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elizabeth taylor english american actress c1950s
Elizabeth Taylor, English-American actress, c1950s(?).Artist: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
palais la mediterranee nice france c1920sartist
The Palais de la Mediterranee, Nice, France, c1920s.Artist: Munier
palace versailles paris france early 20th century
The Palace of Versailles, Paris, France, early 20th century. Artist: Unknown
raby castle county durham home duke cleveland c1880
Raby Castle, County Durham, home of the Duke of Cleveland, c1880. Artist: Unknown
the toilet lampito 1896artist aubrey
'The Toilet of Lampito', 1896.Artist: Aubrey Beardsley
quarreling scuffling womens bathhouse japan
Quarreling and scuffling in a women's bathhouse, Japan.Artist: Yoshiiku
carlisle cathedral carlisle cumbria artist
Carlisle Cathedral, Carlisle, Cumbria. Artist: Unknown
bridge sighs hertford college oxford university
The Bridge of Sighs, Hertford College, Oxford University, Oxford, early 20th century
chiswick empire chiswick london early 20th century
Chiswick Empire, Chiswick, London, early 20th century.Artist: W F Seymour
port mont boron nice france early 20th century
The port from Mont Boron, Nice, France, early 20th century. Artist: Unknown
jmw turner/hastings 19th century 1910artist jmw turner
'Hastings', 19th century (1910).Artist: JMW Turner
le palais la mediterranee promenade des anglais
Le Palais de la Mediterranee on Promenade des Anglais, Nice, South of France, early 20th century
cover illustrated london news wedding number
Front cover of The Illustrated London News Wedding Number, 28th April 1923. Artist
assyrian brick tile design 1933 1934 artist
Assyrian brick and tile design, 1933-1934. Artist: Unknown
leonardo da vinci/study hands 15th century 1930artist leonardo
Study of hands, 15th century (1930).Artist: Leonardo da Vinci
the naked maja c1800 artist francisco goya
'The Naked Maja', c1800. Artist: Francisco Goya
youngers american outlaws c1868 1876 1954
The Youngers, American outlaws, c1868-1876 (1954). Artist: Unknown
hemiunu ancient egyptian architect 1936 artist
Hemiunu, Ancient Egyptian architect, 1936. Artist: Unknown
menkaura or possibly khafra ancient egyptian
Menkaura (or possibly Khafra), Ancient Egyptian Pharoah, 1936. Artist: Unknown
khafre 2520bc 2494bc ancient egyptian pharoah 1936
Khafre (2520BC-2494BC), Ancient Egyptian Pharoah, 1936. Artist: Unknown
temple abu simbel egypt 1936 artist unknown
The Temple of Abu Simbel, Egypt, 1936. Artist: Unknown
temple deir el bahari egypt 1936 artist
The Temple of Deir-El-Bahari, Egypt, 1936. Artist: Unknown
horus falcon c600 bc 1936 artist unknown
A Horus falcon, c600 BC (1936). Artist: Unknown
la viennoise portrait irma brunner 1882artist
'La Viennoise: Portrait of Irma Brunner', 1882.Artist: Edouard Manet
emile zola 1840 1902 french novellist 1868
Emile Zola (1840-1902), French novellist, 1868.Artist: Edouard Manet
illustration wynken blynken nod 1899artist
An illustration for Wynken, Blynken and Nod, 1899.Artist: Jessie Marion King
study womans head 1896 1898artist e borough
Study of a woman's head, 1896 (1898).Artist: E Borough Johnson
letang menil 1898artist fernand khnopff
'L'Etang De Menil', 1898.Artist: Fernand Khnopff
pan reading woman brook 1898artist aubrey
Pan reading to a woman by a brook, 1898.Artist: Aubrey Beardsley
woman sitting rearing horse 1898artist aubrey
A woman sitting on a rearing horse, 1898.Artist: Aubrey Beardsley
portrait woman 1898artist aubrey beardsley
Portrait of a woman, 1898.Artist: Aubrey Beardsley
cliff towers 1898artist c harrison
'Cliff Towers', 1898.Artist: C Harrison
women relaxing sea 1898artist charles conder
Women relaxing by the sea, 1898.Artist: Charles Conder
charles conder 1868 1909 english painter 1898
