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27 May 2010

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silver tetradrachma syracuse obverse goddess
Silver tetradrachma from Syracuse (obverse: a goddess with dolphins), 5th-4th century BC
saint john baptist wilderness c1615 c1620 artist
'Saint John the Baptist in the Wilderness', c1615-c1620. Artist: Nicolas Regnier
landscape peasant cottage 1631 artist jan
'Landscape with a Peasant Cottage', 1631. Artist: Jan van Goyen
the lamentation dead christ late 15th early
'The Lamentation over the Dead Christ', late 15th or early 16th century. Artist
peasant girls brushwood c1852 artist jean
'Peasant Girls with Brushwood', c1852. Artist: Jean Francois Millet
the lament jephthahs daughter 1846 artist
'The Lament of Jephthah's Daughter', 1846
sunset river 1650s artist aelbert cuyp
'Sunset over the River', 1650s. Artist: Aelbert Cuyp
the saints sebastian irene lucia 1628 artist
'The Saints Sebastian, Irene and Lucia', 1628. Artist: Jusepe de Ribera
the martyrdom saint stephen 1660 artist pietro
'The Martyrdom of Saint Stephen', 1660. Artist: Pietro da Cortona
after storm 1869 artist eugene isabey
'After the Storm', 1869. Artist: Eugene Isabey
girl bonnet 1760s artist jean baptiste greuze
'Girl in a Bonnet', 1760s. Artist: Jean-Baptiste Greuze
portrait old man 16th century artist ridolfo
'Portrait of an Old Man', 16th century. Artist: Ridolfo Ghirlandaio
winter landscape 17th century artist gysbrecht
'Winter Landscape', 17th century. Artist: Gysbrecht Leytens
still life grapes 17th century artist michelangelo
'Still Life with Grapes', 17th century. Artist: Michelangelo Pace del Campidoglio
portrait francois valois duke alencon late 1560s
'Portrait of Francois de Valois, Duke of Alencon', late 1560s
a canyon 1878 artist gustave dore
'A Canyon', 1878. Artist: Gustave Dore
morning harbour 1630s artist claude lorrain
'Morning in the Harbour', 1630s. Artist: Claude Lorrain
chinese sketches winter palace beijing c1804 c1806
'Chinese Sketches, the Winter Palace in Beijing', c1804-c1806
illustration poem tale tsar saltan aleksandr pushkin
Illustration for the poem The Tale of Tsar Saltan by Aleksandr Pushkin, 1905. Artist
interior e boratynskys house moscow russia 1830s
Interior in E Boratynsky's House, Moscow, Russia, 1830s. Artist: Russian Master
view moscow kremlin bolshoy kamenny bridge greater
'View from the Moscow Kremlin and the Bolshoy Kamenny Bridge (Greater Stone Bridge)'
self portrait c1800 artist elisabeth louise
'Self-portrait', c1800. Artist: Elisabeth Louise Vigee-LeBrun
cameo blessing christ byzantine 11th century
Cameo with blessing Christ, Byzantine, 11th century. Artist: Byzantine Master
steel gold silver helmet deesis byzantine 13th
Steel, gold and silver helmet with Deesis, Byzantine, 13th century
gilded silver staurothek cross reliquary byzantine
Gilded silver staurothek (Cross reliquary), Byzantine, 12th century
the descent hell 12th century artist byzantine
'The Descent into Hell', 12th century. Artist: Byzantine Master
merchants funeral banquet 1870s artist firs
'Merchant's Funeral Banquet', 1870s. Artist: Firs Sergeevich Zhuravlev
the farewell 1872 artist alexei ivanovich
'The Farewell', 1872. Artist: Alexei Ivanovich Korzukhin
view kremlin sophia embankment moscow 1879
'View of the Kremlin from the Sophia Embankment in Moscow', 1879
sukhum kale 19th century artist pyotr petrovich
'Sukhum Kale', 19th century. Artist: Pyotr Petrovich Vereshchagin
winter trinity sergius lavra sergiev posad c1910
