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14 May 2019

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1615 Items

ana gloria rolando queen king mambo c1950s
'Ana Gloria & Rolando - Queen and King of Mambo', c1950s. Creator: Unknown
glamis castle ancestral home queen elizabeth 1937
'Glamis Castle, The Ancestral Home of Queen Elizabeth', 1937. Creator: Unknown
the mausoleum prince itmad ood dowlah agra
'The Mausoleum of Prince Itmad-ood-Dowlah. Agra'. Creator: Unknown
professor treitschke 1919 creator unknown
'Professor Treitschke', (1919). Creator: Unknown
capture givenchy 1919 creator fortunino
The Capture of Givenchy, (1919). Creator: Fortunino Matania
mafeking eloffs desperate attack eve relief
'Mafeking: Eloff's Desperate Attack on the Eve of the Relief', (1901)
winston churchill first lord admiralty 1919
'Winston Churchill (First Lord of the Admiralty)', (1919)
the midnight ride paul revere 1931 1943
'The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere', 1931, (1943). Creator: Grant DeVolson Wood
church street pretoria approach town 1901
'Church Street, Pretoria - The Approach to the Town', 1901
venetian state arm chair late 17th century 1938
'Venetian State Arm-Chair, Late 17th Century', 1938. Creator: Unknown
st martin wallwhere communion sub utraque
'St Martin in the Wall...where the communion sub utraque was served for the first
jeune fille samoa young samoan girl 1900
'Jeune Fille De Samoa', (Young Samoan Girl), 1900. Creator: Unknown
london bridge late 19th early 20th century
'London Bridge', late 19th-early 20th century. Creator: Unknown
eton college head masters room late 19th early
'Eton College, Head Master's Room', late 19th-early 20th century. Creators
west gate canterbury late 19th early 20th century
'West Gate, Canterbury', late 19th-early 20th century. Creator: Unknown
battle kandahar the 92nd guns 1901 creator
'Battle of Kandahar - "The 92nd Are To Take The Guns"', (1901). Creator
monkey 1720 1924 creator tachibana morikuni
Monkey, 1720, (1924). Creator: Tachibana Morikuni
courtesan looking prints 1770 1924 creator
Courtesan looking at prints, 1770, (1924). Creator: Suzuki Harunobu
man swords man lantern 1681 1924 creator
Man with swords, and man with a lantern, 1681, (1924). Creator: Hishikawa Moronobu
the leas shelter folkestone 1900s creator
'The Leas Shelter, Folkestone', 1900s. Creator: Unknown
carnarvon castle 1904 creator unknown
'Carnarvon Castle', 1904. Creator: Unknown
the imperial assemblage delhi 1877 1901
'The Imperial Assemblage at Delhi', 1877, (1901). Creator: Frederick Hollyer
ville cayenne place darmes town cayenne 1900
'Ville De Cayenne (Place D'Armes)', (Town of Cayenne), 1900. Creator: Unknown
entertainment puppets 1702 1924 creator
Entertainment with puppets, 1702, (1924). Creator: Omori Yoshikiyo
barefoot elderly men walking sticks 1820 1924
Barefoot elderly men with walking sticks, 1820, (1924). Creator: Hokusai
horse racing kamo festival 1692 1696 1924
'Horse-racing at the Kamo Festival', 1692-1696, (1924). Creator: Unknown
nouvelle guinee le bois fer papua new guinea
'Nouvelle-Guinee. Le Bois De Fer', (Papua New Guinea - Ironwood Trees), 1900
femme australienne chargee des armes son mari
'Femme Australienne Chargee Des Armes De Son Mari', (Austrailan Woman with
indigene australien arme du boumerang aborigine
'Indigene Australien Arme Du Boumerang', (Aborigine armed with a Boomerang), 1900
man kettle stove early mid 18th century 1924
Man with kettle on a stove, early-mid 18th century, (1924). Creator: Nishimura Shigenaga
carriages drawn oxen 1663 1924 creator hishikawa
Carriages drawn by oxen, 1663, (1924). Creator: Hishikawa Moronobu
