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31 Aug 2006

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impressionism/venice palazzo da mula 1908 artist claude
'Venice, Palazzo Da Mula', 1908. Artist: Claude Monet
von meck trio wladyslaw pachulski standing
Von Meck Trio. Wladyslaw Pachulski (standing) with Pyotr Danilchenko and Claude Debussy (seated)
a woman maid courtyard c1660 1661 artist
'A Woman and a Maid in a Courtyard', c1660-1661. Artist: Pieter de Hooch
courtyard house delft 1658 artist pieter
'Courtyard of a house in Delft', 1658. Artist: Pieter de Hooch
the source 1856 artist jean auguste dominique
'The Source', 1856. Artist: Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres
arrival town hall 1805 artist jacques louis
'Arrival at the Town Hall', 1805. Artist: Jacques Louis David
madame moitessier 1856 artist jean auguste dominique
'Madame Moitessier', 1856. Artist: Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres
the distribution eagle standards 5th december 1804
'The Distribution of the Eagle Standards, 5th December 1804', 1808. Artist
mlle blois c1840 artist emile isidore deroy
'Mlle de Blois', c1840. Artist: Emile Isidore Deroy
the small red headed beggar 1843 artist emile
'The Small Red-Headed Beggar', 1843. Artist: Emile Isidore Deroy
larc triomphe c1740 1807 artist pierre antoine
'L'Arc de Triomphe', c1740-1807. Artist: Pierre Antoine de Machy
st john baptist c1420 1460 artist donatello
'St John the Baptist', c1420-1460. Artist: Donatello
heraldic lion 1420 artist donatello
'Heraldic Lion', 1420. Artist: Donatello
angel tambourine 1429 artist donatello
'Angel with Tambourine', 1429. Artist: Donatello
saturn devouring children 1821 1823 artist
'Saturn Devouring one of his Children', 1821-1823. Artist: Francisco Goya
self portrait 1815 artist francisco goya
'Self Portrait', 1815. Artist: Francisco Goya
the second may 1808 charge mamelukes 1814
'The Second of May 1808: Charge of the Mamelukes', 1814. Artist: Francisco Goya
blind mans buff 1788 1789 artist francisco
'Blind Man's Buff', 1788-1789. Artist: Francisco Goya
the duke osuna family 1788 artist francisco
'The Duke of Osuna and his Family', 1788. Artist: Francisco Goya
guitar table 1915 artist juan gris
'Guitar on a Table', 1915. Artist: Juan Gris
playing cards siphon 1916 artist juan gris
'Playing Cards and Siphon', 1916. Artist: Juan Gris
the merry drinker 1628 1630 artist frans
'The Merry Drinker', 1628-1630. Artist: Frans Hals
married couple garden c1622 artist frans
'Married Couple in a Garden', c1622. Artist: Frans Hals
fray hortensio felix paravicino 1609 artist
Fray Hortensio Felix Paravicino', 1609. Artist: El Greco
christ blessing the saviour world 17th century
Christ Blessing ('The Saviour of the World'), 17th century. Artist: El Greco
the assumption virgin c1613 artist el greco
'The Assumption of the Virgin', c1613. Artist: El Greco
st andrew st francis c1590 1595 artist el
'St Andrew and St Francis', c1590-1595. Artist: El Greco
holy family st anne detail c1590 1595 artist
'Holy Family with St Anne' (detail), c1590-1595. Artist: El Greco
a nobleman hand chest c1577 1584 artist el
'A Nobleman with his Hand on his Chest', c1577-1584. Artist: El Greco
christ clasping cross 1600 1610 artist el
'Christ Clasping the Cross', 1600-1610. Artist: El Greco
the burial count orgaz detail 1586 1588 artist
'The Burial of Count Orgaz' (detail), 1586-1588. Artist: El Greco
