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elizabeth taylor english american actress c1950s
Elizabeth Taylor, English-American actress, c1950s(?).Artist: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
the toilet lampito 1896artist aubrey
'The Toilet of Lampito', 1896.Artist: Aubrey Beardsley
cover illustrated london news wedding number
Front cover of The Illustrated London News Wedding Number, 28th April 1923. Artist
and gold bodies 1901 1939artist paul
'And the Gold of their Bodies', 1901 (1939).Artist: Paul Gauguin
tahitian women beach 1891 1939artist paul
'Tahitian Women on the Beach', 1891 (1939).Artist: Paul Gauguin
the white horse 1898 1939artist paul
'The White Horse', 1898 (1939).Artist: Paul Gauguin
otahi alone 1893 1939artist paul gauguin
'Otahi' (Alone), 1893 (1939).Artist: Paul Gauguin
haere mai 1891 1939artist paul gauguin
'Haere Mai', 1891 (1939).Artist: Paul Gauguin
aita tamari vahina judith te parari annah javanese
'Aita Tamari vahina Judith te Parari' (Annah the Javanese), 1893 (1939).Artist
still life fruit brittany 19th century 1939
'Still Life with Fruit, Brittany', 19th century (1939).Artist: Paul Gauguin
little breton boy goose 1889 1939artist
'Little Breton Boy with a Goose', 1889 (1939).Artist: Paul Gauguin
the green christ 1889 1939artist paul
'The Green Christ', 1889 (1939).Artist: Paul Gauguin
landscape arles near alyscamps 1888 1939
'Landscape in Arles near the Alyscamps', 1888 (1939).Artist: Paul Gauguin
landscape brittany 1888 1939artist paul
'Landscape in Brittany', 1888 (1939).Artist: Paul Gauguin
la belle angele 1889 1939artist paul
'La Belle Angele', 1889 (1939).Artist: Paul Gauguin
self portrait hat 1893 1894 1939artist
'Self Portrait in a Hat', 1893-1894 (1939).Artist: Paul Gauguin
portrait old man stick 1889 1890 1939artist
'Portrait of an Old Man with a Stick', 1889-1890 (1939).Artist: Paul Gauguin
self portrait yellow christ 1889 1939artist
'Self Portrait with the Yellow Christ', 1889 (1939).Artist: Paul Gauguin
david wrote letter joab sent hand uriah c1850
'...David wrote a letter to Joab, and sent it by the hand of Uriah', c1850
but denied saying i know thou sayest c1850
'But he denied before them all saying, I know not what thou sayest', c1850
lay thine hand lad i know thow fearest god c1850
'Lay not thine hand upon the lad for now I know that thow fearest God', c1850
pringle house charleston south carolina usa
Pringle House, Charleston, South Carolina, USA, c18th century (1921)
wentworth mansion new hampshire usa c18th century
Wentworth Mansion, New Hampshire, USA, c18th century (1921).Artist: James Preston
cliveden germantown pennsylvania usa c18th
Cliveden, Germantown, Pennsylvania, USA, c18th century (1921).Artist: James Preston
longfellow house cambridge massachusetts usa
Longfellow House, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, c18th century (1921)
kendall house virginia usa c18th century 1921
The Kendall House, Virginia, USA, c18th century (1921).Artist: James Preston
timothy dexter house newburyport massachusetts
Timothy Dexter House, Newburyport, Massachusetts, USA, c18th century (1921).Artist
quincy house new england usa c18th century 1921
The Quincy House, New England, USA, c18th century (1921).Artist: James Preston
morris jumel mansion washington heights c18th
Morris-Jumel Mansion, Washington Heights, c18th century (1921).Artist: James Preston
mount vernon near alexandria virginia usa
Mount Vernon, near Alexandria, Virginia, USA, c18th century (1921).Artist: James Preston
the haunted house new orleans louisiana usa
'The Haunted House', New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, c18th century (1921).Artist
