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26 Sep 2006

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118 Items

untitled c1750 1810 artist nicolas marie
'Untitled', c1750-1810. Artist: Nicolas Marie Ozanne
a group trees edge water 1643 artist jan
'A Group of Trees at the Edge of Water', 1643. Artist: Jan Dirksz Both
dance almee c1873 1937 artist paul louis
'Dance of Almee', c1873-1937. Artist: Paul Louis Bouchard
the 945 accommodation 1867 artist edward
'The 9:45 Accommodation', 1867. Artist: Edward Lamson Henry
saint benoit c1480 1523 artist ambrogio
'Saint Benoit', c1480-1523. Artist: Ambrogio Bergognone
portrait young woman c1550 artist paris
'Portrait of a Young Woman', c1550. Artist: Paris Bordone
the swearing oath ratification treaty munster 1648
'The Swearing of the Oath of Ratification of the Treaty of Munster', 1648
an angel lord appeared manoahs wife c1636 1680
'An angel of the Lord appeared to Manoah's wife ...', c1636-1680. Artist
the martyrdom st laurent 1614 1615 artist
'The Martyrdom of St Laurent', 1614-1615. Artist: Gian Lorenzo Bernini
the garden villa deste 1830 artist karl
'The Garden of the Villa d'Este', 1830. Artist: Karl Blechen
bacchanale c1600 1638 artist jacques
'Bacchanale', c1600-1638. Artist: Jacques Blanchard
the rocky mountains landers peak 1863 artist
'The Rocky Mountains, Lander's Peak', 1863. Artist: Albert Bierstadt
project design gospel city c1716 1756 artist
'Project design for the Gospel City', c1716-1756. Artist: Giuseppe Galli Bibiena
at market detail c1550 1537 artist joachim
'At the Market', (detail), c1550-1537. Artist: Joachim Beuckelaer
country celebration detail 1563 artist
'Country Celebration', (detail), 1563. Artist: Joachim Beuckelaer
the virgin child saint catherine alexandria saint
'The Virgin and Child with Saint Catherine of Alexandria and Saint Catherine of Siena'
maria anna freyin von erberg ljubljana c1741 1769
'Maria Anna Freyin Von Erberg', Ljubljana, c1741-1769. Artist: Fortunat Bergant
the interior grote kerk haarlem 1673 artist
'The Interior of the Grote Kerk, Haarlem', 1673. Artist: Gerrit Berckheyde
mary magdalene c1500 1550 artist ambrosius
'Mary Magdalene', c1500-1550. Artist: Ambrosius Benson
bridge river santa giustina c1740 1780 artist
'Bridge over the River and Santa Giustina', c1740-1780. Artist: Bernardo Bellotto
the nativity c1500 1550 artist ambrosius
'The Nativity', c1500-1550. Artist: Ambrosius Benson
the virgin glory detail 1524 artist jan
'The Virgin in Glory', (detail), 1524. Artist: Jan Provoost
saint godelieve c1485 1529 artist jan
'Saint Godelieve', c1485-1529. Artist: Jan Provoost
the arrival death c1485 1529 artist jan
'The Arrival of Death', c1485-1529. Artist: Jan Provoost
the graces 1564 1597 artist francesco
'The Three Graces', 1564-1597. Artist: Francesco Morandini
portrait lady c1453 1498 artist antonio del
'Portrait of a Lady', c1453-1498. Artist: Antonio del Pollaiuolo
south door baptistry san giovanni 1336 artist
South Door of the Baptistry of San Giovanni, 1336. Artist: Andrea Pisano
portrait boy c1480 1485 artist bernardino
'Portrait of a Boy', c1480-1485. Artist: Bernardino Pinturicchio
the coronation virgin c1503 artist bernardino
'The Coronation of the Virgin', c1503. Artist: Bernardino Pinturicchio
la predica di san bernardino c1426 1481 artist
'La predica di San Bernardino', c1426-1481. Artist: Sano di Pietro
portrait man c1780 1845 artist louis leopold
'Portrait of a Man', c1780-1845. Artist: Louis Leopold Boilly
madeleine reclus 1902 artist ernest bordes
'Madeleine Reclus', 1902. Artist: Ernest Bordes
madame pascal 1905 artist leon joseph florentin
