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17 Aug 2010

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nassau bahamas c1880 artist unknown
Nassau, Bahamas, c1880. Artist: Unknown
capture confederate guns near culpeper virginia
Capture of Confederate guns, near Culpeper, Virginia, American Civil War, 14 September 1863
town port wellington capital new zealand c1880
The town and port of Wellington, capital of New Zealand, c1880. Artist: Unknown
battle philippi west virginia american civil war
Battle of Philippi, West Virginia, American Civil War, 3 June, 1861. Artist: Unknown
battle bakers creek mississippi american civil war
Battle of Baker's Creek, Mississippi, American Civil War, 16 May 1863. Artist
capture vicksburg mississippi union army american
Capture of Vicksburg, Mississippi, by the Union army, American Civil War, 4 July 1863
siege fredericksburg virginia american civiil war
Siege of Fredericksburg, Virginia, American Civiil War, c1864-c1865. Artist: Unknown
union volunteers crossing ohio river cincinnati
Union volunteers crossing the Ohio River, Cincinnati, Ohio, American Civil War, c1862
siege petersburg virginia american civil war
Siege of Petersburg, Virginia, American Civil War, c1864-c1865. Artist: Unknown
recapture baton rouge louisiana american civil war
Recapture of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, American Civil War, 17 December 1862. Artist
battle cold harbor virginia american civil war
Battle of Cold Harbor, Virginia, American Civil War, 3 June 1864. Artist: Unknown
burning white house virginia american civil war
Burning of the White House, Virginia, American Civil War, 26 June 1862. Artist: Unknown
battle spotsylvania court house virginia american
Battle of Spotsylvania Court House, Virginia, American Civil War, 12 May 1864. Artist
return foraging party baton rouge louisiana
Return of a foraging party to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, American Civil War, c1862. Artist
bombardment forts jackson st philip louisiana
Bombardment of Forts Jackson and St Philip, Louisiana, American Civil War, April 1862
attack sabine pass texas american civil war
The attack on Sabine Pass, Texas, American Civil War, 8 September 1863. Artist: Unknown
battle shiloh tennessee american civil war
Battle of Shiloh, Tennessee, American Civil War, 6 April 1862. Artist: Unknown
battle bentonville north carolina american civil
Battle of Bentonville, North Carolina, American Civil War 19 March 1865. Artist: Unknown
night battle cedar mountain culpeper county virginia
Night of the Battle Cedar Mountain, Culpeper County, Virginia, American Civil War, 9 August 1862
wheelers confederate cavalry capturing supply
'Wheeler's Confederate cavalry capturing a supply train near Jasper, Tennessee', c1863
hookers battle american civil war 26 november 1863
Hooker's Battle, American Civil War, 26 November 1863. Artist: Unknown
kingston harbour jamaica c1880 artist unknown
Kingston Harbour, Jamaica, c1880. Artist: Unknown
havana cuba c1865 artist unknown
Havana, Cuba, c1865. Artist: Unknown
the new city la plata buenos ayres capital
'The new city of La Plata, Buenos Ayres, the capital of the Argentine Republic', c1890
spanish blockading squadron valparaiso chile c1880
The Spanish blockading squadron at Valparaiso, Chile, c1880. Artist: Unknown
the naval combat mobile harbour alabama american
'The naval combat in Mobile Harbour', Alabama, American Civil War, 5 August 1864
professional story teller kashgar xinjiang china
A professional story teller at Kashgar, Xinjiang, China, c1875. Artist: Unknown
tonga c1885 artist canedi barberis
Tonga, c1885. Artist: Canedi Barberis
european factories canton guangzhou china c1875
European factories at Canton (Guangzhou), China, c1875. Artist: Unknown