doughoregan manor near ellicott city maryland
Doughoregan Manor, near Ellicott City, Maryland, USA, c18th century (1921).Artist
monticello near charlottesville virginia usa
Monticello, near Charlottesville, Virginia, USA, c18th century (1921)
animal carvings new kingdom late period egypt 1936
Animal carvings from the New Kingdom and Late Period, Egypt, 1936. Artist: Unknown
ancient egyptian wooden toilet case 1936 artist
An Ancient Egyptian wooden toilet case, 1936. Artist: Unknown
portrait young boy al fayyum egypt 2nd century
Portrait of a young boy, Al-Fayyum, Egypt, 2nd century (1936). Artist: Unknown
portrait lady al fayyum egypt 2nd century 1936
Portrait of a lady, Al-Fayyum, Egypt, 2nd century (1936). Artist: Unknown
judgement dead temple deir el bahari egypt
'Judgement of the Dead', from the Temple of Deir-el-Bahari, Egypt, c1025 BC (1936)
herds cattle time 18th dynasty egypt c1400 bc 1936
Herds of cattle from the time of the 18th Dynasty, Egypt, c1400 BC (1936). Artist
sketch african asian men tomb king seti i thebes
A sketch of African and Asian men from the tomb of King Seti I, Thebes, Egypt, 1936
rams head egypt 1936 artist unknown
A ram's head, Egypt, 1936. Artist: Unknown
egyptian limestone relief c1400 bc 1936 artist
An Egyptian limestone relief, c1400 BC (1936). Artist: Unknown
egyptian scribes c1350 bc 1936 artist unknown
Egyptian scribes, c1350 BC (1936). Artist: Unknown
mourners funeral memphite high priest c1350 bc 1936
Mourners at the funeral of a Memphite high priest, c1350 BC (1936). Artist: Unknown
funeral memphite high priest c1350 bc 1936
The funeral of a Memphite high priest, c1350 BC (1936). Artist: Unknown
tombstone amennebi c1550 bc 1936 artist
A tombstone of Amennebi, c1550 BC (1936). Artist: Unknown
hunting scene tomb ptahhotep near saqqara egypt
A hunting scene from the tomb of Ptahhotep, near Saqqara, Egypt, c2650 BC (1936). Artist
horus falcon king nectanebo i 380 bc 362 bc
A Horus falcon with King Nectanebo I (380 BC-362 BC), c370 BC (1936). Artist: Unknown
god bes c350 bc 1936 artist unknown
The God Bes, c350 BC (1936). Artist: Unknown
horus c350 bc 1936 artist unknown
Horus, c350 BC (1936). Artist: Unknown
rameses ii 1279 bc 1213 bc ancient egyptian pharaoh
Rameses II (1279 BC-1213 BC), Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh, c1250 BC (1936). Artist: Unknown
figure asiatic man c1350 bc 1936 artist
Figure of an Asiatic man, c1350 BC (1936). Artist: Unknown
king tutankhamen c1341 bc c1323 bc black leopard
King Tutankhamen (c1341 BC-c1323 BC) on a black leopard, 1936. Artist: Unknown
ancient egyptian princess c1370 bc 1936 artist
An Ancient Egyptian princess, c1370 BC (1936). Artist: Unknown
daughter king ikhnaton 1936 artist unknown
A daughter of King Ikhnaton, 1936. Artist: Unknown
queen nefertiti 1410 bc 1330 bc c1370 bc 1936
Queen Nefertiti (1410 BC-1330 BC), c1370 BC (1936). Artist: Unknown
amenhotep iii 1390 bc 1352 bc ancient egyptian
Amenhotep III (1390 BC-1352 BC), Ancient Egyptian Pharoah, 1936. Artist: Unknown
wife ptahmai c1400 bc 1936 artist unknown
The wife of a Ptahmai, c1400 BC (1936). Artist: Unknown
granite sphinx king amenemhat iii c1820 bc 1936
A granite sphinx of King Amenemhat III, c1820 BC (1936). Artist: Unknown
amenemhat iii 1854 bc 1808 bc ancient egyptian
Amenemhat III (1854 BC-1808 BC), Ancient Egyptian Pharoah, c1820 BC (1936). Artist
woman grinding corn c2650 bc 1936 artist
A woman grinding corn, c2650 BC (1936). Artist: Unknown
hemiunu ancient egyptian architect 1936 artist
Hemiunu, Ancient Egyptian architect, 1936. Artist: Unknown
menkaura or possibly khafra ancient egyptian
Menkaura (or possibly Khafra), Ancient Egyptian Pharoah, 1936. Artist: Unknown
