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21 Aug 2006

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british air bombardment german lines world war i
British air bombardment over the German lines, World War I, 1914-1918 (1926). Artist
captive german prisoners removing debris streets
Captive German prisoners removing debris from the streets of Clermont-en-Argonne, France, 1914
german troops sitting steps vareddes town hall
German troops sitting on the steps of the Vareddes Town Hall, France, 1914. Artist
french soldiers watching artillery fire 1st battle
French soldiers watching artillery fire, 1st Battle of the Marne, France, 5-12 September 1914
the battle sommesous 1914 1926artist sidney
'The Battle of Sommesous', 1914, (1926).Artist: Sidney Adamson
noel castelnau french world war i general 1926
Noel de Castelnau, French World War I general, (1926). Artist: Unknown
bridge trilport 1st battle marne france 5 12
The bridge at Trilport, 1st Battle of the Marne, France, 5-12 September 1914. Artist
german soldiers killed artillery fire 1st battle
German soldiers killed by artillery fire, 1st Battle of the Marne, France, 5-12 September 1914
french germans battle walls chateau mondement
French and Germans battle under the walls of Chateau de Mondement, France, 1914.Artist
and advance 1914 1926artist georges
'And now ... Advance !', 1914, (1926).Artist: Georges Bertin Scott
cossack cavalry 1914 1926artist georges
'Cossack Cavalry', 1914, (1926).Artist: Georges Bertin Scott
joseph gallieni french first world war general
Joseph Gallieni, French First World War general, 2 September 1914. Artist: Unknown
wounded french soldiers way hospital train france
Wounded French soldiers on the way to hospital by train France, 1914. Artist: Unknown
general paul pau french first world war general
General Paul Pau, French First World War general, (1926). Artist: Unknown
french cavalry reconnaissance mission somme france
French cavalry on a reconnaissance mission, Somme, France, 1914. Artist: Unknown
british cavalry lancers france 1914 artist
British cavalry lancers, France, 1914. Artist: Unknown
under fire 1914 1926artist georges bertin
'Under Fire', 1914, (1926).Artist: Georges Bertin Scott
interrogation german prisoners france august 1914
Interrogation of German prisoners, France, August 1914. Artist: Unknown
captured german prisoners france august 1914
Captured German prisoners, France, August 1914. Artist: Unknown
british horse drawn artillery rouen france august
British Horse drawn artillery in Rouen, France, August 1914, (1926). Artist: Unknown
british troops way front france 1914 artist
British troops on the way to the front, France, 1914. Artist: Unknown
british horse drawn artillery belgian village
British horse-drawn artillery in a Belgian village, August 1914. Artist: Unknown
british french troops fraternising france august
British and French troops fraternising, France, August 1914. Artist: Unknown
british troops disembarking france 7 august 1914
British troops disembarking in France, 7 August 1914. Artist: Unknown
field marshal john french 1st earl ypres british
Field Marshal John French, 1st Earl of Ypres, British Field Marshal, (1926). Artist
turkish riflemen en route train 1914 artist
Turkish riflemen en route to the front by train, 1914. Artist: Unknown
belgian bicycle troops using hotchkiss machine
Belgian bicycle troops using Hotchkiss machine guns in Haelen, Belgium, August 1914
belgian bicycle troops haelen belgium august 1914
Belgian bicycle troops in Haelen, Belgium, August 1914.Artist: Montigny
douglas haig british first world war general 1914
Douglas Haig, British First World War general, 1914. Artist: Unknown
british soldiers marching past buckingham palace
British soldiers marching past Buckingham Palace, London, August 1914. Artist: Unknown
mobilization defence liege belgium 31 july 1914
The mobilization for the defence of Liege, Belgium, 31 July 1914. Artist: Unknown
belgian soldiers 9th mixed brigade battle liege
Belgian soldiers of the 9th Mixed Brigade, Battle of Liege, Belgium, 5-16 August 1914
