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royal family happy group dog lovers 1937 artist
Royal family as a happy group of dog lovers, 1937. Artist: Michael Chance
portrait nell gwyn 1651 1687
Portrait of Nell Gwyn (1651-1687)
articles union presented commissioners queen anne
Articles of Union Presented by Commissioners to Queen Anne, 1706. Artist: Unknown
alexander graham bell 1847 1922 scottish born
Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922), Scottish-born American inventor. Artist: Unknown
edith cavell pet dogs c1915 artist unknown
Edith Cavell with her pet dogs, c1915. Artist: Unknown
lord kelvin scottish mathematician physicist
Lord Kelvin, Scottish mathematician and physicist, with his compass, 1902. Artist
costume design opera i masnadieri giuseppe verdi
Costume design for the opera I masnadieri by Giuseppe Verdi, 1847-1848
bella salomon born itzig 1749 1824 c 1800
Bella Salomon, born Itzig (1749-1824), c. 1800
portrait johann sebastian bach 1860s
Portrait of Johann Sebastian Bach, 1860s
portrait johann sebastian bach 1774
Portrait of Johann Sebastian Bach, 1774
portrait johann sebastian bach 1754
Portrait of Johann Sebastian Bach, before 1754
portrait johann sebastian bach 1720
Portrait of Johann Sebastian Bach, 1720
temptation saint anthony 1552 1553
The Temptation of Saint Anthony, 1552-1553
madonna del parto madonna parturition 1355 1360
Madonna del Parto (Madonna of Parturition), 1355-1360
francesco sforza om horseback 1486
Francesco Sforza om horseback, 1486
sensuality 1894
Sensuality, 1894
tilla durieux circe 1910s
Tilla Durieux as Circe, 1910s
princess charlotte prussia 1798 1860 c 1817
Princess Charlotte of Prussia (1798-1860), c. 1817
otto i 1815 1867 king greece
Otto I (1815-1867), King of Greece
garden 1918
Garden, 1918
With the Entrance
bau 1919
Bau, 1919
portrait maria lopukhina 1817
Portrait of Maria Lopukhina, 1817
virgin child 1490
The Virgin and Child, 1490
night festival san pietro di castello 1841
Night Festival in San Pietro di Castello, 1841
snow venice 1841
Snow in Venice, 1841
portrait poet laura battiferri 1523 1589 ca
Portrait of the poet Laura Battiferri (1523-1589), ca 1555
self portrait c 1889
Self-Portrait, c. 1889
portrait diego martelli 1865 1870
Portrait of Diego Martelli, 1865-1870
death verginia 1804 1815
The Death of Verginia, 1804-1815
philoctetes 1818 1820
Philoctetes, 1818-1820
adoration magi 1504
The Adoration of the Magi, 1504
place danvers 1880
Place d'Anvers, 1880
virgin child book 15th century
Virgin and Child with Book, 15th century
vallinkoski 1914
Vallinkoski, 1914
snow cliffs 1901
Snow on the cliffs, 1901
portrait baron pyotr fyodorovich von maltitz
Portrait of Baron Pyotr Fyodorovich von Maltitz (1753-1826), 1788
architectural study russian monastery
Architectural study for a Russian monastery
les baigneuses les filles la source ca 1842
Les baigneuses (Les filles de la source), ca 1842
saint euphrosyne suzdal 1526 1542
Saint Euphrosyne of Suzdal, 1526-1542
apollon ivanovich sytin 1795 1862 wife louise sister
Apollon Ivanovich Sytin (1795-1862) with his wife Louise and her sister, 1854
parmen petrovich shenshin 1880s
Parmen Petrovich Shenshin, 1880s
portrait varvara petrovna dunayevskaya daughter larisa
Portrait of Varvara Petrovna Dunayevskaya with daughter Larisa, 1900s
interior manor house muromtsevo estate 1909
Interior of the Manor house at the Muromtsevo Estate, before 1909
cigarettes countryman ad poster early 20th cen
The cigarettes The countryman (Advertising Poster), Early 20th cen
manor house muromtsevo estate 1909
Manor house at the Muromtsevo Estate, before 1909
poster sergei simanins paper yarn weaving factory
Poster of the Sergei Simanin's Paper Yarn Weaving Factory in Stavrov, Early 20th cen
map vladimir 1889
Map of Vladimir, 1889
old kingdom fourth dynasty pyramids saqqara
Old Kingdom. Fourth Dynasty. Pyramids at Saqqara. Monuments from Egypt and Ethiopia, ca
cover first edition score ballet sheherazade n
