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7 Jan 2009

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enclosed drive rolls royce cabriolet extension closed
Enclosed drive Rolls-Royce cabriolet with extension closed, c1910-1929(?). Artist
devonshire house berkeley street london c1910 1929
Devonshire House, Berkeley Street, London, c1910-1929(?). Artist: Unknown
enclosed drive rolls royce cabriolet extension open
Enclosed drive Rolls-Royce cabriolet with extension open, c1910-1929(?). Artist: Unknown
st marks square venice italy 19th century
St Mark's Square, Venice, Italy, 19th century.Artist: Kirchmayr
countess dalhousie 1883 artist unknown
The Countess of Dalhousie, 1883. Artist: Unknown
heads law 1902 artist spy
'Heads of the Law', 1902. Artist: Spy
his majesty king 1902 artist spy
'His Majesty the King', 1902. Artist: Spy
the lord mayor 1902 artist spy
'The Lord Mayor', 1902. Artist: Spy
otho 1902 artist cb
'Otho', 1902. Artist: CB
marlborough college 1902 artist spy
'Marlborough College', 1902. Artist: Spy
a lawyer bench 1902 artist spy
'A Lawyer on the Bench', 1902. Artist: Spy
vicar general 1902 artist spy
'Vicar General', 1902. Artist: Spy
a radical lawyer 1902 artist spy
'A Radical Lawyer', 1902. Artist: Spy
plausible 1902artist spy
'Plausible', 1902.Artist: Spy
steady going 1902 artist spy
'Steady Going', 1902. Artist: Spy
law conscience 1883artist verheyden
'Law and Conscience', 1883.Artist: Verheyden
a splendid advocate 1883 artist verheyden
'A Splendid Advocate', 1883. Artist: Verheyden
purse pussy piety prevarication 1882 artist
'Purse, Pussy, Piety, and Prevarication', 1882. Artist: Unknown
city justice 1880 artist spy
'City Justice', 1880. Artist: Spy
belvoir 1899 artist cb
'Belvoir', 1899. Artist: CB
cattistock 1899 artist cg
'Cattistock', 1899. Artist: CG
serlby 1899 artist spy
'Serlby', 1899. Artist: Spy
the demon 1882 artist spy
'The Demon', 1882. Artist: Spy
the general 1881 artist spy
'The General', 1881. Artist: Spy
the jockey club 1882 artist spy
'The Jockey Club', 1882. Artist: Spy
charlie wood 1886 artist liborio prosperi
'Charlie Wood', 1886. Artist: Liborio Prosperi
cabs 1903artist spy
'Cabs', 1903.Artist: Spy
he thinks marble jehu junior 1904 artist
'He Thinks in Marble, Jehu Junior', 1904. Artist: jmp
the recorder 1903artist spy
'The Recorder', 1903.Artist: Spy
john evelyn watts british jockey 1903artist
John Evelyn Watts, British jockey, 1903.Artist: Ao
danny 1903 artist ao
'Danny', 1903. Artist: Ao
ermined urbanity 1904 artist spy
'Ermined Urbanity', 1904. Artist: Spy
cricket 1877 artist spy
'Cricket', 1877. Artist: Spy
a great officer state 1881 artist spy
'A Great Officer of State', 1881. Artist: Spy
the lobster 1902 artist spy
'The Lobster', 1902. Artist: Spy
bobby 1902 artist spy
'Bobby', 1902. Artist: Spy
yorkshire cricket 1892 artist spy
'Yorkshire Cricket', 1892. Artist: Spy
thrice champion 1904artist spy
'Thrice Champion', 1904.Artist: Spy
visit james oglethorpe highland colony georgia
Visit of James Oglethorpe to the Highland colony, Georgia, c1730s (c1880). Artist
grand duke mikhail mikhailovich russia 1894 artist
Grand Duke Mikhail Mikhailovich of Russia, 1894. Artist: Wag
john wesley english non conformist preacher
John Wesley, English non-conformist preacher, 18th century (c1880). Artist: Unknown
a view town savanah colony georgia south carolina
'A view of the town of Savanah, in the colony of Georgia, South Carolina', 1741, (c1880)
new england paper money 1743 c1880 artist
New England paper money, 1743 (c1880). Artist: Unknown
general james oglethorpe english colonist georgia
General James Oglethorpe, English colonist of Georgia, 18th century (c1880).Artist
old view new york 1730 c1880 artist unknown
Old view of New York, 1730 (c1880). Artist: Unknown
death sebastien rale french jesuit missionary america
