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21 Feb 2008

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st francis doge francesco dona order doge 1548
St Francis and the Doge Francesco Dona, Order of the Doge, 1548. Artist: Unknown
vega anchor konyam bay siberia russia 1895
The 'Vega' at anchor in Konyam Bay, Siberia, Russia, 1895.Artist: Armand Kohl
angara river padunskiy rapids siberia russia 1895
The Angara river, below the Padunskiy rapids, Siberia, Russia, 1895
cup source oka russia 1895 artist unknown
The 'Cup', at the source of the Oka, Russia, 1895. Artist: Unknown
munku sardyk sayan mountains siberia russia 1895
Munku-Sardyk, the Sayan Mountains, Siberia, Russia, 1895.Artist: Bertrand
khiva uzbekistan 1895 artist unknown
Khiva, Uzbekistan, 1895. Artist: Unknown
rock inscription banks yenisei river 1895 artist
A rock inscription on the banks of the Yenisei river, 1895. Artist: Unknown
upper yangtze river china 1895artist charles
The Upper Yangtze river, China, 1895.Artist: Charles Barbant
yekaterinburg russia 1895 artist unknown
Yekaterinburg, Russia, 1895. Artist: Unknown
assembly mosque bukhara uzbekistan 1895artist
An assembly before the mosque in Bukhara, Uzbekistan, 1895.Artist: Armand Kohl
cliffs yellow earth north tai yeun shanxi
Cliffs in the 'Yellow Earth', north of Tai-Yeun, Shanxi, China, 1895.Artist
darial defile russia georgia border 1895 artist
The Darial Defile on the Russia/Georgia border, 1895. Artist: Unknown
colossal idols upper bamlan valley afghanistan 1895
Colossal Idols, Upper Bamlan Valley, Afghanistan, 1895.Artist: Charles Barbant
pyatigorsk russia 1895artist armand kohl
Pyatigorsk, Russia, 1895.Artist: Armand Kohl
iron gate defile karshi derbent route afghanistan
The Iron Gate defile on the Karshi-Derbent Route, Afghanistan, 1895. Artist: Unknown
bukhtarma valley altay mountains 1895 artist
The Bukhtarma valley in the Altay Mountains, 1895. Artist: Unknown
tobolsk siberia russia 1895 artist unknown
Tobol'sk, Siberia, Russia, 1895. Artist: Unknown
ostyak couple asia 1895 artist unknown
An Ostyak couple, Asia, 1895. Artist: Unknown
portrait gold nanai couple 1895 artist
Portrait of a Gold (Nanai) couple, 1895. Artist: Unknown
tajiks bukhara uzbekistan 1895 artist unknown
Tajiks of Bukhara, Uzbekistan, 1895. Artist: Unknown
shchurovskiy glacier russia 1895 artist
The Shchurovskiy Glacier, Russia, 1895. Artist: Unknown
kizil kum desert dussibal wells asia 1895 artist
The Kizil-Kum Desert, Dussibal Wells, Asia, 1895. Artist: Unknown
kyrgyz crossing river kyrgyzstan 1895 artist
Kyrgyz crossing a river, Kyrgyzstan, 1895. Artist: Unknown
georgian men 1895artist armand kohl
Georgian men, 1895.Artist: Armand Kohl
sinai egypt 1895 artist unknown
Sinai, Egypt, 1895. Artist: Unknown
convent st catherine mount sinai egypt 1895
The Convent of St Catherine, Mount Sinai, Egypt, 1895. Artist: Unknown
kirinia cyprus 1895 artist unknown
Kirinia, Cyprus, 1895. Artist: Unknown
rhodes greece 1895 artist unknown
Rhodes, Greece, 1895. Artist: Unknown
encampment english expedition 1871 lake pang kong
Encampment of the English Expedition of 1871, Lake Pang-Kong, Tibet, 1895. Artist
fortified villages near lanzhou china 1895 artist
Fortified villages near Lanzhou, China, 1895. Artist: Unknown
upper karakash valley china 1895 artist
The Upper Karakash Valley, China, 1895. Artist: Unknown
dui valley sakhalin russia 1895artist armand
