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ana gloria rolando queen king mambo c1950s
'Ana Gloria & Rolando - Queen and King of Mambo', c1950s. Creator: Unknown
glamis castle ancestral home queen elizabeth 1937
'Glamis Castle, The Ancestral Home of Queen Elizabeth', 1937. Creator: Unknown
the mausoleum prince itmad ood dowlah agra
'The Mausoleum of Prince Itmad-ood-Dowlah. Agra'. Creator: Unknown
professor treitschke 1919 creator unknown
'Professor Treitschke', (1919). Creator: Unknown
capture givenchy 1919 creator fortunino
The Capture of Givenchy, (1919). Creator: Fortunino Matania
mafeking eloffs desperate attack eve relief
'Mafeking: Eloff's Desperate Attack on the Eve of the Relief', (1901)
winston churchill first lord admiralty 1919
'Winston Churchill (First Lord of the Admiralty)', (1919)
the midnight ride paul revere 1931 1943
'The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere', 1931, (1943). Creator: Grant DeVolson Wood
church street pretoria approach town 1901
'Church Street, Pretoria - The Approach to the Town', 1901
venetian state arm chair late 17th century 1938
'Venetian State Arm-Chair, Late 17th Century', 1938. Creator: Unknown
st martin wallwhere communion sub utraque
'St Martin in the Wall...where the communion sub utraque was served for the first
map illustrating movements relief kimberley capture
'Map Illustrating the Movements for the Relief of Kimberley and the Capture of
general sir redvers buller 1901 creator m
'General Sir Redvers Buller', 1901. Creator: M H Hack
train load sugar cane cuba c1910s creator
'Train Load of Sugar Cane, Cuba', c1910s. Creator: Unknown
general von bernhardi c1910 1919 creator
'General Von Bernhardi', c1910), (1919). Creator: Unknown
choir st georges chapel windsor castle 1904
The Choir in St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle, 1904. Creator: Unknown
victoria embankment london 1906 creator
'Victoria Embankment - London', 1906. Creator: Unknown
lord antrims parlour giants causeway late
'Lord Antrims Parlour, Giants Causeway', late 19th-early 20th century. Creator
raymond poincare president france 1919
'Raymond Poincaré (President of France)' , (1919). Creator: Unknown
the bridge newbury late 19th early 20th century
'The Bridge, Newbury', late 19th-early 20th century. Creator: Unknown
the marble arch london late 19th early 20th
'The Marble Arch, London', late 19th-early 20th century. Creator: Unknown
the avenue maastricht vise 1919 creator
'The Avenue De Maastricht, Visé', (1919). Creator: Unknown
a general map belgium indicating fortified towns
'A General Map of Belgium, Indicating the Fortified Towns', 1919
the beach aberdeen 1961 creator unknown
'The Beach, Aberdeen', 1961. Creator: Unknown
santiago cuba san carlos society casa granda hotel
'Santiago de Cuba - San Carlos Society and Casa Granda Hotel', c1920s. Creator
three pique snuff boxes 1920 creator unknown
'Three Pique Snuff-Boxes', 1920. Creator: Unknown
inlaid mahogany pole screen 1908 creator shirley
Inlaid Mahogany Pole Screen, 1908. Creator: Shirley Slocombe
red lacquer cabinet 1907 1908 creator shirley
Red Lacquer Cabinet, 1907 (1908). Creator: Shirley Slocombe
the street show c1892 1906 creator catherine
'The Street Show', c1892, (1906). Creator: Catherine Greenaway
torquay oddicombe beach late 19th early 20th
'Torquay, Oddicombe Beach', late 19th-early 20th century. Creator: Unknown
mr h g wells 1927 creator unknown
'Mr. H. G. Wells', 1927. Creator: Unknown
