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12 Sep 2006

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303 Items

leonardo da vinci/portrait cecilia gallerani lady ermine c1490
'Portrait of Cecilia Gallerani, Lady with an Ermine', c1490
view haarlem 1670 artist jacob van ruisdael
'View of Haarlem', 1670. Artist: Jacob van Ruisdael
adoration magi 1506 1507 artist giorgione
'Adoration of the Magi', 1506-1507. Artist: Giorgione
the happy family 1847 artist paul gavarni
'The Happy Family', 1847. Artist: Paul Gavarni
the army cook bourgeois c1824 1866 artist
'The Army Cook and the Bourgeois', c1824-1866. Artist: Paul Gavarni
a couple arriving event c1872 1929 artist
'A Couple Arriving at an Event', c1872-1929 Artist: Henri Gervex
princess auguste bonaparte gabrielli drago 1841
'Princess Auguste Bonaparte Gabrielli-Drago', 1841. Artist: Theophile Gautier
portrait carlotta grisi giselle 1841 artist
'Portrait of Carlotta Grisi in Giselle', 1841. Artist: Theophile Gautier
portrait young girl 1843 artist theophile
'Portrait of a Young Girl', 1843. Artist: Theophile Gautier
the kiss c1879 1923 artist theophile alexandre
'The Kiss', c1879-1923. Artist: Theophile Alexandre Steinlen
before hunt 1883 artist janez subic
'Before the Hunt', 1883. Artist: Janez Subic
vladimir denmark c1617 1681 artist justus
'Vladimir of Denmark', c1617-1681. Artist: Justus Sustermans
mrs mordecai lewis 1843 artist thomas sully
'Mrs Mordecai Lewis', 1843. Artist: Thomas Sully
mother son 1840 artist thomas sully
'Mother and Son', 1840. Artist: Thomas Sully
luisa pesjak c1835 artist mihael stroj
'Luisa Pesjak', c1835. Artist: Mihael Stroj
flight egypt c1566 1611 artist bartholomeus
'Flight into Egypt', c1566-1611. Artist: Bartholomeus Spranger
adam eve c1566 1611 artist bartholomeus
'Adam and Eve', c1566-1611. Artist: Bartholomeus Spranger
inspiration 1902 artist carlos schwabe
'Inspiration', 1902. Artist: Carlos Schwabe
under wood c1883 1927 artist paul serusier
'Under Wood', c1883-1927. Artist: Paul Serusier
landscape bird toad c1883 1927 artist paul
'Landscape with a Bird and a Toad', c1883-1927. Artist: Paul Serusier
charles maurice talleyrand c1766 1825 artist
'Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand', c1766-1825. Artist: Louis Marie Sicard
spleen ideal 1907 artist carlos schwabe
'Spleen and Ideal', 1907. Artist: Carlos Schwabe
the flowered gate 1889 artist paul serusier
'The Flowered Gate', 1889. Artist: Paul Serusier
judith 1504 artist giorgione
'Judith', 1504. Artist: Giorgione
the letter 1878 artist janez subic
'The Letter', 1878. Artist: Janez Subic
the mill montreuil bellay 1914 artist henri
'The Mill, Montreuil-Bellay', 1914. Artist: Henri Eugene Le Sidaner
gamba player c1635 artist bernardo strozzi
'Gamba Player', c1635. Artist: Bernardo Strozzi
lake george new york c1843 1880 artist sanford
'Lake George, New York', c1843-1880. Artist: Sanford Robinson Gifford
autumn c1887 1924 artist girodet
'Autumn', c1887- 1924. Artist: Girodet de Roucy-Trioson
madonna child c1450 1495 artist matteo di
'Madonna and Child', c1450-1495. Artist: Matteo di Giovanni
hippocrate democrite c1584 1629 artist jacques
'Hippocrate and Democrite', c1584-1629. Artist: Jacques de Gheyn II
st cecilia angel c1617 1618 c1621 1627 artist
St Cecilia and an Angel', c1617-1618 and c1621-1627. Artist: Orazio Gentileschi
afternoon tea 1778 artist jan garemijn
'Afternoon Tea', 1778. Artist: Jan Garemijn
seated woman c1911 1915 artist henri