The Dui Valley, Sakhalin, Russia, 1895.Artist: Armand Kohl
ainu girl japan 1895artist e ronjat
An Ainu girl, Japan, 1895.Artist: E Ronjat
cape la jonquiere sakhalin russia 1895 artist
Cape la Jonquiere, Sakhalin, Russia, 1895. Artist: Unknown
blagovyeshchensk siberia russia 1895 artist
Blagovyeshchensk, Siberia, Russia, 1895. Artist: Unknown
golden horn bay russia 1895 artist unknown
Golden Horn Bay, Russia, 1895. Artist: Unknown
chios greece 1895 artist unknown
Chios, Greece, 1895. Artist: Unknown
prison st paul ephesus turkey 1895artist
The prison of St Paul, Ephesus, Turkey, 1895.Artist: Armand Kohl
columns temple cybele sardes sardis turkey 1895
Columns of the Temple of Cybele, Sardes (Sardis), Turkey, 1895. Artist: Unknown
ruins basilica pergamon turkey 1895 artist
The ruins of the basilica at Pergamon, Turkey, 1895. Artist: Unknown
tomb mehmed ii green mosque bursa turkey 1895
The tomb of Mehmed II in the Green Mosque, Bursa, Turkey, 1895. Artist: Unknown
scutari turkey 1895artist d lancelot
Scutari, Turkey, 1895.Artist: D Lancelot
remains temple augustus rome ancyra ankara
Remains of the Temple of Augustus and Rome, Ancyra (Ankara), Turkey, 1895. Artist
amasya turkey 1895 artist unknown
Amasya, Turkey, 1895. Artist: Unknown
woman brussa turkey 1895artist henri thiriat
A woman of Brussa, Turkey, 1895.Artist: Henri Thiriat
falls pambuk kaleh or tambuk 1895 artist
The Falls of Pambuk-Kaleh (or Tambuk), 1895. Artist: Unknown
mound babil iraq 1895 artist unknown
The Mound of Babil, Iraq, 1895. Artist: Unknown
mosque fountain abraham ofra at tayyibah west bank
The mosque and Fountain of Abraham, Ofra (At Tayyibah), West Bank, Israel, 1895.Artist
bridge river tigris diyarbakir turkey 1895
A bridge over the river Tigris, Diyarbakir, Turkey, 1895. Artist: Unknown
caravan banks euphrates 1895 artist unknown
A caravan on the banks of the Euphrates, 1895. Artist: Unknown
mosque ruined quarter bayazid dogubayazit turkey
The mosque and the ruined quarter of Bayazid (Dogubayazit), Turkey, 1895. Artist: Unknown
lake van tadwan bay mount nimrud turkey 1895
Lake Van, Tadwan Bay and Mount Nimrud, Turkey, 1895. Artist: Unknown
valerian feet sapor royal tombs naksh i rustem
Valerian at the feet of Sapor, Royal Tombs at Naksh-I-Rustem, Persepolis, Iran, 1895
bridge zendeh rud isfahan iran 1895 artist
The bridge across the Zendeh-Rud, Isfahan, Iran, 1895. Artist: Unknown
tehran iran 1895 artist unknown
Tehran, Iran, 1895. Artist: Unknown
lindos bay rhodes greece c1890 artist unknown
Lindos Bay, Rhodes, Greece, c1890. Artist: Unknown
lake city tiberias israel 1895 artist unknown
The lake and city of Tiberias, Israel, 1895. Artist: Unknown
turkish batteries entrance bosphorus black sea
Turkish batteries and the entrance to the Bosphorus at the Black Sea, Turkey, 1895
mount hermon syria 1895artist armand kohl
Mount Hermon, Syria, 1895.Artist: Armand Kohl
bandar e abbas iran 1895 artist unknown
Bandar-e Abbas, Iran, 1895. Artist: Unknown
ruined colonnade palmyra tadmur syria 1895
A ruined colonnade at Palmyra (Tadmur), Syria, 1895. Artist: Unknown
ruined fortress veramin persia iran 1895artist
The ruined fortress of Veramin, Persia (Iran), 1895.Artist: Armand Kohl
ruined 14th century mosque hamadan iran 1895
A ruined 14th century mosque, Hamadan, Iran, 1895. Artist: Unknown
aleppo syria 1895artist armand kohl
Aleppo, Syria, 1895.Artist: Armand Kohl
omars mosque jerusalem israel 1895artist
