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2 Aug 2006

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on alert lioness cubs c1878 1910 1912
'On the Alert - Lioness and Cubs', c1878-1910, (1912).Artist: John MacAllan Swan
dulwich college london 1829artist j rogers
Dulwich College, London, 1829.Artist: J Rogers
popular art/mona lisa c1505 1912artist leonardo da
'Mona Lisa', c1505, (1912).Artist: Leonardo da Vinci
the angelus 1857 1859 1912artist jean
'The Angelus', 1857-1859, (1912).Artist: Jean Francois Millet
jmw turner/venice 1840 1912artist jmw turner
'Venice', 1840, (1912).Artist: JMW Turner
the pope saxon children c1850 artist unknown
'The Pope and the Saxon Children', c1850. Artist: Unknown
royal marriage c1850 artist unknown
A royal marriage, c1850. Artist: Unknown
edward woodstock prince wales wife joan princess
Edward of Woodstock, Prince of Wales, with his wife, Joan, Princess of Wales, c1850
the murder buckingham 1628 c1850 artist
'The Murder Of Buckingham', 1628, (c1850). Artist: Unknown
cromwell turns parliament 17th century c1850
'Cromwell Turns Out Parliament', 17th century, (c1850). Artist: Unknown
the battle naseby 1645 c1850 artist
'The Battle Of Naseby, 1645', (c1850). Artist: Unknown
the death john hampden 1643 c1850 artist
'The Death Of John Hampden', 1643, (c1850). Artist: Unknown
the execution lord strafford 1641 c1850
'The Execution Of Lord Strafford', 1641, (c1850). Artist: Unknown
queen elizabeths accession 1558 c1850 artist
'Queen Elizabeth's Accession', 1558, (c1850). Artist: Unknown
the spanish armada 1588 c1850 artist
'The Spanish Armada', 1588, (c1850). Artist: Unknown
queen elizabeth shakespeare 16th century c1850
'Queen Elizabeth And Shakespeare', 16th century, (c1850). Artist: Unknown
execution mary queen scots 1587 c1850 artist
'Execution Of Mary, Queen Of Scots, 1587', (c1850). Artist: Unknown
death ridley latimer 1555 c1850 artist
'Death of Ridley and Latimer', 1555, (c1850). Artist: Unknown
king edward sixth 1547 c1850 artist
'King Edward The Sixth', 1547, (c1850). Artist: Unknown
the burning cranmer 1556 c1850 artist
'The Burning Of Cranmer', 1556, (c1850). Artist: Unknown
execution lady jane grey 1554 c1850 artist
'Execution of Lady Jane Grey', 1554, (c1850). Artist: Unknown
murder little princes 1483 c1850 artist
'Murder Of The Little Princes', 1483, (c1850). Artist: Unknown
battle tewkesbury 1471 c1850 artist
'Battle Of Tewkesbury, 1471', (c1850). Artist: Unknown
the first english printer 15th century c1850
'The First English Printer', 15th century, (c1850). Artist: Unknown
marriage henry v 1420 c1850 artist unknown
'Marriage Of Henry V', 1420, (c1850). Artist: Unknown
the battle agincourt 1415 c1850 artist
'The Battle Of Agincourt, 1415', (c1850). Artist: Unknown
the red white roses 15th century c1850 artist
'The Red And White Roses', 15th century, (c1850). Artist: Unknown
the war roses 1455 1485 c1850 artist
'The War Of The Roses, 1455-1485', (c1850). Artist: Unknown
richard ii abdicates 1399 c1850 artist
'Richard II Abdicates', 1399, (c1850). Artist: Unknown
after battle crecy 1346 c1850 artist
'After The Battle Of Crecy, 1346', (c1850). Artist: Unknown
death piers gaveston 1312 c1850 artist
'Death Of Piers Gaveston', 1312, (c1850). Artist: Unknown
battle poitiers 1356 c1850 artist unknown
'Battle At Poitiers, 1356', (c1850). Artist: Unknown
