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hermes 1886 artist jonnard
'Hermes', 1886. Artist: Jonnard
corner villiers street charing cross 1896
'Corner of Villiers Street, Charing Cross', 1896. Artist: Joseph Pennell
the queens visit birthplace scene outside st
'The Queen's Visit To Her Birthplace: The Scene Outside St. Mary's Church
the argyll sutherland highlanders red line
'The Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders. The Thin Red Line at Balaclava', 1854
great hall eltham palace kent 1804 artist
The Great Hall, Eltham Palace, Kent, 1804. Artist: J Storer
the succession great britain showing union crowns
'The Succession in Great Britain, Showing the Union of the Crowns', late 20th
the queen entry abbey church westminster seated
'The Queen, after her entry into the Abbey Church of Westminster, is seated in her
murray holding young penguins c1908 1909
'Murray Holding Young Penguins', c1908, (1909). Artist: Unknown
new coast line west cape north c1908 1909
'New Coast-Line West of Cape North', c1908, (1909). Artist: George Marston
nimrod picking northern party c1908 1909
'Nimrod Picking Up The Northern Party', c1908, (1909). Artist: Unknown
seals ice edge c1908 1909 artist unknown
'Seals at the Ice-Edge', c1908, (1909). Artist: Unknown
a blizzard barrier c1908 1909 artist george
'A Blizzard on the Barrier', c1908, (1909). Artist: George Marston
picking western party c1908 1909 artist
'Picking Up the Western Party', c1908, (1909). Artist: Unknown
camp december 17 ferrar glacier sentinel rock
'Camp on December 17 on the Ferrar Glacier below Sentinel Rock', 1908, (1909)
digging ascertain depth snow covering depot
'Digging to ascertain the depth of snow covering a depot', c1908, (1909). Artist
view high hillthe ship loose pack c1908 1909
'View from High Hill...The Ship in Loose Pack', c1908, (1909). Artist: Unknown
the returning sun c1908 1909 artist george
'The Returning Sun', c1908, (1909). Artist: George Marston
the motor car soft snow return ship c1908 1909
'The Motor-Car in Soft Snow, after the return of the Ship', c1908, (1909)
the hut summer time coal bags left c1908 1909
'The Hut in Summer Time; Coal Bags at the Left', c1908, (1909). Artist: Unknown
the dreadnought c1908 1909 artist george
'The Dreadnought', c1908, (1909). Artist: George Marston
the norman ship based bayeux tapestry 1931
'The Norman Ship (based on the Bayeux Tapestry)', (1931)
a bagpiper joza uprka 1861 1940 1948 artist
'A bagpiper; Joža Uprka (1861-1940)', 1948. Artist: Joza Uprka
lutes violin unknown italian painter seventeenth
'Lutes and violin; unknown Italian painter of the seventeenth century', 1948
the first landing place showing bay ice breaking
'The First Landing-Place, Showing Bay Ice Breaking Out and Drifting Away North'
lute unknown painter seventeenth century 1948
'Lute; unknown painter of the seventeenth century', 1948. Artist: Unknown
a quiet evening barrier c1908 1909 artist
'A Quiet Evening on the Barrier', c1908, (1909). Artist: George Marston
double pedal harp erard freres paris mid nineteenth
'Double-pedal harp made by Erard Frères, Paris, mid-nineteenth century'
small drums fiddle horn triangle lute bagpipes
'Small drums, fiddle, horn, triangle lute and bagpipes; Olomouc Bible, 1417'
pushing heavy floes ross sea c1908 1909
'Pushing Through Heavy Floes In the Ross Sea', c1908, (1909). Artist: Unknown
soprano recorders bagpipes brussels gobelin
'Soprano recorders and bagpipes; Brussels gobelin designed by Jacobus Jordaens'
flight antarctic petrels c1908 1909 artist
'Flight of Antarctic Petrels', c1908, (1909). Artist: Unknown
chinese lute pi pa moon guitar yue chin table
'Chinese lute p'i-p'a, moon guitar yue-chin and table zither tchin; detail of
the southern party marching white unknown 1908