'Madame Pascal', 1905. Artist: Leon Joseph Florentin Bonnat
model profile c1853 1922 artist leon joseph
'Model in Profile', c1853-1922. Artist: Leon Joseph Florentin Bonnat
study trees c1842 1899 artist rosa bonheur
'Study of Trees', c1842-1899. Artist: Rosa Bonheur
arc triomphe la porte st denis paris c1875 1926
'Arc de Triomphe de la Porte St-Denis, Paris', c1875-1926
the place music c1875 1926 artist frank myers
'The Place of Music', c1875-1926. Artist: Frank Myers Boggs
the improvised concert price harmony 1790
'The Improvised Concert, or The Price of Harmony', 1790
reunion artists studio isabey 1798 artist
'Reunion of Artists in the Studio of Isabey', 1798. Artist: Louis Leopold Boilly
reunion luxembourg gardens 1761 1845 artist
'Reunion in the Luxembourg Gardens', 1761-1845. Artist: Louis Leopold Boilly
paul ernest boniface comte castellane 1924
'Paul Ernest Boniface the Comte de Castellane', 1924
ceiling marie antoinettes playroom chateau fontainbleau
Ceiling of Marie Antoinette's playroom, Chateau de Fontainbleau, c1763-1811. Artist
the salon countess potocka 1887 artist jean
'The Salon of the Countess Potocka', 1887. Artist: Jean Beraud
equestrian statue king louis xiv 1670 artist
'Equestrian Statue of King Louis XIV', 1670. Artist: Gian Lorenzo Bernini
angel crown thorns 1667 1669 artist gian
'Angel with the Crown of Thorns', 1667-1669. Artist: Gian Lorenzo Bernini
hareem 1857 artist amadeo preziosi
'Hareem', 1857. Artist: Amadeo Preziosi
untitled 1857 artist amadeo preziosi
'Untitled', 1857. Artist: Amadeo Preziosi
ottoman coffee house 1858 artist amadeo
'Ottoman Coffee House', 1858. Artist: Amadeo Preziosi
sun set sea 1925 artist fernand loyen du
'Sun Set by the Sea', 1925. Artist: Fernand Loyen du Puigaudeau
justice divine vengeance pursuing crime 1808
'Justice and Divine Vengeance pursuing Crime', 1808
landing conspirators cadoudal affair cliff biville
Landing of the Conspirators in the Cadoudal Affair at the Cliff of Biville...', 1771-1847
paris window salle dapollon louvre looking west
'Paris, from the Window of the Salle d'Apollon in the Louvre looking West', July 1867
saint michel bridge paris c1822 1878 artist
'Saint-Michel Bridge, Paris', c1822-1878. Artist: Charles Claude Pyne
marboeuf road avenue lalma paris 1867 artist
'Marboeuf Road below the Avenue de L'Alma, Paris', 1867
saint chapelle palace justice c1822 1878 artist
'Saint Chapelle and Palace of Justice', c1822-1878. Artist: Charles Claude Pyne
young people breton procession c1884 1930 artist
'Young People from Breton before a Procession', c1884-1930
self portrait reynaldo hahn c1891 1922 artist
'Self Portrait with Reynaldo Hahn', c1891-1922. Artist: Marcel Proust
obstacle course c1891 1922 artist marcel
'Obstacle Course', c1891-1922. Artist: Marcel Proust
landscape eygue 1833 artist alexandre
'Landscape of Eygue', 1833. Artist: Alexandre Pouchkine
the bugle c1846 1890 artist paul alexandre
'The Bugle', c1846-1890. Artist: Paul Alexandre Protais
four courtiers c1514 1557 artist jacopo
'Four Courtiers', c1514-1557. Artist: Jacopo Pontormo
seated boy c1514 1557 artist jacopo pontormo
'Seated Boy', c1514-1557. Artist: Jacopo Pontormo
the battle love chastity c1503 1523 artist
'The Battle of Love and Chastity', c1503-1523. Artist: Perugino
virgin child c1444 1510 artist sandro
Virgin and Child', c1444-1510. Artist: Sandro Botticelli
the creation world closed doors triptych the
'The Creation of the World', closed doors of the triptych 'The Garden
la bella simonetta 1475 artist sandro
'La Bella Simonetta', 1475. Artist: Sandro Botticelli
