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quai des etats unis nice france 1937 artist
Quai des Etats-Unis, Nice, France, 1937. Artist: Martin Hurlimann
edward vii c1900s artist unknown
Edward VII, c1900s. Artist: Unknown
plaza san marco venice italy 1908 1909artist
Plaza San Marco, Venice, Italy, 1908-1909.Artist: Homer L Knight
best british/charlotte bronte 1816 1855 english novelist
Charlotte Bronte (1816-1855), English novelist, 1908-1909. Artist: Unknown
irene warren 1908 1909artist alfred ellis
Irene Warren, 1908-1909.Artist: Alfred Ellis & Walery
iris hoey 1885 1979 british actress 1908 1909
Iris Hoey (1885-1979), British actress, 1908-1909. Artist: Unknown
grand national trophy 1906 1908 1909artist
The Grand National Trophy, 1906 (1908-1909).Artist: Elkington & Company
ad watermans ideal founain pen 1908 1909 artist
Advertisement for Waterman's Ideal Founain Pen, 1908-1909. Artist: Unknown
a roman shepherd 1908 1909artist umberto
'A Roman Shepherd', 1908-1909.Artist: Umberto Coromaldi
izaak enschede printer 1908 1909 artist
Izaak Enschede, printer, 1908-1909. Artist: Unknown
elizabeth firth 1908 1909artist foulsham
Elizabeth Firth, 1908-1909.Artist: Foulsham and Banfield
moses melchior 1908 1909artist oscar hardee
Moses Melchior, 1908-1909.Artist: Oscar Hardee
lewis waller 1860 1915 actor theatre manager
Lewis Waller (1860-1915), actor and theatre manager, in Henry V, 1908-1909.Artist
king edward vii prince fushimi staff aldershot
King Edward VII, Prince Fushimi and staff, Aldershot command, 1908-1909
interior bristol cathedral 1908 1909artist
Interior of Bristol Cathedral, 1908-1909.Artist: W Gilliard
spinning wool yarn cliffony sligo 1908 1909
Spinning wool yarn, Cliffony, Sligo, 1908-1909.Artist: R Welch
gertrude robins 1890 1962 american actress
Gertrude Robins (1890-1962), American actress, 1908-1909.Artist: S Elwin Neame
jean aylwin actress 1908 1909 artist unknown
Jean Aylwin, actress, 1908-1909. Artist: Unknown
nova pilbeam b1919 british actress c1930s c1940s
Nova Pilbeam (b.1919) British actress, c1930s-c1940s. Artist: Unknown
normandy street 1908 1909artist benn cronin
Normandy Street, 1908-1909.Artist: Benn & Cronin
edmund lowe 1890 1971 american actor c1930s c1940s
Edmund Lowe (1890-1971), American actor, c1930s-c1940s. Artist: Unknown
ad book yoke hubert wales 1908 1909 artist
Advertisement for the book The Yoke, by Hubert Wales, 1908-1909. Artist: Unknown
a queen roses 1908 1909artist jh valda
'A Queen of Roses', 1908-1909.Artist: JH Valda
boot shoe illustrations 1908 1909artist acme
Boot and shoe illustrations, 1908-1909.Artist: Acme
pauline chase peter pan 1908 1909artist alfred
Pauline Chase as 'Peter Pan', 1908-1909.Artist: Alfred Ellis & Walery
white tower rothenburg ob der tauber bavaria
The White Tower, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Bavaria, 1908-1909.Artist: George E Brown
the merchant 1908 1909artist hely smith
'The Merchant', 1908-1909.Artist: Hely Smith
musketeer c1600 c1650 1908 1909 artist
A musketeer, c1600-c1650 (1908-1909). Artist: Unknown
billie burke 1885 1970 american actress 1908 1909
Billie Burke (1885-1970), American actress, 1908-1909.Artist: Alfred Ellis & Walery
under mistletoe 1908 1909artist edward charles
'Under the Mistletoe', 1908-1909.Artist: Edward Charles Clifford
boot illustrations 1908 1909 artist unknown
Boot illustrations, 1908-1909. Artist: Unknown
john enschedes type foundry 1768 1908 1909
John Enschede's type foundry, 1768 (1908-1909).Artist: Cornelius van Noorde
printing process 1908 1909 artist unknown
The printing process, 1908-1909. Artist: Unknown
harvesting hay 1926 artist unknown