Charles Conder (1868-1909), English painter, 1898. Artist: Unknown
limploration 1898artist henri jules ferdinand
'L'Imploration', 1898.Artist: Henri Jules Ferdinand Bellery-Defonaines
stags heads 1898artist henry moore
Stags' heads, 1898.Artist: Henry Moore
old bridge kirkmichael perth kinross scotland 1898
The old bridge at Kirkmichael, Perth and Kinross, Scotland, 1898.Artist: Aberbrothock
set decorative initial letters 1898 artist
A set of decorative initial letters, 1898. Artist: Unknown
log house idaho near ringwood hampshire 1898
The log house 'Idaho', near Ringwood, Hampshire, 1898
les trois freres 1898artist ottilie wilhelmine
'Les Trois Freres', 1898.Artist: Ottilie Wilhelmine Roederstein
shoki attendant demons 1898artist kawanabe
'Shoki and Attendant Demons', 1898.Artist: Kawanabe Kyosai
hawk 1898artist kawanabe kyosai
A hawk, 1898.Artist: Kawanabe Kyosai
the snake frog 1898artist kawanabe kyosai
'The Snake and the Frog', 1898.Artist: Kawanabe Kyosai
young kyosai sketching severed head 1898artist
'Young Kyosai Sketching the Severed Head', 1898.Artist: Kawanabe Kyosai
the dreamers 1898artist georges mcculloch
'The Dreamers', 1898.Artist: Georges McCulloch
hunting animals 1898artist kawanabe kyosai
Hunting animals, 1898.Artist: Kawanabe Kyosai
dutch boatman 1898artist nico jungmann
A Dutch boatman, 1898.Artist: Nico Jungmann
portrait woman 1898 artist unknown
Portrait of a woman, 1898. Artist: Unknown
woodcut statue rodin 1898artist auguste lepere
A woodcut after a statue by Rodin, 1898.Artist: Auguste Lepere
st ives cornwall 1898artist robert norton
St Ives, Cornwall, 1898.Artist: Robert Norton Nance
the knight companions 1898artist byam shaw
'The Knight and his Companions', 1898.Artist: Byam Shaw
la route zelandaise 1898artist albert
'La Route Zelandaise', 1898.Artist: Albert Baertsoen
la grande rue flandre 1898artist albert
'La Grande Rue, Flandre', 1898.Artist: Albert Baertsoen
vieux canal 1898artist albert baertsoen
'Vieux Canal', 1898.Artist: Albert Baertsoen
le vieux port veere 1898artist albert
'Le Vieux Port, Veere', 1898.Artist: Albert Baertsoen
albert baertsoen 1866 1922 belgian printmaker 1898
Albert Baertsoen (1866-1922), Belgian printmaker, 1898. Artist: Unknown
the promise sleep 1898artist birkenruth
'The Promise of Sleep', 1898.Artist: A Birkenruth
ad players navy cut tobacco cigarettes 1923
Advert for Player's Navy Cut Tobacco and Cigarettes, 1923. Artist: Unknown
red carnation lady elizabeth bowes lyon 1923
The Red Carnation', Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, 1923. Artist: Unknown
duke york aged six 1901 1902 1923 artist
The Duke of York, aged six, 1901-1902 (1923). Artist: Unknown
lady elizabeth bowes lyon aged six 1906 1907 1923
Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, aged six, 1906-1907 (1923). Artist: Unknown
childhood/illustrated london news 28th april 1923 artist
The Illustrated London News, 28th April 1923. Artist: Unknown
dunlop ad 1923 artist unknown
Dunlop advertisment, 1923. Artist: Unknown
lady elizabeth bowes lyon countess strathmore
Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon and the Countess of Strathmore, Glamis Castle, Scotland, 1923
wedding duke york lady elizabeth bowes lyon 1923
The wedding of the Duke of York and Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, 1923. Artist: Unknown
duke duchess york surrounded bridesmaids 1923
The Duke and Duchess of York surrounded by her eight bridesmaids, 1923. Artist: Unknown
lady elizabeth bowes lyon duke york hertfordshire
Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon and the Duke of York at her Hertfordshire Home near Welwyn, 1923
study duke york 1923 artist john singer sargent
Study of the Duke of York, 1923. Artist: John Singer Sargent
plan interior slave ship 1808 1965 artist
A plan of the interior of a slave ship, 1808 (1965). Artist: Unknown
