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church st martin bull ring birmingham west midlands
Church of St Martin in the Bull Ring, Birmingham, West Midlands, 1887. Artist: Unknown
enclosed drive rolls royce cabriolet extension closed
Enclosed drive Rolls-Royce cabriolet with extension closed, c1910-1929(?). Artist
cover queen ladys newspaper 21st may 1910artist
Front Cover of The Queen, The Lady's Newspaper, 21st May 1910.Artist: Stuart Richmond
when day toil done lying state 1910 artist
'When the Day of Toil is Done, the Lying in State', 1910. Artist: Unknown
to wail pipes highland soldiers lament 1910
'To the Wail of the Pipes, The Highland Soldiers' Lament', 1910.Artist
the royal burial place windsor berkshire 1910
'The Royal Burial Place', Windsor, Berkshire, 1910.Artist: WB Robinson
the workmen possession westminster hall london
'The Workmen in Possession', Westminster Hall, London, 1910
miss florence nightingale 1910 artist unknown
'Miss Florence Nightingale', 1910. Artist: Unknown
the queue pensioner dollar princess 1910artist
'The Queue, the Pensioner and the Dollar Princess', 1910.Artist: Fred Leist
king george fifth austrian uniform 1910 artist
'King George the Fifth, in Austrian Uniform', 1910. Artist: Unknown
queen marys descent james i 1910 artist
'Queen Mary's Descent from James I', 1910. Artist: Unknown
ad foots wheelchairs 1910 artist unknown
Advert for Foot's wheelchairs, 1910. Artist: Unknown
queen victorias funeral procession 1901 artist
Queen Victoria's funeral procession, 1901. Artist: Unknown
ad reid bros sporting tailors breeches makers
Advert for Reid Bros, Sporting Tailors & Breeches Makers. Artist: Unknown
bowling alley sandringham house norfolk 1910
The bowling alley, Sandringham House, Norfolk, 1910. Artist: Unknown
funeral king edward vii windsor berkshire 1910
The funeral of King Edward VII, Windsor, Berkshire, 1910.Artist: Swain
7th may meeting house commons westminster
'7th May, The Meeting of the House of Commons', Westminster, London, 1910
crowds outside buckingham palace waiting news
Crowds outside Buckingham Palace waiting for news of the illness of the King, 5th May, 1910
higher education women japan 1910 artist
The higher education of women in Japan, 1910. Artist: Unknown
americans london party george hotel borough
'Americans in London, A Party at the George Hotel, Borough', Southwark, London, 1910
george frederick ernest albert king george v 1910
George Frederick Ernest Albert (King George V), 1910.Artist: John Seymour Lucas
the young princes watching proclamation 1910
'The Young Princes Watching the Proclamation', 1910. Artist: Unknown
children crowd proclamation king george v 1910
Children in the crowd at the proclamation of King George V, 1910. Artist: Unknown
a royal imperial party cowes 1910artist sport
'A Royal and Imperial Party at Cowes', 1910.Artist: Sport & General
king edward vii freemason 1910artist russell
King Edward VII as a freemason, (1910)Artist: Russell
the privy council winston churchill leaving palace
'The Privy Council, Winston Churchill Leaving the Palace. A Nation's Apprehension'
the crowds outside buckingham palace nations
'The Crowds outside Buckingham Palace, A Nations Apprehension', 1910. Artist
studio paul jacques aime baudry c1880 1882 artist
The studio of Paul-Jacques-Aime Baudry, c1880-1882. Artist: Unknown
king edward vii queen alexandra c1900s 1910
King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra, c1900s (1910).Artist: D Knights Whittome
prince princess wales family board royal yacht
The Prince and Princess of Wales with their family on board the royal yacht, 19th century (1910)
king edward vii united kingdom military uniform
King Edward VII of the United Kingdom in military uniform, (1910). Artist: Unknown
royal shooting party windsor 1870 1910artist
A royal shooting party at Windsor, 1870 (1910).Artist: Hills and Saunders
prince princess wales 19th century 1910 artist
The Prince and Princess of Wales, 19th century (1910). Artist: Unknown
people waiting rain order attend service westminster
People waiting in the rain in order to attend a service at Westminster Abbey, London, 1910
king edward vii united kingdom 1910 artist
King Edward VII of the United Kingdom, (1910). Artist: Unknown
king georges first regal act 1910 artist
'King George's First Regal Act', 1910. Artist: Unknown
chaucers ymage 1900 artist unknown
'Chaucer's Ymage', 1900. Artist: Unknown
sir frederic burton irish artist 1900artist
Sir Frederic Burton, Irish artist, 1900.Artist: Mr Chancellor
fortune 19th century 1900 artist unknown
'Fortune', 19th century (1900). Artist: Unknown
at st gingolph savoie 1900 artist unknown
'At St Gingolph, Savoie', 1900. Artist: Unknown
elevation united states pavilion paris exhibition
'Elevation of the United States Pavilion at the Paris Exhibition', 1900. Artist
study greyhound portrait duke richmond c1634 1900
Study for the greyhound in the portrait of the Duke of Richmond, c1634 (1900). Artist
charles douglas richardson 1900 artist unknown