Harvesting hay, 1926. Artist: Unknown
aerial view ellis island immigration station new york
Aerial view of Ellis Island Immigration Station, New York, USA, 1926. Artist: Unknown
united states men of war passing lock panama canal
United States Men-Of-War passing through a lock, Panama Canal, Panama, 1926. Artist
steelworks 1926artist edgar winifred ward
Steelworks, 1926.Artist: Edgar & Winifred Ward
black country staffordshire 1926artist edgar
The Black Country, Staffordshire, 1926.Artist: Edgar & Winifred Ward
mustapha kemal pasha 1881 1928 turkish revolutionary
Mustapha Kemal Pasha (1881-1928), Turkish revolutionary, 1926. Artist: Unknown
palace senate rome italy 1926 artist unknown
The Palace of the Senate, Rome, Italy, 1926. Artist: Unknown
the guardian angel 1926artist louis tessier
'The Guardian Angel', 1926.Artist: Louis Tessier
signing locarno treaties british foreign office
Signing the Locarno Treaties at the British Foreign Office, London, 1925 (1926). Artist
aerial view lower new york usa 1926 artist
Aerial view of Lower New York, USA, 1926. Artist: Unknown
chamber french senate paris france 1926 artist
The Chamber of the French Senate, Paris, France, 1926. Artist: Unknown
division lobby house commons westminster london
The Division Lobby, House of Commons, Westminster, London, 1926. Artist: Unknown
typical sitting reichstag parliament german republic
A typical sitting of the Reichstag, Parliament of the German Republic, 1926. Artist
port au prince haiti 1926 artist unknown
Port-au-Prince, Haiti, 1926. Artist: Unknown
the muezzin minaret calling faithful prayer 1926
'The Muezzin in his Minaret calling the Faithful to Prayer', 1926. Artist
house commons 1926 artist unknown
The House of Commons, 1926. Artist: Unknown
germanys houses parliament berlin 1926 artist
Germany's Houses of Parliament, Berlin, 1926. Artist: Unknown
children dancing round maypole 1926 artist
Children dancing round a maypole, 1926. Artist: Unknown
the conquerors culebra cut panama canal panama
'The Conquerors', Culebra Cut, Panama Canal, Panama, 1926. Artist: Unknown
village church 1926 artist unknown
A village church, 1926. Artist: Unknown
lambeth conference 1920 1926 artist unknown
The Lambeth Conference of 1920 (1926). Artist: Unknown
palace luxembourg home french senate paris france
The Palace of Luxembourg, home of the French Senate, Paris, France, 1926. Artist: Unknown
frances mary buss 1827 1894 english pioneer
Frances Mary Buss (1827-1894), English pioneer of women's education, 1926 Artist
lady astor 1879 1964 american born british
Lady Astor (1879-1964), American-born British politician, 1926. Artist: Unknown
mohandas karamchand gandhi 1869 1948 indian
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (1869-1948), Indian nationalist leader, 1926. Artist: Unknown
lock panama canal panama 1926 artist unknown
A lock on the Panama Canal, Panama, 1926. Artist: Unknown
catherine booth 1829 1890 1926 artist unknown
Catherine Booth (1829-1890), 1926. Artist: Unknown
inside palace senate rome 1926 artist unknown
Inside the Palace of the Senate, Rome, 1926. Artist: Unknown
geneva switzerland 1926 artist unknown
Geneva, Switzerland, 1926. Artist: Unknown
jews wailing place jerusalem c1926 artist
The Jews Wailing Place, Jerusalem, c1926. Artist: Unknown
esther pleading people 1926artist felix joseph
'Esther Pleading For Her People', 1926.Artist: Felix Joseph Barrias
coal iron production 1926artist edgar winifred
Coal and iron production, 1926.Artist: Edgar & Winifred Ward
boy scouts camping 1926 artist unknown
Boy scouts camping, 1926. Artist: Unknown
mining centre 1926artist edgar winifred ward
