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arsenal footballer alex james passes manchester
Arsenal footballer Alex James passes three Manchester City players, c1929-c1937. Artist
ulrico molitor grabado su obratratado las mujeres
Ulrico Molitor Grabado De Su Obra"tratado De Las Mujeres Maleficas Llamadas
ulrico molitor grabado su obratratado las mujeres
Ulrico Molitor Grabado De Su Obra"tratado De Las Mujeres Maleficas
emilio romero 1917 2003 spanish writer
Emilio Romero (1917-2003), Spanish writer and journalist
gregorio prieto 1897 1992 spanish painter
Gregorio Prieto (1897-1992), Spanish Painter
house lived died miguel unamuno 1864 1936 spanish
Front of the house where lived and died Miguel de Unamuno (1864-1936), Spanish writer
image lady lujan patron saint argentina
Image of Our Lady of Luján, the patron saint of Argentina
cain abel scene bible nuremberg written german
Cain and Abel, scene in the Bible of Nuremberg written in German, 1483
noah sons scene bible nuremberg written german
Noah and his sons, scene in the Bible of Nuremberg written in German, 1483
king solomons judgment scene bible nuremberg
King Solomon's judgment, scene in the Bible of Nuremberg written in German, 1483
rescue moses scene bible nuremberg written german
Rescue of Moses, scene in the Bible of Nuremberg written in German, 1483
moses red sea scene bible nuremberg written german
Moses in the Red Sea, scene in the Bible of Nuremberg, written in German, 1483
engraving showing adam eve paradise scene bible
Engraving showing Adam and Eve in paradise, scene in the Bible of Nuremberg, German
page bible nuremberg german edition 1483
A page from the Bible of Nuremberg, German edition, 1483
camilo jose cela 1916 2002 spanish writer
Camilo Jose Cela (1916-2002), Spanish writer, Nobel Prize for Literature in Stockholm
sabino arana 1865 1903 basque nationalist political
Sabino Arana (1865-1903), Basque nationalist political, photo playback time
maria amalia saxony 1724 1760 queen spain
Maria Amalia of Saxony (1724-1760), Queen of Spain, wife of Carlos III
guillermo diaz plaja 1909 1984 spanish writer
Guillermo Diaz Plaja (1909-1984), Spanish writer, photo 1985
cristobal toral 1940 spanish painter study madrid
Cristobal Toral (1940 -) Spanish Painter in his study in Madrid, photo of 1987
eusebio sempere 81923 1985 spanish sculptor
Eusebio Sempere 81923-1985), Spanish sculptor
eduardo sanz 1928 spanish painter photo
Eduardo Sanz (1928 -), Spanish Painter, photo of 1980
blanche castile 1188 1252 queen france louis
Blanche of Castile (1188-1252), Queen of France and Louis VIII 'The Lion'
source designed painter francisco zurbaran house
Source designed by the Painter Francisco de Zurbarán in front of the house where
tombstone recalling place famous painter francisco
Tombstone recalling the place where the famous Painter Francisco de Zurbarán
corner birthplace rebuilt museum francisco zurbaran
A corner of the birthplace rebuilt as museum of Francisco de Zurbarán (1598-1664)
birthplace museum francisco zurbaran 1598 1664
Birthplace now a museum of Francisco de Zurbarán (1598-1664), Spanish Painter
general prim followed catalan volunteers battalion
General Prim followed by Catalan volunteers and the battalion of Alba de Tormes
joan salvat papasseit 1894 1924 catalan writer
Joan Salvat Papasseit (1894-1924), Catalan writer, drawing J. Guardia, 1923
reign charles iv 1748 1819 taking figueras
Reign of Charles IV (1748-1819), taking of Figueras (Girona) by French troops
reign charles iv 1748 1819 taking roses girona
Reign of Charles IV (1748-1819), taking of Roses (Girona) by the French on 3rd February
hugo moncada 1478 1528 spanish general engraving
Hugo de Moncada (1478-1528), Spanish general, engraving from the collection 'Illustrious
pablo cespedes 1538 1608 spanish painter poet
Pablo de Céspedes (1538-1608), Spanish Painter and poet, recorded in the collection
narciso monturiol 1819 1885 catalan inventor
Narciso Monturiol (1819-1885), Catalan inventor
mistery elche drama represented middle ages
Mistery of Elche', drama represented from the Middle Ages in the Basilica of Saint
male body signs zodiac sheet work epilogue medicine
Male body with signs of the Zodiac, sheet in the work 'Epilogue of medicine
japanese koto ancient stringed instrument
Japanese Koto, ancient stringed instrument
adoration magi albrecht durer
'Adoration of the Magi', by Albrecht Dürer
apostolate diocese la seu durgell represents
Front of the Apostolate, from the Diocese of La Seu d'Urgell. Represents Christ
gustavian family c 1785 artist pasch ulrika
The Gustavian Family, c. 1785. Artist: Pasch, Ulrika Fredrika (1735-1796)
charles xii sweden ivan mazepa battle poltava 1879
