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prince wales maharajah gwalior indian tour 1921
The Prince of Wales with the Maharajah of Gwalior during his Indian tour, 1921. Artist
dulle griet mad meg c1562 artist pieter
'Dulle Griet' (Mad Meg), c1562. Artist: Pieter Bruegel the Elder
portrait alexey melgunov 1722 1788 1790 artist
Portrait of Alexey Melgunov (1722-1788), 1790. Artist: Levitsky, Dmitri Grigorievich
hand written letter 1870 1899 artist unknown
A hand-written letter, 1870 (1899). Artist: Unknown
letter queen elizabeth i james vi scotland 5th
Letter from Queen Elizabeth I to James VI of Scotland, 5th January 1603
letter mary queen scots queen elizabeth i sheffield
Letter from Mary Queen of Scots to Queen Elizabeth I, Sheffield, 29 October 1571.Artist
diary edward vi 1551artist king edward vi
Diary of Edward VI, 1551.Artist: King Edward VI
letter thomas cranmer thomas cromwell ford 13th
Letter from Thomas Cranmer to Thomas Cromwell, Ford, 13th August 1537
letter queen catherine aragon husband henry viii
Letter from Queen Catherine of Aragon to her husband Henry VIII, 16th September 1513
documents signed charles i c1641artist king
Documents signed by Charles I, c1641.Artist: King Charles I
resolution council war english commanders 1st
Resolution of a Council of War of the English commanders, 1st August 1588
arguments purgatory hand hugh latimer bishop
Arguments against Purgatory in the hand of Hugh Latimer, Bishop of Worcester, c1538
letter jean jaques rousseau 15th july 1764artist
Letter from Jean Jaques Rousseau, 15th July 1764.Artist: Jean-Jacques Rousseau
draft albrecht durers dedication bilibald pirckheimer
Draft of Albrecht Durer's dedication to Bilibald Pirckheimer, c1523
original manuscript epilogue idylls king c1872
Original manuscript of the Epilogue to the Idylls of the King, c1872
original manuscript adam bede 23rd march 1859
Original manuscript of Adam Bede, 23rd March 1859.Artist: George Eliot
letter john wesley samuel bradburn 25th march 1783
Letter from John Wesley to Samuel Bradburn, 25th March 1783.Artist: John Wesley
letter thomas chatterton william barrett 1769
Letter from Thomas Chatterton to William Barrett, 1769.Artist: Thomas Chatterton
sentimental journey france italy 1767artist
A Sentimental Journey through France and Italy, 1767.Artist: Laurence Sterne
letter thomas ken bishop bath wells george harbin
Letter from Thomas Ken, Bishop of Bath and Wells to George Harbin, c1709
letter daniel defoe charles montague 1705artist
Letter from Daniel Defoe to Charles Montague, 1705.Artist: Daniel Defoe
letter john locke hans sloane 2nd december 1699
Letter from John Locke to Hans Sloane, 2nd December 1699.Artist: John Locke
letter dr john donne sir robert cotton c1602
Letter from Dr John Donne to Sir Robert Cotton, c1602.Artist: John Donne
letter louis xiv france mary modena 24th june 1688
Letter from Louis XIV of France to Mary of Modena, 24th June 1688
letter philip ii spain pope gregory xiii 8th
Letter from Philip II of Spain to Pope Gregory XIII, 8th November 1579
letter albert prince consort anthony ashley cooper
Letter from Albert, Prince Consort to Anthony Ashley Cooper, 13th April 1856.Artist
notes a speech richard brinsley sheridan 30th
Notes for a a speech by Richard Brinsley Sheridan, 30th April 1805
letter duke wellington general rowland hill 1st
Letter from the Duke of Wellington to General Rowland Hill, 1st February 1828.Artist
letter queen anne john hay marquess tweeddale
Letter from Queen Anne to John Hay, Marquess of Tweeddale, 24th July 1704. Artist
letter william penn colonel henry sydney 29th
Letter from William Penn to Colonel Henry Sydney, 29th March 1681.Artist: William Penn
letter richard cromwell lord protector general
Letter from Richard Cromwell, Lord Protector, to General George Monck, 18th April 1660
letter charles i nephew prince maurice 20th
Letter from Charles I to his nephew, Prince Maurice, 20th September 1645
letter george villiers duke buckingham james i