loading oranges ocklawaha river florida c1897
'Loading Oranges on the Ocklawaha River, Florida', c1897. Creator: Unknown
green island lake george new york c1897 creator
'Green Island, Lake George, New York', c1897. Creator: Unknown
houses parliament lords commons late 19th early
'Houses of Parliament Lords and Commons', late 19th-early 20th century. Creator
sir alan j cobham afc 1927 creator
'Sir Alan J. Cobham, A.F.C'., 1927. Creator: Unknown
gallery school la paz vizeainas city mexico
'Gallery of the School of LA Paz (Vizeainas), City of Mexico', c1897. Creator
a french fisher girl c1890 1906 creator
'A French Fisher Girl', c1890, (1906). Creator: James Dromgole Linton
ventnor iow childrens pond 1919 creator
'Ventnor, I.O.W - Children's Pond', 1919. Creator: Unknown
field marshal earl haig gcb 1927 creator
'Field Marshal Earl Haig, G.C.B.', 1927. Creator: Unknown
portrait lady c19th century 1920 creator
'Portrait of a Lady', c19th century, (1920). Creator: Jan Anthonisz van Ravesteyn
the air balloon 1783 1920 creator unknown
'The Air Balloon', 1783, (1920). Creator: Unknown
a brilliant french attack german position argonne
'A Brilliant French Attack on the German Position in the Argonne', (1919)
earl beatty 1927 creator unknown
'Earl Beatty', 1927. Creator: Unknown
sortie des barques trouville 1895 1920 creator
'Sortie Des Barques A Trouville', 1895, (1920). Creator: Eugene Louis Boudin
dilkoosha palace lucknow creator unknown
'Dilkoosha Palace, Lucknow'. Creator: Unknown
m aristide briand 1927 creator unknown
'M. Aristide Briand', 1927. Creator: Unknown
elizabeth jane hinchcliffe 1805 1920 creator
'Elizabeth Jane Hinchcliffe', 1805, (1920). Creator: John James Masquerier
clevedon parade 1907 creator unknown
'Clevedon - The Parade', 1907. Creator: Unknown
benito mussolini 1927 creator unknown
'Benito Mussolini', 1927. Creator: Unknown
john allan powell esq c1820 creator t
'John Allan Powell, Esq.', c1820. Creator: T Wright
rotten row hyde park london late 19th early
'Rotten Row, Hyde Park, London', late 19th-early 20th century. Creator: Unknown
lord nelson 1927 creator unknown
'Lord Nelson', 1927. Creator: Unknown
moissan c1893 creator unknown
'Moissan', c1893. Creator: Unknown
the quayside brixham 1940s creator unknown
'The Quayside, Brixham', 1940s. Creator: Unknown
napoleon buonaparte 1927 creator unknown
'Napoleon Buonaparte', 1927. Creator: Unknown
painted chair 1908 creator shirley slocombe
Painted Chair, 1908. Creator: Shirley Slocombe
piccadilly circus london late 19th early 20th
'Piccadilly Circus, London', late 19th-early 20th century. Creator: Unknown
amboyna wood writing cabinet 1908 creator shirley
Amboyna-wood Writing Cabinet. 1908. Creator: Shirley Slocombe
s maria della salute c1852 1891 1906 creator
'S. Maria Della Salute', c1852-1891, (1906). Creator: Keeley Halswelle
london landmarks/victoria memorial buckingham palace guards london
'Victoria Memorial, Buckingham Palace and Guards, London', 1930s. Creator
b bergami c1820 creator charles philibert
'B. Bergami', c1820. Creator: Charles-Philibert de Lasteyrie
mont ste victoire c1880s 1946 creator
'Mont Ste. Victoire', c1880s, (1946). Creator: Paul Cezanne
austrian artillery field 1919 creator
'Austrian Artillery in the Field' , (1919). Creator: Unknown
a fishermans treasure c1870 1906 1906 creator
'A Fisherman's Treasure', c1870-1906, (1906)
handel c1740 1920 creator william hoare
'Handel', c1740, (1920). Creator: William Hoare
