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palais la mediterranee nice france c1920sartist
The Palais de la Mediterranee, Nice, France, c1920s.Artist: Munier
west portal church santa maria cap daran tredos
West Portal of the church of Santa Maria in Cap d'Aran Tredós, the portal has
seal ivan mazeppa 17th century artist objects
The Seal of Ivan Mazeppa, 17th century. Artist: Objects of History
holborn birkbeck bank london 1904 artist
Holborn front of the Birkbeck Bank, London, 1904. Artist: Unknown
the siren minton vase marc louis emmanuel solon
'The Siren', Minton Vase by Marc-Louis-Emmanuel Solon, 1904
ward guys hospital southwark london 1904 artist
A ward in Guy's Hospital, Southwark, London, 1904. Artist: Unknown
cobbling earlswood asylum reigate 1904 artist
Cobbling, Earlswood Asylum, Reigate, 1904. Artist: Unknown
early photograph william henry fox talbot 1844 1904
A very early photograph by William Henry Fox Talbot, 1844 (1904)
royal courts justice strand westminster london
The Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, Westminster, London, 1904. Artist: Unknown
ripon leaving southampton troops crimea 1904
The 'Ripon' leaving Southampton with troops for the Crimea, 1904. Artist: Unknown
etching germ 1904 artist william holman hunt
An etching in the Germ, 1904. Artist: William Holman Hunt
chancel catholic apostolic church albury park
The Chancel, Catholic Apostolic Church, Albury Park, Surrey, 1904. Artist: Unknown
dress art 1836 1904 artist unknown
Dress without art, 1836, (1904). Artist: Unknown
uniform 19th regiment 1848 1904 artist
Uniform of the 19th Regiment, 1848 (1904). Artist: Unknown
uniform 86th regiment 1842 1904 artist
Uniform of the 86th Regiment, 1842 (1904). Artist: Unknown
the massacre peterloo britons strike home 1819
'The Massacre of Peterloo, or Britons Strike Home', 1819 (1904)
hubert kornelisz justus van effen c1870artist
Hubert Kornelisz and Justus van Effen, c1870.Artist: JH Rennefeld
reception french protestants amsterdam late 17th
Reception the French Protestants in Amsterdam, late 17th century (c1870)
jan van der heyden dutch baroque era painter
Jan van der Heyden, Dutch Baroque-era painter, draughtsman, printmaker and inventor, c1870
handshake cornelis tromp michiel ruyter 17th century
Handshake between Cornelis Tromp and Michiel de Ruyter, 17th century (c1870). Artist
jacob van ruysdael 17th century dutch landscape
Jacob van Ruysdael, 17th century Dutch landscape painter, c1870.Artist: W Steelink
days battle 1666 c1870artist w steelink
Four Days Battle, 1666 (c1870).Artist: W Steelink
cornelis visscher 17th century dutch engraver c1870
Cornelis Visscher, 17th century Dutch engraver, c1870. Artist: H Sluyter
benedict spinoza 17th century dutch philosopher
Benedict Spinoza, 17th century Dutch philosopher, c1870.Artist: JH Rennefeld
christiaan huygens 17th century dutch mathematician
Christiaan Huygens, 17th century Dutch mathematician, astronomer and physicist, c1870
old dutch family household c1870 artist w
An old Dutch family household, c1870. Artist: W Steelink
johan witt dutch statesman 1654 c1870artist
Johan de Witt, Dutch statesman, 1654, (c1870).Artist: JH Rennefeld
st lukes feast amsterdam netherlands 21st
St Luke's Feast, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 21st October 1653 (c1870)
audience council mayor aldermen amsterdam 1653
An audience with the council of mayor and aldermen of Amsterdam, 1653 (c1870). Artist
paulus potter 17th century dutch painter c1870
Paulus Potter, 17th century Dutch painter, c1870.Artist: H Sluyter
jacob van campen dutch artist architect golden age
Jacob van Campen, Dutch artist and architect of the Golden Age, 17th century (c1870)
rederijkers rotterdam netherlands 1642 c1870
Rederijkers, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 1642 (c1870). Artist: CL van Kesteren
rembrandt harmenszoon van rijn 17th century dutch
Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn, 17th century Dutch painter, c1870.Artist: CL van Kesteren
town hall amsterdam netherlands c1870 artist
Town Hall in Amsterdam, Netherlands, c1870. Artist: W Steelink
schuttersdoelens c1870 artist cl van kesteren
Schuttersdoelens, c1870. Artist: CL van Kesteren
joost van den vondel 17th century dutch poet
Joost van den Vondel, 17th century Dutch poet and dramatist, c1870.Artist: H Sluyter
gysbert japiks 17th century frisian writer poet
Gysbert Japiks, 17th century Frisian writer, poet, schoolteacher and cantor, c1870
abel tasman 17th century dutch seafarer explorer
Abel Tasman, 17th century Dutch seafarer, explorer, and merchant, c1870
capture s hertogenbosch frederik hendrik orange
The capture of 's-Hertogenbosch by Frederik Hendrik of Orange, Netherlands, 1629, (c1870)
piet pieterszoon hein brings silver fleet netherlands
Piet Pieterszoon Hein brings in the silver fleet, Netherlands, 1629 (c1870). Artist
muiden circle netherlands 17th century c1870
The Muiden Circle, Netherlands, 17th century (c1870).Artist: CL van Kesteren
paulus adam van vianen dutch silversmiths c1870
Paulus and Adam van Vianen, Dutch silversmiths, c1870. Artist: H Sluyter
town hall delft netherlands 1620 c1870artist
The Town Hall at Delft, Netherlands, 1620 (c1870).Artist: JH Rennefeld
hugo groot grotius 17th century dutch jurist
Hugo de Groot (Grotius), 17th century Dutch jurist and philosopher, c1870
foundation batavia java dutch east indies 1619
Foundation of Batavia, Java, Dutch East Indies, 1619, (c1870).Artist: JH Rennefeld
jan leeghwater dutch builder hydraulic engineer
Jan Leeghwater, Dutch mill builder and hydraulic engineer, 1608 (c1870)
jan pieterszoon sweelinck dutch composer organist
Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck, Dutch composer and organist, c1870. Artist: W Steelink
first east indian legation netherlands 1602 c1870
The first East Indian legation in the Netherlands, 1602, (c1870). Artist: W Steelink
formation dutch east india company 1602 c1870
Formation of the Dutch East India Company, 1602, (c1870). Artist: JH Rennefeld
metius dutch geometer astronomer c1870 artist
Metius, Dutch geometer and astronomer, c1870. Artist: H Sluyter
petrus plancius dutch astronomer cartographer
Petrus Plancius, Dutch astronomer, cartographer and clergyman, c1870
willem barents jacob van heemskerk charting route
Willem Barents and Jacob van Heemskerk charting their route, 1596 (c1870). Artist
first dutch ship east indies 1596 c1870 artist
The first Dutch ship in East Indies, 1596, (c1870). Artist: Van Kesteren
hans jansen son sacharias c1870 artist h
Hans Jansen and his son Sacharias, c1870. Artist: H Sluyter
the invincible fleet 1588 c1870 artist
'The invincible fleet', 1588 (c1870). Artist: W Steelink
johan van oldenbarnevelt meeting earl leicester
Johan van Oldenbarnevelt meeting Earl of Leicester, 1585-1587 (c1870)
the blenheim leaving star hotel oxford 1831
'The Blenheim, Leaving the Star Hotel, Oxford', 1831 (1927)
stage coach 1827 1927artist george hunt
'Stage-Coach', 1827 (1927).Artist: George Hunt
approach christmas 19th century 1927artist
'Approach to Christmas', 19th century (1927).Artist: George Hunt
the royal mails starting general post office
'The Royal Mails starting from the General Post Office, London', 1830 (1927)
north country mails peacock islington 1823 1927
'North Country Mails at the Peacock, Islington', 1823 (1927)
men rac highways department preparing traffic signs
Men in the RAC Highways Department preparing traffic signs, 1935. Artist: Unknown
future king edward vii 1894 1972 queen maud norway
The future King Edward VII (1894-1972) and Queen Maud of Norway (1869-1938), 1935
cleaning statue queen anne king george vs silver
Cleaning the statue of Queen Anne as part of King George V's silver jubilee celebrations, 1935
the first ear ring 1849artist william
'The First Ear Ring', 1849.Artist: William Greatbach
