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lord kelvin scottish mathematician physicist
Lord Kelvin, Scottish mathematician and physicist, with his compass, 1902. Artist
edith cavell pet dogs c1915 artist unknown
Edith Cavell with her pet dogs, c1915. Artist: Unknown
portrait frederic chopin 1810 1849 1829
Portrait of Frederic Chopin (1810-1849), 1829
london landmarks/globe theatre bankside southwark right bear garden
Globe Theatre, Bankside, Southwark (right) and the Bear Garden, c1597 (1825). Artist
george stephensons locomotive rocket 1829 1892
George Stephenson's locomotive 'Rocket', 1829 (1892). Artist: Unknown
he led liberating armies victory 1945 artist
'He Led Our Liberating Armies to Victory', 1945. Artist: Unknown
daniel defoe english writer journalist spy
Daniel Defoe, English writer, journalist and spy, (19th century). Artist: Unknown
charles babbage 1791 1871 english mathematician
Charles Babbage (1791-1871) English mathematician and pioneer of computing, 1871. Artist
sinking lusitania 7 may 1915 artist unknown
The sinking of the 'Lusitania', 7 May 1915. Artist: Unknown
alice wonderland/the white rabbit watch 1889 artist john
'The White Rabbit with a watch', 1889. Artist: John Tenniel
best british/paper seller underground london c1940 artist
Paper seller down in the underground, London, c.1940. Artist: Unknown
king george v broadcasting empire christmas day
King George V broadcasting to the empire on Christmas Day, Sandringham, 1935. Artist
edward viii giving abdication broadcast nation empire
Edward VIII giving his abdication broadcast to the nation and the Empire, 11th December 1936
field marshal sir douglas haig british soldier c1920
Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig, British soldier, c1920. Artist: HW Barnett
whitechapel 1888 artist joseph swain
'Whitechapel', 1888. Artist: Joseph Swain
thomas john barnardo 1845 1905 irish born philanthropist
Thomas John Barnardo (1845-1905), Irish-born philanthropist and physician, 1893. Artist
thomas alva edison american inventor first dynamo
Thomas Alva Edison, American inventor, with his first dynamo for producing electric light, 1880s
lewis carroll english author 19th century 1951
Lewis Carroll, English author, 19th century (1951). Artist: Unknown
max planck 1858 1947 c1918 artist unknown
Max Planck (1858-1947), c1918. Artist: Unknown
marble portrait bust homer roman baiae campania
Marble portrait bust of Homer, Roman, from Baiae, Campania, Italy, 1st-2nd century
joseph wilson swan british physicist chemist
Joseph Wilson Swan, British physicist and chemist, demonstrating electromagnetism, 1889
charles andre joseph marie gaulle 1940 artist
Charles Andre Joseph Marie De Gaulle, 1940. Artist: Unknown
christopher columbus discovering america woodcut
Christopher Columbus 'Discovering America', woodcut, 1493. Artist: Unknown
love conquered fear 1840 artist unknown
'Love Conquered Fear', 1840. Artist: Unknown
francis harry compton crick british microbiologist
Francis Harry Compton Crick, British microbiologist, c1962. Artist: Unknown
ferdinand magellan c1480 c1521 portugese navigator
Ferdinand Magellan (c1480-c1521), Portugese navigator. Artist: Unknown
edward jenner english physician vaccinating son
Edward Jenner, English physician, vaccinating his son, c1796 (c1900)
david lloyd george british politician c1920
David Lloyd George, British politician, c1920. Artist: Haines
arrest cato street conspirators 1820 c1895
The arrest of the Cato Street conspirators, 1820 (c1895). Artist: Unknown
charles baudelaire influential french poet critic
Charles Baudelaire, influential French poet, critic and translator, mid-19th century
ben jonson english dramatist poet actor 1785
Ben Jonson, English dramatist, poet and actor, (1785). Artist: Goldar
alfred berhard nobel c1880s artist unknown
Alfred Berhard Nobel, c1880s. Artist: Unknown
alexander pope english poet early eighteenth century
Alexander Pope, English poet of the early eighteenth century, (c1850). Artist: Unknown