the australian landing place gaba tepe 1919
'The Australian Landing-Place at Gaba-Tepe', (1919). Creator: Unknown
satinwood chair 1908 creator shirley slocombe
Satinwood Chair, 1908 Creator: Shirley Slocombe
portrait jane seymour holbein 1536 1936
'Portrait of Jane Seymour by Holbein', 1536, (1936)
adolphe max burgomaster brussels 1919 creator
'Adolphe Max (Burgomaster of Brussels)', (1919). Creator: Unknown
the lord chancellor c1820 creator t wright
'The Lord Chancellor', c1820. Creator: T Wright
st michaels mount c1830s 1920 creator
'St. Michael's Mount', c1830s, (1920). Creator: James Baker Pyne
victor vanquished conquest german south west
'Victor and Vanquished - The Conquest of German South-West Africa', 9 July 1915
william austin majestys protege c1820 creator
'William Austin, Her Majesty's Protege', c1820. Creator: Unknown
the centre panel pearl divers c1797 98 1936
'The centre panel of The Pearl Divers', c1797-98, (1936)
the emperor austria c1910s 1919 creator
'The Emperor of Austria', c1910s, (1919). Creator: Unknown
painted satin wood dressing table1908 creator
Painted Satin-Wood Dressing-Table,1908. Creator: Shirley Slocombe
portrait mr john maddison 1783 1920 creator
'Portrait of Mr. John Maddison', 1783, (1920). Creator: Johan Zoffany
french staff officers consultation 1914 1919
'French Staff Officers in Consultation', 1914, (1919). Creator: Unknown
flower painting george sheringham c1910 1920
'Flower Painting by George Sheringham', c1910-1920, (1936)
portrait madeleine carroll 1935 1936 creator
'Portrait of Madeleine Carroll', 1935, (1936). Creator: Philip de Laszlo
the sack louvain 1919 creator unknown
'The Sack of Louvain', (1919). Creator: Unknown
circular knife case 1908 creator shirley
Circular Knife-Case, 1908. Creator: Shirley Slocombe
joseph bertrand c1893 creator eugene pirou
'Joseph Bertrand', c1893. Creator: Eugene Pirou
sir john french c1914 1919 creator reginald
'Sir John French', c1914, (1919). Creator: Reginald Haines
inlaid folding card table 1908 creator shirley
Inlaid Folding Card-Table, 1908. Creator: Shirley Slocombe
the hayfield 1872 1906 1906 creator claude
'The Hayfield', 1872-1906, (1906). Creator: Claude Hayes
hms amphion 1919 creator unknown
'H.M.S. "Amphion"', (1919). Creator: Unknown
the infant pan 1875 1906 creator guido
'The Infant Pan', 1875, (1906). Creator: Guido Bach
those who swim sin sink sorrow 1895 1906
'Those Who Swim In Sin Must Sink In Sorrow', 1895, (1906). Creator: Frank Dadd
gen william booth 1927 creator unknown
'Gen. William Booth', 1927. Creator: Unknown
inlaid satin wood tea caddy 1908 creator shirley
Inlaid Satin-wood Tea-Caddy, 1908. Creator: Shirley Slocombe
henry iv c1600 1936 creator unknown
'Henry IV', c1600, (1936). Creator: Unknown
satinwood mahogany sideboard 1907 1908 creator
Satinwood and Mahogany Sideboard, 1907 (1908). Creator: Shirley Slocombe
an old cornish woman c1880 1906 creator
'An Old Cornish Woman', c1880, (1906). Creator: Walter Langley
misfits c1840 1906 1906 creator john
'Misfits', c1840-1906, (1906). Creator: John Tenniel
types french army 1919 creator richard simkin
'Types of the French Army', 1919. Creator: Richard Simkin
metchnikof c1893 creator eugene pirou
'Metchnikof', c1893. Creator: Eugene Pirou
the gulf stream 1899 1943 creator winslow
'The Gulf Stream', 1899, (1943). Creator: Winslow Homer
arab horse dealers creator unknown
'Arab Horse Dealers'. Creator: Unknown


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