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the aqueduct 1898 1900 artist paul cezanne
'The Aqueduct', 1898-1900. Artist: Paul Cezanne
badajoz merida teatro romano
Badajoz Merida Teatro Romano
boleslaw i chrobry entering conquered kiev c
Boleslaw I Chrobry entering conquered Kiev, c
emperor henry v matilda england wedding feast
Emperor Henry V and Matilda of England at the Wedding Feast in Mainz on 7 January 1114, 1114
a knight crossroads 1898 artist viktor mihajlovic
'A Knight at the Crossroads', 1898. Artist: Viktor Mihajlovic Vasnecov
tsarevich ivan riding grey wolf 1889 artist
'Tsarevich Ivan Riding the Grey Wolf', 1889. Artist: Viktor Mihajlovic Vasnecov
the litta madonna 1490 artist leonardo da
'The Litta Madonna', 1490. Artist: Leonardo da Vinci
the adoration christ child c1640 artist guido
'The Adoration of the Christ Child', c1640. Artist: Guido Reni
flowers 18th century artist rachel ruysch
'Flowers', 18th century. Artist: Rachel Ruysch
the holy family madonna beardless joseph c1506
'The Holy Family, or Madonna with the Beardless Joseph', c1506. Artist: Raphael
the man sorrows c1520 artist jan mostaert
'The Man of Sorrows', c1520. Artist: Jan Mostaert
antony cleopatra 17th early 18th century artist
'Antony and Cleopatra', 17th or early 18th century. Artist: Gerard de Lairesse
the milkmaids family 1641 artist louis le
'The Milkmaid's Family', 1641. Artist: Louis Le Nain
female portrait early 19th century artist italian
Female portrait, early 19th century. Artist: Italian Master
berlin mid 19th century artist johann philipp
'Berlin', mid 19th century. Artist: Johann Philipp Eduard Gartner
flanders landscape 17th early 18th century
'Flanders Landscape', 17th or early 18th century. Artist: Cornelis Huysmans
portrait youth gold wreath fayum mummy portrait
Portrait of a youth in a gold wreath, Fayum mummy portrait, Romano-Egyptian, early 2nd century
still life early 19th century artist french
'Still Life', early 19th century. Artist: French Master
view putbus 1824 1825 artist caspar david
'View over Putbus', 1824-1825. Artist: Caspar David Friedrich
the castle teplitz late 18th 19th century artist
'The Castle in Teplitz', late 18th or 19th century
sappho phaon cupid 1809 artist jacques louis
'Sappho, Phaon and Cupid', 1809. Artist: Jacques-Louis David
antiochus stratonike 18th century artist
'Antiochus and Stratonike', 18th century. Artist: Gaspare Diziani
portrait field marshal prince mikhail kutuzov 1829
'Portrait of Field Marshal Prince Mikhail Kutuzov', 1829. Artist: George Dawe
madonna surrounded flowers 1662 artist frans
'Madonna Surrounded by Flowers', 1662. Artist: Frans Ijkens
venus cupid 1792 artist nicolas courteille
'Venus and Cupid', 1792. Artist: Nicolas de Courteille
sleeping venus 18th century artist francois
'Sleeping Venus', 18th century. Artist: Francois Boucher
the annunciate virgin archangel gabriel 1490
'The Annunciate Virgin and Archangel Gabriel', 1490. Artist: Sandro Botticelli
at market 1564 artist joachim beuckelaer
'At the Market', 1564. Artist: Joachim Beuckelaer
two girls 19th century artist louis eugene
'Two girls', 19th century. Artist: Louis Eugene Bertier
a maid 19th century artist wilhelm amberg
'A Maid', 19th century. Artist: Wilhelm Amberg
roses peaches 1659 artist willem van aelst
'Roses and Peaches', 1659. Artist: Willem van Aelst
poster film doctor mabuso 1922 artist ilya
Poster for the film 'Doctor Mabuso', 1922. Artist: Il'ya Chashnik
the valley umbria 1910s artist aleksandr
'The Valley in Umbria', 1910s. Artist: Aleksandr Golovin
russian venus 1925 1926 artist boris mikhajlovich
'Russian Venus', 1925-1926. Artist: Boris Mikhajlovich Kustodiev
dish suprematism 1920s artist ilya chashnik
'Dish Suprematism', 1920s. Artist: Il'ya Chashnik
landscape trinity sergius monastery 1920 artist
'Landscape with the Trinity-Sergius-Monastery', 1920. Artist: Aristarkh Lentulov
river bank ryogoku bridge one famous views edo
River Bank at Ryogoku Bridge (One Hundred Famous Views of Edo), 1856-1858
ushimachi takanawa one famous views edo
Ushimachi, Takanawa (One Hundred Famous Views of Edo), 1856-1858
surugacho one famous views edo 1856 1858
Surugacho (One Hundred Famous Views of Edo), 1856-1858
horse track takata one famous views edo
The Horse Track at Takata (One Hundred Famous Views of Edo), 1856-1858
sumiyoshi festival tsukada island one famous
The Sumiyoshi Festival on Tsukada Island (One Hundred Famous Views of Edo), 1856-1858
paris ball dress year 1830
Paris ball dress from the year 1830
court dress time french first empire 1807
Court dress at the time of the French First Empire, 1807
marie antoinette children 1787
Marie Antoinette and her children', 1787
marie antoinette la rose 1783
Marie Antoinette a la Rose', 1783
portrait field marshal baron ernst gideon von laudon
Portrait of Field Marshal Baron Ernst Gideon von Laudon (1717-1790), 1861
portrait marie antoinette 1755 1793 archduchess
Portrait of Marie Antoinette (1755-1793), Archduchess of Austria and Queen of France and Navarre
