on high quality paper, either print is of excellent quality, so which one you choose really depends on your personal preference and budget. Both prints are suitable for framing and are guaranteed to correspond to the previews displayed on our website, making them an accurate representation of the original artwork.
What is the distinction between a Modern Framed Photo and an Xpress Framed Photo?
Both products offer the same environmentally friendly and ozone-friendly features. Prints in the Xpress frames have digital mounts incorporated as part of the print layout, whereas other framed prints are mounted on card. For those seeking quicker dispatch without compromising quality, our Xpress frames are the perfect choice for those in a hurry.
For our framed prints, we use high-quality optical clarity acrylic (Perspex) to glaze the frame. This provides the same general protection from the environment as glass, but with added benefits. Acrylic is lightweight and shatter-proof, making it less expensive and safer to ship.
Is the image printed on both sides of photo mugs and are mugs dishwasher safe?
We print on both sides of photo mugs wherever possible, but for wider images, we size them to wrap around the mug for the largest possible image. Our photo mugs are top-rack dishwasher safe.
Can I have the print with a border?
Yes, to compensate for lips of frames, the option to add a small gap of approximately 4mm (may vary due to production tolerances) is offered on most prints. To add a border, tick the "add margin" box when customizing your product. The paper size will not change but a border ensures less of the image is under the lip of the edge of a frame.
Why isn't the image wrapped around the canvas frame?
To ensure parts of the image are not cut off, we do not wrap the image on our framed canvas products. Wrapping takes up a lot of the image for the sides. As we source images from different libraries, it is not possible to guarantee that the wrapping will not result in the essential parts of the image being on the edges rather than the front. To ensure we supply a quality canvas print we offer colour matched, black or white sides so that you can choose one that best suits your taste.
Are watermarks visible on the website included in the purchased product?
Watermarks that may appear on the website previews are not included in our products, which are produced from much higher quality images. The watermarks are added to images on the web site to protect them from being reproduced without permission.
Can I change the colour of the original image?
Images can be printed in colour, black and white or with a sepia tone. Where available, options can be selected in the Choose Your Product Section. We also offer Image Colourisation on selected artwork.
What is colourisation & how does it work?
Colourisation is a process that adds colour to black and white and sepia photographs. Colouring photos has been around for as long as the camera with photographers adding colour to photos by hand. Today cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology has made it possible to beautifully colour photos in an instant. Where available, the colourised options can be selected in the Choose Your Product Section.
Where could I find specific product information?
You will find an info tab near the bottom of each product page that provides more detailed product descriptions and specifications.
How will my purchase be packaged?
Our packaging is standardised and we do our very best to securely pack products so that they arrive safely. Small and medium prints are sent flat and larger prints are sent rolled in strong tubes. Framed prints, canvas and metal prints are packaged in heavyweight boxes.
Can you ship to a different address to my billing address?
Yes, simply enter the alternate shipping address when ordering.
How much will shipping cost?
We ship worldwide. To find out the shipping cost, you can add products you want to purchase to a shopping cart and then proceed to checkout, where the shipping cost will be calculated. It's important to note that you don't have to complete the purchase if you just want to check the shipping cost.
What is the quality of the images you use for production?
We offer a great selection of beautifully printed art prints and check the size of the image against the products available to ensure optimum results. The images on the web site are for preview only and finished products are produced from higher spec copies.
What is the quality of historical images?
The quality of historical images can vary depending on several factors, including the age and condition of the original photograph, negative or historical document. Many historical images in our collections are scans of original photographs or negatives, which may show signs of wear and aging such as marks, scratches, or discoloration. However, we take great care in the production process to ensure that all prints are an accurate representation of the original artwork which has been preserved to show artistic character and authenticity.
Can I license an image for commercial use?
Our prints are offered for personal use only and not for commercial use, they cannot be reproduced or resold in any way. Unless the website states otherwise please contact the rights holder for licensing enquiries, their details are normally shown in the Copyright area.
How do I get in touch with you?
The quickest way to get in touch with us is online by using the contact form provided on the "Contact Us" page located at the bottom of our website. Please provide us with as much information as possible so that we can assist you quickly and efficiently. Our customer service team will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible. If you have a question or concern about an order you've already placed, please include your order number in your message
Do you have a shop I can visit and where are you based?
Heritage Images is an online-only retailer, so we do not have any physical shops or showrooms. We source our products from professional production facilities located in the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia. You can browse our vast selection of art prints and other products from the comfort of your home, and we offer worldwide shipping to ensure that you receive your products wherever you are.