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7 Aug 2008

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the dog himura japan 1872 artist unknown
'The Dog of Himura', Japan, 1872. Artist: Unknown
shinsaibashi bridge osaka japan 20th century
Shinsaibashi Bridge, Osaka, Japan, 20th century(?). Artist: Unknown
sakaemachi street nagoya japan 20th century
Sakaemachi Street, Nagoya, Japan, 20th century(?). Artist: Unknown
japanese greeting artist unknown
A Japanese greeting. Artist: Unknown
silver chariot chettiars saigon vietnam 1912
The silver chariot of the Chettiars, Saigon, Vietnam, 1912. Artist: Unknown
ox carts cochin china vietnam 20th century
Ox carts, Cochin China, Vietnam, 20th century(?). Artist: Unknown
tiger hunters tonkin vietnam 20th century
Tiger hunters, Tonkin, Vietnam, 20th century(?). Artist: Unknown
men wheelbarrows vietnam 20th century artist
Men with wheelbarrows, Vietnam(?), 20th century. Artist: Unknown
asakusa kannon temple tokyo japan 20th century
The Asakusa Kannon temple, Tokyo, Japan, 20th century(?). Artist: Unknown
suda cho street tokyo japan 20th century
Suda Cho Street, Tokyo, Japan, 20th century(?). Artist: Unknown
market cholon saigon vietnam 20th century
Market, Cholon, Saigon, Vietnam, 20th century(?). Artist: Unknown
foochow road shanghai china 20th century
Foochow Road, Shanghai, China, 20th century(?). Artist: Unknown
earthquake damage piazza cavallotti messina sicily
Earthquake damage in the Piazza Cavallotti, Messina, Sicily, Italy, December 1908
admiral yamamoto japanese minister navy c1904 1905
Admiral Yamamoto, Japanese Minister of the Navy, c1904-1905. Artist: Unknown
admiral togo commander in chief japanese combined
Admiral Togo, Commander-in-chief of Japanese Combined Fleet, c1903-1905. Artist: Unknown
fountain public garden hong kong 20th century
Fountain in a public garden, Hong Kong, 20th century. Artist: Unknown
chemists shop yokohama japan 20th century
Chemist's shop, Yokohama, Japan, 20th century. Artist: Unknown
peasant housing japan 20th century artist
Peasant housing, Japan, 20th century. Artist: Unknown
row shops asakusa tokyo 20th century artist
A row of shops in Asakusa, Tokyo, 20th century. Artist: Unknown
chinese silk weaving 20th century artist
Chinese silk weaving, 20th century. Artist: Unknown
japanese theatre nara japan 20th century artist
Japanese theatre, Nara, Japan, 20th century. Artist: Taylor
mr pickwick pickwick papers charles dickens 1912
Mr Pickwick, from The Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens, 1912. Artist: Unknown
ad pickwick papers charles dickens sold nelson
Advertisment for The Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens, sold by the Nelson Library, 1912
death mr tulkinghorn 1912 artist harry furniss
The death of Mr Tulkinghorn, 1912. Artist: Harry Furniss
mr riah miss wren jolly fellowship porters 1912
Mr Riah and Miss Wren at the Six Jolly Fellowship Porters, 1912. Artist: Harry Furniss
miss georgina hogarth c1850 1912 artist
Miss Georgina Hogarth, c1850 (1912). Artist: Unknown
marcus stone british artist illustrator c1865 1912
Marcus Stone, British artist and illustrator, c1865 (1912). Artist: Unknown
facsimile inscription copy pickwick papers 1839
Facsimile of the inscription in a copy of The Pickwick Papers, 1839 (1912). Artist
charles dickens giving reading 1859 1912 artist
Charles Dickens giving a reading, 1859 (1912). Artist: Herbert Watkins
charles dickens presiding newsvendors dinner
Charles Dickens presiding at the Newsvendors' Dinner, 5th April 1870 (1912). Artist
david copperfield uriah heep 1912 artist frederick
David Copperfield and Uriah Heep, 1912. Artist: Frederick Barnard
david copperfield uriah heep 1912 artist hablot
David Copperfield and Uriah Heep, 1912. Artist: Hablot Knight Browne
charles dickens british novelist 1840 1912