mount ogura uji river 1824 1924 creator
'Mount Ogura and the Uji River, 1824, (1924). Creator: Totoya Hokkei
the dining room eton college 1910 creator
'The Dining Room, Eton College', 1910. Creator: Unknown
the poet taira kanemori c1610 1924 creator
'The poet Taira no Kanemori', c1610, (1924). Creator: Hon'ami Kôetsu
nouvelle guinee karapuna village indigene
'Nouvelle-Guinee. Karapuna. Village Indigene', (Papua New Guinea. Karapuna
the mansion house cheapside london late
'The Mansion House & Cheapside, London', late 19th-early 20th century. Creator
native auxiliaries hurrying delhi c1850s 1901
'Native Auxiliaries Hurrying to Delhi', c1850s, (1901)
women boat 1801 1924 creator kitagawa
Women on a boat, 1801, (1924). Creator: Kitagawa Utamaro
femme australienne portant son enfant australian
'Femme Australienne Portant Son Enfant', (Australian Woman Carrying her Child)
the winter gardens bournemouth 1905 creator
'The Winter Gardens, Bournemouth', 1905. Creator: Unknown
christchurch gateway canterbury late 19th early
'Christchurch Gateway, Canterbury', late 19th-early 20th century. Creator
the fish market aberdeen late 19th early 20th
'The Fish Market, Aberdeen', late 19th-early 20th century. Creator: Unknown
landscape figure crossing bridge 1809 1924
Landscape with figure crossing a bridge, 1809, (1924). Creator: Ogura Tokei
barefoot men parasols snow 1811 1924 creator
Barefoot men with parasols in the snow, 1811, (1924). Creator: Naniwa Shunkosai
cooly woman creator unknown
'Cooly Woman'. Creator: Unknown
the hidden budhist city creator saeed bros
'The Hidden Budhist City'. Creator: Saeed Bros
people rain 1819 1924 creator hokusai
People in the rain, 1819, (1924). Creator: Hokusai
figures 1693 1924 creator torii kiyonobu i
Three figures, 1693, (1924). Creator: Torii Kiyonobu I
types russian army 1919 creator unknown
'Types of the Russian Army', (1919). Creator: Unknown
popular themes/rembrandt/bearded man furred oriental cap robe artists
'Bearded man in a furred oriental cap and robe: the artist's father', 1631
soldiers firing cannon 1849 1924 creator
Soldiers firing a cannon, 1849, (1924). Creator: Minedo Fuko
pheasants 1789 1924 creator kitao masayoshi
Pheasants, 1789, (1924). Creator: Kitao Masayoshi
nelsons tower forres late 19th early 20th century
'Nelson's Tower, Forres', late 19th-early 20th century. Creator: Unknown
john dankworth vic ash west wickham kent 1964
John Dankworth, Vic Ash, West Wickham, Kent, 1964. Creator: Brian Foskett
spike heatley ronnie stephenson dankworth big band
Spike Heatley and Ronnie Stephenson, Dankworth Big Band, Marquee Club, London, 1960
phil seaman jeff clyne ronnie scotts gerrard street
Phil Seaman and Jeff Clyne, Ronnie Scotts, Gerrard Street, London, 1959
dragonfly plants 1746 1924 creator ooka
Dragonfly with plants, 1746, (1924). Creator: Ooka Shunboku
alec dankworth rhythmic london 1996 creator
Alec Dankworth, The Rhythmic, London, 1996. Creator: Brian Foskett
parbutti hill poona creator clifton
'Parbutti Hill, Poona', . Creator: Clifton & Co
camp general roberts thal kuram river 1901
'Camp of General Roberts at Thal on the Kuram River', (1901). Creator: Unknown
men carp 1814 1924 creator totoya hokkei
Three men, and carp, 1814, (1924). Creator: Totoya Hokkei
the quadrangle eton college 1905 creator
'The Quadrangle, Eton College', 1905. Creator: Unknown
kabuki performance shijo river bed 1658 1924
'Kabuki performance in the Shijo river-bed', 1658, (1924)
young woman headdress 1497 1498 1908 creator
Young woman with headdress, 1497-1498, (1908). Creator: Gerard David
view st clement danes showing law courts c1900s
'View from St. Clement Danes Showing Law Courts', c1900s
