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leonardo da vinci/portrait cecilia gallerani lady ermine c1490
'Portrait of Cecilia Gallerani, Lady with an Ermine', c1490
parramatta new south wales australia 1886artist
Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia, 1886.Artist: Albert Henry Fullwood
view haarlem 1670 artist jacob van ruisdael
'View of Haarlem', 1670. Artist: Jacob van Ruisdael
adoration magi 1506 1507 artist giorgione
'Adoration of the Magi', 1506-1507. Artist: Giorgione
the happy family 1847 artist paul gavarni
'The Happy Family', 1847. Artist: Paul Gavarni
the army cook bourgeois c1824 1866 artist
'The Army Cook and the Bourgeois', c1824-1866. Artist: Paul Gavarni
a couple arriving event c1872 1929 artist
'A Couple Arriving at an Event', c1872-1929 Artist: Henri Gervex
princess auguste bonaparte gabrielli drago 1841
'Princess Auguste Bonaparte Gabrielli-Drago', 1841. Artist: Theophile Gautier
portrait carlotta grisi giselle 1841 artist
'Portrait of Carlotta Grisi in Giselle', 1841. Artist: Theophile Gautier
portrait young girl 1843 artist theophile
'Portrait of a Young Girl', 1843. Artist: Theophile Gautier
the kiss c1879 1923 artist theophile alexandre
'The Kiss', c1879-1923. Artist: Theophile Alexandre Steinlen
before hunt 1883 artist janez subic
'Before the Hunt', 1883. Artist: Janez Subic
vladimir denmark c1617 1681 artist justus
'Vladimir of Denmark', c1617-1681. Artist: Justus Sustermans
mrs mordecai lewis 1843 artist thomas sully
'Mrs Mordecai Lewis', 1843. Artist: Thomas Sully
mother son 1840 artist thomas sully
'Mother and Son', 1840. Artist: Thomas Sully
luisa pesjak c1835 artist mihael stroj
'Luisa Pesjak', c1835. Artist: Mihael Stroj
flight egypt c1566 1611 artist bartholomeus
'Flight into Egypt', c1566-1611. Artist: Bartholomeus Spranger
adam eve c1566 1611 artist bartholomeus
'Adam and Eve', c1566-1611. Artist: Bartholomeus Spranger
inspiration 1902 artist carlos schwabe
'Inspiration', 1902. Artist: Carlos Schwabe
under wood c1883 1927 artist paul serusier
'Under Wood', c1883-1927. Artist: Paul Serusier
landscape bird toad c1883 1927 artist paul
'Landscape with a Bird and a Toad', c1883-1927. Artist: Paul Serusier
charles maurice talleyrand c1766 1825 artist
'Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand', c1766-1825. Artist: Louis Marie Sicard
spleen ideal 1907 artist carlos schwabe
'Spleen and Ideal', 1907. Artist: Carlos Schwabe
the flowered gate 1889 artist paul serusier
'The Flowered Gate', 1889. Artist: Paul Serusier
judith 1504 artist giorgione
'Judith', 1504. Artist: Giorgione
the letter 1878 artist janez subic
'The Letter', 1878. Artist: Janez Subic
the mill montreuil bellay 1914 artist henri
'The Mill, Montreuil-Bellay', 1914. Artist: Henri Eugene Le Sidaner
gamba player c1635 artist bernardo strozzi
'Gamba Player', c1635. Artist: Bernardo Strozzi
lake george new york c1843 1880 artist sanford
'Lake George, New York', c1843-1880. Artist: Sanford Robinson Gifford
willow plantation 1514 artist wolf huber
'Willow Plantation', 1514. Artist: Wolf Huber
coast breton c1907 1915 artist leon hubert
The Coast of Breton', c1907-1915. Artist: Leon Hubert
louis i prince asturias king spain 1717 artist
'Louis I, Prince of The Asturias, King of Spain', 1717
louis i prince asturias king spain c1700 1730
'Louis I, Prince of The Asturias, King of Spain', c1700-1730
entrance forest saverne 1838 artist edouard