khafre 2520bc 2494bc ancient egyptian pharoah 1936
Khafre (2520BC-2494BC), Ancient Egyptian Pharoah, 1936. Artist: Unknown
temple abu simbel egypt 1936 artist unknown
The Temple of Abu Simbel, Egypt, 1936. Artist: Unknown
temple deir el bahari egypt 1936 artist
The Temple of Deir-El-Bahari, Egypt, 1936. Artist: Unknown
horus falcon c600 bc 1936 artist unknown
A Horus falcon, c600 BC (1936). Artist: Unknown
la viennoise portrait irma brunner 1882artist
'La Viennoise: Portrait of Irma Brunner', 1882.Artist: Edouard Manet
emile zola 1840 1902 french novellist 1868
Emile Zola (1840-1902), French novellist, 1868.Artist: Edouard Manet
illustration wynken blynken nod 1899artist
An illustration for Wynken, Blynken and Nod, 1899.Artist: Jessie Marion King
study womans head 1896 1898artist e borough
Study of a woman's head, 1896 (1898).Artist: E Borough Johnson
letang menil 1898artist fernand khnopff
'L'Etang De Menil', 1898.Artist: Fernand Khnopff
pan reading woman brook 1898artist aubrey
Pan reading to a woman by a brook, 1898.Artist: Aubrey Beardsley
woman sitting rearing horse 1898artist aubrey
A woman sitting on a rearing horse, 1898.Artist: Aubrey Beardsley
portrait woman 1898artist aubrey beardsley
Portrait of a woman, 1898.Artist: Aubrey Beardsley
cliff towers 1898artist c harrison
'Cliff Towers', 1898.Artist: C Harrison
women relaxing sea 1898artist charles conder
Women relaxing by the sea, 1898.Artist: Charles Conder
charles conder 1868 1909 english painter 1898
Charles Conder (1868-1909), English painter, 1898. Artist: Unknown
limploration 1898artist henri jules ferdinand
'L'Imploration', 1898.Artist: Henri Jules Ferdinand Bellery-Defonaines
stags heads 1898artist henry moore
Stags' heads, 1898.Artist: Henry Moore
old bridge kirkmichael perth kinross scotland 1898
The old bridge at Kirkmichael, Perth and Kinross, Scotland, 1898.Artist: Aberbrothock
set decorative initial letters 1898 artist
A set of decorative initial letters, 1898. Artist: Unknown
log house idaho near ringwood hampshire 1898
The log house 'Idaho', near Ringwood, Hampshire, 1898
les trois freres 1898artist ottilie wilhelmine
'Les Trois Freres', 1898.Artist: Ottilie Wilhelmine Roederstein
shoki attendant demons 1898artist kawanabe
'Shoki and Attendant Demons', 1898.Artist: Kawanabe Kyosai
hawk 1898artist kawanabe kyosai
A hawk, 1898.Artist: Kawanabe Kyosai
the snake frog 1898artist kawanabe kyosai
'The Snake and the Frog', 1898.Artist: Kawanabe Kyosai
young kyosai sketching severed head 1898artist
'Young Kyosai Sketching the Severed Head', 1898.Artist: Kawanabe Kyosai
the dreamers 1898artist georges mcculloch
'The Dreamers', 1898.Artist: Georges McCulloch
hunting animals 1898artist kawanabe kyosai
Hunting animals, 1898.Artist: Kawanabe Kyosai
dutch boatman 1898artist nico jungmann
A Dutch boatman, 1898.Artist: Nico Jungmann
portrait woman 1898 artist unknown
Portrait of a woman, 1898. Artist: Unknown
woodcut statue rodin 1898artist auguste lepere
A woodcut after a statue by Rodin, 1898.Artist: Auguste Lepere
st ives cornwall 1898artist robert norton
St Ives, Cornwall, 1898.Artist: Robert Norton Nance
the knight companions 1898artist byam shaw
'The Knight and his Companions', 1898.Artist: Byam Shaw
la route zelandaise 1898artist albert
'La Route Zelandaise', 1898.Artist: Albert Baertsoen
la grande rue flandre 1898artist albert
'La Grande Rue, Flandre', 1898.Artist: Albert Baertsoen
vieux canal 1898artist albert baertsoen
'Vieux Canal', 1898.Artist: Albert Baertsoen
le vieux port veere 1898artist albert
'Le Vieux Port, Veere', 1898.Artist: Albert Baertsoen


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