dante poem divine comedy 1465 artist domenico
Dante and his Poem the 'Divine Comedy', 1465. Artist: Domenico di Michelino
the adoration c1480s artist filippino lippi
'The Adoration', c1480s. Artist: Filippino Lippi
the annunciation c1450 1453 artist filippino
'The Annunciation', c1450-1453. Artist: Filippino Lippi
the virgin child saint john 1480 artist filippino
'The Virgin and Child with Saint John', 1480. Artist: Filippino Lippi
madonna child angels c1455 artist filippino
'Madonna and Child with Angels', c1455. Artist: Filippino Lippi
the virgin child saints jerome dominic c1485
'The Virgin and Child with Saints Jerome and Dominic', c1485
moses brings forth water rock c1500 artist
'Moses Brings forth Water out of the Rock', c1500. Artist: Filippino Lippi
portrait old man 1485 artist filippino lippi
'Portrait of an Old Man', 1485. Artist: Filippino Lippi
the virgin child c1450 1460 artist filippino
'The Virgin and Child', c1450-1460. Artist: Filippino Lippi
giovanni della volta wife children c1547 artist
'Giovanni della Volta with his Wife and Children', c1547. Artist: Lorenzo Lotto
to rise fall 1799 artist francisco goya
'To rise and to fall', 1799. Artist: Francisco Goya
the men sacks 1819 1823 artist francisco
'The men in sacks', 1819-1823. Artist: Francisco Goya
matrimonial nightmare 1819 1823 artist francisco
'Matrimonial nightmare', 1819-1823. Artist: Francisco Goya
abducting horse 1819 1823 artist francisco
'Abducting horse', 1819-1823. Artist: Francisco Goya
general riddle 1819 1823 artist francisco
'General Riddle', 1819-1823. Artist: Francisco Goya
happy fantasy 1819 1823 artist francisco
'Happy fantasy', 1819-1823. Artist: Francisco Goya
riddle poor 1819 1823 artist francisco goya
'Riddle of the poor', 1819-1823. Artist: Francisco Goya
carnival fantasy 1819 1823 artist francisco
'Carnival fantasy', 1819-1823. Artist: Francisco Goya
a way flying 1819 1823 artist francisco goya
'A way of flying', 1819-1823. Artist: Francisco Goya
the exhortations 1819 1823 artist francisco
'The exhortations', 1819-1823. Artist: Francisco Goya
even make out 1799 artist francisco goya
'Even thus he cannot make her out', 1799. Artist: Francisco Goya
nobody knows himself 1799 artist francisco
'Nobody knows himself', 1799. Artist: Francisco Goya
queen maria luisa teresa parma prime minister spain
'Queen Maria Luisa Teresa of Parma, Prime Minister of Spain', 1799. Artist
nannys boy 1799 artist francisco goya
'Nanny's boy', 1799. Artist: Francisco Goya
here comes bogeyman 1799 artist francisco
'Here comes the bogeyman', 1799. Artist: Francisco Goya
the sleep reason produces monsters 1799 artist
'The sleep of reason produces monsters', 1799. Artist: Francisco Goya
the spin finely 1799 artist francisco goya
'The spin finely', 1799. Artist: Francisco Goya
correction 1799 artist francisco goya
'Correction', 1799. Artist: Francisco Goya
there plenty suck 1799 artist francisco goya
'There is plenty to suck', 1799. Artist: Francisco Goya
cannibals savouring human remains 1800 1808
'Cannibals savouring human remains', 1800-1808. Artist: Francisco Goya
the shepherd c1760 1820 artist francisco
'The Shepherd', c1760-1820. Artist: Francisco Goya
the injured mason 1786 1787 artist francisco
'The Injured Mason', 1786-1787. Artist: Francisco Goya
men faces hidden c1760 1820 artist francisco
'Men with faces hidden', c1760-1820. Artist: Francisco Goya
the milkmaid bordeaux c1824 artist francisco