'Winter in the Trinity Sergius Lavra in Sergiev Posad', c1910
the flight egypt 17th century artist bartolome
'The Flight into Egypt', 17th century. Artist: Bartolome Esteban Murillo
family portrait c1523 artist lorenzo lotto
'Family Portrait', c1523. Artist: Lorenzo Lotto
the resurrection c1355 c1360 artist andrea
'The Resurrection', c1355-c1360. Artist: Andrea Vanni
self portrait 1566 artist lambert lombard
'Self-portrait', 1566. Artist: Lambert Lombard
self portrait c1854 c1858 artist anselm friedrich
'Self-portrait', c1854-c1858. Artist: Anselm Friedrich Feuerbach
the merry company 17th century artist dirck
'The Merry Company', 17th century. Artist: Dirck Hals
christ carrying cross c1518 c1525 artist
'Christ Carrying the Cross', c1518-c1525. Artist: Michael Sittow
the annunciation c1470 c1480 artist german
'The Annunciation', c1470-c1480. Artist: German Master
the virgin child enthroned 16th century artist
'The Virgin and Child Enthroned', 16th century. Artist: Adriaen Isenbrandt
musical evening early 17th century artist
'Musical Evening', early 17th century. Artist: Master of Haarlem
the annunciation early 16th century artist
'The Annunciation', early 16th century. Artist: Master of Hoogstraaten
the adoration christ child c1470 c1480 artist
'The Adoration of the Christ Child', c1470-c1480. Artist: German Master
flowers 1722 artist jan van huysum
'Flowers', 1722. Artist: Jan van Huysum
breakfast ham 1647 artist pieter claesz
'Breakfast with Ham', 1647. Artist: Pieter Claesz
saint cecilia 1640s artist carlo dolci
'Saint Cecilia', 1640s. Artist: Carlo Dolci
portrait man 1660 artist frans hals
'Portrait of a Man', before 1660. Artist: Frans Hals
landscape polyphemus 1649 artist nicolas
'Landscape with Polyphemus', 1649. Artist: Nicolas Poussin
portrait etienne dumoustier c1570 artist
'Portrait of Etienne Dumoustier', c1570. Artist: Pierre Dumonstier I
allegory history c1615 c1620 artist jusepe
'Allegory of the History', c1615-c1620. Artist: Jusepe de Ribera
female portrait 1530s artist corneille lyon
'Female Portrait', 1530s. Artist: Corneille de Lyon
portrait don diego villamayor 1605 artist
'Portrait of Don Diego de Villamayor', 1605. Artist: Juan Pantoja de la Cruz
still life fruit parrot 1645 artist jan fyt
'Still Life with Fruit and Parrot', 1645. Artist: Jan Fyt
warrior servant 1653 artist pieter hooch
'Warrior and Servant', 1653. Artist: Pieter de Hooch
terrace ruin park c1780 artist hubert robert
'Terrace Ruin in a Park', c1780. Artist: Hubert Robert
the adoration magi tapestry 1890 artist
'The Adoration of the Magi', tapestry, 1890. Artist: Morris & Co
madonna child cross shaped distaff 1570s artist
'Madonna and Child with a Cross-shaped Distaff', 1570s. Artist: Luis de Morales
the holy family c1660 c1670 artist bartolome
'The Holy Family', c1660-c1670. Artist: Bartolome Esteban Murillo
madonna child saints angels late 14th early
'Madonna with Child, Saints and Angels', late 14th or early 15th century. Artist
first steps c1786 c1788 artist marguerite
'First Steps', c1786-c1788. Artist: Marguerite Gerard
card game 17th century artist dingeman van
'Card Game', 17th century. Artist: Dingeman van der Hagen
pavilion cascade 1760 artist hubert robert
'Pavilion with the Cascade', 1760. Artist: Hubert Robert
unexpected return c1884 c1888 artist ilya
'Unexpected Return', c1884-c1888. Artist: Il'ya Repin
kermis 17th century artist peeter gysels
Kermis', 17th century. Artist: Peeter Gysels
winter landscape skaters late 17th early 18th
