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basin maker 16th century 1849artist jost
Basin maker, 16th century (1849).Artist: Jost Amman
emperor annam vietnam 1922 artist unknown
The Emperor of Annam, Vietnam, 1922. Artist: Unknown
raised venetian rose point lace 17th century 1901
Raised Venetian or rose point lace, 17th century, (1901). Artist: Bemrose
making pot mendi papua new guinea 1922artist
The making of a pot, Mendi, Papua New Guinea, 1922.Artist: Northcote Thomas
armenian mother children 1922artist w llewellyn
An Armenian mother and her children, 1922.Artist: W Llewellyn Williams
mullah mush armenia 1922 artist unknown
The Mullah of Mush, Armenia, 1922. Artist: Unknown
kelmscott manor gloucestershire frontispiece
Kelmscott Manor, Gloucestershire, frontispiece to News from Nowhere, c1892 (1901)
ashanti architecture ghana 1922artist pa mccann
Ashanti architecture, Ghana, 1922Artist: PA McCann
old french theorbated cithern 1901 artist
'Old French theorbated cithern', 1901. Artist: Unknown
medicine man australia 1922artist spencer
Medicine man, Australia, 1922.Artist: Spencer and Gillen
portrait mary benwell c1785 1901 artist
'Portrait of Mary Benwell', c1785, (1901). Artist: W Ward
dancer biskra algeria 1922artist crete
A dancer in Biskra, Algeria, 1922.Artist: Crete
gaucho argentina 1922 artist unknown
A gaucho, Argentina, 1922. Artist: Unknown
king archibong ii gambia africa 1922 artist
King Archibong II of Gambia, Africa, 1922. Artist: Unknown
king basu fondong cameroon africa 1922 artist
King Basu Fondong of Cameroon, Africa, 1922. Artist: Unknown
master buthall the blue boy c1770 1901
'Master Buthall', (The Blue Boy), c1770 (1901). Artist: Thomas Gainsborough
basuto girl brides period initiation adult tribal
Basuto girl brides during a period of initiation into the adult tribal society, Lesotho, 1922
girl tigre people africa 1922 artist unknown
A girl of the Tigre people, Africa, 1922. Artist: Unknown
head portrait a man hawk 1643 1901 artist
Head from the portrait of 'A Man with a Hawk', 1643, (1901). Artist: Unknown
afridi lookout khyber kohat pass pakistan afghanistan
An Afridi lookout, Khyber and Kohat Pass, Pakistan and Afghanistan, 1922
afghan woman 1922artist holmes
An Afghan woman, 1922.Artist: Holmes & Co
nigerian girl dressed wedding finery 1922artist
A Nigerian girl dressed in her wedding finery, 1922.Artist: Northcote Thomas
illuminated initial letter b 13th century 1901
Illuminated initial letter 'B', 13th century, (1901). Artist: Unknown
wooden horse powered suger cane crushing mill
A wooden, horse-powered suger cane crushing mill, West Indies, 1922. Artist: Unknown
jacob wyx basel wife anna 1592 1901 artist
Jacob Wyx of Basel and his wife Anna, 1592 (1901). Artist: Unknown
boys artemid armenia 1922artist maynard owen
Boys from Artemid, Armenia, 1922.Artist: Maynard Owen Williams
representation mayflower 1922 artist unknown
A representation of the 'Mayflower', 1922. Artist: Unknown
slave woman abyssinia ethiopia 1922 artist
A slave woman from Abyssinia (Ethiopia), 1922. Artist: Unknown
kenyan men playing cards 1922 artist unknown
Kenyan men playing cards, 1922. Artist: Unknown
gold coast potter clay ghana west africa 1922
A Gold Coast potter and her clay, Ghana, West Africa, 1922.Artist: PA McCann
reed balsa sailing vessel bolivia 1922 artist
A reed balsa sailing vessel, Bolivia, 1922. Artist: Unknown
men never land totem attire australia 1922
Men of the 'Never Never land', in totem attire, Australia, 1922
kelmscott chaucer special binding william morris
The Kelmscott Chaucer, with a special binding by William Morris, 1896 (1901). Artist
broom vendor rio janeiro brazil 1922 artist
Broom vendor, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1922. Artist: Unknown
