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31 Oct 2006

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leonardo da vinci italian artist engineer scientist
Leonardo da Vinci, Italian artist, engineer, scientist and inventor, 1864. Artist
king charles i 1600 1649 c18th century artist
King Charles I (1600-1649), c18th century. Artist: Unknown
portrait woman 16th centuryartist j minasi
Portrait of a woman, 16th century.Artist: J Minasi
scene macbeth c17th century artist unknown
A scene from 'Macbeth', c17th century. Artist: Unknown
king charles i 1600 1649 17th century artist
King Charles I (1600-1649), 17th century. Artist: Unknown
adoration magi artist unknown
The Adoration of the Magi. Artist: Unknown
sport/horse race 19th century artist unknown
Horse race, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
people gardens stately home 18th centuy artist
People in the gardens of a stately home, 18th centuy. Artist: Unknown
a goldfinch mistress 1796artist isaac
'A Goldfinch and his Mistress', 1796.Artist: Isaac Cruikshank
judge thumb sticks lawful size family discipline
'Judge Thumb or Sticks of a Lawful Size for Family Discipline', 1782. Artist
english travelling first stage dover 1785
'English Travelling, or the First Stage from Dover', 1785
french travelling first stage calais 1792
'French Travelling, or the First Stage from Calais', 1792. Artist: F Dukes
a french family 1790 artist samuel alken
'A French Family', 1790. Artist: Samuel Alken
reconciliation return scotland late 18th century
'Reconciliation or the Return from Scotland', late 18th century. Artist: Unknown
la francoise londres french lady london head dress
'La Francoise a Londres: The French Lady in London or The Head-dress of the Year 1771
the english lady paris 1771artist charles
'The English Lady at Paris', 1771.Artist: Charles Brandoin
a french petit maitre valet late 18th century
'A French Petit Maitre and his Valet', late 18th century.Artist: Charles Grignion
a unwelcome customer 1772 artist caldwell
'A Unwelcome customer', 1772. Artist: Caldwell
the country vicars fire side 1781 artist
'The Country Vicar's Fire Side', 1781. Artist: E Williams
the rival milliners 1770 artist unknown
'The Rival Milliners', 1770. Artist: Unknown
a milliners shop mrs monopolize butchers wife
'A Milliner's Shop; Mrs Monopolize, the butcher's wife, purchasing a modern
dancing bear 1785 artist c knight
'Dancing Bear', 1785. Artist: C Knight
the female orators 1768artist rennoldson
'The Female Orators', 1768.Artist: Rennoldson
the ladies disaster 1771 artist caldwell
'The Ladies Disaster', 1771. Artist: Caldwell
high life stairs 1772 artist caldwell
'High-Life Below Stairs', 1772. Artist: Caldwell
well a day son tom 1770 artist unknown
'Well-a-day! Is this my son Tom!', 1770. Artist: Unknown
be amazd dear mother daughter anne 1770 artist
'Be not amaz'd dear Mother, it is indeed your daughter Anne', 1770. Artist
grown gentlemen taught dance 1768artist b
'Grown Gentlemen Taught to Dance', 1768.Artist: B Clowes
grown ladies taught dance 1750 artist
'Grown Ladies Taught to Dance', 1750. Artist: Rennoldson
a pleasing method rouzing doctor thythe pig bad sight
'A Pleasing Method of Rouzing the Doctor or a Thythe Pig No Bad Sight.' 1770
stand coachman haughty lady fitted 1750 artist
'Stand Coachman, or The Haughty Lady Well Fitted', 1750. Artist: Unknown
christmas gambolls boxing day 1747 artist
'Christmas Gambolls, Boxing Day', 1747. Artist: Unknown
a parish feast 1741 artist unknown
'A Parish Feast', 1741. Artist: Unknown
fore warned fore armed 1741 artist e
'Fore-warned, Fore-armed', 1741. Artist: E Gravelot
the view humours billingsgate 1736 artist
'The View and Humours of Billingsgate', 1736. Artist: Unknown
morning four times day 1738artist william
'Morning (Four Times of the Day)', 1738.Artist: William Hogarth
southwark fair 1733artist william hogarth
'Southwark Fair', 1733.Artist: William Hogarth
washing blackamoor 1795artist isaac
'Washing The Blackamoor', 1795.Artist: Isaac Cruikshank
a prince poltroon 1789 artist unknown
'A Prince and a Poltroon', 1789. Artist: Unknown
the york reverence city loyalty amply rewarded
'The York Reverence or City Loyalty, Amply Rewarded', 1796. Artist: Unknown
a voluptuary horrors digestion 1792artist
'A Voluptuary Under the Horrors of Digestion', 1792.Artist: James Gillray
georgey a cockhorse 1796 artist unknown
'Georgey a' Cockhorse', 1796. Artist: Unknown
city horsemanship procession st pauls 1789
'City Horsemanship or Procession to St Paul's', 1789. Artist: Unknown
a milliners shop 1787 artist unknown
'A Milliner's Shop', 1787. Artist: Unknown
summer amusement farmer g s near windsor 1786
'Summer Amusement at Farmer G----'s near Windsor', 1786. Artist: Unknown
the constant couple 1786 artist unknown
'The Constant Couple', 1786. Artist: Unknown
a scene school scandal 1786 artist unknown
'A Scene in the School for Scandal', 1786. Artist: Unknown
the april fool follies night 1786 artist
'The April Fool, or The Follies of a Night...', 1786. Artist: Unknown
a wife wife trip continent 1786 artist
'A Wife and No wife - or - a Trip to the Continent', 1786. Artist: Carlo Khan