Charles Dickens, British novelist, in 1840 (1912). Artist: Unknown
telegraph office nagpur maharashtra india artist
Telegraph Office, Nagpur, Maharashtra, India. Artist: Unknown
civil secretariat simla india artist unknown
Civil Secretariat, Simla, India. Artist: Unknown
ellaline terriss british actress daughter baby
Ellaline Terriss, British actress, with her daughter and baby, c1906. Artist: Unknown
duel scene act i breed treshams john rutherford
The duel, scene from act I of The Breed of the Treshams by John Rutherford, 20th century
wandering minstrels yokohama japan 1864 artist
'Wandering minstrels at Yokohama', Japan, 1864. Artist: Unknown
counting compensation money murder mr richardson
Counting the compensation money for the murder of Mr Richardson, Japan, 1863. Artist
a house boat japan 1888 artist unknown
'A house-boat in Japan', 1888. Artist: Unknown
modern costumes japanese officers 1866 artist
'Modern costumes of Japanese officers', 1866. Artist: Unknown
american legation yeddo edo japan 19th century
American legation at Yeddo (Edo), Japan, 19th century. Artist: Richardson
progress civilisation japan 1875 artist
'Progress of civilisation in Japan', 1875. Artist: Unknown
walter elliot scottish unionist politician 1933
Walter Elliot, Scottish Unionist politician, 1933. Artist: Unknown
stanley baldwin british conservative politician 1933
Stanley Baldwin, British Conservative politician, 1933. Artist: Unknown
james maxton 1933 artist unknown
James Maxton, 1933. Artist: Unknown
sir samuel hoare british statesman 1935artist
Sir Samuel Hoare, British statesman, 1935.Artist: Edmond Xavier Kapp
ernest bevin british labour politician 1933
Ernest Bevin, British Labour politician, 1933. Artist: Unknown
viscount cecil british statesman 1935 artist
Viscount Cecil, British statesman, 1935. Artist: Edmond Xavier Kapp
study baron aloisi italian statesman 1935 artist
Study for Baron Aloisi, Italian statesman, 1935. Artist: Edmond Xavier Kapp
bedjironde tecle hawariate ethiopian statesman 1935
Bedjironde Tecle Hawariate, Ethiopian statesman, 1935. Artist: Edmond Xavier Kapp
fire engine 1820 artist j t bartlett
Fire engine, 1820. Artist: J & T Bartlett
story cruel frederick artist unknown
A story of cruel Frederick. Artist: Unknown
carlotta grisi la peri 19th century artist
Carlotta Grisi in La Peri, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
ellaline terriss seymour hicks gay gordons c1907
Ellaline Terriss and Seymour Hicks in The Gay Gordons, c1907. Artist: Unknown
performance gay gordons c1907 artist unknown
Performance of The Gay Gordons, c1907. Artist: Unknown
lily elsie joseph coyne merry widow c1907 artist
Lily Elsie and Joseph Coyne in The Merry Widow, c1907. Artist: Unknown
mabel hackney laurence irving 1907artist j
Mabel Hackney and Laurence Irving, 1907.Artist: J Beagles & Co
miss lily elsie mr george graves merry widow
Miss Lily Elsie and Mr George Graves in The Merry Widow, 20th century. Artist: Unknown
scarlet pimpernel 20th century artist ellis
The Scarlet Pimpernel, 20th century. Artist: Ellis & Walery
julia neilson horace hodges scarlet pimpernel c1905
Julia Neilson and Horace Hodges in The Scarlet Pimpernel, c1905.Artist: Ellis & Walery
julia neilson fred terry horace hodges scarlet
Julia Neilson, Fred Terry and Horace Hodges in The Scarlet Pimpernel, c1905. Artist
julia neilson fred terry scarlet pimpernel c1905
Julia Neilson and Fred Terry in The Scarlet Pimpernel, c1905.Artist: Ellis & Walery
young women photographed gales studios early
Three young women, photographed in Gales Studios, early 20th century. Artist: Unknown
scene quality street 1902artist bassano studio
Scene from Quality Street, 1902.Artist: Bassano Studio
brigitte helm karl ludwig diehl german film actors
Brigitte Helm and Karl Ludwig Diehl, German film actors, 1930s. Artist: Unknown
paula wessely willi forst austrian film actors 1934