study lady elizabeth bowes lyon 1923 artist
Study of Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, 1923. Artist: John Singer Sargent
page journal john newton 1750 1754 1965 artist
A page from the journal of John Newton, 1750-1754 (1965). Artist: Unknown
scene slave life 1965 artist unknown
Scene from slave life, 1965. Artist: Unknown
selling branding slaves aboard ship 1965 artist
The selling and branding of slaves before being put aboard a ship, 1965. Artist: Unknown
chained yoked slaves march trading station 1965
Chained and yoked slaves on the march to the trading station, 1965. Artist: Unknown
slavery accounts 1698 1701 1965 artist
Slavery accounts, 1698-1701 (1965). Artist: Unknown
remonstration subject slave trade 1789 1965
A remonstration of the subject of the slave trade, 1789 (1965). Artist: Unknown
charlie chester british stand up comedian tv
Charlie Chester, British stand-up comedian and TV and radio presenter, 20th century
tommy trinder english stage screen radio comedian
Tommy Trinder, English stage, screen and radio comedian, 20th century. Artist: Unknown
10th hussars repulsing boer attack colesberg
10th Hussars after repulsing a Boer attack, Colesberg, South Africa, 4th January 1900
the dying buglers call battlefield incident
'The dying bugler's last call, a battlefield incident, Gras Pan, South Africa', 1900
military camp aar south africa boer war 1900
Military camp at De Aar, South Africa, Boer War, 1900.Artist: Underwood & Underwood
looking north west daspoort range pretoria south
Looking north-west to the Daspoort Range, Pretoria, South Africa, 1901
intervewing boer farmer home near brandfort south
Intervewing a Boer farmer at his home near Brandfort, South Africa, Boer War, 1901
spion kop boer trench krantz kloot south africa
Spion Kop, from a Boer trench on Krantz Kloot, South Africa, 1901
ward general hospital 10 greys college bloemfontein
Ward in General Hospital No 10, formerly Grey's College, Bloemfontein, South Africa, 1901
tugela river mount alice spion kop south africa 1901
Tugela River and Mount Alice from Spion Kop, South Africa, 1901
troops defending new zealand hill slingersfontein
Troops defending New Zealand Hill, Slingersfontein, South Africa, 25th January 1900
looking orange free state boer war south africa
Looking into the Orange Free State, Boer War, South Africa, 1900
infantry fording vet river lord roberts advance
Infantry fording the Vet River during Lord Roberts' advance on Pretoria, South Africa, 1901
royal engineers repairing railway destroyed boers
Royal Engineers repairing a railway destroyed by the Boers, Kroonstad, South Africa, 1900
overpowered boer prisoners resting road paardeberg
The overpowered Boer prisoners resting on the road from Paardeberg to Modder River, 1900
cape garrison artillery making hot boers modder river
Cape Garrison artillery making it hot for the Boers across the Modder River, South Africa, 1900
east end chapel st peter ad vincula tower london
East end of the Chapel of St Peter ad Vincula, Tower of London, 20th century. Artist
bloody tower tower london 20th century artist
Bloody Tower, Tower of London, 20th century. Artist: Unknown
may day parade tower london 20th century artist
May Day parade in the Tower of London, 20th century. Artist: Unknown
birds eye view tower liberties appeared 1597
Bird's eye view of the Tower and Liberties as they appeared in 1597, London, 20th century
byward tower outer ward tower london 20th century
The Byward Tower and the outer ward, Tower of London, 20th century. Artist: Unknown
cover le rire laughter 29th may 1909 artist
Front cover of Le Rire, or Laughter, 29th May 1909. Artist: Petitjean
wood engraving helen press artist helen press
A wood engraving by Helen Press. Artist: Helen Press


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