Charles Douglas Richardson, 1900. Artist: Unknown
lady hamilton nature c1783 1784 1900 artist
'Lady Hamilton as 'Nature'', c1783-1784 (1900). Artist: Unknown
john ruskin british artist author critic social
John Ruskin, British artist, author, critic and social thinker, 1900
general view edinburgh arthurs seat 1900 artist
General View of Edinburgh, from Arthur's Seat, 1900. Artist: Unknown
the plough boy 1900 artist unknown
'The Plough Boy', 1900. Artist: Unknown
lucca 1832 1900 artist unknown
'Lucca', 1832 (1900). Artist: Unknown
the dent du midi valley rhone 1900 artist
'The Dent du Midi from the Valley of the Rhone', 1900. Artist: Unknown
pride spirit 1900 artist unknown
'Pride of the Spirit', 1900. Artist: Unknown
the harp player 1900 artist unknown
'The Harp Player', 1900. Artist: Unknown
anthony van dyck self portrait sunflower c1633 1641
Anthony van Dyck, self-portrait with a sunflower, c1633-1641 (1900).Artist: OL Lacour
st stephens walbrook 1899 artist unknown
'St Stephen's Walbrook', 1899. Artist: Unknown
title page field clover 1899artist clemence
Title page to The Field of Clover, 1899.Artist: Clemence Housman
frontispiece field clover 1899artist clemence
Frontispiece to The Field of Clover, 1899.Artist: Clemence Housman
study gown court henry viii 1899 artist
'Study for Gown, Court of Henry VIII', 1899. Artist: Unknown
sketch regan king lear 1899 artist unknown
Sketch of Regan, from King Lear, 1899. Artist: Unknown
the victors 1899 artist unknown
'The Victors', 1899. Artist: Unknown
study lemon tree 1899 artist unknown
Study of a lemon tree, 1899. Artist: Unknown
study sleeve 1899 artist unknown
'Study of a Sleeve', 1899, Artist: Unknown
professor herkomers enamelling studio grinding
In Professor Herkomer's enamelling studio, grinding colours, 1899. Artist: Unknown
portia 1895 1899 artist unknown
Portia, 1895 (1899). Artist: Unknown
study edwin abbey ra 1899 artist unknown
A study by Edwin A Abbey RA, 1899. Artist: Unknown
study the ransom 1899artist andre sleigh
Study for 'The Ransom', 1899.Artist: Andre & Sleigh
ripe corn 1899 artist unknown
'Ripe Corn', 1899. Artist: Unknown
the cornflower 1899 artist unknown
'The Cornflower', 1899. Artist: Unknown
the chrysanthemum 1899 artist unknown
'The Chrysanthemum', 1899. Artist: Unknown
the scotch thistle 1899 artist unknown
'The Scotch Thistle', 1899. Artist: Unknown
the wild hyacinth 1899 artist unknown
'The Wild Hyacinth', 1899. Artist: Unknown
first sketch enamel the hour glory shall led
First sketch for the enamel 'The Hour in All Its Glory Shall Be Led Away Everlastingly'
miss constance collier summers day 1899 artist
'Miss Constance Collier in One Summers Day', 1899. Artist: Unknown
mortimer menpes british artist 1898 1899 artist
Mortimer Menpes, British artist, 1898 (1899). Artist: Unknown
mortimer menpes sketched himself 1899 artist
'Mortimer Menpes, Sketched by Himself', 1899. Artist: Unknown
study the vintage morn herbert james draper 1899
Study for 'The Vintage Morn', by Herbert James Draper, 1899. Artist: Unknown
study the sea maiden herbert j draper 1899
Study for 'The Sea Maiden', by Herbert J Draper, 1899. Artist: Unknown
a study jl gerome 1899 artist unknown
'A Study', by JL Gerome, 1899. Artist: Unknown
study the gordon riots 1879 1899 artist
A Study for 'The Gordon Riots', 1879 (1899). Artist: Unknown
in mr lucchesis studio london 1899 artist
'In Mr Lucchesi's Studio', London, 1899. Artist: Unknown
andrea c lucchesi italian artist 1899artist
Andrea C Lucchesi, Italian artist, 1899.Artist: WR Rastain & Sons
the creation eve 1899artist pennemaeker
'The Creation of Eve', 1899.Artist: Pennemaeker
christ hades 1899artist jf weber
'Christ in Hades', 1899.Artist: JF Weber
the second meeting christ judas 1899artist
'The Second Meeting, Christ and Judas', 1899.Artist: JF Weber
judas iscariot 1899artist jf weber
'Judas Iscariot', 1899.Artist: JF Weber
one not 1899artist jf weber
'One is Not', 1899.Artist: JF Weber
the helplessness man destiny 1899artist jf
'The Helplessness of Man Against Destiny', 1899.Artist: JF Weber
the anarchist 1899artist jf weber
'The Anarchist', 1899.Artist: JF Weber
sascha schneider german painter printmaker 1899
Sascha Schneider, German painter and printmaker, 1899. Artist: Unknown
the rose 1899 artist unknown
'The Rose', 1899. Artist: Unknown
the iris 1899 artist unknown
'The Iris', 1899. Artist: Unknown
the scarlet runner 1899 artist unknown
'The Scarlet Runner', 1899. Artist: Unknown
the lily 1899 artist unknown
'The Lily', 1899. Artist: Unknown
the snowdrop 1899 artist unknown
'The Snowdrop', 1899. Artist: Unknown
the orchid 1899 artist unknown
'The Orchid', 1899. Artist: Unknown
the daffodil 1899 artist unknown
'The Daffodil', 1899. Artist: Unknown
the carnation 1899 artist unknown
'The Carnation', 1899. Artist: Unknown
the lilac 1899 artist unknown
'The Lilac', 1899. Artist: Unknown
a summer shower 1899 artist unknown
'A Summer Shower', 1899. Artist: Unknown


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