gerard leman belgian general defender liege
Gerard Leman, Belgian general and defender of Liege, 5-16 August 1914 (1926).Artist
elisabeth queen consort albert i belgium 1926
Elisabeth, Queen Consort of Albert I of Belgium (1926).Artist: J Simont
king albert belgians siege antwerp belgium september october
King Albert of the Belgians during the siege of Antwerp, Belgium, September-October 1914 (1926)
joseph joffre french first world war general 1926
Joseph Joffre, French First World War general (1926). Artist: Unknown
mobilized french troops marching paris france
Mobilized French troops marching in Paris, France, August 1914. Artist: Unknown
troops flag french 102nd infantry saint francois xavier
Troops and flag of the French 102nd infantry, Saint-Francois-Xavier, Paris, France, August 1914
colonel checking soldiers boots saint francois xavier
A colonel checking his soldiers' boots, Saint-Francois-Xavier, Paris, France, August 1914
horse drawn artillery passing palace versailles
Horse-drawn artillery passing the Palace of Versailles, France, August 1914. Artist
off trenches 1915 1926artist michel
'Off to the Trenches', 1915, (1926).Artist: Michel
the commander cagna france 1915 1926artist
'The commander, Cagna, France', 1915, (1926).Artist: Michel
the trenches noulette france 1915 1926
'The Trenches of Noulette', France, 1915, (1926).Artist: Michel
fatigue duty headquaters german prisoners dinan
'Fatigue Duty at Headquaters', German prisoners in Dinan, 1915, (1926). Artist
albert i king belgians visiting trenches avecapelle
Albert I, the third King of the Belgians, visiting the trenches of Avecapelle, Belgium, 1915
sentimental ballad canteen german prisoners
'Sentimental ballad in the Canteen', German prisoners of war in Dinan, France
the soldier 1915 the archetypical poilu 1915
'The Soldier of 1915, (the archetypical Poilu)', 1915, (1926)
la marseillaise lopera comique 6 december 1914
'La Marseillaise', L'Opera-Comique, 6 December 1914 (1926)
french president raymond poincare meeting general
French President Raymond Poincare meeting General Joseph Joffre, 1914. Artist: Unknown
french president raymond poincare king george v
French President Raymond Poincare and King George V, December 1914. Artist: Unknown
albert i belgium french president poincare meet veurne
Albert I of Belgium and French President Poincare meet in Veurne, Belgium, 1 November 1914
cuxhaven raid 25 december 1914 1926artist
'Cuxhaven Raid', 25 December 1914, (1926).Artist: Charles Fouqueray
young serbian recruits 1914 artist unknown
Young Serbian recruits, 1914. Artist: Unknown
grand duke nikolai russian first world war general
Grand Duke Nikolai, Russian First World War general, (1926). Artist: Unknown
russian siberian infantry troops warsaw poland 1914
Russian Siberian infantry troops in Warsaw, Poland, 1914. Artist: Unknown
german prisoners war ypres belgium 1914 artist
German prisoners of war, Ypres, Belgium, 1914. Artist: Unknown
french first world war generals joseph joffre
French First World War generals Joseph Joffre and Ferdinand Foch, Flanders, 1914. Artist
belfry cloth hall ypres belgium 24 november 1914
The Belfry and Cloth Hall of Ypres, Belgium, 24 November 1914. Artist: Unknown
english drive germans ypres front belgium 11
The English drive back the Germans at the Ypres front, Belgium, 11 November 1914, (1926)
the london scottish territorial regiment reforming
'The London Scottish territorial regiment reforming their line under fire'
a german shell explodes british trench 1914 1926
'A German Shell Explodes in a British Trench', 1914, (1926)
marine fusiliers involved street battle diksmuide
'Marine fusiliers involved in a street battle in Diksmuide', Flanders, Belgium
german soldiers fire allied guns flanders
'German soldiers under fire from allied guns', Flanders, World War I, 1914, (1926)
soldier british indian army france c1915 artist
A Soldier from the British Indian Army, France, c1915. Artist: Unknown
soldiers british indian army france c1915 artist
Soldiers from the British Indian Army, France, c1915. Artist: Unknown
sudanese cavalry france 1915 artist unknown