'Winter Landscape with Skaters', late 17th or early 18th century
portrait archduchess maria magdalena austria
'Portrait of Archduchess Maria Magdalena of Austria', 17th century. Artist
portrait grand duke tuscany cosimo ii de medici
'Portrait of Grand Duke of Tuscany Cosimo II de' Medici', 17th century
chinese sketches tsyan minh bridge c1804 c1806
'Chinese Sketches, Tsyan Minh Bridge', c1804-c1806
self portrait 17th century artist gian lorenzo
'Self-portrait', 17th century. Artist: Gian Lorenzo Bernini
madonna child enthroned saints peter paul c1400
'Madonna and Child enthroned with Saints Peter and Paul', c1400
portrait man late 15th early 16th century artist
'Portrait of a Man', late 15th or early 16th century. Artist: Antonio de Saliba
portrait author bernard le bovier fontenelle
'Portrait of the author Bernard le Bovier de Fontenelle', 18th century. Artist
portrait poet tragedian prosper jolyot crebillon
'Portrait of the poet and tragedian Prosper Jolyot de Crebillon', 1746. Artist
archimedes 18th century artist giuseppe
'Archimedes', 18th century. Artist: Giuseppe Nogari
old coquette vanitas 1630 artist bernardo
'Old Coquette' (Vanitas), after 1630. Artist: Bernardo Strozzi
salome 16th century artist bernardino licinio
'Salome', 16th century. Artist: Bernardino Licinio
the baptism christ 1486 artist guidoccio
'The Baptism of Christ', after 1486. Artist: Guidoccio Cozzarelli
christ enthroned saviour world c1505 artist
'Christ Enthroned', (Saviour of the World), c1505
madonna child pomegranate 15th century artist
'Madonna and Child with Pomegranate', 15th century. Artist: Neri di Bicci
marble head doryphoros roman copy original polykleitos
Marble head of Doryphoros (Roman copy after original by Polykleitos), c450-c440 BC
idol carved elk antler russian forest cultures
Idol carved from elk antler, Russian Forest Cultures, 1st half of 2nd millenium BC
gold enamel flask emeralds indian 17th century
Gold and enamel flask with emeralds, Indian, 17th century. Artist: Unknown
virgin tenderness saints the virgin eleusa
'Virgin of Tenderness with the Saints' (The Virgin Eleusa), Byzantine icon, 14th century
gilded silver jug dancing girls sasanian 5th
Gilded silver jug with dancing girls, Sasanian, 5th or 6th century. Artist: Unknown
marble portrait bust roman emperor nero 1st century
Marble portrait bust of the Roman Emperor Nero, 1st century. Artist: Unknown
red figure psykter wine cooler symposium scene
Red-figure psykter (wine cooler) with a symposium scene, Ancient Greek, c505-c500 BC
horseman pazyryk felt artefact carpet detail
Horseman, Pazyryk felt artefact (carpet detail), 5th or 4th century BC. Artist: Unknown
gold figurine bull piece pole canopy scythian
Gold figurine of a bull (piece from a pole of a canopy), Scythian, 3rd millenium BC
wooden ushabti figurine mutry ancient egyptian
Wooden ushabti figurine of Mutry, Ancient Egyptian, 16th or 15th century BC. Artist
samovar russian late 18th early 19th century
Samovar, Russian, late 18th or early 19th century.. Artist: Russian Master of Tula
silver denar city hildesheim germany c1045 c1056
Silver denar of the city of Hildesheim, Germany, c1045-c1056. Artist: Unknown
marble portrait bust roman emperor balbinus 3rd
Marble portrait bust of the Roman Emperor Balbinus, 3rd century. Artist: Unknown
marble portrait bust gaius julius caesar 1st
Marble portrait bust of Gaius Julius Caesar, 1st half of 1st century. Artist: Unknown
portrait vice chancellor prince alexander kurakin
'Portrait of the Vice-Chancellor Prince Alexander Kurakin', 1797