Omar's Mosque, Jerusalem, Israel, 1895.Artist: Armand Kohl
paiwar pass 1895 artist unknown
The Paiwar Pass, 1895. Artist: Unknown
kandahar afghanistan 1895artist armand kohl
Kandahar, Afghanistan, 1895.Artist: Armand Kohl
durrani chiefs afghanistan 1895 artist unknown
Durrani chiefs, Afghanistan, 1895. Artist: Unknown
bridge dezful iran 1895artist armand kohl
The Bridge of Dezful, Iran, 1895.Artist: Armand Kohl
cypress trees cemetery scutari turkey 1895 artist
Cypress trees in the cemetery of Scutari, Turkey, 1895. Artist: Unknown
group zeibeks asia minor 1895 artist unknown
A group of Zeibeks, Asia Minor, 1895. Artist: Unknown
kurdish gentlemen 1895 artist unknown
A Kurdish gentlemen, 1895. Artist: Unknown
druze princess lady lebanon 1895 artist unknown
Druze Princess and Lady of the Lebanon, 1895. Artist: Unknown
11 000 virgins church st esprit 15th century
The 11, 000 Virgins, Church of St Esprit, 15th century. Artist: Unknown
death dying 14th century artist unknown
Death and dying, 14th century. Artist: Unknown
st margaret late 15th century artist unknown
St Margaret, late 15th century. Artist: Unknown
a country blacksmith disputing price iron c1807
'A Country Blacksmith Disputing upon the Price of Iron...', c1807. Artist
ploughing turnips near slough windsor c1809
'Ploughing up Turnips, near Slough', (`Windsor'), c1809. Artist: JMW Turner
jmw turner/childe harolds pilgrimage italy 1832 artist
'Childe Harold's Pilgrimage, Italy', 1832. Artist: JMW Turner
apullia search appullus c1814 artist jmw
'Apullia in Search of Appullus', c1814. Artist: JMW Turner
jmw turner/crossing brook c1815 artist jmw turner
'Crossing the Brook', c1815. Artist: JMW Turner
entrance meuse c1819 artist jmw turner
'Entrance of the Meuse...', c1819. Artist: JMW Turner
pilate washing hands 1830 artist jmw turner
'Pilate Washing his Hands', 1830. Artist: JMW Turner
the bay baiae apollo sibyl c1823 artist
'The Bay of Baiae, with Apollo and the Sibyl', c1823. Artist: JMW Turner
lucy countess carlisle dorothy percys visit
'Lucy, Countess of Carlisle, and Dorothy Percy's Visit to their Father Lord Percy
watteau study fresnoys rules 1831 artist
'Watteau Study by Fresnoy's Rules', 1831. Artist: JMW Turner
jmw turner/heidelberg c1844 1845 artist jmw turner
'Heidelberg', c1844-1845. Artist: JMW Turner
jmw turner/peace burial sea c1842 artist jmw turner
'Peace, Burial at Sea', c1842. Artist: JMW Turner
oxford st marys oriel lane 1792 1793 artist
'Oxford: St Mary's from Oriel Lane', 1792-1793. Artist: JMW Turner
funeral lausanne 1841 artist jmw turner
'Funeral at Lausanne', 1841. Artist: JMW Turner
two women letter c1830 artist jmw turner
'Two Women with a Letter', c1830. Artist: JMW Turner
jmw turner/dinner great room figures costume c1830 1835
'Dinner in a Great Room with Figures in Costume', c1830-1835. Artist: JMW Turner
jmw turner/between quillebeuf villequier c1832 artist
'Between Quillebeuf and Villequier', c1832. Artist: JMW Turner
study fish tench trout perch c1822 1824 artist
'Study of Fish: Two Tench, a Trout and a Perch', c1822-1824. Artist: JMW Turner
illuminated manuscript page decameron giovanni
Illuminated manuscript page from Decameron, by Giovanni Boccaccio, Italian, c1467
mass buried graveyard anniversary mass souls dead
Mass for the buried in a graveyard, and anniversary mass for souls of the dead, 14th century
st margaret 15th century artist unknown
St Margaret, 15th century. Artist: Unknown