'Entrance to the Forest of Saverne', 1838. Artist: Edouard Jean Marie Hostein
the card players c1663 1665 artist pieter
'The Card Players', c1663-1665. Artist: Pieter de Hooch
tomb ramesses i c1820 1870 artist hector
'Tomb of Ramesses I', c1820-1870. Artist: Hector Horeau
tomb ramesses vi c1820 1870 artist hector
'Tomb of Ramesses VI', c1820-1870. Artist: Hector Horeau
the grand gallery louvre paris 1801 1805
'The Grand Gallery, Louvre, Paris', 1801-1805. Artist: Robert Hubert
cabinet drawings c1744 1780 artist gabriel
'Cabinet of Drawings', c1744-1780. Artist: Gabriel de Saint-Aubin
study angel c1611 1666 artist guercino
'Study of an Angel', c1611-1666. Artist: Guercino
the eiffel tower 1900 artist louis welden
'The Eiffel Tower', 1900. Artist: Louis Welden Hawkins
hughes felicite robert lamennais 1782 1854
'Hughes Felicite Robert de Lamennais', (1782- 1854)', 1827
today c1879 1927 artist dudley hardy
'Today', c1879-1927. Artist: Dudley Hardy
abbotts phit eesi boots shoes c1887 1922 artist
'Abbotts Phit-Eesi Boots and Shoes', c1887-1922. Artist: Dudley Hardy
fishing rain c1513 1553 artist augustin
'Fishing in the Rain', c1513-1553. Artist: Augustin Hirschvogel
the chase c1513 1553 artist augustin
'The Chase', c1513-1553. Artist: Augustin Hirschvogel
place du marche aux fruits colmar 1875 artist
'Place Du Marche-Aux-Fruits, Colmar', 1875. Artist: Michel Hertrich
place des dominicains colmar 1876 artist
'Place Des Dominicains, Colmar', 1876. Artist: Michel Hertrich
adam eve finding body abel 1858 artist jean
'Adam and Eve finding the Body of Abel', 1858. Artist: Jean Jacques Henner
roman goddess venus genetrix c1518 1574 artist
'Roman goddess, Venus Genetrix', c1518-1574 . Artist: Maerten van Heemskerck
female 1902 artist paul helleu
'Female', 1902. Artist: Paul Helleu
diane acteon c1584 1609 artist joseph heintz
'Diane and Acteon', c1584-1609. Artist: Joseph Heintz the Elder
pauletta helleu c1879 1927 artist paul helleu
'Pauletta Helleu', c1879-1927. Artist: Paul Helleu
study baptism child c1584 1609 artist joseph
Study, Baptism of a Child', c1584-1609. Artist: Joseph Heintz the Elder
at home forest c1880 artist henri joseph
'At Home in the Forest', c1880. Artist: Henri-Joseph Harpignies
landscape 1881 artist henri joseph harpignies
'Landscape', 1881. Artist: Henri-Joseph Harpignies
the elegant horse riders c1822 1892 artist
'The Elegant Horse and Riders', c1822-1892. Artist: Constantin Guys
manuscript signed francois guizot c19th century
'Manuscript, Signed by Francois Guizot', c19th Century. Artist: Francois Guizot
the seine river rohen c1898 1942 artist narcisse
'The Seine River at Rohen', c1898-1942. Artist: Narcisse Guilbert
the grand canal venice c1732 1790 artist
'The Grand Canal, Venice', c1732-1790. Artist: Francesco Guardi
the feast ascension piazza san marco c1775
'The Feast of Ascension in the Piazza San Marco', c1775. Artist: Francesco Guardi
venice c1775 artist francesco guardi
'Venice', c1775 Artist: Francesco Guardi
roman aqueducts seen slopes saint just c1790 1853
'Roman aqueducts seen on the slopes of Saint Just', c1790-1853
saint sebastian c1611 1666 artist guercino
'Saint Sebastian', c1611-1666. Artist: Guercino
la place valhubert paris c1860 1927 artist
'La Place Valhubert, Paris', c1860-1927. Artist: Armand Guillaumin
the nativity antonins isenheim c1490 1528 artist
'The Nativity of the Antonins of Isenheim', c1490-1528
broken eggs 1756 artist jean baptiste greuze