patagonian indians argentina 1922 artist
Patagonian indians, Argentina, 1922. Artist: Unknown
romany women albania 1922artist underwood
Romany women, Albania, 1922.Artist: Underwood & Underwood
algerian woman 1922 artist unknown
Algerian woman, 1922. Artist: Unknown
woman harar festival attire ethiopia 1922 artist
A woman from Harar in festival attire, Ethiopia, 1922. Artist: Unknown
emu man performing sacred totem group australia 1922
An emu man performing the sacred totem of his group, Australia, 1922.Artist: Spencer
nicolas berghem 1647 1901 artist unknown
'Nicolas Berghem', 1647, (1901). Artist: Unknown
nomad maid preparing couscous algeria 1922artist
A nomad maid of the mill preparing couscous, Algeria, 1922.Artist: A Bougaut
witch doctor belgian congo congo republic 1922
A witch doctor, Belgian Congo (Congo Republic), 1922.Artist: JH Harris
igbo woman wearing ankle plates nigeria west africa
An Igbo woman wearing ankle plates, Nigeria, West Africa, 1922.Artist: Northcote Thomas
meeting mirdite mountaineers town kinsmen outside
A meeting of Mirdite mountaineers and their town kinsmen outside a Scutari cathedral, Turkey, 1922
gaucho sweethearts exchange mate cups argentina 1922
Gaucho sweethearts exchange mate cups, Argentina, 1922. Artist: Unknown
milkwoman government inspector belgium 1922
A milkwoman with a government inspector, Belgium, 1922. Artist: Unknown
woman accra ghana 1922artist pa mccann
A woman from Accra, Ghana, 1922.Artist: PA McCann
medicine man worgaia central australia 1922
Medicine man of the Worgaia, central Australia, 1922. Artist: Unknown
kabyles woman algeria 1922artist crete
A Kabyles woman, Algeria, 1922.Artist: Crete
seyid mustapha el idrisi southern arabia 1922
The Seyid, Mustapha el Idrisi, southern Arabia, 1922.Artist: Donald McLeish
fanti women making earthenware elmina ghana 1922
Fanti women making earthenware, Elmina, Ghana, 1922.Artist: PA McCann
clarifying sugar cane juce annam vietnam 1922
Clarifying sugar cane juce, Annam, Vietnam, 1922. Artist: Unknown
moi couple inside village palisade africa 1922
A Moi couple inside the village palisade, Africa, 1922. Artist: Unknown
ad women metal workers company london 1901 artist
Advertisement for the Women Metal Workers company in London, 1901. Artist: Unknown
group masai warriors battle panoply 1922artist
A group of Masai warriors in full battle panoply, 1922.Artist: SJ Hopper
noce village 18th century 1910artist
'Noce de Village', 18th century (1910).Artist: Descourtis
sir robert shore milnes late 18th early 19th century
Sir Robert Shore Milnes, late 18th-early 19th century (1910). Artist: George Romney
block penny black stamps 1840 1910 artist
Block of twenty 'Penny Black' stamps, 1840, (1910). Artist: Unknown
louis france 1754 1910 artist jean marc
'Louis of France', 1754, (1910). Artist: Jean-Marc Nattier
king edward vii 1910 artist alyn williams
King Edward VII, 1910. Artist: Alyn Williams
two bunches penny primroses bunches penny 1793
'Two Bunches a Penny Primroses, Two Bunches a Penny', 1793, (1910). Artist
ascension montgolfier balloon late 18th century
Ascension of a Montgolfier balloon, late 18th century, (1910). Artist: Unknown
mr sadlers ascent captain paget 12th august 1781
'Mr Sadler's ascent with Captain Paget, 12th August 1781', (1910). Artist
andre jacques garnerin french aeronaut first
Andre Jacques Garnerin, French aeronaut and the first parachutist, c1802 (1910). Artist
renira tuyll wife captain john albert bentinck
Renira De Tuyll, wife of Captain John Albert Bentinck, late 18th century (1910).Artist
william howard taft american president 1910
William Howard Taft, American president, 1910.Artist: Alyn Williams
