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portrait count stepan stepanovich apraksin 1757 1827
Portrait of Count Stepan Stepanovich Apraksin (1757-1827), 1793. Artist: Lampi, Johann-Baptist von
popular romance inquisition boxwood engraving
Popular romance on the Inquisition, boxwood engraving made in 1860 in Barcelona at
popular engraving showing scene inquisition various
Popular engraving showing a scene of the Inquisition with various torture devices
dungeons inquisition scene confession torture
Dungeons of the Inquisition, scene of confession by torture of fire in the feet, engraving
wedding farewell 1894 artist makovsky vladimir
Before the wedding. (Farewell), 1894. Artist: Makovsky, Vladimir Yegorovich (1846-1920)
russian peasant girls festival dress 1845 artist
Russian peasant girls with Festival Dress, 1845. Artist: Kolmann, Karl Ivanovich
folk types russia 1845 artist kolmann karl
Folk Types of Russia, 1845. Artist: Kolmann, Karl Ivanovich (1786-1846)
view rhodes 1480 1882 1884 artist unknown
A view of Rhodes, 1480 (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
frankish woman time carolingians 890 900 1882 1884
Frankish woman of the time of the Carolingians, 890-900 (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
norman cavalry 1066 1882 1884 artist unknown
Norman cavalry, 1066 (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
ploughing lord hunting bird slave servants
Ploughing, a lord hunting with a bird, a slave, and two servants, 5th-7th century (1882-1884)
seigni joan rue petit chastelet france 14th
Seigni Joan, rue de Petit Chastelet, France, 14th century (1882-1884). Artist: J Ettling
blind men placed ring fight large pig c14th 15th
Four blind men placed in a ring to fight a large pig, c14th-15th century (1882-1884)
carolingian queen 7th 10th century 1882 1884
Carolingian queen, 7th-10th century (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
city hall la rochelle france 1882 1884 artist
City Hall in La Rochelle, France, 1882-1884. Artist: Smeeton
staircase hotel bourgogne paris 1882 1884 artist
The staircase of the Hotel de Bourgogne, Paris, 1882-1884. Artist: Unknown
question extraordinaire extreme form torture
The 'question extraordinaire', extreme form of torture, 1882-1884. Artist
tournament coronation louis ii danjou near calais
Tournament for the coronation of Louis II d'Anjou, near Calais, c1389 (1882-1884)
merovingian queen 5th 8th century 1882 1884
Merovingian queen, 5th-8th century (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
francs archers france 15th century 1882 1884
The francs-archers, France, 15th century (1882-1884).Artist: Spex
frankish count leaving war 8th 9th century 1882 1884
Frankish count leaving for war, 8th-9th century (1882-1884)
joan arc coronation charles vii 1429 1882 1884
Joan of Arc at the coronation of Charles VII, 1429 (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
maillotins paris confront king charles vi france
The Maillotins of Paris confront King Charles VI of France, 1382 (1882-1884).Artist
cathedral notre dame reims france 1882 1884
Cathedral of Notre-Dame, Reims, France, 1882-1884.Artist: Gautier
thirty french knights battle english brittany
Thirty French knights battle the English, Brittany, France, 1351 (1882-1884). Artist
gaul chief roman occupation 1st century bc
Gaul chief under the Roman occupation, 1st century BC - 5th century AD (1882-1884)
medieval acrobat street entertainment 1882 1884
Medieval acrobat and street entertainment, 1882-1884. Artist: Unknown
payment ancient fee cypress tree bordeaux france
Payment of the ancient fee of the cypress tree, Bordeaux, France, 1453 (1882-1884)
chief franks c5th 9th century 1882 1884artist
Chief of the Franks, c5th-9th century (1882-1884).Artist: Meunier
armour weapons 13th century 1882 1884 artist
Armour and weapons of the 13th century (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
ivory tablet 11th century 1882 1884 artist