Death of Sebastien Rale, French Jesuit missionary in America, 1724 (c1880). Artist
john law scottish economist late 17th early
John Law, Scottish economist, late 17th-early 18th century (c1880). Artist: Whymper
william penns house philadelphia pennsylvania
William Penn's House, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, late 17th-early 18th century (c1880)
sir alexander cuming way visit cherokees south
Sir Alexander Cuming on his way to visit the Cherokees, South Carolina, c1730 (c1880)
tuscarora indians tracking fugitives late 17th early
Tuscarora Indians tracking fugitives, late 17th-early 18th century (c1880). Artist
map course river st lawrence far quebec 1730 c1880
Map of the course of the River St Lawrence as far as Quebec, 1730 (c1880). Artist
captain morgan 17th century buccaneer c1880
Captain Morgan, 17th century buccaneer, c1880. Artist: Unknown
sack puerto principe hispaniola captain morgan
Sack of Puerto Principe, Hispaniola, by Captain Morgan, 1667 (c1880). Artist: Unknown
captain morgans defeat spanish fleet 1660s c1880
Captain Morgan's defeat of the Spanish fleet, 1660s (c1880). Artist: Unknown
francois lollonois 17th century french buccaneer
Francois l'Ollonois, 17th century French buccaneer, c1880. Artist: Unknown
martha corey prosecutors salem massachusetts
Martha Corey and her prosecutors, Salem, Massachusetts, c1692 (c1880). Artist: Unknown
indian medicine man c1700 c1880 artist
Indian medicine man, c1700(?) (c1880). Artist: Unknown
mrs dunstan escaping merrimac late 17th century
Mrs Dunstan escaping down the Merrimac, late 17th century(?) (c1880). Artist: Unknown
reverend cotton mather late 17th early 18th century
The Reverend Cotton Mather, late 17th or early 18th century (c1880). Artist: Unknown
old view quebec 1730 c1880 artist unknown
Old view of Quebec, 1730 (c1880). Artist: Unknown
lamberville sent away onondagas late 17th early
De Lamberville sent away by the Onondagas, late 17th or early 18th century (c1880)
sir edmund andros english colonial governor america
Sir Edmund Andros, English colonial governor in America, 17th century (c1880). Artist
attack captain rose c17th century c1880 artist
Attack on the captain of the 'Rose', c17th century (c1880). Artist: Unknown
view hartford connecticut c17th century c1880
View in Hartford, Connecticut, c17th century (c1880). Artist: Unknown
james ii proclaimed boston 1685 c1880 artist
James II proclaimed at Boston, 1685 (c1880). Artist: Whymper
increase mather puritan minister american colonist
Increase Mather, Puritan minister and American colonist, 17th century (c1880). Artist
new england 1660 c1880 artist unknown
New England in 1660, (c1880). Artist: Unknown
randolph threatened c17th century c1880 artist
Randolph threatened, c17th century (c1880). Artist: Unknown
mrs rowlandson indians 1676 c1880 artist
Mrs Rowlandson and the Indians, 1676 (c1880). Artist: Unknown
native american scalp dance c17th century c1880
Native American scalp dance, c17th century (c1880). Artist: Unknown
native americans bringing beaver skins european
Native Americans bringing beaver skins to European traders, 17th century (c1880). Artist
peter stuyvesant dutch soldier colonial administrator
Peter Stuyvesant, Dutch soldier and colonial administrator, c1660 (c1880). Artist
mutiny henry hudsons ship 1611 c1880 artist
Mutiny on Henry Hudson's ship, 1611 (c1880). Artist: Unknown
fracas ship tavern 17th century c1880artist
The fracas at the Ship Tavern, 17th century (c1880).Artist: Whymper
john endecott 17th century english colonial governor
John Endecott, 17th century English colonial governor, magistrate and soldier in America, c1880
commissioners landing boston 17th century c1880
Commissioners landing at Boston, 17th century (c1880). Artist: Unknown
colonel atherton indians c1880 artist whymper
