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lindisfarne gospels 715 721
The Lindisfarne Gospels, 715-721
field marshal count ludwig adolf peter sayn wittgenstein ludwigsburg
Field Marshal Count Ludwig Adolf Peter of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Ludwigsburg, (1769-1843)
badajoz merida teatro romano
Badajoz Merida Teatro Romano
boleslaw i chrobry entering conquered kiev c
Boleslaw I Chrobry entering conquered Kiev, c
emperor henry v matilda england wedding feast
Emperor Henry V and Matilda of England at the Wedding Feast in Mainz on 7 January 1114, 1114
a knight crossroads 1898 artist viktor mihajlovic
'A Knight at the Crossroads', 1898. Artist: Viktor Mihajlovic Vasnecov
tsarevich ivan riding grey wolf 1889 artist
'Tsarevich Ivan Riding the Grey Wolf', 1889. Artist: Viktor Mihajlovic Vasnecov
the litta madonna 1490 artist leonardo da
'The Litta Madonna', 1490. Artist: Leonardo da Vinci
the adoration christ child c1640 artist guido
'The Adoration of the Christ Child', c1640. Artist: Guido Reni
flowers 18th century artist rachel ruysch
'Flowers', 18th century. Artist: Rachel Ruysch
the holy family madonna beardless joseph c1506
'The Holy Family, or Madonna with the Beardless Joseph', c1506. Artist: Raphael
the man sorrows c1520 artist jan mostaert
'The Man of Sorrows', c1520. Artist: Jan Mostaert
antony cleopatra 17th early 18th century artist
'Antony and Cleopatra', 17th or early 18th century. Artist: Gerard de Lairesse
the milkmaids family 1641 artist louis le
'The Milkmaid's Family', 1641. Artist: Louis Le Nain
female portrait early 19th century artist italian
Female portrait, early 19th century. Artist: Italian Master
at market 1564 artist joachim beuckelaer
'At the Market', 1564. Artist: Joachim Beuckelaer
portrait singer marcella sembrich 1858 1935
Portrait of the singer Marcella Sembrich, (1858-1935), 1891
concert park 1720 1743
Concert in the Park', 1720-1743
apostles paul barnabas lystra c1616 1617
The Apostles Paul and Barnabas in Lystra', c1616-1617
self portrait parents brothers sisters c1615
Self-Portrait with Parents, Brothers and Sisters', c1615
cleopatras feast 1653
Cleopatra's Feast', 1653
childhood christ c1620
Childhood of Christ', c1620
unsealing will 1869
After the Unsealing of the Will', 1869
self portrait 1912
Self-Portrait', 1912
young girl book c1906
Young Girl with a Book', c1906
beginning crimean war eyes west european caricaturist
The beginning of the Crimean war by eyes of the West European caricaturist, 1850s
marriage cana 1531
The Marriage at Cana', 1531
virgin child 1520s
Virgin and Child', 1520s
nativity late 15th century
Nativity', late 15th century
portrait caspar von saldern 1711 1786 middle
Portrait of Caspar von Saldern', (1711-1786), middle of the 18th century
equestrian portrait empress catherine ii 1729 1796
Equestrian Portrait of Empress Catherine II', (1729-1796), after 1762
good friends 1881
Good Friends', 1881
notre dame embankment le havre 1908
Notre-Dame Embankment, Le Havre', 1908
ice palace 1878
Ice Palace', 1878
view lake 1893
View of a Lake, 1893
violinist early 20th century
Violinist, early 20th century
governess c1901 1902
Governess, c1901-1902
portrait opera singer henriette sontag 1806 1854
Portrait of the opera singer Henriette Sontag', (1806-1854), 1831
portrait grand duchess maria pavlovna russia
Portrait of Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna of Russia', (1786?1859), 1822
self portrait 1680s
Self-Portrait, 1680s
festival quirinal palace 1767
Festival Before the Quirinal Palace', 1767
saint michael archangel c1629 1630
Saint Michael the Archangel, c1629-1630
holy family saint catherine 1515 1520
Holy Family with Saint Catherine', 1515-1520
madonna child saint anthony padua 1660s
Madonna and Child with Saint Anthony of Padua', 1660s
holy women christ s tomb second half 16th
Holy Women at Christ' s Tomb', second half of the 16th century
lamentation christ c1586
The Lamentation over Christ', c1586
christ caiaphas 1615 1620
Christ and Caiaphas', 1615-1620
edge forest the flight egypt 1610
Edge of the Forest (The Flight into Egypt)', 1610
portrait princess elizabeth vorontsova dashkova
Portrait of Princess Elizabeth Vorontsova-Dashkova', 1873
french fury antwerp 1827 1846
French Fury in Antwerp', 1827-1846