the kinuta 1775 1924 creator kitao
'The Kinuta', 1775, (1924). Creator: Kitao Shigemasa
popular themes/rembrandt/oriental head mid late 17th century 1906
'Oriental Head', mid-late 17th century, (1906). Creator: Unknown
inside city kabul the bala hissar c1840 1901
'Inside the City of Kabul (The Bala Hissar)', c1840, (1901). Creators: Unknown
the prince wales conferring order star india
'The Prince of Wales Conferring the Order of the Star of India at Calcutta', 1901
alfred lord tennyson 1881 1908 creator
'Alfred Lord Tennyson', 1881, (1908). Creator: Emery Walker
oxford street c1910s creator eyre
'Oxford Street', c1910s. Creator: Eyre & Spottiswoode
the diving niyamudddins delhi creator
'The Diving Well at Niyamudddin's - Delhi'. Creator: Unknown
town hall swansea 1905 creator unknown
'Town Hall, Swansea', 1905. Creator: Unknown
passengers boat crossing sumida river japan c1804
Passengers on a boat crossing the Sumida River in Japan, c1804, (1924). Creator: Hokusai
delhi kings palace river 1840s 1901 creator
'Delhi - The King's Palace from the River', 1840s, (1901)
manekanka bathing burning ghat benares creator
"Manekanka" Bathing and Burning Ghat, Benares', . Creator: Saeed Bros
the marble arch c1900s creator eyre
'The Marble Arch', c1900s. Creator: Eyre & Spottiswoode
map illustrating eastward eerstefabrieken middelburg
'Map Illustrating the Eastward Move from Eerstefabrieken to Middelburg', 1901
the houses parliament c1900s creator eyre
'The Houses of Parliament', c1900s. Creator: Eyre & Spottiswoode
woman serving tea 1790 1924 creator katsukawa
Woman serving tea, 1790, (1924). Creator: Katsukawa Shuncho
attack kuram valley 1901 creator richard
'Attack in the Kuram Valley', (1901). Creator: Richard Caton Woodville II
un mineur costume travail a miner work clothes
'Un Mineur. Costume De Travail', (A Miner in Work Clothes), 1900. Creator
golden temple amritsur creator unknown
'Golden Temple, Amritsur'. Creator: Unknown
great emambara mosque lucknow creator
'Great Emambara & Mosque, Lucknow'. Creator: Unknown
the martorana santa maria dell ammiraglio
'The Martorana, (Santa Maria Dell' Ammiraglio), Palermo', 1906. Creator
saint elie inauguration la premiere quartz
'Saint-Elie. Inauguration De La Premiere Mine De Quartz', (Saint-Elie
four heads young girl hands c1500 1505 1908
'Four Heads of a Young Girl and Two Hands', c1500-1505, (1908)
hyde park corner c1900s creator eyre
'Hyde Park Corner', c1900s. Creator: Eyre & Spottiswoode
nouvelle guinee pirogues papoues papua new guinea
'Nouvelle-Guinee. Pirogues Papoues', (Papua New Guinea. Papuan Pirogues), 1900
snake charmer 1899 creator raja ravi varma
'Snake Charmer', 1899. Creator: Raja Ravi Varma
sarnath benares creator saeed bros
'Sarnath, Benares'. Creator: Saeed Bros
london landmarks/london bridge c1900s creator eyre
'London Bridge', c1900s. Creator: Eyre & Spottiswoode
the tower london c1900s creator eyre
'The Tower of London', c1900s. Creator: Eyre & Spottiswoode
london landmarks/the tower bridge c1900s creator eyre
'The Tower Bridge', c1900s. Creator: Eyre & Spottiswoode
tombs princess jahanara nizam ud din delhi creator
'Tombs of Princess Jahanara and Nizam-Ud-Din at Delhi'
the advance siege train delhi 1857 1901
'The Advance of the Siege Train to Delhi', 1857, (1901)
plan illustrate operations british army delhi
'Plan to Illustrate the Operations of the British Army, before Delhi in the year 1857'
figures 1883 1924 creator seiko
Three figures, 1883, (1924). Creator: Seiko
women male servant 1802 1924 creator utagawa
Women and a male servant, 1802, (1924). Creator: Utagawa Toyokuni


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