A mining centre, 1926.Artist: Edgar & Winifred Ward
coming church 1926 artist unknown
'Coming From Church', 1926. Artist: Unknown
the angler c1860 1910 1924 artist alphonse
'The Angler', c1860-1910 (1924). Artist: Alphonse Legros
la morgue c1841 1868 1924 artist charles
'La Morgue', c1841-1868 (1924). Artist: Charles Meryon
la galerie notre dame c1841 1868 1924 artist
'La Galerie Notre-Dame', c1841-1868 (1924). Artist: Charles Meryon
le stryge c1841 1868 1924 artist charles
'Le Stryge', c1841-1868 (1924). Artist: Charles Meryon
la chaumiere c1825 1885 1924 artist eugene
'La Chaumiere', c1825-1885 (1924). Artist: Eugene Blery
les chenes roche c1832 1860 1924 artist
'Les Chenes de Roche', c1832- 1860, (1924). Artist: Theodore Rousseau
la bouillie 1861 1924 artist jean francois
'La Bouillie', 1861 (1924). Artist: Jean Francois Millet
the wool carder c1835 1875 1924 artist
'The Wool Carder', c1835-1875 (1924). Artist: Jean Francois Millet
diggers c1835 1875 1924 artist jean francois
'Diggers', c1835-1875 (1924). Artist: Jean Francois Millet
environs rome c1815 1865 1924 artist jean baptiste camille
'Environs de Rome', c1815-1865, (1924). Artist: Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot
souvenir ditalie c1815 1865 1924 artist
'Souvenir d'Italie', c1815-1865, (1924). Artist: Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot
clair lune valmondois 1840 1875 1924 artist
'Clair de Lune a Valmondois', 1840-1875 (1924). Artist: Charles Francois Daubigny
arbre corbeaux 1840 1875 1924 artist charles
'Arbre a Corbeaux', 1840-1875, (1924). Artist: Charles Francois Daubigny
la bergerie the shepherd 1825 1890 1924
'La Bergerie', (The Shepherd), 1825-1890 (1924).Artist: Charles Emile Jacque
saulaie des environs paris c1820 1870 1924
'Saulaie des Environs de Paris', c1820-1870, (1924). Artist: Paul Huet
cavalier francais c1820 1860 1924artist
'Cavalier Francais', c1820-1860, (1924).Artist: Eugene Delacroix
les traitants c1750 1800 1924artist jean honore
'Les Traitants', c1750-1800, (1924)Artist: Jean-Honore Fragonard
les graces au tombeau watteau c1720 1770 1924
'Les Graces au Tombeau de Watteau', c1720-1770 (1924) Artist: Francois Boucher
diverse figures c1720 1770 1924 artist
'Diverse Figures', c1720-1770, (1924) Artist: Francois Boucher
figure c1700 1720 1924 artist jean antoine
'Figure', c1700-1720, (1924). Artist: Jean-Antoine Watteau
drawing titian c1710 1765 1924 artist caylus
Drawing after Titian, c1710-1765 (1924) Artist: Caylus, Anne-Claude-Philippe de
drawing leonardo vinci c1710 1765 1924 artist
Drawing after Leonardo de Vinci, c1710-1765 (1924) Artist: Caylus, Anne-Claude-Philippe
sunset c1620 1680 1924artist claude lorrain
'Sunset', c1620-1680 (1924)Artist: Claude Lorrain
campo vacino c1620 1680 1924 artist claude
'Campo Vacino', c1620-1680 (1924). Artist: Claude Lorrain
capitaine fracasse c120 1670 1924artist
'Capitaine Fracasse', c120-1670 (1924)Artist: Abraham Bosse
tentation st antoine c1615 1635 1924artist
'Tentation de St Antoine', c1615-1635 (1924)Artist: Jacques Callot
vue ancienne paris c1615 1635 1924 artist
'Vue Ancienne de Paris', c1615-1635 (1924). Artist: Jacques Callot
leventail the fan 1619 1924 artist jacques
'L'Eventail' (The Fan), 1619 (1924). Artist: Jacques Callot
st sebastien c1605 1630 1924 artist jacques
'St Sebastien', c1605-1630 (1924). Artist: Jacques Callot
virgin child early 14th century artist unknown
Virgin and Child, early 14th century. Artist: Unknown
marriage feast cana early 14th century artist
The marriage feast at Cana, early 14th century. Artist: Unknown


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