'The Milkmaid of Bordeaux', c1824. Artist: Francisco Goya
the pottery vendor 1778 artist francisco
'The Pottery Vendor', 1778. Artist: Francisco Goya
la cometa the kite 1778 artist francisco
'La Cometa', (The Kite), 1778. Artist: Francisco Goya
the stilts c1785 artist francisco goya
'The Stilts', c1785. Artist: Francisco Goya
the grape harvest 1786 1787 artist francisco
'The Grape Harvest', 1786-1787. Artist: Francisco Goya
the parosol 1777 artist francisco goya
'The Parosol', 1777. Artist: Francisco Goya
loyalty 1819 1823 artist francisco goya
'Loyalty', 1819-1823. Artist: Francisco Goya
riddle fury 1819 1823 artist francisco goya
'Riddle of Fury', 1819-1823. Artist: Francisco Goya
funereal riddle 1819 1823 artist francisco
'Funereal Riddle', 1819-1823. Artist: Francisco Goya
clear fantasy 1819 1823 artist francisco
'Clear Fantasy', 1819-1823. Artist: Francisco Goya
the shamefaced one 1799 artist francisco
'The Shamefaced One', 1799. Artist: Francisco Goya
seated nude mademoiselle rose 19th century
'Seated Nude, Mademoiselle Rose', 19th century. Artist: Eugene Delacroix
medea 1862 artist eugene delacroix
'Medea', 1862. Artist: Eugene Delacroix
st george fighting dragon perseus delivering
'St George Fighting the Dragon or Perseus Delivering Andromeda', 1847. Artist
the shipwreck don juan 1840 artist eugene
'The Shipwreck of Don Juan', 1840. Artist: Eugene Delacroix
lion devouring rabbit 19th century artist
'Lion Devouring a Rabbit', 19th century. Artist: Eugene Delacroix
the banks marne villa bank river c1888 artist
'The Banks of the Marne, Villa on the Bank of a River', c1888
woman seated blue 1902 1906 artist paul
'Woman seated in blue', 1902-1906. Artist: Paul Cezanne
bethsabee 1885 1890 artist paul cezanne
'Bethsabee', 1885-1890. Artist: Paul Cezanne
passage provence c1900 1906 artist paul
'Passage through Provence', c1900-1906. Artist: Paul Cezanne
girl piano overture tannhauser detail 1868
'Girl at the Piano, The Overture to Tannhauser', detail, 1868
steep cliffs near dieppe 1897 artist claude
'Steep Cliffs near Dieppe', 1897. Artist: Claude Monet
monets garden c1880 artist claude monet
'Monet's Garden' c1880. Artist: Claude Monet
set door panels 1884 1885 artist claude monet
'Set of door panels', 1884-1885. Artist: Claude Monet
childhood/jean monet mechanical horse 1872 artist claude
'Jean Monet on a mechanical horse', 1872. Artist: Claude Monet
by river vernon 1883 artist claude monet
'By the River at Vernon', 1883. Artist: Claude Monet
river seine bougival c1870 artist claude
'River Seine at Bougival', c1870. Artist: Claude Monet
morning mists 1897 artist claude monet
'Morning Mists', 1897. Artist: Claude Monet
canal zaandam detail 1871 artist claude
'Canal at Zaandam', detail, 1871. Artist: Claude Monet
gulf antibes 1888 artist claude monet
'Gulf of Antibes', 1888. Artist: Claude Monet
madame gaudibert 1868 artist claude monet
'Madame Gaudibert', 1868. Artist: Claude Monet
view antibes detail 1888 artist claude monet
'View of Antibes', detail, 1888. Artist: Claude Monet
the waterloo bridge london 1903 artist claude
'The Waterloo Bridge, London', 1903. Artist: Claude Monet
rouen cathedral early morning light 1894 artist
'Rouen Cathedral, Early Morning Light', 1894. Artist: Claude Monet
rouen cathedral sunlight effect 1894 artist
'Rouen Cathedral, Sunlight Effect', 1894. Artist: Claude Monet


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