'The Southern Party Marching into the White Unknown', 1908, (1909). Artist
pancake ice ross sea c1908 1909 artist
'Pancake Ice in the Ross Sea', c1908, (1909). Artist: Unknown
the picnic 1785 1790 1938 artist francisco
'The Picnic', 1785-1790, (1938). Artist: Francisco Goya
the winter quarters discovery expedition hut point
'The Winter Quarters of the Discovery Expedition at Hut Point', c1908, (1909)
a tabular berg typical antarctic form c1908 1909
'A Tabular Berg of Typical Antarctic Form', c1908, (1909). Artist: Unknown
boys eating fruit 1645 1938 artist bartolome
'Boys eating Fruit', 1645, (1938). Artist: Bartolomé Esteban Murillo
full moon winter c1908 1909 artist george
'Full Moon in the Winter', c1908, (1909). Artist: George Marston
mountainous seas c1908 1909 artist unknown
'Mountainous Seas', c1908, (1909). Artist: Unknown
the infanta maria teresa c1653 1938 artist
'The Infanta Maria Teresa', c1653, (1938). Artist: Diego Velasquez
a view hut looking northwards c1908 1909
'A View of the Hut Looking Northwards.', c1908, (1909). Artist: Unknown
boys playing riding quintain romance alexander 1340
'Boys playing at Riding at the Quintain (Romance of Alexander, about 1340. Bodleian)'
coronation harold 1931 artist charles henry
'Coronation of Harold', (1931). Artist: Charles Henry Bourne Quennell
a set percussion instruments drums cymbals
'A set of percussion instruments (drums and cymbals) of Czechslovak manufacture'
apollo marsyas 1637 1938 artist jusepe
'Apollo and Marsyas', 1637, (1938). Artist: Jusepe de Ribera
the leader expedition winter garb c1908 1909
'The Leader of the Expedition in Winter Garb', c1908, (1909). Artist: Unknown
the towing steamer koonyain heavy sea 1908
'The Towing Steamer a Heavy Sea', 1908, (1909). Artist: Unknown
st louis france or st ferdinand castile
'St. Louis of France (or St. Ferdinand of Castile)', c1586-1590, (1938). Artist
sledging barrier return sun c1908 1909 artist
'Sledging on the Barrier Before the Return of the Sun', c1908, (1909). Artist
the nimrod passing hms powerfulin lyttelton
'The Nimrod Passing H.M.S. Powerful, Lyttelton Harbour', 1 January 1908
the expulsion moneylenders temple c1600 1938
'The Expulsion of the Moneylenders from the Temple', c1600, (1938). Artist
the acetylene gas plant door c1908 1909
'The Acetylene Gas Plant, Over the Door', c1908, (1909). Artist: Unknown
a photograph taken nimrodlyttelton 1908 1909
'A Photograph Taken From The Nimrod...Lyttelton', 1908, (1909). Artist: Unknown
mr jorrocks takes ride fete st cloud 1838
'Mr. Jorrocks takes a Ride at the Fête at St
marston trying revive memories days c1908 1909
'Marston Trying to Revive Memories of Other Days', c1908, (1909). Artist: Unknown
their majesties king queen inspecting
'Their Majesties The King and Queen Inspecting...the Nimrod at Cowes', 1907
sporting france mr jorrocks beats baron speed
'Sporting in France- Mr. Jorrocks beats the Baron for Speed', 1838. Artist
looking north cape royds c1908 1909 artist
'Looking North Towards Cape Royds', c1908, (1909). Artist: Unknown
a mediaeval windmill 1931 artist charles
'A Mediæval Windmill', (1931). Artist: Charles Henry Bourne Quennell
boers firing veldt 1900 artist unknown
'Boers Firing the Veldt', 1900. Artist: Unknown
hooked harp barrel organ types prague musicians
'Hooked harp and barrel-organ. Types of Prague musicians', 1948. Artist: Unknown
a perpendicular church tower winterton norfolk
'A Perpendicular Church Tower, Winterton, Norfolk', (1931)
ice flowers newly formed sea ice early winter
'Ice Flowers on Newly Formed Sea Ice Early in the Winter', c1908, (1909). Artist
view whampoa canton river china 1938 artist
'View of Whampoa, Canton River, China', (1938). Artist: Unknown
old tom veteran hare experiences 1838 artist
'Old Tom', the Veteran Hare, and his Experiences', 1838