Charles XII of Sweden and Ivan Mazepa after the Battle of Poltava, 1879. Artist: Cederstrom
spoilt child 1765 artist jean baptiste greuze
'Spoilt Child', 1765. Artist: Jean-Baptiste Greuze
poets inspiration 1785 artist mariano rossi
'Poet's Inspiration', 1785. Artist: Mariano Rossi
apollo daphne 18th century artist francois
'Apollo and Daphne', 18th century. Artist: Francois Lemoyne
portrait italian singer angelika catalani late
'Portrait of the Italian singer Angelika Catalani', late 18th or early 19th century
a letter 18th century artist jean baptiste
'A Letter', 18th century. Artist: Jean-Baptiste Greuze
electrical experiment 1777 artist amedee
'Electrical Experiment', 1777. Artist: Amedee van Loo
pneumatic experiment 1777 artist amedee van
'Pneumatic Experiment', 1777. Artist: Amedee van Loo
venus cupid 1785 artist pompeo batoni
'Venus and Cupid', 1785. Artist: Pompeo Batoni
caesar meeting cleopatra 1747 artist giovanni
'Caesar meeting Cleopatra', 1747. Artist: Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo
portrait princess tatiana yusupova 1858 artist
'Portrait of Princess Tatiana Yusupova', 1858. Artist: Franz Xaver Winterhalter
a sudden attack 1871 artist vasily
'A Sudden Attack', 1871. Artist: Vasily Vereshchagin
apotheosis war 1871 artist vasily
'Apotheosis of the War', 1871. Artist: Vasily Vereshchagin
the balashovs children 1880 artist konstantin
'The Balashov's Children', 1880. Artist: Konstantin Makovsky
portrait author historian nikolay m karamzin 1805
'Portrait of the author and historian Nikolay M Karamzin', 1805
they triumphant c1871 c1872 artist vasily
'They are Triumphant', c1871-c1872. Artist: Vasily Vereshchagin
the vanquished requiem c1877 c1878 artist
'The Vanquished, Requiem', c1877-c1878. Artist: Vasily Vereshchagin
portrait lady daughter c1530s c1540s artist
'Portrait of a Lady with Daughter', c1530s-c1540s
the holy family saints catherine anne john baptist
'The Holy Family with Saints Catherine, Anne and John the Baptist', c1580-c1582
man jug 18th century artist francesco giuseppe
'Man with a Jug', 18th century. Artist: Francesco Giuseppe Casanova
madonna child saints donator c1504 artist
'Madonna and Child with Saints and Donator', c1504. Artist: Pasqualino Veneto
tarquinius lucretia 16th early 17th century
'Tarquinius and Lucretia', 16th or early 17th century. Artist: Jacopo Palma
moses jethro c1655 c1656 artist ferdinand
'Moses and Jethro', c1655-c1656. Artist: Ferdinand Bol
the annunciation shepherds 17th century artist
'The Annunciation to the Shepherds', 17th century. Artist: Benjamin Gerritz Cuyp
italian landscape small bridge 1656 artist
'Italian landscape with a Small Bridge', 1656. Artist: Nicolaes Berchem
the idolatry king solomon c1739 artist jacopo
'The Idolatry of King Solomon', c1739. Artist: Jacopo Amigoni
the martyrdom saint lawrence 18th century artist
'The Martyrdom of Saint Lawrence', 18th century. Artist: Gaspare Diziani
view pirna right bank elbe c1753 artist bernardo
'View of Pirna from the right bank of the Elbe', c1753. Artist: Bernardo Bellotto
the paradise c1582 c1585 artist francesco
'The Paradise', c1582-c1585. Artist: Francesco Bassano II
view town 18th century artist francesco
'View of a Town', 18th century. Artist: Francesco Battaglioli
portrait lady boy 1530s artist paris bordone
'Portrait of a Lady with a Boy', 1530s. Artist: Paris Bordone
venus vulcan cupid 1700s artist sebastiano
'Venus, Vulcan and Cupid', 1700s. Artist: Sebastiano Ricci
diana callisto 17th century artist pietro
'Diana and Callisto', 17th century. Artist: Pietro Liberi
the temptation saint anthony c1706 c1707 artist
'The Temptation of Saint Anthony', c1706-c1707. Artist: Sebastiano Ricci
eumenes roxana 17th century artist padovanino
'Eumenes and Roxana', 17th century. Artist: Padovanino
the sacrifice polyxena 1730s artist giovanni
'The Sacrifice of Polyxena', 1730s. Artist: Giovanni Battista Pittoni the Younger
diana endymion 1723 artist giovanni battista
'Diana and Endymion', 1723. Artist: Giovanni Battista Pittoni the Younger
primavera spring 1757 artist giuseppe
'Primavera' ('Spring'), before 1757. Artist: Giuseppe Nogari
the death dido c1637 c1640 artist sebastien
'The Death of Dido', c1637-c1640. Artist: Sebastien Bourdon
venus mars cupid 1550s artist paris bordone
'Venus and Mars with Cupid', 1550s. Artist: Paris Bordone
summer 16th century artist francesco bassano
'Summer', 16th century. Artist: Francesco Bassano II
the child moses trampling pharaohs crown c1685 c1687
'The Child Moses Trampling on the Pharaoh's Crown', c1685-c1687. Artist
bacchante satyrs c1713 artist sebastiano
'Bacchante and Satyrs', c1713. Artist: Sebastiano Ricci


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