Colonel Atherton and the Indians, (c1880). Artist: Whymper
connecticut c17th century c1880 artist
Connecticut, c17th century (c1880). Artist: Unknown
george fox founder quakers 17th century c1880
George Fox, founder of the Quakers, 17th century (c1880).Artist: Whymper
thomas mayhew narragansett sachem 17th century
Thomas Mayhew and the Narragansett sachem, 17th century (c1880). Artist: Unknown
converted native americanan powows c17th century
Converted Native Americanan and 'Powows', c17th century (c1880). Artist: Unknown
samuel gortons landing america c1636 c1880
Samuel Gorton's landing in America, c1636 (c1880).Artist: Whymper
edward winslow english puritan american colonist
Edward Winslow, English Puritan American colonist, 17th century (c1880). Artist: Unknown
edward winslows visit massasoit 17th century c1880
Edward Winslow's visit to Massasoit, 17th century (c1880). Artist: Unknown
old map acadia 17th century c1880 artist
Old map of Acadia, 17th century (c1880). Artist: Unknown
uncas miantonomoh 1643 c1880 artist unknown
Uncas and Miantonomoh, 1643 (c1880). Artist: Unknown
attack pequot fort 1637 c1880 artist unknown
Attack on the Pequot Fort, 1637 (c1880). Artist: Unknown
roger williams forest america c1630s c1880
Roger Williams in the forest, America, c1630s (c1880). Artist: Whymper
sir henry vane 17th century english statesman c1880
Sir Henry Vane, 17th century English statesman, c1880. Artist: Whymper
william laud 17th century archbishop canterbury
William Laud, 17th century Archbishop of Canterbury, c1880.Artist: Whymper
reception narragansett warrior john winthrop
Reception of a Narragansett warrior by John Winthrop, Massachusetts, c1630s (c1880)
john winthrop english puritan settler america
John Winthrop, English Puritan settler in America, 17th century (c1880). Artist: Unknown
pilgrim fathers watch fire c1620 c1880 artist
Pilgrim Fathers around a watch-fire, c1620 (c1880). Artist: Unknown
puritans james i 17th century c1880 artist
Puritans before James I, 17th century (c1880). Artist: Unknown
captain john smiths map new england 17th century
Part of Captain John Smith's map of New England, 17th century (c1880). Artist
cecil calvert 2nd lord baltimore c1880 artist
Cecil Calvert, 2nd Lord Baltimore, (c1880). Artist: Unknown
flight native americans massacre settlers c17th
Flight of Native Americans after a massacre of settlers, c17th century (c1880). Artist
massacre settlers native americans c17th century
Massacre of settlers by Native Americans, c17th century (c1880). Artist: Unknown
native american warriors c1880 artist unknown
Native American warriors, c1880. Artist: Unknown
admiral somers runs ship ashore bermuda 1609 c1880
Admiral Somers runs his ship ashore, Bermuda, 1609 (c1880). Artist: Unknown
captain john smith taken prisoner indians virgina
Captain John Smith taken prisoner by the Indians, Virgina, 1607 (c1880). Artist: Unknown
pocahontas saves captain smiths life 1607 c1880
Pocahontas saves Captain Smith's life, 1607 (c1880). Artist: Unknown
murder whites assistant c1580s c1880 artist
Murder of White's assistant, c1580s (c1880). Artist: Unknown
powhatan state 1607 c1880 artist unknown
Powhatan in state, 1607 (c1880). Artist: Unknown
moments sir humphrey gilbert 1583 c1880 artist
The last moments of Sir Humphrey Gilbert, 1583 (c1880). Artist: Unknown
martin frobisher 16th century english navigator
Martin Frobisher, 16th century English navigator, c1880.Artist: Whymper
st marks square venice italy 19th century
St Mark's Square, Venice, Italy, 19th century.Artist: Kirchmayr
william penn founder commonwealth pennsylvania
William Penn, founder of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, c1666 (c1880).Artist: Whymper
sir francis drake 16th century english navigator
Sir Francis Drake, 16th century English navigator and privateer, c1880. Artist: Unknown