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15 Sep 2007

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mummy rameses ii egypt 1213 bc artist unknown
The Mummy of Rameses II, Egypt, 1213 BC. Artist: Unknown
the venerable bede translating chapter st john 1926
'The Venerable Bede Translating the Last Chapter of St John', 1926.Artist
prince ching 20th centuryartist ogdens guinea
Prince Ching, 20th century.Artist: Ogden's Guinea Gold Cigarettes
li hung chang 1823 1901 20th centuryartist
Li Hung Chang (1823-1901), 20th century.Artist: Ogden's Guinea Gold Cigarettes
emperor china father 20th centuryartist ogdens
The Emperor of China and his father, 20th century
basilica saint peter rome 1926 artist unknown
The Basilica of Saint Peter, Rome, 1926. Artist: Unknown
st augustine mother st monica 1855 1926artist
St Augustine with his mother St Monica, 1855 (1926).Artist: Ary Scheffer
peter hermit preaching first crusade 1926 artist
'Peter the Hermit Preaching the First Crusade', 1926. Artist: Unknown
immaculate conception escorial c1678 1926
'Immaculate Conception of the Escorial', c1678 (1926)
the incredulation thomas 1926 artist unknown
'The Incredulation of Thomas', 1926. Artist: Unknown
mutsuhito emperor japan 1852 1912 20th century
Mutsuhito, Emperor of Japan, (1852-1912), 20th century
map routes great crusades 1926artist criss
Map of the routes of the three great crusades, 1926.Artist: Criss
inscriptions catacombs rome 1926 artist
Inscriptions from the Catacombs, Rome, 1926. Artist: Unknown
group chinese boxers 20th centuryartist ogdens
A group of Chinese Boxers, 20th Century.Artist: Ogden's Guinea Gold Cigarettes
prince nijo 20th centuryartist ogdens guinea
Prince Nijo, 20th century.Artist: Ogden's Guinea Gold Cigarettes
barbara countless castlemaine c1660s artist
Barbara, Countless of Castlemaine, c1660s. Artist: Unknown
andrew marvell english poet 17th century artist
Andrew Marvell, English poet, 17th century. Artist: Unknown
henrietta maria france 1609 1669 1899artist
Henrietta Maria of France (1609-1669), 1899.Artist: Hanfstaengel
cromwell family 1899 artist unknown
The Cromwell family, 1899. Artist: Unknown
oliver cromwell 1599 1658 lord protector england
Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658), Lord Protector of England, 1899.Artist: T Johnson
ashbourne portrait shakespeare 16th centuryartist
The Ashbourne Portrait of Shakespeare, 16th century.Artist: Cornelius Ketel
queen elizabeth i c1920s artist unknown
Queen Elizabeth I, (c1920s). Artist: Unknown
queen elizabeth i c1920s artist ethomas
Queen Elizabeth I, (c1920s). Artist: EThomas
herbert raglan charles somerset baron aged 30 a
Herbert of Raglan, (Charles of Somerset, Baron), aged 30, A.D 1505, 20th Century. Artist
elizabeth woodville 1437 1492 1463 artist
Elizabeth Woodville (1437-1492), 1463. Artist: Unknown
elizabeth york 1465 1503 1501 artist unknown
Elizabeth of York (1465-1503), 1501. Artist: Unknown
sir charles somerset 20th century artist
Sir Charles Somerset, 20th century. Artist: Unknown
sir edward hoby 1560 1617 artist unknown
Sir Edward Hoby, (1560-1617). Artist: Unknown
london landmarks/tower london london bridge c1500 c1901 artist
The Tower of London with London Bridge, c1500, (c1901). Artist: Unknown
text page virgin peacocks c1490 artist unknown
Text page with the Virgin and two peacocks, c1490. Artist: Unknown
st gregory great receiving inspiration holy spirit
St Gregory the Great receiving inspiration from the Holy Spirit, c1490. Artist: Unknown
illuminated letter d 15th century artist
Illuminated letter 'D', 15th century. Artist: Unknown
henry vi virgin child c1420 artist unknown
Henry VI before the Virgin and Child, c1420. Artist: Unknown
bible scenes late 14th century artist unknown
Two bible scenes, late 14th century. Artist: Unknown
text page illuminated initial letters 14th century
Text page with illuminated initial letters, 14th century. Artist: Unknown
bible scenes late 13th century artist unknown
Bible scenes, late 13th century. Artist: Unknown
king david mid 13th century artist unknown
King David, mid-13th century. Artist: Unknown
resurrection c1240 artist unknown
The Resurrection, c1240. Artist: Unknown
illuminated iniitial p 1172 artist unknown
Illuminated iniitial 'P', 1172. Artist: Unknown
tree jesse virgin child enthroned c1130 1140
Tree of Jesse and Virgin and Child enthroned, c1130-1140. Artist: Unknown
illuminated initial q c1073 artist unknown
Illuminated initial 'Q', c1073. Artist: Unknown
illuminated initials i n 9th century artist
Illuminated initials 'I' and 'N', 9th century. Artist: Unknown
page lindisfarne gospels 710 721 ad artist
Page from the Lindisfarne Gospels, 710-721 AD. Artist: Unknown
text page portraits francesco sforza 1490 artist
Text page with portraits of Francesco Sforza, 1490. Artist: Unknown
illuminated initial letters late 15th century
Illuminated initial letters, late 15th century. Artist: Unknown
charles bold duke burgundy 1473 artist unknown
Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy, 1473. Artist: Unknown
st mark writing gospel 1414 1423artist workshop
St Mark writing his gospel, 1414-1423.Artist: Workshop of the Master of the Duke of
coronation charles v c1365 artist unknown
Coronation of Charles V, c1365. Artist: Unknown
prudence temperance fortitude justice 1290 1300
Prudence, Temperance, Fortitude and Justice, 1290-1300. Artist: Unknown
angel shepherds late 12th century artist
The angel and the shepherds, late 12th century. Artist: Unknown
initial letter b 1012 1023 artist unknown
Initial letter 'B', 1012-1023. Artist: Unknown
initial letter b 980 1000 ad artist unknown
Initial letter 'B', 980-1000 AD. Artist: Unknown
crucifixion 980 1000 ad artist unknown
Crucifixion, 980-1000 AD. Artist: Unknown
names evangelists c800 ad artist unknown
Names of the four Evangelists, c800 AD. Artist: Unknown
st matthew c800 ad artist unknown
St Matthew, c800 AD. Artist: Unknown
david playing lyre 725 750 ad artist unknown
David playing his lyre, 725-750 AD. Artist: Unknown
st anne virgin child 1516 1529 artist unknown
St Anne with the Virgin and child, 1516-1529. Artist: Unknown
sergius orata romans 1473 1480artist francois
Sergius Orata and other Romans, 1473-1480.Artist: Francois Fouquet
amadee saluces virgin middle 15th century artist
Amadee de Saluces and the Virgin, middle of the 15th century. Artist: Unknown
text page illuminated initial letter early 15th
Text page with illuminated initial letter, early 15th century. Artist: Unknown
annunciation 1413 1419 artist unknown
The Annunciation, 1413-1419. Artist: Unknown
abraham early 15th century artist unknown
The Call of Abraham, early 15th century. Artist: Unknown
page decorated text 1284 1316 artist unknown
Page of decorated text, 1284-1316. Artist: Unknown
page text illuminated initial letter 14th century
Page of text with illuminated initial letter, 14th century. Artist: Unknown
ascension c1155 artist unknown
Ascension, c1155. Artist: Unknown
illuminated initial letters 13th century artist
Illuminated initial letters, 13th century. Artist: Unknown
david samuel 1121 1161 artist unknown
David and Samuel, 1121-1161. Artist: Unknown
st luke 1010 1020 artist unknown
St Luke, 1010-1020. Artist: Unknown
initial page lindisfarne gospels late 7th early
Initial page from the Lindisfarne Gospels, late 7th or early 8th century. Artist: Unknown
crucifixion early 14th century artist unknown
Crucifixion, early 14th century. Artist: Unknown
illuminated initial letters 1405 1415 artist
Illuminated initial letters, 1405-1415. Artist: Unknown
hannah eli high priest 1413 1419 artist unknown
Hannah before Eli the high priest, 1413-1419. Artist: Unknown
adoration magi c1420 artist unknown
Adoration of the Magi, c1420. Artist: Unknown
adoration magi c1490 1497 artist unknown
Adoration of the Magi, c1490-1497. Artist: Unknown
horsemen apocalypse early 14th century artist
Two of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, early 14th century. Artist: Unknown
ascension pentecost 1290 1300 artist unknown
Ascension and Pentecost, 1290-1300. Artist: Unknown
illuminated letters late 13th century artist
Illuminated letters, late 13th century. Artist: Unknown
ascension 1250 1260 artist unknown
The Ascension, 1250-1260. Artist: Unknown
scenes life jesus 1260 1270 artist unknown
Scenes from the life of Jesus, 1260-1270. Artist: Unknown
christ glory symbols evangelists c1200 artist
Christ in glory with the symbols of the four Evangelists, c1200. Artist: Unknown
initial letter h 1148 artist unknown
Initial letter 'H', 1148. Artist: Unknown
sphinx pyramid giza egypt c1882 artist unknown
The Sphinx and Pyramid at Giza, Egypt, c1882. Artist: Unknown
family photo c1882 artist unknown
Family Photo, c1882. Artist: Unknown
group women c1882 artist unknown
Group of women, c1882. Artist: Unknown
group photo c1882 artist unknown
Group Photo, c1882. Artist: Unknown
room flete c1882 artist unknown
Room at Flete, c1882. Artist: Unknown
lord grey c1882 artist unknown
Lord Grey, c1882. Artist: Unknown
john mildmay c1882 artist unknown
John Mildmay, c1882. Artist: Unknown
lord mildmay c1882 artist unknown
Lord Mildmay, c1882. Artist: Unknown
wedding flete c1882 artist unknown
Wedding at Flete, c1882. Artist: Unknown
mount edgcumbe group photo edward vii c1882
Mount Edgcumbe, Group Photo with Edward VII, c1882. Artist: Unknown
saltram house c1882 artist unknown
Saltram House, c1882. Artist: Unknown
winter villa c1882 artist unknown
Winter Villa, c1882. Artist: Unknown
bognor parade c1882 artist unknown
Bognor Parade, c1882. Artist: Unknown
fenton c1882 artist unknown
Fenton, c1882. Artist: Unknown
rear garden flete c1882 artist unknown
Rear Garden, Flete, c1882. Artist: Unknown
muckross abbey killarney c1882 artist unknown
Muckross Abbey, Killarney, c1882. Artist: Unknown
grange c1882 artist unknown
The Grange, c1882. Artist: Unknown
killarney house c1882 artist unknown
Killarney House, c1882. Artist: Unknown


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