the black prince crecy 1346 c1850 artist
'The Black Prince At Crecy', 1346, (c1850). Artist: Unknown
king john magna carta 1215 c1850 artist
'King John And The Magna Carta', 1215, (c1850). Artist: Unknown
blondel richards prison 12th century c1850
'Blondel At Richard's Prison', 12th century, (c1850). Artist: Unknown
death richard first 1199 c1850 artist
'Death Of Richard The First, 1199', (c1850). Artist: Unknown
richard first lion 12th century c1850 artist
'Richard The First And A Lion', 12th century, (c1850). Artist: Unknown
murder thomas becket 1170 c1850 artist
'Murder Of Thomas A Becket', 1170, (c1850). Artist: Unknown
wreck white ship 1120 c1850 artist unknown
'Wreck Of The White Ship', 1120, (c1850). Artist: Unknown
execution charles i 1649 c1850 artist
'Execution Of Charles I, 1649', (c1850). Artist: Unknown
the battle waterloo 1815 c1850s artist
'The Battle of Waterloo, 1815', (c1850s). Artist: Unknown
wellington madrid 1812 c1850s artist
'Wellington at Madrid', 1812 (c1850s). Artist: Unknown
chesapeake shannon 1812 c1850s artist
'Chesapeake and Shannon', 1812 (c1850s). Artist: Unknown
death sir john moore 1809 c1850s artist
'Death of Sir John Moore, 1809', (c1850s). Artist: Unknown
the battle trafalgar 1805 c1850s artist
'The Battle of Trafalgar, 1805', (c1850s). Artist: Unknown
capture seringapatam 1799 c1850s artist
'Capture of Seringapatam', 1799 (c1850s). Artist: Unknown
abercrombie egypt 1801 c1850s artist
'Abercrombie In Egypt', 1801 (c1850s). Artist: Unknown
lord howes victory 1794 c1850s artist
'Lord Howe's Victory', 1794 (c1850s). Artist: Unknown
coronation george iii 1761 c1850s artist
'Coronation of George III, 1761', (c1850s). Artist: Unknown
clives victories india c1850s artist unknown
'Clive's Victories In India', c1850s. Artist: Unknown
burke great orator 18th century c1850s artist
'Burke, the Great Orator', 18th century (c1850s). Artist: Unknown
death general wolfe 1759 c1850s artist
'Death of General Wolfe', 1759 (c1850s). Artist: Unknown
the battle culloden 1746 c1850s artist
'The Battle of Culloden, 1746', (c1850s). Artist: Unknown
the battle boyne 1690 c1850s artist
'The Battle of The Boyne, 1690', (c1850s). Artist: Unknown
the duke marlborough early 18th century c1850s
'The Duke of Marlborough', early 18th century (c1850s). Artist: Unknown
richmond bridge london 1829artist j rogers
Richmond Bridge, London, 1829.Artist: J Rogers
interior croydon palace surrey 1829artist
Interior of Croydon Palace, Surrey, 1829.Artist: James Lambert
shoreham church west sussex 1829artist j
Shoreham Church, West Sussex, 1829.Artist: J Rogers
putney bridge london 1829artist j rogers
Putney Bridge, London, 1829.Artist: J Rogers
st peters church brighton east sussex 1829
St Peter's Church, Brighton, East Sussex, 1829.Artist: J Rogers
pevensey castle pevensey east sussex 1829artist
Pevensey Castle, Pevensey, East Sussex, 1829.Artist: J Rogers
guildford castle guilford surrey 1829artist
Guildford Castle, Guilford, Surrey, 1829.Artist: J Stowe
chichester cross chichester west sussex 1829
Chichester Cross, Chichester, West Sussex, 1829.Artist: J Rogers
brighton chain pier east sussex 1829artist
Brighton, from the Chain Pier, East Sussex, 1829.Artist: WJ Cooke
kingston bridge london 1829artist j rogers
Kingston Bridge, London, 1829.Artist: J Rogers
beachy head east sussex 1829artist j rogers
Beachy Head, East Sussex, 1829.Artist: J Rogers