richmond bosworth 1902 artist patten wilson
Richmond at Bosworth, 1902. Artist: Patten Wilson
evening reserve trenches beaumont hamel france
An evening in the reserve trenches at Beaumont Hamel, France, World War I, 1914-1918
vlad iii prince wallachia c1906 1907 artist
'Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia', c1906, (1907). Artist: Unknown
leo tolstoy 1828 1910 russian author philosopher
Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910), Russian author and philosopher, 1926. Artist: Unknown
pyotr ilyich tchaikovsky 1840 1893 russian
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (1840 - 1893), Russian composer. Artist: Charles Reutlinger
theodore roosevelt american soldier politician c1898
Theodore Roosevelt, American soldier and politician, c1898. Artist: Unknown
queen elizabeth princess elizabeth 1926 1937
Queen Elizabeth with Princess Elizabeth in 1926, (1937). Artist: John Saint-Helier Lander
roald engelbrecht gravning amundsen norwegian
Roald Engelbrecht Gravning Amundsen, Norwegian explorer. Artist: Unknown
claude monet giverny 1905 artist jacques ernest
'Claude Monet, Giverny', 1905. Artist: Jacques-Ernest Bulloz
bust roman emperor augustus 1st century bc artist
Bust of the Roman Emperor Augustus, 1st century BC. Artist: Unknown
bust lord protector oliver cromwell 1860 artist
Bust of Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell, 1860. Artist: Matthew Noble
statue roman emperor augustus 1st century bc
Statue of the Roman Emperor Augustus, 1st century BC. Artist: Unknown
martha corey prosecutors salem massachusetts
Martha Corey and her prosecutors, Salem, Massachusetts, c1692 (c1880). Artist: Unknown
captain morgan 17th century buccaneer c1880
Captain Morgan, 17th century buccaneer, c1880. Artist: Unknown
guy fawkes preparing slow match 1902 artist
Guy Fawkes Preparing The Slow Match, 1902. Artist: Patten Wilson
his majesty king george vi c1936 artist captain
'His Majesty King George VI', c1936. Artist: Captain P North
king george v great britain 1865 1936 1912
King George V of Great Britain (1865-1936), 1912. Artist: Downey
the 8th army commander bernard law montgomery 1942
'The 8th Army commander Bernard Law Montgomery', 1942
michael faraday british chemist physicist c1845
Michael Faraday, British chemist and physicist, c1845. Artist: J Cook
best british/england vs mexico 1966 world cup wembley stadium
England vs Mexico during the 1966 World Cup, Wembley Stadium, London, 1966. Artist
queen mother seven years old 1907 1937 artist
The Queen Mother at seven years old, 1907 (1937). Artist: Unknown
captain scott british polar explorer terra nova
Captain Scott, British polar explorer, on the 'Terra Nova', c1900s-c1910s (1936)
battle agincourt 1902 artist patten wilson
At The Battle of Agincourt, 1902. Artist: Patten Wilson
old room slumland london c1900 1901 artist
Old room in Slumland, London, c1900 (1901). Artist: Unknown
sir john herschel astronomer scientist 1810s
Sir John Herschel, astronomer and scientist, 1810s. Artist: Gaspare Gabrielli
burning st pauls cathedral great london c1902
The burning of St Paul's Cathedral during the Great Fire of London, c1902. Artist
sinking ss titanic 14 april 1912 artist unknown
The sinking of SS Titanic, 14 April 1912. Artist: Unknown
titanic colliding iceberg 1912 artist unknown
The 'Titanic' colliding with an iceberg, 1912. Artist: Unknown
james brindley 18th century english civil engineer
James Brindley, 18th century English civil engineer and canal builder, (1836). Artist
hms beagle laid ashore rio santa cruz patagonia
HMS 'Beagle' laid ashore, Rio Santa Cruz, Patagonia, South America, 1834 (1839)
richard iii bosworth 22 august 1485 c1880
'Richard III at Bosworth', 22 August 1485, (c1880). Artist: Unknown
martyrs smithfield london c1600 1904 artist
Martyrs at Smithfield, London, c1600 (1904). Artist: Unknown
waiting admission st marylebone workhouse luxborough