'Seated Woman', c1911-1915. Artist: Henri Gaudier-Brzeska
scene life st john c1320 1366 artist taddeo
'Scene from the Life of St John', c1320-1366. Artist: Taddeo Gaddi
juno carthage c1636 1655 artist eustache
'Juno and Carthage', c1636-1655. Artist: Eustache Le Sueur
la traversee du styx c1591 1638 artist jacob
'La Traversee du Styx', c1591-1638. Artist: Jacob Isaacz van Swanenburg
venus et lamour c1535 1560 artist lambert
'Venus et l'Amour' c1535-1560. Artist: Lambert Sustris
equestrian portrait nobleman protector arts
'Equestrian Portrait of a Nobleman.. as Protector of the Arts', c1699-1748
the women eger 1867 artist bertalan szekely
'The Women of Eger', 1867. Artist: Bertalan Szekely
le petit sou socialist magazine c1879 1923
'Le Petit Sou Socialist Magazine', c1879-1923
an allegory vanities human life c1640 artist
'An Allegory of the Vanities of Human Life', c1640. Artist: Harmen van Steenwyck
the assumption c1677 1727 artist melchior
'The Assumption', c1677-1727. Artist: Melchior Steidl
the history judith holofernes 16th century
'The History of Judith and Holofernes', 16th century. Artist: Hans Springinlee
the annunciation c1530 1577 artist hans
'The Annunciation', c1530-1577. Artist: Hans Speeckaert
interior office c1635 artist frans snyders
Interior of an Office', c1635. Artist: Frans Snyders
duchess montpensier 1864 artist ary scheffer
'Duchess of Montpensier', 1864. Artist: Ary Scheffer
st jerome rocky landscape c1596 1639 artist
'St Jerome in a Rocky Landscape', c1596-1639. Artist: Roelandt Savery
the seine river paris 17th century artist
'The Seine River, Paris', 17th century. Artist: Mathieu Schoewaerdts
hercules 17th century artist niccolo simone
'Hercules', 17th century. Artist: Niccolo de Simone
the trinity roublev detail c1411 artist
'The Trinity of Roublev', (detail), c1411. Artist: Andrey Rublyov
the trinity roublev c1411 artist andrey
'The Trinity of Roublev', c1411. Artist: Andrey Rublyov
christmas c1881 1927 artist jozsef
'Christmas', c1881-1927. Artist: Jozsef Rippl-Ronai
the fiddler village 1845 artist ludwig
'The Fiddler of the Village', 1845. Artist: Ludwig Richter
on southern plains 1907 artist frederic
'On the Southern Plains', 1907. Artist: Frederic Remington
salome 1870 artist henri alexandre georges
'Salome', 1870. Artist: Henri Alexandre Georges Regnault
animals pets/the bitch cushion c1694 1735 artist jean
'The Bitch on a Cushion', c1694-1735. Artist: Jean Ranc
untitled c1680 1704 artist cornelis dusart
'Untitled', c1680-1704 Artist: Cornelis Dusart
the elegante c1840 1900 artist edouard jaques
'The Elegante', c1840-1900. Artist: Edouard Jaques Dufeu
the descent 16th century artist michel
'The Descent', 16th century. Artist: Michel Damaskinos
exercises circus horse c1818 1836 artist
'Exercises of the Circus Horse', c1818-1836. Artist: Carle Vernet
the skater 1798 artist pierre maximilien
'The Skater', 1798. Artist: Pierre Maximilien Delafontaine
the entrance champs elysees c1804 1836 artist
'The Entrance to the Champs-Elysees', c1804-1836. Artist: Eustache Francois Duval
crispin scapin c1863 1865 artist honore
'Crispin and Scapin', c1863-1865. Artist: Honore Daumier
the class carriage c1863 1865 artist honore
'The Third Class Carriage', c1863-1865. Artist: Honore Daumier
the mystic marriage st catherine 1505 1510
'The Mystic Marriage of St Catherine', 1505-1510. Artist: Gerard David
the flaying sisamnes detail 1498 artist
'The Flaying of Sisamnes', (detail), 1498. Artist: Gerard David