Paula Wessely and Willi Forst, Austrian film actors, 1934. Artist: Unknown
paula wessely austrian actress film star 20th
Paula Wessely, Austrian actress and film star, 20th century. Artist: Unknown
gustav diessl austrian artist film stage actor
Gustav Diessl, Austrian artist, and film and stage actor, 20th century. Artist: Sandau
performance richard wagners opera lohengrin act iii
Performance of Richard Wagner's opera Lohengrin (act III, scene III), 1907.Artist
performance jedermann salzburg festival austria
Performance of Jedermann, Salzburg Festival, Austria, 20th century. Artist: Ernst Maier
commander wilmot hms euryalus 1863 artist
Commander Wilmot, of HMS 'Euryalus', 1863. Artist: Unknown
captain josling hms euryalus 1863 artist
Captain Josling, of HMS 'Euryalus', 1863. Artist: Unknown
envoys japanese prince nagato paying indemnity
'Envoys of the Japanese Prince of Nagato paying the indemnity for the affair of
custom house officer japan 19th century artist
'Custom-House Officer', Japan, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
merchants ward new years festival procession
The merchants of the ward, New Year's festival procession at Yokohama, Japan, 1872
girls dressed boys new years festival procession
Girls dressed as boys, New Year's festival procession at Yokohama, Japan, 1872
english russian burial ground nagasaki secured
'English and Russian burial-ground, at Nagasaki, secured by treaty, November 1855', (1856)
japanese escort officers 1874 artist unknown
Japanese escort officers, 1874. Artist: Unknown
street hakodate funeral procession japan 1856
Street in Hakodate, and funeral procession, Japan, 1856. Artist: Unknown
bombarment royal navy harbour kagoshima japan 1863
The bombarment by the Royal Navy of the harbour of Kagoshima, Japan, 1863. Artist
japanese soldiers yokohama japan 1865 artist
Japanese soldiers in Yokohama, Japan, 1865. Artist: Unknown
new levy japanese infantry 19th century artist
The new levy of Japanese infantry, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
japanese officers going pay visits congratulation
'Japanese officers going to pay visits of congratulation', Japan, 1865. Artist
buying camlets shop yokohama japan 1865 artist
Buying camlets in a shop, Yokohama, Japan, 1865. Artist: Unknown
royal park tokyo japan 1889 artist unknown
The Royal Park, Tokyo, Japan, 1889. Artist: Unknown
japanese game battledore shuttlecock streets yokohama
Japanese game of battledore and shuttlecock in the streets of Yokohama, 1865. Artist
japanese governors house nagasaki japan 1855
'Japanese governor's house, at Nagasaki', Japan, 1855. Artist: Unknown
westland whirlwind 1941 artist unknown
Westland Whirlwind, 1941. Artist: Unknown
bristol blenheim mk ivf 1941 artist unknown
Bristol Blenheim Mk IVF, 1941. Artist: Unknown
boulton paul defiant i 1941 artist unknown
Boulton Paul Defiant I, 1941. Artist: Unknown
supermarine spitfire mk ix 1941 artist unknown
Supermarine Spitfire Mk IX, 1941. Artist: Unknown
supermarine spitfire mk vb 1941 artist chas
Supermarine Spitfire Mk Vb, 1941. Artist: Chas Brown
specimens patination britain 1926 artist
Specimens of patination in Britain, 1926. Artist: Unknown
prototype hawker hurricane test flown flight lieutenant
Prototype Hawker Hurricane being test flown by Flight Lieutenant PWS Bulman, c1935 (1941)
sharp pointed implements henley oxfordshire 1926
Sharp pointed implements, from Henley, Oxfordshire, 1926. Artist: Unknown
point mammoth tusk carved reindeer montastruc
Point of mammoth tusk carved with reindeer, from Montastruc, Bruniquel, France, 1926
sailors hms challenger having tea tea house
Sailors of HMS 'Challenger' having tea at a tea house near Yokohama, Japan, 1888
yebisu bashi osaka japan 1891 artist forsyth
Yebisu Bashi, Osaka, Japan, 1891. Artist: A Forsyth


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