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Images Dated 10th June 2009

Lady Astor, American-born British politician, 1926
Jules Verne, French novelist, 1877.Artist: Lock & Whitfield
The Ghugun Mahal, Penkonda .Artist: James Gardner
Shrine of Raiman Shah Doola, Elichpur .Artist: James Gardner
The Great Sacrifice of the Romans on Undertaking a War .Artist: James Gardner
A Baptism According to the Greek Church in Russia .Artist: W Forrest
Baptism According to the Church of Rome .Artist: Andrew Thomas
A Muscobite Bishop, in His Pontifical Habit .Artist: JB Bird
A Jewish Rabbi Dressed for Prayers .Artist: R Young
The Jewish Feast of Purim or Cots, 1712 (19th century).Artist: James Gardner
Shrine of Mohummed Kahn, Deeg .Artist: Finden
Pius VII, the Roman Pontiff .Artist: James Gardner
The Greek Patriarch .Artist: Charles Holl
The Red Water Ordeal, as Practised Among the Nations of Northern Guinea .Artist: J Le Conte
The Mufti, Chief of Mohammedan Law .Artist: James Gardner
The Moti Musjid or Pearl Mosque, Agra, Hindustan .Artist: James Gardner
Baoli and Remains of the Palace of Jehanguir, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India.Artist: Capone
Ancient Temple at Kunkhul, With a Madrissa or Ancient College in the Background.Artist: Finden
Ruins at Ettaia, Said to Have Been Caused by the Combat Between Krishna and Kali .Artist: Finden
A Japanese Preacher .Artist: R Young
Jain Temples, Muktagerri, Specimens of Hindu Architecture .Artist: Finden
Infanticide in India, as Practised in the Temples of Canesa .Artist: T Jeavons
The Great Temple, Hurdmar.Artist: Finden
Mosque of Abdul Rahim Khan, Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh, India.Artist: Finden
The Trimurti or Hindu Trinity.Artist: Andrew Thomas
Louis Pasteur, French microbiologist and chemist, 19th century

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