monuments lately discovered salisbury plain 1782
'Monuments lately discovered on Salisbury Plain', 1782. Artist: Unknown
the bird paradise 1772 artist unknown
'The Bird of Paradise', 1772. Artist: Unknown
the kitchen metamorphosed 1762 artist unknown
'The Kitchen Metamorphosed', 1762. Artist: Unknown
mr james gillray portrait himself c1800artist
'Mr James Gillray, from a portrait by himself', c1800.Artist: James Gillray
john gant mounted or mars journey 1747
'John of Gant mounted, or, Mars on his Journey...', 1747. Artist: Unknown
st jamess october 1750 artist unknown
'St James's in October...', 1750. Artist: Unknown
frederick prince wales princess augusta saxe gotha
'Frederick Prince of Wales and the Princess Augusta of Saxe-Gotha', 1736. Artist
eliza canning life c1753 artist unknown
'Eliza Canning from the Life', c1753. Artist: Unknown
the gypsey conversing ye inspector general great
'The Gypsey conversing with ye Inspector General of Great Britain,' c1753
e canning vindicated mr s sy gypsies flight enfield
'E Canning vindicated or Mr S-sy Gypsies Flight to Enfield Wash', c1753. Artist
the military prophet april 1750 artist
'The Military Prophet..., April 1750.' Artist: Unknown
a true draught eliza canning 1753 artist
'A True Draught of Eliza Canning', 1753. Artist: Unknown
english credulity invisible ghost 1762 artist
'English Credulity, or The Invisible Ghost', 1762. Artist: Unknown
the magician bottle cungerer english credulity or
'The Magician or Bottle Cungerer. English Credulity: or, Ye're all Bottled', 1749
an apology town 1749 artist unknown
'An Apology to the Town', 1749. Artist: Unknown
the lottery 1721artist william hogarth
'The Lottery', 1721.Artist: William Hogarth
a satire south sea company 1721 artist william
'A Satire on the South Sea Company', 1721. Artist: William Hogarth
the brabant skreen 1721 artist unknown
'The Brabant Skreen', 1721. Artist: Unknown
the bubblers mirrorour englands folley joy
'The Bubbler's Mirrorour, or England's Folley (joy)', 1720. Artist
the bubblers mirrorour englands folley grief
'The Bubbler's Mirrorour, or England's Folley (grief)', 1720. Artist
the bubblers bubbld devil hindmost 1720 artist
'The Bubbler's Bubbl'd or The Devil Take the Hindmost', 1720. Artist
the bubblers medley sketch times 1720 artist
'The Bubbler's Medley, or a Sketch of the Times', 1720. Artist: Unknown
cockney sportsmen recharging 1800 artist
'Cockney Sportsmen Recharging', 1800. Artist: Unknown
cockney sportsmen finding hare 1800 artist
'Cockney Sportsmen finding a hare', 1800. Artist: Unknown
coming death 1800 artist unknown
'Coming in at the Death', 1800. Artist: Unknown
patience punt 1792artist henry william
'Patience in a punt', 1792.Artist: Henry William Bunbury
hounds throwing off 1800artist henry william
'Hounds throwing off', 1800.Artist: Henry William Bunbury
cock green 18th centuryartist john kay
'Cock of the Green', 18th century.Artist: John Kay
how escape winning 1791 artist thomas
'How to escape winning', 1791. Artist: Thomas Rowlandson
going races late 18th centuryartist thomas
'Going to the races', late 18th century.Artist: Thomas Rowlandson
the high mettled racer 1789artist thomas
'The High Mettled Racer', 1789.Artist: Thomas Rowlandson
st george dragon mademoiselle riposting 1789
'St George and the Dragon and Mademoiselle Riposting', 1789. Artist: Unknown
the royal academy 1786 artist unknown
'The Royal Academy', 1786. Artist: Unknown
mlle la chevaliere deon beaumont fencing 18th
Mlle la Chevaliere d'Eon de Beaumont fencing, 18th century. Artist: Unknown
mlle la chevaliere deon beaumont fencing carlton
'Mlle la Chevaliere d'Eon de Beaumont fencing at Carlton House, 9th April 1787
a bit blood 1787artist w dickinson
'A Bit of Blood', 1787.Artist: W Dickinson
henry bunbury esq 1787 artist thomas ryder
'Henry Bunbury Esq', 1787. Artist: Thomas Ryder
the mistaken notion 1789 artist w dickinson
'The Mistaken Notion', 1789. Artist: W Dickinson
the enterprizing lunardis grand air ballon 1784
'The Enterprizing Lunardi's Grand Air Ballon', 1784. Artist: Unknown
aerostation elbows the itinerant aeronaut 1786
'Aerostation out at Elbows' or 'The Itinerant Aeronaut', 1786. Artist
the new fashioned phaeton 1776 artist unknown
'The New-fashioned Phaeton', 1776. Artist: Unknown
richmond hill 1782artist w dickinson
'Richmond Hill', 1782.Artist: W Dickinson
phaetona modern female taste 1776 artist
'Phaetona, or Modern Female Taste', 1776. Artist: Colley
sir gregory gigg 1732 artist henry william
'Sir Gregory Gigg', 1732. Artist: Henry William Bunbury
the taylor riding brentford 1768artist ts
'The Taylor riding to Brentford', 1768.Artist: TS Stayner
the new gig 1781artist colley
'The New Gig', 1781.Artist: Colley
the isis macaroni 1772 artist john collet
'The Isis Macaroni', 1772. Artist: John Collet
the sporting lady 1776 artist unknown
'The Sporting Lady', 1776. Artist: Unknown
miss wicket miss trigger 1770 artist unknown
'Miss Wicket and Miss Trigger', 1770. Artist: Unknown
the cock pit 1759artist william hogarth
'The Cock-pit', 1759.Artist: William Hogarth


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