Ivory tablet, 11th century (1882-1884). Artist: Tamisier
ivory cover book hours 11th century 1882 1884
Ivory cover of a Book of Hours, 11th century (1882-1884). Artist: Tamisier
young female gaul 1882 1884 artist unknown
Young female Gaul, 1882-1884. Artist: Unknown
philip fair reviewing thousand parisians ready
Philip the Fair reviewing five thousand Parisians ready to bear arms, c1285-1314 (1882-1884)
people cambrai revolt drive bishop 10th 13th
The people of Cambrai revolt, and drive out their Bishop, 10th-13th century (1882-1884)
saint louis punishing enguerrand iv coucy 1882 1884
Saint Louis punishing Enguerrand IV of Coucy, 1882-1884. Artist: A Gusman
statue charlemagne king franks holy roman emperor
Statue of Charlemagne, King of the Franks and Holy Roman Emperor, 1882-1884.Artist
gauls 1882 1884artist tauxier
Gauls, 1882-1884.Artist: A Tauxier
chateau montfort montfort lamaury france
Chateau de Montfort (Montfort-l'Amaury), France, 1882-1884.Artist: S le Pippre
statue philip augustus king france 13th century
Statue of Philip Augustus, King of France, 13th century (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
entertainment roman arena 1882 1884artist spex
Entertainment in a Roman arena, 1882-1884.Artist: Spex
charlemage hunting 8th 9th century 1882 1884
Charlemage hunting, 8th-9th century (1882-1884).Artist: Serm
baths charlemagne 8th 9th century 1882 1884
The baths of Charlemagne, 8th-9th century (1882-1884).Artist: A Tauxier
interior gaulish house 1882 1884artist tauxier
Interior of a Gaulish house, 1882-1884.Artist: A Tauxier
gaul chief battle dress carrying standard 1882 1884
Gaul chief in battle dress carrying a standard, 1882-1884.Artist: Michelet
viking attack paris 885 1882 1884 artist
The Viking attack on Paris, 885 (1882-1884). Artist: Unknown
coronation hugh capet king france noyon 1st
Coronation of Hugh Capet as King of France, Noyon, 1st July 987 (1882-1884).Artist
charlemagne king franks holy roman emperor late
Charlemagne, King of the Franks and Holy Roman Emperor, late 8th - early 9th century (1882-1884)
george bernard shaw irish dramatist critic fabian
George Bernard Shaw, Irish dramatist, critic and Fabian, 1893.Artist: W&D Downey
benjamin disraeli earl beaconsfield british
Benjamin Disraeli, Earl of Beaconsfield, British Conservative Prime Minister, 1881
the ghugun mahal penkondaartist james gardner
'The Ghugun Mahal, Penkonda'.Artist: James Gardner
shrine raiman shah doola elichpurartist james
'Shrine of Raiman Shah Doola, Elichpur'.Artist: James Gardner
the great sacrifice romans undertaking warartist
'The Great Sacrifice of the Romans on Undertaking a War'.Artist: James Gardner
a baptism according greek church russiaartist
'A Baptism According to the Greek Church in Russia'.Artist: W Forrest
baptism according church romeartist andrew
'Baptism According to the Church of Rome'.Artist: Andrew Thomas
a muscobite bishop pontifical habitartist
'A Muscobite Bishop, in His Pontifical Habit'.Artist: JB Bird
a jewish rabbi dressed prayersartist r young
'A Jewish Rabbi Dressed for Prayers'.Artist: R Young
the jewish feast purim cots 1712 19th century
'The Jewish Feast of Purim or Cots', 1712 (19th century).Artist: James Gardner
shrine mohummed kahn deegartist finden
'Shrine of Mohummed Kahn, Deeg'.Artist: Finden
pius vii roman pontiffartist james gardner
'Pius VII, the Roman Pontiff'.Artist: James Gardner
the greek patriarchartist charles holl
'The Greek Patriarch'.Artist: Charles Holl
the red water ordeal practised nations northern
'The Red Water Ordeal, as Practised Among the Nations of Northern Guinea'
the mufti chief mohammedan lawartist james
'The Mufti, Chief of Mohammedan Law'.Artist: James Gardner
the moti musjid pearl mosque agra hindustan
'The Moti Musjid or Pearl Mosque, Agra, Hindustan'.Artist: James Gardner
baoli remains palace jehanguir agra uttar pradesh
'Baoli and Remains of the Palace of Jehanguir', Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India
ancient temple kunkhul madrissa ancient college
