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17 Nov 2007

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north hotel des ursins paris c17th century 1849
North front of the Hotel des Ursins, Paris, c17th century (1849). Artist: Unknown
marquis marchioness lorne niagara falls canada 1879
The Marquis and Marchioness of Lorne at Niagara Falls, Canada, 1879. Artist: Unknown
saturday afternoon victoria park london 1890
Saturday afternoon in Victoria Park, London, 1890.Artist: R Taylor
luthers room wartburg castle eisenach germany 1862
Luther's room at Wartburg Castle, Eisenach, Germany, 1862. Artist: Unknown
luthers house wartburg castle eisenach germany
Luther's house at Wartburg Castle, Eisenach, Germany, 1862. Artist: Unknown
arch septimius severus roman forum rome italy
The Arch of Septimius Severus, Roman Forum, Rome, Italy, late 19th century.Artist
arch constantine rome italy 19th centuryartist
The Arch of Constantine, Rome, Italy, 19th century.Artist: E Therond
trajans column ulpians basilica roman forum
Trajan's Column and Ulpian's Basilica, Roman Forum, Rome, Italy, 19th century
temples saturn vespasian roman forum rome italy
The Temples of Saturn and Vespasian, the Roman Forum, Rome, Italy, 19th century.Artist
fountain trevi italy 19th centuryartist
The fountain of Trevi, Italy, 19th century.Artist: Hildibrand
cogoleto birth place columbus italy 1828artist
Cogoleto, the birth place of Columbus, Italy, 1828.Artist: E Finden
tomb virgil near naples italy 1788artist
The tomb of Virgil, near Naples, Italy, 1788.Artist: Thomas Prattent
a glimpse canada 1893 artist unknown
'A Glimpse of Canada', 1893. Artist: Unknown
road near st petersburg russia 1882 artist
On a road near St Petersburg, Russia, 1882. Artist: Unknown
kloster smolnoi near st petersburg russia c1840
Kloster Smolnoi, near St Petersburg, Russia, c1840.Artist: Albert Henry Payne
nicholas i 1796 1855 emperor russia droshky
Nicholas I (1796-1855), Emperor of Russia, in his droshky, St Petersburg, 1853. Artist
acropolis athens greece 19th centuryartist
The Acropolis, Athens, Greece, 19th century.Artist: J Cousins
ts eliot american born british poet dramatist critic
TS Eliot, American-born British poet dramatist and critic, c1950s.Artist: Man Ray
photographic representation jesus early 20th century
A photographic representation of Jesus, early 20th century.Artist: Tornquist
economy 1899 artist unknown
'Economy', 1899. Artist: Unknown
maid ironing 18th centuryartist george morland
A maid ironing, 18th century.Artist: George Morland
beatrice deste 1475 1497 c1490artist leonardo
Beatrice d'Este (1475-1497), c1490.Artist: Leonardo da Vinci
queen victoria 1819 1901 aged years old 19th
Queen Victoria (1819-1901) aged four years old, 19th century.Artist: Eyre & Spottiswoode
sean connery b1930 scottish actor 1960s artist
Sean Connery (b1930), Scottish actor, 1960s. Artist: Unknown
lucerne mount pilatus switzerland 1903artist
Lucerne and Mount Pilatus, Switzerland, 1903.Artist: Underwood & Underwood
niagra falls prospect point horseshoe falls
The Niagra Falls, from Prospect Point to Horseshoe Falls, late 19th century. Artist
champs elysees paris france 1894artist underwood
The Champs Elysees, Paris, France, 1894.Artist: Underwood & Underwood
avenue coconut palms florida usa 1891artist
Avenue of coconut palms, Florida, USA, 1891.Artist: George Barker
black forest mount hope sierra prieta usa 1856
The Black Forest Mount Hope and Sierra Prieta, USA, 1856.Artist: E Stout
give light late 19th centuryartist universal
'Give me a light', late 19th century.Artist: Universal Stereoscopic View Company
grand coulee washington usa 1856 artist gustav
Grand Coulee, Washington, USA, 1856. Artist: Gustav Sohon
camp stevens looking westward montana usa 1856
Camp Stevens, looking westward, Montana, USA, 1856.Artist: Gustav Sohon
distribution goods gros ventres 26 august 1853 1856
Distribution of goods to the Gros Ventres 26 August 1853 (1856).Artist: John Mix Stanley
milk river bears paw mountain distance montana
Milk River, with Bear's Paw Mountain in the distance, Montana, USA, 1856.Artist