Waiting for admission to St Marylebone Workhouse, Luxborough Street, London, c1901 (1903)
columbuss ship santa maria 1493 1912 artist
Columbus's Ship, The Santa Maria, (1493), 1912. Artist: Unknown
harriet tubman american anti slavery activist c1900
Harriet Tubman, American anti-slavery activist, c1900. Artist: Unknown
jmw turner ra late 19th century artist
'JMW Turner, RA', (late 19th century). Artist: Unknown
execution anne boleyn 1536 artist unknown
The execution of Anne Boleyn, 1536. Artist: Unknown
bust king george iii england 1767 artist john
Bust of King George III of England, 1767. Artist: John Nost
martin luther german protestant reformer 1546
Martin Luther German Protestant reformer, 1546. Artist: Unknown
amy johnson pilot c1930s 1936 artist unknown
Amy Johnson, pilot, c1930s (1936). Artist: Unknown
the boat deck lusitania showing lifeboats 1915
'The boat deck of the Lusitania, showing lifeboats', 1915. Artist: Unknown
mr churchills ve day broadcast 1945 1955
'Mr. Churchill's V.E. Day Broadcast', 1945 (1955). Artist: Unknown
sir walter scott 1st baronet scottish historical
Sir Walter Scott, 1st Baronet, Scottish historical novelist and poet, 1877. Artist
best british/robert burns scottish poet 1877 artist unknown
Robert Burns, Scottish poet, 1877. Artist: Unknown
edgar allan poe c1840 1939 artist mathew
'Edgar Allan Poe', c1840, (1939). Artist: Mathew Brady
general ulysses s grant american soldier politician
General Ulysses S Grant, American soldier and politician, c1860s (1955). Artist: Unknown
jerome k jerome 1859 1927 english author
'Jerome K. Jerome', (1859-1927), English author, 1894-1907. Artist: Unknown
bust lord protector oliver cromwell 1860 artist
Bust of Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell, 1860. Artist: Matthew Noble
francis bacon viscount st albans english philosopher
Francis Bacon, Viscount St Albans, English philosopher, scientist and statesman, early
edmond halley english astronomer mathematician
Edmond Halley, English astronomer and mathematician, c1720 (1794). Artist: A Birrell
geoffrey chaucer english author poet philosopher
Geoffrey Chaucer, English author, poet, philosopher, bureaucrat, and diplomat, (1903)
statue roman emperor hadrian first half 2nd century
Statue of the Roman Emperor Hadrian, first half of 2nd century. Artist: Unknown
soon dashing subaltern 4th hussars 1895 1945
'Soon he was a dashing subaltern in the 4th Hussars', 1895, (1945). Artist
voltaire 18th century french author playwright
Voltaire, 18th century French author, playwright, satirist and man of letters. Artist
tsar nicholas ii russia c1900 artist unknown
Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, c1900. Artist: Unknown
best british/isaac newton english mathematician astronomer
Isaac Newton, English mathematician, astronomer and physicist, (1818). Artist: R Page
guglielmo marconi 1874 1937 italian physicist
Guglielmo Marconi (1874-1937), Italian physicist and radio pioneer. Artist: Unknown
john logie baird 1888 1946 scottish electrical
John Logie Baird (1888-1946), Scottish electrical engineer and pioneer of television
sport/jesse owens start 200 metres berlin olympic games
Jesse Owens at the start of the 200 metres at the Berlin Olympic Games, 1936. Artist
boston tea party 26 december 1773 artist
Boston Tea Party, 26 December 1773. Artist: Unknown
head queen nefertiti egypt artist unknown
Head of Queen Nefertiti of Egypt. Artist: Unknown
childhood/children poor les enfants pauvres ragged babes
The Children of the Poor (Les Enfants Pauvres) - The Ragged Babes That Weep, c1875
charles lindburgh record breaking aviator 1927
Charles Lindburgh, record breaking aviator, 1927. Artist: Unknown
best british/england vs mexico 1966 world cup wembley stadium
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the 8th army commander bernard law montgomery 1942
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leo tolstoy 1828 1910 russian author philosopher
6 Jan 2017
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