portrait physician gerard van swieten 1700 1772
Portrait of the physician Gerard van Swieten (1700-1772), 1861
portrait count franz moritz von lacy 1725 1801
Portrait of Count Franz Moritz von Lacy (1725-1801), 1861
portrait count wenzel anton kaunitz rietberg
Portrait of Count Wenzel Anton Kaunitz-Rietberg (1711-1794), 1861
portrait princess isabella parma 1741 1763
Portrait of Princess Isabella of Parma (1741-1763), Archduchess of Austria, 1861
portrait emperor francis i 1708 1765 1861
Portrait of Emperor Francis I (1708-1765), 1861
portrait emperor joseph ii 1741 1790 1861
Portrait of Emperor Joseph II (1741-1790), 1861
saint christopher 1423
Saint Christopher, 1423
frederick i receives brandenburg 15th century
Frederick I receives Brandenburg, 15th century
siege fortress illustration book phisicke fortune
Siege of a fortress. Illustration from the book Phisicke Against Fortune by Petrarch
marriage margrave sigismund brandenburg mary hungary
The Marriage of margrave Sigismund of Brandenburg to Mary of Hungary, late 15th century
dietrich kagelwit ca 1300 1367 archbishop magdeburg
Dietrich Kagelwit (ca 1300-1367), Archbishop of Magdeburg (Illustration from the History
seven prince electors voting henry vii holy roman
Seven Prince Electors voting for Henry VII, Holy Roman Emperor, 1341
lovelorn peasant
Lovelorn Peasant
margrave otto iv brandenburg playing chess from
Margrave Otto IV of Brandenburg Playing Chess (From the Codex Manesse), c1300
dance noses gimpelsbrunn 1534
The Dance of the Noses at Gimpelsbrunn, 1534
great country fair detail 1539
The Great Country Fair (Detail), 1539
goose oracle black forest
Goose oracle in the Black Forest
wedding ploughing ceremony styria 1890
Wedding ploughing ceremony in Styria, 1890
puerperium frankfurt 16th century
Puerperium in Frankfurt in the 16th century
baptism infidels jacob illustration book synodicon
Baptism of infidels by Jacob. Illustration to the book Synodicon, 1700
saint basil great illustration book synodicon
Saint Basil The Great. Illustration to the book Synodicon, 1700
lucas evangelist illustration book apostol 1564
Lucas the Evangelist. Illustration to the book Apostol, 1564
portrait francysk skaryna 1486 1541 1517
Portrait of Francysk Skaryna (1486-1541), 1517
portrait ludwig schames 1917
Portrait of Ludwig Schames, 1917
legislative belly 1834
The Legislative Belly, 1834
frederick i meal heidelberg castle 1462 1840
Frederick I' Meal in Heidelberg Castle 1462, 1840
egg apiece round eggs gallant schweppermann
One egg apiece all round, but two eggs for the gallant Schweppermann, 1840
death arnold winkelried battle sempach 1840
Death of Arnold Winkelried during the battle of Sempach, 1840
rudolph i batllefield victory ottokar 1840
Rudolph I on batllefield after the victory over Ottokar, 1840
architect erwin von steinbach daughter sabina
Architect Erwin von Steinbach with his daughter Sabina, 1840
henry lion death brunswiek 1840
Henry the Lion before his death in Brunswiek, 1840
frederick i barbarossa pope alexander iii venice
Frederick I Barbarossa and Pope Alexander III in Venice, 1840
otto i bavaria prevents defeat emperor near verona
Otto I of Bavaria prevents a defeat of Emperor near Verona, 1840
siege weinsbergs castle loyal women 1140 1840
The siege of Weinsberg's castle and the loyal women 1140, 1840
abdication emperor henry iv ingelheim 1840
The abdication of Emperor Henry IV in Ingelheim, 1840
louis pious making penance attigny 822 1840
Louis the Pious making penance at Attigny in 822, 1840
coronation emperor charlemagne pope leo iii 1840
The Coronation of Emperor Charlemagne by Pope Leo III, 1840
baptism saxon leader widukind 1840
Baptism of Saxon leader Widukind, 1840
arthur learns sword excalibur 1893 1894
Arthur Learns of the Sword Excalibur, 1893-1894
queens lancelot 1893 1894
The Four Queens and Lancelot, 1893-1894
merlin nimue illustration book le morte darthur
Merlin and Nimue. Illustration to the book Le Morte d'Arthur by Sir Thomas Malory
merlin illustration book le morte darthur sir
Merlin. Illustration to the book Le Morte d'Arthur by Sir Thomas Malory, 1893-1894
dante alighieri 1265 1321 1918
Dante Alighieri (1265-1321), 1918
slavonic composers 1871 1872
Slavonic composers', 1871-1872
portrait writer essayist philosopher denis diderot
Portrait of the writer, essayist and philosopher Denis Diderot (1713-1784) in old age
portrait author orientalist journalist osip senkovsky
Portrait of the Author, Orientalist and Journalist Osip Senkovsky (1800-1858), 1830s
portrait poet mikhail lermontov 1814 1841 child
Portrait of the poet Mikhail Lermontov (1814-1841) as Child, 1820-1822
peasant sheep
Peasant with a Sheep'
virgin child
Virgin and Child'
konevsky monastery nativity virgin konevets 1812
The Konevsky Monastery of Nativity of Virgin in Konevets, 1812
solovetsky transfiguration monastery solovetsky
The Solovetsky Transfiguration Monastery on the Solovetsky Islands, 1879
mother god monastery zadonsk 1878
The Mother of God Monastery of Zadonsk', 1878


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