'Broken Eggs', 1756. Artist: Jean-Baptiste Greuze
the butcher c1745 1805 artist jean baptiste
'The Butcher', c1745-1805 Artist: Jean-Baptiste Greuze
the indies c1899 1919 artist john gleich
'The Indies', c1899-1919 Artist: John Gleich
after battle loitiers c1850 1866 artist william
'After the Battle of Loitiers', c1850-1866. Artist: William James Grant
the seasons autumn c1600 artist abel grimmer
'The Four Seasons, Autumn', c1600. Artist: Abel Grimmer
jules concourt 1857 artist edmond concourt
'Jules De Concourt', 1857. Artist: Edmond De Concourt
through industrial landscape 1850 1855 artist
'Through the Industrial Landscape', 1850-1855. Artist: Edmond De Concourt
a scene st john bapiste detail c1500 1540
'A scene from St John the Bapiste', Detail, c1500-1540
prophet c1600 artist hendrik goltzius
'Prophet', c1600. Artist: Hendrik Goltzius
autumn c1887 1924 artist girodet
'Autumn', c1887- 1924. Artist: Girodet de Roucy-Trioson
madonna child c1450 1495 artist matteo di
'Madonna and Child', c1450-1495. Artist: Matteo di Giovanni
hippocrate democrite c1584 1629 artist jacques
'Hippocrate and Democrite', c1584-1629. Artist: Jacques de Gheyn II
st cecilia angel c1617 1618 c1621 1627 artist
St Cecilia and an Angel', c1617-1618 and c1621-1627. Artist: Orazio Gentileschi
afternoon tea 1778 artist jan garemijn
'Afternoon Tea', 1778. Artist: Jan Garemijn
seated woman c1911 1915 artist henri
'Seated Woman', c1911-1915. Artist: Henri Gaudier-Brzeska
scene life st john c1320 1366 artist taddeo
'Scene from the Life of St John', c1320-1366. Artist: Taddeo Gaddi
juno carthage c1636 1655 artist eustache
'Juno and Carthage', c1636-1655. Artist: Eustache Le Sueur
la traversee du styx c1591 1638 artist jacob
'La Traversee du Styx', c1591-1638. Artist: Jacob Isaacz van Swanenburg
venus et lamour c1535 1560 artist lambert
'Venus et l'Amour' c1535-1560. Artist: Lambert Sustris
equestrian portrait nobleman protector arts
'Equestrian Portrait of a Nobleman.. as Protector of the Arts', c1699-1748
the women eger 1867 artist bertalan szekely
'The Women of Eger', 1867. Artist: Bertalan Szekely
le petit sou socialist magazine c1879 1923
'Le Petit Sou Socialist Magazine', c1879-1923
an allegory vanities human life c1640 artist
'An Allegory of the Vanities of Human Life', c1640. Artist: Harmen van Steenwyck
the assumption c1677 1727 artist melchior
'The Assumption', c1677-1727. Artist: Melchior Steidl
the history judith holofernes 16th century
'The History of Judith and Holofernes', 16th century. Artist: Hans Springinlee
the annunciation c1530 1577 artist hans
'The Annunciation', c1530-1577. Artist: Hans Speeckaert
interior office c1635 artist frans snyders
Interior of an Office', c1635. Artist: Frans Snyders
duchess montpensier 1864 artist ary scheffer
'Duchess of Montpensier', 1864. Artist: Ary Scheffer
st jerome rocky landscape c1596 1639 artist
'St Jerome in a Rocky Landscape', c1596-1639. Artist: Roelandt Savery
the seine river paris 17th century artist
'The Seine River, Paris', 17th century. Artist: Mathieu Schoewaerdts
hercules 17th century artist niccolo simone
'Hercules', 17th century. Artist: Niccolo de Simone
the trinity roublev detail c1411 artist
'The Trinity of Roublev', (detail), c1411. Artist: Andrey Rublyov
the trinity roublev c1411 artist andrey
'The Trinity of Roublev', c1411. Artist: Andrey Rublyov


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