ivan terrible priest silvester fire moscow 1547
Ivan the Terrible and the priest Silvester during the Fire of Moscow on 1547', 1856
concert park 1738
Concert in the Park', 1738
portrait general pablo morillo y morillo
Portrait of General Pablo Morillo y Morillo', 1820-1822
portrait sir robert walpole 1st earl orford
Portrait of Sir Robert Walpole, 1st Earl of Orford', (1676-1745), 1740
saint secundus angel c1640
Saint Secundus and Angel', c1640
portrait poet felix lope vega 1562 1635 1614
Portrait of the Poet Felix Lope de Vega', (1562-1635), 1614
portrait grand duchess elizaveta fyodorovna
Portrait of Grand Duchess Elizaveta Fyodorovna', (1864?1918), 1885
battle poltava 27th june 1709 1724
The Battle of Poltava on 27th June 1709, after 1724
lermitage revue illustree poster 1897
L'Ermitage, revue illustree, poster, 1897
sermon saint vincent ferrer early 17th century
Sermon of Saint Vincent Ferrer', early 17th century
woman wildflowers c1900
Woman with Wildflowers', c1900
queen zenobia 1640s
Queen Zenobia', 1640s
welcome enemies poster 1947
Welcome to our Enemies', poster, 1947
poster cripples help society 1914 1915
Poster of the Cripples' Help Society, 1914-1915
western imperialists rate stroked poster 1931
The Western imperialists rate has been stroked!', poster, 1931
rule great stalin lets ahead communism poster
Under the rule of great Stalin - let's go ahead to communism!', poster, 1951
gave life poster 1943
You gave back our life!', poster, 1943
comrade muslims join ranks vsevobuch universal
Comrade Muslims! Everyone join the ranks of Vsevobuch!', (Universal military training)
happy new year 1st january 1939 poster 1938
Happy New Year! 1st January 1939', poster, 1938
metal weapons poster 1941
More metal, more weapons!', poster, 1941
attack polish uhlans bolsheviks near sloutsk 1919
Attack of Polish Uhlans on Bolsheviks near Sloutsk, 1919', 1920
tobias saying good bye father 1860
Tobias Saying Good Bye to his Father', 1860
self portrait caricature 1861
Self-Portrait as a Caricature, 1861
ceremonial dinner palace facets moscow kremlin
Ceremonial Dinner in the Palace of the Facets in the Moscow Kremlin, 1883-1895
breakfast emperors alexander ii william i winter
Breakfast of Emperors Alexander II and William I in the Winter Palace, 1873
bird perching blossoming branch 1696
Bird Perching on a Blossoming Branch, 1696
alexander iii deathbed surrounded angels 1895
Alexander III on his Deathbed Surrounded by Angels, 1895
portrait poet alexander sumarokov 1717 1777
Portrait of the poet Alexander Sumarokov (1717-1777), late 18th century
study womans head 1710s
Study of a Woman's Head, 1710s
young woman room 1892 1893
Young Woman in a Room', 1892-1893
wedding tsar nicholas ii princess alix hesse darmstadt
The wedding of Tsar Nicholas II and the Princess Alix of Hesse-Darmstadt on November 26
portrait daughters emperor paul i 1796
Portrait of the Daughters of Emperor Paul I, 1796
self portrait 1558 1563
Self-Portrait', between 1558 and 1563
saint george dragon 1543
Saint George and the Dragon', 1543
night 1880s
Night', 1880s
kiss sphinx 1890 1914
Kiss of a Sphinx, between 1890 and 1914
portrait princess yekaterina romanovna vorontsova dashkova
Portrait of Princess Yekaterina Romanovna Vorontsova-Dashkova (1743-1810), 1777
barges billancourt 1877
Barges at Billancourt', 1877
view fort samson 1885
View of Fort Samson', 1885
peasant family going market 1473 1475
Peasant Family Going to the Market, between 1473 and 1475
conclusion peace treaty nystad 20th august 1721
Conclusion of the Peace Treaty of Nystad on 20th August 1721
portrait grand duke nikolai nikolayevich 18561929
Portrait of Grand Duke Nikolai Nikolayevich (1856?1929) on Horseback, 1910s
portrait louis xiv horseback battle cambrai second
Portrait of Louis XIV on Horseback in the Battle of Cambrai, second half of the 17th
portrait tsarevich alexei nikolaevich russia
Portrait of Tsarevich Alexei Nikolaevich of Russia, 1915
portrait emperor nicholas ii remarque portraits
Portrait of Emperor Nicholas II with Remarque-Portraits of Emperors Alexander I and Nicholas I
odalisque 1870s
Odalisque', 1870s
catherinehof 1717
Catherinehof, 1717
view great palace peterhof 1717
View of the Great Palace in Peterhof, 1717
oranienbaum 1717
Oranienbaum, 1717


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