Ancient Temple at Kunkhul, With a Madrissa or Ancient College in the Background.Artist
ruins ettaia said caused combat krishna kali
'Ruins at Ettaia, Said to Have Been Caused by the Combat Between Krishna and Kali'
a japanese preacherartist r young
'A Japanese Preacher'.Artist: R Young
jain temples muktagerri specimens hindu architectureartist
'Jain Temples, Muktagerri, Specimens of Hindu Architecture'.Artist: Finden
infanticide india practised temples canesa
'Infanticide in India, as Practised in the Temples of Canesa'.Artist: T Jeavons
great temple hurdmarartist finden
The Great Temple, Hurdmar.Artist: Finden
mosque abdul rahim khan burhanpur madhya pradesh
Mosque of Abdul Rahim Khan, Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh, India.Artist: Finden
trimurti hindu trinityartist andrew thomas
The Trimurti or Hindu Trinity.Artist: Andrew Thomas
god save queen sheet music 1900 artist
'God Save the Queen', sheet music, 1900. Artist: Unknown
the cradle 1900 artist unknown
'The Empty Cradle', 1900. Artist: Unknown
pretoria mint taken british transvaal south africa
The Pretoria mint before it was taken over by the British, Transvaal, South Africa, 1900
william jennings bryan american politician 1900
William Jennings Bryan, American politician, 1900. Artist: Unknown
king umberto i italy 1900 artist unknown
King Umberto I of Italy, 1900. Artist: Unknown
cartoon depicting boer leader paul kruger maori 1900
Cartoon depicting Boer leader Paul Kruger as a Maori, 1900. Artist: Unknown
oom paul consulting time table 1900 artist
'Oom Paul Consulting the Time Table', 1900. Artist: Unknown
notice arrival boer prisoners war milwaukee
Notice of the arrival of Boer prisoners of war on the 'Milwaukee', St Helena
president kruger looking plan new pretoria 1900
President Kruger looking at a plan of the New Pretoria, 1900. Artist: Unknown
british treatment boer women children 1900 artist
British treatment of Boer women and children, 1900. Artist: Unknown
soldiers 18th hussars train pretoria south africa
Soldiers of the 18th Hussars on the train to Pretoria, South Africa, Boer War, 1900
colonel robert baden powell mother sister brothers
Colonel Robert Baden-Powell and his mother, sister and four brothers, 1900. Artist
cronjes captive warriors docks paardeberg
'Cronje's Captive Warriors, the Docks, Paardeberg', South Africa, 1900
earl denbigh april 7th 1900 artist unknown
The Earl of Denbigh, (April 7th 1900). Artist: Unknown
late 18th century decorative furniture 1911 1912
Late 18th century decorative furniture, 1911-1912.Artist: Edwin Foley
painted inlaid satinwood sideboard mahogany bracket
Painted and inlaid satinwood sideboard and mahogany bracket clock, 1911-1912.Artist
sister inlaid double secretaire bookcase cabinet
The Sister Inlaid Double Secretaire and Bookcase Cabinet, Sheraton, 1911-1912.Artist
throne room palace fontainebleau france 1911 1912
Throne room in the Palace of Fontainebleau, France, 1911-1912.Artist: Edwin Foley
campaign desk napoleon i chateau la malmaison
Campaign desk of Napoleon I, Chateau de la Malmaison, France, 1911-1912
circular table folding screen 1911 1912artist
Circular table and folding screen, 1911-1912.Artist: Edwin Foley
oval mirror bed napoleon i 1911 1912artist
Oval mirror and bed of Napoleon I, 1911-1912.Artist: Edwin Foley
carved gilt couch covered rose brocade lyon 1911 1912
Carved gilt couch covered in rose Brocade de Lyon, 1911-1912.Artist: Edwin Foley
bedroom 1911 1912artist edwin foley
Bedroom, 1911-1912.Artist: Edwin Foley
salon musique marie antoinette chambre coucher
Salon de Musique of Marie Antoinette, Chambre a Coucher, Palais de Fontainebleau, France
gilt state bed marie antoinette queens bedroom
Gilt state bed of Marie Antoinette, Queen's Bedroom, Palais de Fontainebleau, France
jewel cabinet marie antoinette versailles france
Jewel cabinet of Marie Antoinette, Versailles, France, 1911-1912.Artist: Edwin Foley


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