st saviours church southwark london 1829artist
St Saviours Church, Southwark, London, 1829.Artist: J Rogers
home tide 1880 1912artist james clarke
'Home with the Tide', 1880, (1912).Artist: James Clarke Hook
philip iv spain c1656 1912artist diego
'Philip IV of Spain', c1656, (1912).Artist: Diego Velasquez
philip iv spain brown silver c1631 1632 1912
'Philip IV of Spain in Brown and Silver', c1631-1632, (1912)
mrs richard hoare child 1763 1912artist
'Mrs Richard Hoare and Child', 1763, (1912).Artist: Sir Joshua Reynolds
fishermen carrying drowned man c1861 1912
'Fishermen carrying a Drowned Man', c1861, (1912).Artist: Jozef Israels
the smile 1842 1912artist thomas webster
'The Smile', 1842, (1912).Artist: Thomas Webster
windsor castle 1889 1912artist alfred
'Windsor Castle', 1889, (1912).Artist: Alfred William Hunt
pre raphaelite/my first sermon 1863 1912artist john everett
'My First Sermon', 1863, (1912).Artist: John Everett Millais
and sea gave dead it exhibited 1892 1912
'And the Sea Gave Up the Dead Which Were in It', exhibited 1892, (1912).Artist
sweethearts wives 1882 1912artist samuel
'Sweethearts and Wives', 1882, (1912).Artist: Samuel Waller
watering cattle early 1850s 1912artist
'Watering Cattle', early 1850s, (1912).Artist: Constant Troyon
christ wilderness 1898 1912artist briton
'Christ in the Wilderness', 1898, (1912).Artist: Briton Riviere
the souvenir fidelity c1787 1789 1912
'The Souvenir (Fidelity)', c1787-1789, (1912).Artist: Jean-Baptiste Greuze
his first offence 1896 1912artist dorothy
'His First Offence', 1896, (1912).Artist: Dorothy Stanley
a cavalier time louis xiii 1861 1912artist
'A Cavalier: time of Louis XIII', 1861, (1912)
the capture guy fawkes 1605 c1850 artist
'The Capture Of Guy Fawkes', 1605, (c1850). Artist: Unknown
flight empress maude 12th century c1850
'Flight Of The Empress Maude', 12th century, (c1850). Artist: Unknown
duke robert goes palestine 11th century c1850
'Duke Robert Goes To Palestine', 11th century, (c1850). Artist: Unknown
queen matilda tapestry c1850 artist unknown
'Queen Matilda And Her Tapestry', (c1850). Artist: Unknown
the curfew c1850 artist unknown
'The Curfew', (c1850). Artist: Unknown
death william second 1100 c1850 artist
'Death Of William The Second', 1100, (c1850). Artist: Unknown
the battle hastings 1066 c1850 artist
'The Battle Of Hastings, 1066', (c1850). Artist: Unknown
the tower london c1850 artist unknown
'The Tower Of London', (c1850). Artist: Unknown
domesday book c1850 artist unknown
'Domesday Book', (c1850). Artist: Unknown
the wicked queen elfrida c1850 artist
'The Wicked Queen Elfrida', (c1850). Artist: Unknown
canute courtiers 11th century c1850 artist
'Canute And His Courtiers', 11th century, (c1850). Artist: Unknown
alfred danish camp c1850 artist unknown
'Alfred In The Danish Camp', (c1850). Artist: Unknown
king alfred cakes c1850 artist unknown
'King Alfred And The Cakes', (c1850). Artist: Unknown
saint augustine saxons c1850 artist unknown
'Saint Augustine And The Saxons', (c1850). Artist: Unknown
the romans conquer britain c1850 artist
'The Romans Conquer Britain', (c1850). Artist: Unknown
druids british priests c1850 artist
'Druids, Or British Priests', (c1850). Artist: Unknown
boadicea army c1850 artist unknown
'Boadicea And Her Army', (c1850). Artist: Unknown


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