arbella stuart 1575 1615 english renaissance
Arbella Stuart (1575-1615), English Renaissance noblewoman, 17th century. Artist: Unknown
rms mauretania 20th century artist unknown
The RMS 'Mauretania', 20th century. Artist: Unknown
entrance marlborough college marlborough wiltshire
The entrance to Marlborough College, Marlborough, Wiltshire, early 20th century. Artist
british european airways elizabethan class aeroplane
British European Airways 'Elizabethan' class aeroplane, 20th century. Artist
seal king henry ii england 12th century artist
The seal of King Henry II of England, 12th century. Artist: Unknown
grave italian red cross volunteer nurse c1918
The grave of an Italian Red Cross volunteer nurse, c1918. Artist: Unknown
gerrit dou 1613 1675 dutch painter 1816artist
Gerrit Dou (1613-1675), Dutch painter, 1816.Artist: John Corner
nocturne palaces c1879 1904artist james
'Nocturne: Palaces', c1879 (1904).Artist: James Abbott McNeill Whistler
old putney bridge 1879 1904artist james
'Old Putney Bridge', 1879 (1904).Artist: James Abbott McNeill Whistler
the large pool 1879 1904artist james abbott
'The Large Pool', 1879 (1904).Artist: James Abbott McNeill Whistler
battersea bridge london 19th century 1904
Battersea Bridge, London, 19th century (1904).Artist: James Abbott McNeill Whistler
henry irving 1838 1905 philip spain 19th century
Henry Irving (1838-1905) as Philip of Spain, 19th century (1904)
lord wolseley 19th century 1904artist james
'Lord Wolseley', 19th century (1904).Artist: James Abbott McNeill Whistler
temple bar 19th century 1904artist james
'Temple Bar', 19th century (1904).Artist: James Abbott McNeill Whistler
sketch billingsgate 19th century 1904artist
A sketch from Billingsgate, 19th century (1904).Artist: James Abbott McNeill Whistler
the dam wood c1875 1904artist james abbott
'The Dam Wood', c1875 (1904).Artist: James Abbott McNeill Whistler
two ships 19th century 1904artist james
'Two Ships', 19th century (1904).Artist: James Abbott McNeill Whistler
steamboats off tower 1875 1904artist james
'Steamboats off the Tower', 1875 (1904).Artist: James Abbott McNeill Whistler
child couch 19th century 1904artist james
'Child on a Couch', 19th century (1904).Artist: James Abbott McNeill Whistler
swinburne 19th century 1904artist james
'Swinburne', 19th century (1904).Artist: James Abbott McNeill Whistler
the model lying down c1864 1904artist
'The Model, Lying Down', c1864 (1904).Artist: James Abbott McNeill Whistler
tillie model 1873 1904artist james abbott
'Tillie, a Model', 1873 (1904).Artist: James Abbott McNeill Whistler
moreby hall c1883 1904artist james abbott
'Moreby Hall', c1883 (1904).Artist: James Abbott McNeill Whistler
maude seated 19th century 1904artist james
'Maude, Seated', 19th century (1904).Artist: James Abbott McNeill Whistler
maude standing 1873 1904artist james abbott
'Maude, Standing', 1873 (1904).Artist: James Abbott McNeill Whistler
the velvet dress 1873 1904artist james
'The Velvet Dress', 1873 (1904).Artist: James Abbott McNeill Whistler
whistlers mother 19th century 1904artist
'Whistler's Mother', 19th century (1904)
the model resting 19th century 1904artist
'The Model Resting', 19th century (1904).Artist: James Abbott McNeill Whistler
weary 1863 1904artist james abbott mcneill
'Weary', 1863 (1904).Artist: James Abbott McNeill Whistler
amsterdam 19th century 1904artist james
'Amsterdam', 19th century (1904).Artist: James Abbott McNeill Whistler
the little forge c1860 1904artist james
'The Little Forge', c1860 (1904).Artist: James Abbott McNeill Whistler
millbank c1860 1904artist james abbott
'Millbank', c1860 (1904).Artist: James Abbott McNeill Whistler
the forge c1860 1904artist james abbott
'The Forge', c1860 (1904).Artist: James Abbott McNeill Whistler
axenfeld 1860 1904artist james abbott mcneill
'Axenfeld', 1860 (1904).Artist: James Abbott McNeill Whistler


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