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Scarborough, 1909. Artist: JMW Turner
Matthew Pariss Map of Great Britain showing rivers & towns in the south of England & part of Wales, c.1250 (1944)
Saxtons Map of Norfolk, 1574, (1944). Creator: Christopher Saxton
Map of Italy, 1902. Creator: Unknown
Hastings, 19th century (1910).Artist: JMW Turner
Troon (Aerial View), c1930
Arrival of Aeneas in Italy, the Dawn of the Roman Empire, (c1620-1680?). Artist: Claude Lorrain
Map of the North Sea and the Baltic, c1914, (c1920). Creator: John Bartholomew & Son
Map of Prussia, c1872. Creator: Unknown
Mumbles - The Town and the Bay, 1895
Beach at Gravelines, 1890. Artist: Georges-Pierre Seurat
Great Silas at Night, 1890. Creator: Robert Crannell Minor
Weston-Super-Mare - A Summer Scene on the Sands, 1895
The Bay of Peace, 1893. Artist: Emmanuel Lansyer
Prof. Alexander Dallas Bache, between 1855 and 1865. Creator: Unknown
Map of Siberia
Lord Minamoto Yoritomo Captures Takadate Castle in His Conquest of Mutsu Province (Minamot... 1868)
Map of the British Isles, 1946. Creator: Unknown
Map illustrating the Closing Phases of the East African Campaign, 1917-18, (c1920)
Map showing the movements of HMS Ark Royal, 1939-1941, (1942). Creator: Unknown
Black Sea: Bosphorus and Dardanelles, c1914, (c1920). Creator: John Bartholomew & Son
Étretat: The Beach and the Falaise d Amont, 1885. Creator: Claude Monet
Storm-Tossed Ships Wrecked on a Rocky Coast. Creator: Johann Christoph Dietzsch
Untitled, c. 1880. Creator: Sutcliffe, Frank Meadow
Flecks of Foam, c. 1911 / 1912. Creator: Henry Golden Dearth
Acajutla, 1877. Creator: Eadweard J Muybridge
Speculum Romanae Magnificentiae: Map of Greece, mid-16th century. mid-16th century
Pines on the Coastline, n.d.. Creator: Henri-Edmond Cross
Map of England, with principal towns and cities, 1943. Creator: F Nichols
Map of France, c1872. Creator: Unknown
Amalfi and the sea, east from the Capuchin convent, Italy, c1909. Creator: Unknown
General View of Guernsey from Port George, 1850, (1946). Creator: Richard Principal Leitch
The Isle of Anglesey, The Isle of Man and the Isle of Wight, 1650, (1946). Creator: Unknown
The Waterfront at Guayaquil, the Principal City of Ecuador, South America, c1930s
On the Beverly Coast, Massachusetts, 1874. Creator: Samuel Valentine Hunt
Map showing the Canal System connecting Zeebrugge and Ostend with Bruges ...(c1920)
Map showing the Scope of the Operations of the 10th Cruiser Squadron ...1916, (c1920)
Detailed Map of Gallipoli and Dardanelles, 1916. Creator: Unknown
Dawlish, from Lea Mount, 1898. Creator: Unknown
Pleaskin Head, Anrim, 1898. Creator: Unknown
Ilfracombe - View from the Rocks at the Base of the Capstone, 1898. Creator: Unknown
The Bridge, Carrick-A-Rede, 1898. Creator: Unknown
Ilfracombe, 1898. Creator: Unknown
Map of the Dardanelles and Sea of Marmara, c1914, (1920). Creator: Unknown
A Coast Scene at Warrnambool, 1901. Creator: Unknown
Back Beach, Sorrento, Victoria, 1901. Creator: Unknown
Jubilee Point, Back Beach, Sorrento, 1901. Creator: Unknown
Low Tide, Shelly Beach, Warrnambool, 1901. Creator: Unknown

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