Sudanese cavalry, France, 1915. Artist: Unknown
albert i king belgians 1926 artist unknown
Albert I, King of the Belgians (1926). Artist: Unknown
men princess patricias canadian light infantry 1915
Men of Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, 1915. Artist: Unknown
officers canadian highlanders 1915 artist
Officers of the Canadian Highlanders, 1915. Artist: Unknown
french canadian army recruitment poster 1914
A French Canadian army recruitment poster, 1914. Artist: Unknown
group canadian soldiers 1914 artist unknown
A group of Canadian soldiers, 1914. Artist: Unknown
line aisne france world war i 1914 1926
The front line around the Aisne, France, World War I, 1914, (1926). Artist: Unknown
bengal mounted lancers passing statue joan arc
'Bengal Mounted Lancers passing the statue of Joan of Arc', France, 1914, (1926)
attack german trenches nogent labbesse rheims front
The attack of the German trenches at Nogent-l'Abbesse, Rheims front, 24th September 1914'
a massive german attack british front world war i
'A Massive German Attack on the British Front', World War I, 1914 (1926).Artist
french line douaumont verdun france 25 february
The French front line at Douaumont, Verdun, France, 25 February 1916. Artist: Unknown
our brave men advance jumps 1914 1926 artist
'Our Brave Men, Advance by Jumps', 1914, (1926). Artist: Unknown
auguste dubail french first world war general 1926
Auguste Dubail, French First World War general, (1926). Artist: Unknown
ruins albert somme france 23 september 1914
The ruins of Albert, Somme, France, 23 September 1914. Artist: Unknown
group military chaplains world war i 1914 artist
A group of military chaplains, World War I, 1914. Artist: Unknown
cathedral reims fire german shelling france 1914
Cathedral of Reims on fire from German shelling, France, 1914. Artist: Unknown
the church sermaize 1914 1926artist pierre
'The Church of Sermaize', 1914, (1926).Artist: Pierre Vignal
scene house commons westminster london 3 august
The scene in the House of Commons, Westminster, London, 3 August 1914. Artist: Unknown
gare lest railway station period mobilization
The Gare de l'Est railway station during the period of mobilization, Paris, France, 1914
albert i belgium way parliament 1914 artist
Albert I of Belgium on the way to parliament, 1914. Artist: Unknown
friends enemies 1914 artist unknown
'Friends and Enemies', 1914. Artist: Unknown
emperor franz josef i austria 23 july 1914artist
Emperor Franz Josef I of Austria, 23 July 1914.Artist: Hoeck
emperor welhelm ii germany greeting tsar nicholas
Emperor Welhelm II of Germany greeting Tsar Nicholas II of Russia before the First World War
our grand allies 1914 artist unknown
'Our Grand Allies', 1914. Artist: Unknown
russian troops saluting tsar nicholas ii krasnoye
Russian troops saluting Tsar Nicholas II, Krasnoye Selo, 22 July, 1914. Artist: Unknown
russian troops parading french president raymond
Russian troops parading during French President Raymond Poincare's visit to Russia
archduke franz ferdinand austria sophie duchess
Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and the Sophie, Duchess of Hohenberg, 1914, (1926)
field marshal sir douglas haig victory parade
Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig during the victory parade, Paris, France, 14 July 1919
general montuori italian troops victory parade
General Montuori and Italian troops during the victory parade, Paris, France, 14 July 1919
three seated aeroplane photographic mission protected
Three-seated aeroplane on a photographic mission, protected by a Spad fighter aircraft
general duval head french air force 1918 artist
General Duval, head of the French air force, 1918. Artist: Unknown
nikola pasic prime minister serbia 23 july 1914
Nikola Pasic, prime minister of Serbia, 23 July 1914. Artist: Unknown
king peter i serbia july 1914 artist unknown
King Peter I of Serbia, July 1914. Artist: Unknown
tsar nicholas ii visiting french president poincare
Tsar Nicholas II with visiting French President Poincare, St Petersburg, Russia, 21 July 1914


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