young italian c1825 1865 artist eugene
'Young Italian', c1825-1865. Artist: Eugene Deveria
the hospitalite abraham c1820 1857 artist
'The Hospitalite of Abraham', c1820-1857. Artist: Achille Deveria
untitled c1815 1865 artist eugene deveria
'Untitled', c1815-1865. Artist: Eugene Deveria
indoor scene c1815 1865 artist eugene deveria
'Indoor Scene', c1815-1865. Artist: Eugene Deveria
odalisque couchee c1815 1865 artist eugene
'Odalisque Couchee', c1815-1865. Artist: Eugene Deveria
psyche cupid c1820 1857 artist achille
'Psyche and Cupid', c1820-1857. Artist: Achille Deveria
gallent c1820 1857 artist achille deveria
'Gallent', c1820-1857. Artist: Achille Deveria
mademoiselle sophie costume design opera c1820 1857
'Mademoiselle Sophie', Costume design for an opera, c1820-1857
young girls carrying water c1881 1926 artist
'Young Girls Carrying Water', c1881-1926. Artist: Etienne Dinet
the source 1926 artist etienne dinet
'The Source', 1926. Artist: Etienne Dinet
the mutineers turning lieut bligh and crew
'The mutineers turning Lieut Bligh
st bartholomews day massacre c1810 1870 artist
'St Bartholomew's Day Massacre', c1810-1870. Artist: Francois Dubois
panel maesta altarpiece annunciation 1311
'Panel from the Maesta Altarpiece: The Annunciation', 1311
madonna child rucellai madonna 1285 artist
'Madonna and Child', (Rucellai Madonna), 1285. Artist: Duccio di Buoninsegna
the transfiguration 1311 artist duccio di
'The Transfiguration', 1311. Artist: Duccio di Buoninsegna
maesta madonna angels saints 1308 1311 artist
'Maesta', (Madonna with Angels and Saints), 1308-1311
the holy virgin christ child saints c1278 1318
'The Holy Virgin with the Christ Child and Saints', c1278-1318
crevole madonna c1284 artist duccio di
'Crevole Madonna', c1284. Artist: Duccio di Buoninsegna
maesta stories passion 1308 1311 artist
'Maesta', (Stories of the Passion), 1308-1311. Artist: Duccio di Buoninsegna
madonna child st dominic st aurea c1315 artist
Madonna and Child with St Dominic and St Aurea', c1315. Artist: Duccio di Buoninsegna
the woman glove 1869 artist charles emile
'The Woman with the Glove', 1869. Artist: Charles Emile Auguste Carolus-Duran
attachment horses pulling boats rhone c1825 1870
'Attachment of Horses Pulling Boats Down the Rhone', c1825-1870
old woman c1725 1778 artist francois duparc
'Old Woman', c1725-1778. Artist: Francois Duparc
young woman work c1725 1778 artist francois
'Young Woman at Work', c1725-1778. Artist: Francois Duparc
a man double sack c1725 1778 artist francois
'A Man with a Double Sack', c1725-1778. Artist: Francois Duparc
the herb tea vendor c1725 1778 artist francois
'The Herb Tea Vendor', c1725-1778 Artist: Francois Duparc
the flagellation st gervais c1620 1670 artist
'The Flagellation of St Gervais', c1620-1670. Artist: Philippe de Champaigne
the dream saint joseph c1636 artist philippe
'The Dream of Saint Joseph', c1636. Artist: Philippe de Champaigne
the prevot des marchands echevins city paris 1648
'The Prevot des Marchands and the Echevins of the city of Paris', 1648. Artist
saint genevieve c1810 1880 artist charles emile callande
'Saint Genevieve', C1810-1880. Artist: Charles-Emile-Callande de Champmartin
christ pilate c1306 1348 artist pietro
'Christ before Pilate', c1306-1348. Artist: Pietro Lorenzetti
birth virgin 1342 artist pietro lorenzetti
'Birth of the Virgin', 1342. Artist: Pietro Lorenzetti


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