portrait irish girl late 18th early 19th century
'Portrait of an Irish Girl', late 18th-early 19th century, (1910). Artist
southwards search sun 1905artist bemrose
'Southwards in Search of the Sun', 1905.Artist: Bemrose
mitre case william wykeham 1905 artist unknown
Mitre case of William of Wykeham. 1905. Artist: Unknown
frances countess essex 1757 1905 artist
Frances, Countess of Essex, 1757, (1905). Artist: James McArdell
portrait lady 1905artist william lane
Portrait of a lady, 1905.Artist: William Lane
simplicity 1905artist francesco bartolozzi
'Simplicity', 1905.Artist: Francesco Bartolozzi
christmas/brighton mail christmas day 1836 1905artist
The Brighton Mail on Christmas Day, 1836 (1905).Artist: Henry Thomas Alken
ad perrier water 1905 artist unknown
Advertisement for Perrier water, 1905. Artist: Unknown
military trumpeter 16th century 1849artist
Military trumpeter, 16th century (1849).Artist: Jost Amman
flute cornetto players 16th century 1849artist
Flute and cornetto players, 16th century (1849).Artist: Jost Amman
guitarist lutenist trombone player 16th century
A guitarist, a lutenist and a trombone player, 16th century (1849).Artist: Jost Amman
music concert 13th century 1849artist bisson
Music concert, 13th century (1849).Artist: A Bisson
violinist cellists 16th century 1849artist
A violinist and two cellists, 16th century (1849).Artist: Jost Amman
english trumpeters 1375 1849 artist unknown
English trumpeters, 1375 (1849). Artist: Unknown
david playing lyre 10th century 1849 artist
David playing the lyre, 10th century (1849). Artist: Unknown
double flute nine hole syrinx flute 11th century
Double flute and nine-hole syrinx flute, 11th century (1849). Artist: Unknown
celestial concert 15th century 1849artist
Celestial concert, 15th century (1849).Artist: A Bisson
sabbath vaudois france c13th century 1849
The Sabbath in Vaudois, France, c13th century (1849). Artist: Unknown
sabbath 16th century 1849artist bisson
The Sabbath, 16th century (1849).Artist: A Bisson
costumes 16th century 1849artist edward may
Costumes, 16th century (1849).Artist: Edward May
german costumes 15th 16th century 1849artist
German costumes, 15th-16th century (1849).Artist: Edward May
swiss costumes 15th 16th century 1849artist
Swiss costumes, 15th-16th century (1849).Artist: Edward May
women nuremberg germany 16th century 1849
Women of Nuremberg, Germany, 16th century (1849).Artist: Edward May
women man 15th 16th centuries 1849artist thurwanger
Women and a man from the 15th and 16th centuries (1849).Artist: Thurwanger Freres
english courtier 1450 english gentleman 1500 1849
An English courtier of 1450 and an English gentleman of 1500 (1849).Artist: Edward May
english noblewomen 15th 16th century 1849artist
English noblewomen, 15th-16th century (1849).Artist: Edward May
noble french couple end 15th century 1849artist
A noble French couple at the end of the 15th century (1849).Artist: Edward May
mens hats different classes society 13th 16th
Men's hats of different classes of society, 13th-16th century (1849)
english hunter gamekeeper fisherman 1435 1849
English hunter, gamekeeper and fisherman, 1435 (1849).Artist: Drouart
election hustings clerkenwell green finsbury election
Election hustings in Clerkenwell Green during the Finsbury election, London, 1852
election hustings covent garden westminster election
Election hustings in Covent Garden during the Westminster election, London, 1852. Artist
french noblemen women yeomen guard gentleman
French noblemen and women, a yeomen of the guard, and a gentleman, 15th century (1849)
florentine plebeian henchman 14th century 1849
Florentine plebeian and henchman, 14th century (1849). Artist: Unknown


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