manila philippines c1880 artist unknown
Manila, Philippines, c1880. Artist: Unknown
street roseau dominica c1880artist pann
A street in Roseau, Dominica, c1880.Artist: Pann
view hamilton victoria australia c1885 artist
'View of Hamilton', Victoria, Australia, c1885. Artist: Unknown
adelaide south australia australia c1890 artist
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia, c1890. Artist: Unknown
victoria hong kong chinese mainland c1890 artist
Victoria, Hong Kong, from the Chinese mainland, c1890. Artist: Unknown
japanese soldiers yukuhama japan c1845 artist
'Japanese soldiers at Yukuhama', Japan, c1845. Artist: Sarony & Co
coolies hong kong wet weather c1875 artist
Coolies at Hong Kong, in wet weather, c1875. Artist: Unknown
japanese school c1880 artist unknown
Japanese school, c1880. Artist: Unknown
hong kong c1880 artist unknown
Hong Kong, c1880. Artist: Unknown
japanese warriors civil wars thirteenth century
'Japanese warriors of the civil wars in the thirteenth century', c1875. Artist
scene river canton china c1840 artist
'Scene on the river at Canton', China, c1840. Artist: Unknown
chinese harvest hong kong c1875 artist unknown
Chinese harvest, Hong Kong, c1875. Artist: Unknown
chinese sampans harbour hong kong c1875 artist
Chinese sampans in the harbour of Hong Kong, c1875. Artist: Unknown
poultry egg market gibraltar c1880artist p
Poultry and egg market in Gibraltar, c1880.Artist: P Naumann
united states battleship indiana c1890s artist
'United States Battleship 'Indiana'', c1890s. Artist: Unknown
united states torpedo boat cushing 1890s
'United States Torpedo boat 'Cushing'', 1890s. Artist: Unknown
united states protected cruiser columbia c1890s
'United States Protected Cruiser 'Columbia'', c1890s. Artist: Unknown
united states armoured cruiser brooklyn c1890s
'United States Armoured Cruiser 'Brooklyn'', c1890s. Artist: Unknown
tea market japan c1880 artist unknown
A tea market in Japan, c1880. Artist: Unknown
buddhist temple nagasaki japan c1880 artist
'Buddhist temple at Nagasaki', Japan, c1880. Artist: Unknown
chow chow chinese supper hong kong c1875
'Chow-chow (Chinese supper) at Hong Kong', c1875. Artist: Unknown
views chief towns ports japan c1880 artist
Views of the chief towns and ports of Japan, c1880. Artist: Unknown
piton d enchein reunion c1880artist taylor
Piton d' Enchein, Reunion, c1880.Artist: Taylor
a policeman yeddo edo japan c1880 artist
'A policeman of Yeddo' (Edo), Japan, c1880. Artist: Trichon
view comayagua republic honduras c1880 artist
'View of Comayagua, Republic of Honduras', c1880. Artist: Unknown
auckland new zealand c1880 artist unknown
Auckland, New Zealand, c1880. Artist: Unknown
bermuda c1880 artist unknown
Bermuda, c1880. Artist: Unknown
view nassau bahamas c1880 artist unknown
'View of Nassau', Bahamas, c1880. Artist: Unknown
diamond field c1880 artist unknown
Diamond field, c1880. Artist: Unknown
aden c1880 artist unknown
Aden, c1880. Artist: Unknown
volcanoes mauna loa manua kea hawaii c1880 artist
The volcanoes of Mauna Loa and Manua Kea, Hawaii, c1880. Artist: Unknown
view city cuzco peru c1875 artist unknown
View of the city of Cuzco, Peru, c1875. Artist: Unknown
birds eye view manilla luzon philippine islands
'Bird's eye view of Manilla, Luzon, Philippine Islands', c1880. Artist
lahaina maui hawaii c1880 artist unknown
Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii, c1880. Artist: Unknown
boulevard callao buenos aires argentina late
Boulevard Callao, Buenos Aires, Argentina, late 19th or early 20th century(?). Artist
the ceremony divorce practised natives canada
'The Ceremony of a Divorce, as practised by the natives of Canada, in North America'
sydney new south wales australia c1870 artist
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, c1870. Artist: Unknown