Letter from George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham, to James I, 25th April 1623.Artist
letter john hampden colonel bulstrode battle edgehill
Letter from John Hampden to Colonel Bulstrode after the Battle of Edgehill, 31st October 1642
journal sir walter raleigh 1618artist sir walter
Journal of Sir Walter Raleigh, 1618.Artist: Sir Walter Raleigh
letter sir francis drake william cecil lord high
Letter from Sir Francis Drake to William Cecil, Lord High treasurer, 26th July 1586
letter sir philip sidney robert dudley earl leicester
Letter from Sir Philip Sidney to Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, 2nd February 1586
letter edward vi uncle edward seymour 18th september
Letter from Edward VI to his uncle, Edward Seymour, 18th September 1547
letter sir thomas henry viii 5th march 1534artist
Letter from Sir Thomas More to Henry VIII, 5th March 1534.Artist: Sir Thomas More
letter robert browning william g kingsland 27th
Letter from Robert Browning to William G Kingsland, 27th November 1868
letter thomas carlyle macvey napier editor edinburgh
Letter from Thomas Carlyle to Macvey Napier, editor of the Edinburgh Review, 6th February 1832
letter william makepeace thackery tw gibbs 12th
Letter from William Makepeace Thackery to TW Gibbs, 12th September 1851
letter william wordsworth death samuel taylor
Letter from William Wordsworth on the death of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, 29th July 1834
letter john keats sister fanny keats 14th august
Letter from John Keats to his sister, Fanny Keats, 14th August 1820. Artist: John Keats
hymn sunrise vale chamouny first printed 1802
Hymn before Sunrise in the Vale of Chamouny , first printed in 1802
letter joseph addison j robethon secretary george i
Letter from Joseph Addison to J Robethon, Secretary to George I, 4th September 1714
letter john dryden laurence hyde c1682 1683artist
Letter from John Dryden to Laurence Hyde, c1682-1683.Artist: John Dryden
letter queen victoria mary augusta gordon windsor
Letter from Queen Victoria to Mary Augusta Gordon, Windsor Castle, 16th March 1885
gordons diary siege khartoum 14th december 1884
Gordon's diary of the siege of Khartoum, 14th December 1884. Artist: General Gordon
cavalry duke wellingtons command battle waterloo
Cavalry under the Duke of Wellington's command, Battle of Waterloo, 18th June, 1815
letter lord horatio nelson lady emma hamilton
Letter from Lord Horatio Nelson to Lady Emma Hamilton, 19th October 1805
letter george washington earl buchan philadelphia
Letter from George Washington to the Earl of Buchan, Philadelphia, 22nd April 1793
owen nares english actor 1933 artist unknown
Owen Nares, English actor, 1933. Artist: Unknown
robert montgomery american actor director 1933
Robert Montgomery, American actor and director, 1933. Artist: Unknown
charles laughton english stage film actor 1933
Charles Laughton, English stage and film actor, 1933. Artist: Unknown
jessie matthews british actress 1933 artist
Jessie Matthews, British actress, 1933. Artist: Unknown
gordon harker british actor 1933 artist
Gordon Harker, British actor, 1933. Artist: Unknown
jeanette macdonald american actress 1933 artist
Jeanette MacDonald, American actress, 1933. Artist: Unknown
stan laurel oliver hardy american based comedy duo
Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, American-based comedy duo, 1933. Artist: Unknown
katharine hepburn american actress 1933 artist
Katharine Hepburn, American actress, 1933. Artist: Unknown
cedric hardwicke english actor 1933 artist
Cedric Hardwicke, English actor, 1933. Artist: Unknown
jean harlow american film actress 1933 artist
Jean Harlow, American film actress, 1933. Artist: Unknown
clark gable american actor 1933 artist unknown
Clark Gable, American actor, 1933. Artist: Unknown
ann harding american actress 1933 artist
Ann Harding, American actress, 1933. Artist: Unknown
willy fritsch german actor 1933 artist unknown
Willy Fritsch, German actor, 1933. Artist: Unknown
anne grey english actress 1933 artist unknown