Cover of the first edition of the score of ballet Sheherazade by N. Rimsky-Korsakov, 1889
blessed nicholas fool christ pskov tsar ivan
Blessed Nicholas, the Fool for Christ of Pskov and Tsar Ivan IV the Terrible, 1899
akseli gallen kallela 1890
Akseli Gallen-Kallela, 1890
akseli gallen kallela maxim gorky helsinki c
Akseli Gallen-Kallela and Maxim Gorky in Helsinki, c. 1905
taiping rebellion mid 19th cen
The Taiping Rebellion, Mid of the 19th cen
portrait tristan tzara c 1920
Portrait of Tristan Tzara, c. 1920
grand duke sergei alexandrovich russia 1857 1905
Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich of Russia (1857-1905) in the princely garment of the 17th century
saint john evangelist donne triptych ca 1478
Saint John the Evangelist. The Donne Triptych, ca 1478
saint christopher ca 1478
Saint Christopher, ca 1478
saint john evangelist ca 1478
Saint John the Evangelist, ca 1478
tsar cannon moscow kremlin 1898
The Tsar Cannon at the Moscow Kremlin, 1898
meditation madame monet au canape c 1871
Meditation. Madame Monet au canape, c. 1871
frederic bazille easel 1867
Frederic Bazille at his easel, 1867
george sand dressed man 1834
George Sand dressed as a man, 1834
repentant saint jerome
The Repentant Saint Jerome
portrait giuseppina strepponi 1815 1897 c
Portrait of Giuseppina Strepponi (1815-1897), c. 1850
stage design theatre play posadnik a tolstoy
Stage design for the theatre play Posadnik by A. Tolstoy, 1878
stage design opera semiramide gioachino rossini
Stage design for the opera Semiramide by Gioachino Rossini, 1823
skinnpasen c 1908
Skinnpasen, c. 1908
movie poster man restaurant yakov protazanov
Movie poster Man from the Restaurant by Yakov Protazanov, 1927
movie poster punishment shirvanskaya ivan perestiani
Movie poster The Punishment of Shirvanskaya by Ivan Perestiani, 1926
movie poster isolated world 1926
Movie poster Isolated from the world, 1926
zodiac man diagram showing seasons bloodletting
A Zodiac Man diagram showing the seasons for bloodletting. From Liber Cosmographiae, 1408
mozart age 30 years 1906
Mozart at the age of 30 years, 1906
life width 1932
Still life in Width, 1932
temptation christ ca 1885
The Temptation of Christ, ca 1885
madonna della misericordia madonna mercy c
Madonna della Misericordia (Madonna of Mercy), c. 1500
battle gideon midianites 1625 1626
The Battle of Gideon Against the Midianites, 1625-1626
olgerd lithuania 1833 1839
Olgerd of Lithuania, Between 1833 and 1839
vice admiral count yevfimy putyatin nagasaki 1853 c
Vice admiral Count Yevfimy Putyatin at Nagasaki in 1853, c. 1853
plate apples 1932
The Plate of Apples, 1932
untitled fragment still life green reiter
Untitled, fragment (Still Life with green Reiter), 1908
i vespri siciliani the sicilian vespers
I Vespri Siciliani (The Sicilian Vespers), 1844-1845
costume design opera la traviata giuseppe verdi
Costume design for the opera La Traviata by Giuseppe Verdi, 1899
opera il trovatore giuseppe verdi 1902
Opera Il trovatore by Giuseppe Verdi, 1902
la carmencita 1890
La Carmencita, 1890
child doll ca 1904
Child With A Doll, ca 1904
cliff c 1895
The Cliff, c. 1895
ship tempest ca 1899
The Ship in the Tempest, ca 1899
fishermen 1908 1909
Fishermen, 1908-1909
poultry yard 1896 1898
The Poultry Yard, 1896-1898
adam opus iii from eve future 1898
Adam, Opus III, From: Eve and the Future, 1898
saint jerome donor 1451
Saint Jerome and a Donor, 1451
peace bringing abundance la paix ramenant labondance
Peace Bringing Back Abundance (La Paix ramenant l'Abondance), 1780
portrait joseph vernet 1719 1789 1778
Portrait of Joseph Vernet (1719-1789), 1778
myths legends/helen troy 1863
Helen of Troy, 1863
enrico tamberlik 1820 1889 st petersburg at
Enrico Tamberlik (1820-1889) in St. Petersburg (at time as Don Alvaro in Opera La
set design opera don carlos giuseppe verdi milano
Set design for the Opera Don Carlos by Giuseppe Verdi. Milano, Teatro alla Scala, 1886


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