the virgin child saint john angel c1490 artist
'The Virgin and Child with Saint John and an Angel', c1490
miracles st zenobius 1500 1505 artist sandro
Three Miracles of St Zenobius', 1500-1505. Artist: Sandro Botticelli
communion st jerome c1495 artist sandro
The Last Communion of St Jerome', c1495. Artist: Sandro Botticelli
madonna magnificat detail 1482 artist sandro
'Madonna of the Magnificat' (detail), 1482. Artist: Sandro Botticelli
four scenes early life saint zenobius c1500
'Four Scenes from the Early Life of Saint Zenobius', c1500
the banquet pine forest 1482 1483 artist
'The Banquet in the Pine Forest', 1482-1483. Artist: Sandro Botticelli
primavera c1478 artist sandro botticelli
'Primavera', c1478. Artist: Sandro Botticelli
portrait young man c1480 1485 artist sandro
'Portrait of a Young Man', c1480-1485. Artist: Sandro Botticelli
an allegory 1490 1550 artist unknown follower
'An Allegory', 1490-1550. Artist: Unknown follower of Botticelli
calumny apelles 1497 1498 artist sandro
'Calumny of Apelles', 1497-1498. Artist: Sandro Botticelli
the adoration kings c1470 1475 artist sandro
'The Adoration of the Kings', c1470-1475. Artist: Sandro Botticelli
madonna magnificat 1482 artist sandro
'Madonna of the Magnificat', 1482. Artist: Sandro Botticelli
the birth venus detail c1485 artist sandro
'The Birth of Venus' (detail), c1485. Artist: Sandro Botticelli
the annunciation c1485 artist sandro
'The Annunciation', c1485. Artist: Sandro Botticelli
the return judith 1467 artist sandro
'The Return of Judith', 1467. Artist: Sandro Botticelli
the adoration magi c1490 artist hieronymus
'The Adoration of the Magi', c1490. Artist: Hieronymus Bosch
st john evangelist patmos 1504 1505 artist
'St John the Evangelist on Patmos', 1504-1505. Artist: Hieronymus Bosch
christ cross donors saints c1480 1516 artist
'Christ on the Cross with Donors and Saints', c1480-1516
triptych temptation st anthony c1480 1516 artist
'Triptych of the Temptation of St Anthony, c1480-1516. Artist: Hieronymus Bosch
christ mocked the crowning thorns c1490 1500
'Christ Mocked (The Crowning with Thorns)', c1490-1500. Artist: Hieronymus Bosch
night narcissa title page nights edward youngs
'Night the Third Narcissa', title-page from the 'Nights' of Edward
page 46 nights edward youngs night thoughts c1797
Page 46 from the 'Nights' of Edward Young's Night Thoughts, c1797. Artist
the red field pont aven c1887 artist emile
'The Red Field, Pont Aven', c1887. Artist: Emile Bernard
marseille quay 1929 artist emile bernard
'Marseille Quay', 1929. Artist: Emile Bernard
pala di pesaro altarpiece c1474 artist giovanni
'Pala di Pesaro' altarpiece, c1474. Artist: Giovanni Bellini
portrait scholar c1450 1507 artist giovanni
'Portrait of a Scholar', c1450-1507. Artist: Giovanni Bellini
the assassination saint peter martyr c1507
'The Assassination of Saint Peter Martyr', c1507. Artist: Giovanni Bellini
the virgin child enthroned c1475 1485 artist
'The Virgin and Child Enthroned', c1475-1485. Artist: Giovanni Bellini
the virgin child c1480 1490 artist giovanni
'The Virgin and Child', c1480-1490. Artist: Giovanni Bellini
saint jerome reading landscape c1480 1485 artist
'Saint Jerome reading in a Landscape', c1480-1485. Artist: Giovanni Bellini
madonna child landscape c1480 1485 artist
'Madonna and Child in a Landscape', c1480-1485. Artist: Giovanni Bellini
the agony garden c1465 artist giovanni
'The Agony in the Garden', c1465. Artist: Giovanni Bellini
madonna child c1510 artist workshop giovanni
'Madonna and Child', c1510. Artist: Workshop of Giovanni Bellini


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