crossing hellgate river 6 january 1854 1856
Crossing the Hellgate River, 6 January 1854 (1856).Artist: John Mix Stanley
rocky mountains looking westward usa 1856artist
The Rocky Mountains, looking westward, USA, 1856.Artist: John Mix Stanley
cheyenne river usa 1856artist john mix stanley
Cheyenne River, USA, 1856.Artist: John Mix Stanley
hot springs source lou lou fork bitterroot mountains
Hot Springs at their source in Lou Lou Fork, Bitterroot Mountains, Montana, USA, 1856
marias river montana usa 1856artist john
The Marias River, Montana, USA, 1856.Artist: John Mix Stanley
tasting tea china 1888 artist unknown
Tasting tea in China, 1888. Artist: Unknown
election hustings stepney green tower hamlets election
Election hustings in Stepney Green during the Tower Hamlets election, London, 1852
election hustings clerkenwell green finsbury election
Election hustings in Clerkenwell Green during the Finsbury election, London, 1852
election hustings covent garden westminster election
Election hustings in Covent Garden during the Westminster election, London, 1852. Artist
french noblemen women yeomen guard gentleman
French noblemen and women, a yeomen of the guard, and a gentleman, 15th century (1849)
florentine plebeian henchman 14th century 1849
Florentine plebeian and henchman, 14th century (1849). Artist: Unknown
dance death 15th century 1849 artist unknown
The Dance of Death, 15th century (1849). Artist: Unknown
dukes bavaria germany 16th century 1849artist
Dukes of Bavaria, Germany, 16th century (1849).Artist: Franz Kellerhoven
english gatekeeper 1480 domestic servant 1475
An English gatekeeper (1480) and domestic servant (1475), 15th century (1849). Artist
german man letters 16th century 1849artist
A German man of letters, 16th century (1849).Artist: Jost Amman
italian doctors 15th century 1849 artist
Italian doctors, 15th century (1849). Artist: Unknown
etienne poncher 1446 1524 bishop paris 16th
Etienne de Poncher (1446-1524), Bishop of Paris, 16th century (1849). Artist: Unknown
st louis 1274 1297 bishop toulouse 1849 artist
St Louis (1274-1297), Bishop of Toulouse, 1849. Artist: Unknown
italian gardener woodcutter 15th century 1849
Italian gardener and woodcutter, 15th century (1849). Artist: Unknown
italian costumes 15th century 1849 artist
Italian costumes of the 15th century (1849). Artist: Unknown
grand swiss provost marshal 15th century 1849
Grand Swiss provost marshal, 15th century (1849). Artist: Unknown
costumes period king louis xii france 15th century
Costumes of the period of King Louis XII of France, 15th century (1849).Artist: Dumont
swiss courier 15th century 1849 artist
Swiss courier, 15th century (1849). Artist: Unknown
young noble court king charles viii france c15th
A young noble of the court of King Charles VIII of France, c15th century (1849). Artist
marie bourgogne daughter charles le temeraire
Marie de Bourgogne, daughter of Charles le Temeraire, 16th century (1849). Artist
noble women children 14th century 1849 artist
Noble women and children, 14th century (1849). Artist: Unknown
noblewoman servant member bourgeoisie 14th century
A noblewoman, servant and member of the bourgeoisie, 14th century (1849). Artist: Unknown
clotaire i 497 560 king franks 1849 artist
Clotaire I (497-560), King of the Franks, 1849. Artist: Unknown
king charles v france 1337 1380 joanna bourbon
King Charles V of France (1337-1380) and Joanna of Bourbon (1338-1378), 1849. Artist
king louis vii france 1120 1180 16th century 1849
King Louis VII of France (1120-1180), 16th century (1849). Artist: Unknown
charles simple 879 929 16th century 1849
Charles the Simple (879-929), 16th century (1849). Artist: Unknown
statue childebert 13th century 1849 artist
Statue of Childebert, 13th century (1849). Artist: Unknown
childeberts tomb 11th century 1849 artist
Childebert's tomb, 11th century (1849). Artist: Unknown
childeric ii c653 675 12th century 1849 artist
Childeric II (c653-675), 12th century (1849). Artist: Unknown
king clotaire ii 584 629 bertude 575 604
King Clotaire II (584-629) and Bertude (575-604), 12th century (1849). Artist: Unknown