Anne Grey, English Actress, 1933. Artist: Unknown
douglas fairbanks american actor screenwriter
Douglas Fairbanks, American actor, screenwriter, director and producer, 1933. Artist
greta garbo swedish actress 1933 artist
Greta Garbo, Swedish actress, 1933. Artist: Unknown
ricardo cortez austrian born actor 1933 artist
Ricardo Cortez, Austrian-born actor, 1933. Artist: Unknown
kay francis american actress 1933 artist
Kay Francis, American actress, 1933. Artist: Unknown
gary cooper american film actor 1933 artist
Gary Cooper, American film actor, 1933. Artist: Unknown
john boles american actor 1933 artist unknown
John Boles, American actor, 1933. Artist: Unknown
marlene dietrich german american actress 1933
Marlene Dietrich, German-American actress, 1933. Artist: Unknown
tallulah bankhead american actress talk show
Tallulah Bankhead, American actress, talk-show host and bonne vivante, 1933. Artist
john barrymore lionel barrymore american actors 1933
John Barrymore and Lionel Barrymore, American actors, 1933. Artist: Unknown
constance bennett american actress 1933 artist
Constance Bennett, American actress, 1933. Artist: Unknown
the sale nature c1584 1637 artist pieter
'The Sale of Nature', c1584-1637. Artist: Pieter Brueghel the Younger
passage village c1584 1637 artist pieter
'Passage through the Village', c1584-1637. Artist: Pieter Brueghel the Younger
passage landscape c1588 1625 artist jan brueghel
'Passage through Landscape', c1588-1625. Artist: Jan Brueghel the Elder
bouquet prince wales enham village centre 1926
A bouquet for the Prince of Wales at Enham Village Centre, 1926. Artist: Unknown
prince wales ontario agricultural college canada
The Prince of Wales at the Ontario Agricultural College, Canada, 1919. Artist: Unknown
princess elizabeth childrens day richmond horse show
Princess Elizabeth at Children's Day, Richmond Horse Show, c1936. Artist: Unknown
princess elizabeth sister c1936 artist unknown
Princess Elizabeth and her sister, c1936. Artist: Unknown
king george v queen mary way st pauls cathedral
King George V and Queen Mary on their way to St Paul's Cathedral, Silver Jubilee, 1935
prince wales tiger shooting india 1921 artist
The Prince of Wales tiger shooting in India, 1921. Artist: Unknown
princess elizabeth uncle david c1936 artist
Princess Elizabeth with her uncle David, c1936. Artist: Unknown
duke gloucester riding princess elizabeth windsor
The Duke of Gloucester riding with Princess Elizabeth in Windsor Great Park, c1936
queen mary old westminster market fair deans yard
Queen Mary at the old Westminster market and fair in Dean's Yard, Westminster, c1936
prince wales chief scout wales 1926 artist
The Prince of Wales as the Chief Scout of Wales, 1926. Artist: Unknown
prince wales welsh scouts 1926 artist unknown
The Prince of Wales with the Welsh scouts, 1926. Artist: Unknown
prince wales beaufort hunt 1923 artist unknown
The Prince of Wales with the Beaufort Hunt, 1923. Artist: Unknown
prince george duke kent c1936 artist unknown
Prince George, Duke of Kent, c1936. Artist: Unknown
prince wales kicking off spurs versus fulham football
The Prince of Wales kicking off the Spurs versus Fulham football match, 1921. Artist
prince wales grafton hunt races pet dog c1930s
The Prince of Wales at the Grafton Hunt Races on Pet Dog, c1930s. Artist: Unknown
prince wales friends raft riviera c1930s artist
The Prince of Wales with friends on a raft, the Riviera, c1930s. Artist: Unknown
prince wales smokes pipe open golf championship
The Prince of Wales smokes a pipe at the Open Golf Championship, St Andrews, c1930s
prince wales brothers c1930s artist unknown
The Prince of Wales with his brothers, c1930s. Artist: Unknown
prince wales taking fence bridge guards challenge
The Prince of Wales taking a fence in the bridge of Guards Challenge Cup race, c1930s
prince wales signing visitors book canada c1920s
The Prince of Wales signing a visitors' book in Canada, c1920s. Artist: Unknown


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