murray priestley going shaft dug green lake
'Murray and Priestley Going Down A Shaft Dug in Green Lake', c1908, (1909)
market day outside old red lion greenwich 1938
'Market Day outside the Old Red Lion at Greenwich', (1938)
mr jorrocks introduces yorkshireman surrey 1838
'Mr. Jorrocks introduces the Yorkshireman to the Surrey', 1838
an ice cave winter c1908 1909 artist
'An Ice Cave in the Winter', c1908, (1909). Artist: Unknown
back to back houses north england 1938 artist
'Back-to-Back Houses in the North of England', (1938). Artist: Unknown
mr jorrocks telegraphs fox 1838 artist henry
'Mr. Jorrocks telegraphs the Fox', 1838. Artist: Henry Thomas Alken
the pont quan draw sledge load stores c1908 1909
'The Pont Quan About To Draw A Sledge Load of Stores', c1908, (1909). Artist
a birds eye view caernarvon castle north wales
'A Bird's-Eye View of Caernarvon Castle, North Wales', (1931)
roberts driefontein 1900 artist unknown
'Roberts at Driefontein', 1900 . Artist: Unknown
transverse flute xylophone viola violin unknown
'Transverse flute, xylophone, viola and violin; unknown Czech painter of the second
the appearance swell astonishes surrey hunt 1838
'The Appearance of Swell astonishes the Surrey Hunt', 1838
a view north dying sun march c1908 1909
'A View North, Towards The Dying Sun, in March', c1908, (1909). Artist: Unknown
a factoryscape potteries 1938 artist
'A Factoryscape in the Potteries', (1938). Artist: Unknown
frontispiece jorrockss jaunts jollities highly
Frontispiece, Jorrocks's Jaunts and Jollities'', 'Highly Illustrated'
a cloud effect sea froze over c1908 1909
'A Cloud Effect Before The Sea Froze Over', c1908, (1909). Artist: Unknown
a fine shop artillery row houndsditch london
'A fine shop in Artillery Row, Houndsditch, London, of the latter half of the
john jorrocks esq msh etc etc etc
'John Jorrocks, Esq., M.S.H., etc., etc., etc., etc. A Citizen of Credit of Renown'
an ice cavern winter photographed light hurricane
'An Ice Cavern in the Winter. Photographed by the Light of Hurricane Lamps'
contrasted interiors palladian dining room
'Contrasted Interiors: Palladian - The Dining-Room, Holkham, Norfolk, by William Kent
a fern cutters child c1800 1925 artist
'A Fern-Cutter's Child', c1800, (1925). Artist: Robert Mitchell Meadows
a ship time edward i based dover seal 1284
'A Ship of the time of Edward I. (based on the Dover seal, 1284)', (1931). Artist
the gap new land 1908 1909 artist
'The Gap - New Land', 1908, (1909). Artist: Unknown
in cronjes laager surrender 1900 artist
'In Cronje's Laager after Surrender', 1900 . Artist: Unknown
glass harmonicas keyboard chimes engraving first
'Glass harmonicas and keyboard chimes; engraving from the first half of the nineteenth
english rural life 18th century cover 1925
'English Rural Life in the 18th Century', front cover, 1925. Artist: Unknown
hauling seal meat winter quarters c1908 1909
'Hauling Seal Meat for the Winter Quarters', c1908, (1909). Artist: Unknown
lively activity eighteenth century farm 1938
'Lively Activity on an Eighteenth-Century Farm', (1938). Artist: Anon
the dome looking platform 1939 artist
'The Dome: Looking From The Platform', 1939. Artist: Unknown
another view crater erebus 1908 1909 artist
'Another View of the Crater of Erebus', 1908, (1909). Artist: Unknown
a tea clipper 1931 artist charles henry
'A Tea Clipper', (1931). Artist: Charles Henry Bourne Quennell
english rural life 18th century cover 1925
'English Rural Life in the 18th Century', front cover, 1925. Artist: Unknown
the crater erebus 900 feet deep half mile wide
'The Crater of Erebus, 900 Feet Deep and Half A Mile Wide', 1908, (1909). Artist
a smock mill 1931 artist charles henry
'A Smock Mill', (1931). Artist: Charles Henry Bourne Quennell


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