sydney new south wales australia c1885artist
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, c1885.Artist: C Wilkinson
post office town hall adelaide south australia
'Post Office and Town Hall, Adelaide', South Australia, Australia, c1880. Artist
cracow poland c1880artist taylor
Cracow, Poland, c1880.Artist: Taylor
sydney cove new south wales australia 20 august
Sydney Cove, New South Wales, Australia, 20 August 1788 (c1885). Artist: Unknown
government house melbourne victoria australia
Government House, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, c1880. Artist: Unknown
hobart town tasmania australia c1880 artist
'Hobart Town, Tasmania', Australia, c1880. Artist: Unknown
bourke street melbourne victoria australia c1880
'Bourke Street, Melbourne, Victoria', Australia, c1880. Artist: Unknown
slavery emancipation festival barbados c1880
Slavery emancipation festival in Barbados, c1880. Artist: Unknown
the freed slave statue memorial hall centennial
'The Freed Slave', statue in Memorial Hall, Centennial Exhibition, Philadelphia
the slave trade africa gang march c1875 artist
'The slave trade in Africa: a gang on the march', c1875. Artist: Unknown
native american scalp dance c1875 artist
Native American scalp dance, c1875. Artist: Unknown
tattooing maori chief new zealand c1875 artist
'Tattooing a Maori Chief', New Zealand, c1875. Artist: Unknown
comanches carrying off captive girl c1860 artist
Comanches carrying off a captive girl, c1860. Artist: Unknown
native american scout c1870 artist unknown
Native American scout, c1870. Artist: Unknown
indian scalping dead enemy 19th century artist
'Indian scalping his dead enemy', 19th century. Artist: Unknown
a king florida consulting magician previous going
'A King of Florida consulting his Magician previous to his going to Battle', c1760
mandan indians medicine man bear skin c1875
'Mandan Indians, with Medicine Man in Bear Skin', c1875. Artist: Unknown
a male savage terra del fuego 1795artist
'A Male Savage of Terra del Fuego', 1795.Artist: J Chapman
state street albany new york usa c1835 artist
State Street, Albany, New York, USA, c1835. Artist: Unknown
a street denver colorado usa c1880 artist
'A Street in Denver, Colorado', USA, c1880. Artist: Unknown
montgomery street san francisco california
'Montgomery Street, San Francisco', California, USA, c1880. Artist: Unknown
biebrich palace wiesbaden germany c1820 artist
Biebrich Palace, Wiesbaden, Germany, c1820. Artist: Carl Mayer
a street salt lake city utah usa c1880 artist
'A Street in Salt Lake City, Utah', USA, c1880. Artist: Unknown
view salem massachusetts usa c1860 artist
'View of Salem, Massachusetts', USA, c1860. Artist: Unknown
view western suburbs victoria vancouver island
View of the western suburbs of Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, c1880
steam packet tug boat mississippi usa c1875
'Steam-packet and tug-boat on the Mississippi', USA, c1875. Artist: Unknown
view st lawrence river citadel quebec canada c1875
View over the St Lawrence River from the citadel of Quebec, Canada, c1875. Artist
view st louis missouri usa c1880 artist
View of St Louis, Missouri, USA, c1880. Artist: Unknown
eads bridge st louis missouri usa c1874 artist
Eads Bridge, St Louis, Missouri, USA, c1874. Artist: Unknown
mississippi river new orleans louisiana usa c1880
Mississippi River, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, c1880. Artist: Barbant
montreal st lawrence river quebec canada c1880
Montreal from the St Lawrence River, Quebec, Canada, c1880. Artist: Unknown
view halifax nova scotia c1870 artist unknown
View of Halifax, Nova Scotia, c1870. Artist: Unknown
kiel germany c1875artist carrera
Kiel, Germany, c1875.Artist: Carrera


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