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bing crosby american singer actor 1934 1935
Bing Crosby, American singer and actor, 1934-1935. Artist: Unknown
jessie matthews british actress singer dancer
Jessie Matthews, British actress, singer and dancer, 1934-1935. Artist: Unknown
herbert marshall british film theatre actor
Herbert Marshall, British film and theatre actor, 1934-1935. Artist: Unknown
scene young irelander rebellion 1848 1900 artist
Scene from the Young Irelander Rebellion of 1848 (1900). Artist: Unknown
newport castle bridge newport wales 1900 artist
Newport Castle and bridge, Newport, Wales, 1900. Artist: Unknown
the queen royal gallery c1850s 1900 artist
'The Queen in the Royal Gallery', c1850s, (1900). Artist: Unknown
the princess royal 1884 artist vincent brooks
'The Princess Royal', 1884. Artist: Vincent Brooks
alexander i emperor russias 1815artist canton
'Alexander I Emperor of all the Russias', 1815.Artist: Canton
the national assembly permanence paris 15
'The National Assembly is in Permanence!', Paris, 15 May 1848.Artist: Victor Adam
battle waterloo 1815 1816 artist romney
The Battle of Waterloo, 1815 (1816). Artist: Romney
lieutenant general sir john moore 1761 1809 1815
Lieutenant-General Sir John Moore (1761-1809), 1815. Artist: Unknown
19th century ladiesartist maxim gauci
Three 19th century ladies.Artist: Maxim Gauci
lieutenant general lord linedock 1816 artist
Lieutenant-General Lord Linedock, 1816. Artist: Unknown
king charles i 1600 1649 parting children 1838
King Charles I (1600-1649) parting from his children, 1838. Artist: Unknown
lieutenant general sir ralph abercromby 1734 1801
Lieutenant-General Sir Ralph Abercromby (1734-1801), 1816. Artist: Unknown
isambard kingdom brunels steam engine 1827artist
Isambard Kingdom Brunel's steam engine, 1827.Artist: J Pass
eves patent steam engine 1827artist j pass
'Eve's Patent Steam Engine', 1827.Artist: J Pass
the camp chobham 19th century artist unknown
'The Camp at Chobham', 19th century. Artist: Unknown
the prince orange distributing medals 1815
'The Prince of Orange Distributing His Medals', 1815. Artist: Unknown
life thomas becket 1801artist joseph strutt
The Life of Thomas Becket, (1801).Artist: Joseph Strutt
john iii sobieski king poland grand duke lithuania
John III Sobieski, King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania, 19th century.Artist
anne bretagne c19th centuryartist gatine
'Anne de Bretagne', c19th century.Artist: Gatine
mathieu mole french statesman 19th century
'Mathieu Mole', French statesman, 19th century.Artist: H Laurent
barthelemy catherine joubert french general
'Barthelemy Catherine Joubert', French general, 19th century
philip james loutherbourg french painter 1814
'Philip James de Loutherbourg', French painter, 1814. Artist: Unknown
peter martyr 1816artist j chapman
'Peter Martyr', 1816.Artist: J Chapman
nicolas poussin french classical painter c19th
'Nicolas Poussin', French classical painter, c19th century. Artist: Unknown
edward baines english newspaper proprietor politician
Edward Baines, English newspaper-proprietor and politician. Artist: Unknown
francis atterbury english man letters politician
'Francis Atterbury', English man of letters, politician and bishop, 1798.Artist
joseph addison english politician writer 1796
'Joseph Addison', English politician and writer, 1796.Artist: J Chapman
manton 1816artist j chapman
'Manton', 1816.Artist: J Chapman
reveren w mason 1815 artist unknown
'Reveren W Mason', 1815. Artist: Unknown
henry vane younger statesman member parliament
'Henry Vane the Younger', statesman and Member of Parliament, 1811. Artist
john knox scottish religious reformer 1812
'John Knox', Scottish religious reformer, 1812.Artist: J Chapman
duke brunswick oels 1810artist j chapman
'Duke of Brunswick Oels', 1810.Artist: J Chapman
edward iv 1804artist j chapman
'Edward IV', 1804.Artist: J Chapman
henry vi 1804 artist unknown
'Henry VI', 1804. Artist: Unknown
m samuel heiland ethicus artist unknown
M Samuel Heiland, Ethicus Artist: Unknown
john horne tooke english politician philologist 1828
John Horne Tooke, English politician and philologist, 1828. Artist: Unknown
prince rupert rhine soldier inventor 1799
'Prince Rupert of the Rhine', soldier and inventor, 1799. Artist: Unknown
jean baptiste kleber french general french revolutionary
Jean Baptiste Kleber, French general during the French Revolutionary Wars, c19th century
arrival dr brydon jalalabad 13 january 1842 1900
Arrival of Dr Brydon at Jalalabad, 13 January 1842, (1900). Artist: Unknown
prince edward augustus 1900 artist unknown
The Prince Edward Augustus, (1900). Artist: Unknown
william iv 1900 artist unknown
William IV, (1900). Artist: Unknown
queen adelaide 1900 artist unknown
Queen Adelaide, (1900). Artist: Unknown
archibald campbell tait dd archbishop canterbury
Archibald Campbell Tait, DD, Archbishop of Canterbury, 1876.Artist: Lock & Whitfield
sundry new invented implements 1810artist
'Sundry New-invented Implements', 1810.Artist: J Pass
house commons westminster london 1900 artist
House of Commons, Westminster, London, 1900. Artist: Unknown
james bruce lord elgin 1811 1863 19th century
James Bruce, Lord Elgin, (1811-1863), 19th century. Artist: Unknown
lord clarendon 1800 1870 19th century artist
Lord Clarendon, (1800-1870), 19th century. Artist: Unknown
victoria tower houses parliament london 1900
The Victoria Tower and the Houses of Parliament, London, 1900. Artist: Unknown
old bridge invercauld scotland 1900 artist
The Old Bridge, Invercauld, Scotland, 1900. Artist: Unknown
professor anderson balmoral 1849 1900 artist
Professor Anderson at Balmoral, 1849, (1900). Artist: Unknown
view lochnagar scotland 1900 artist unknown
View of Lochnagar, Scotland, 1900. Artist: Unknown
christening princess louise c1848 1900artist
The christening of Princess Louise, c1848, (1900).Artist: William Heysham Overend
south east corridor windsor castle 1900 artist
The South East Corridor, Windsor Castle, 1900. Artist: Unknown
sir george grey 1799 1882 19th century artist
Sir George Grey, (1799-1882), 19th century. Artist: Unknown
baron stockmar 1787 1863 19th century artist
Baron Stockmar, (1787-1863), 19th century. Artist: Unknown
king prussia addressing berliners 1848 1900
The King of Prussia Addressing the Berliners, 1848, (1900).Artist: William Barnes Wollen
fountain cybele madrid 1900 artist unknown
The Fountain of Cybele, Madrid, 1900. Artist: Unknown
exchange fredericks bridge berlin 1900 artist
The Exchange and Frederick's Bridge, Berlin, 1900. Artist: Unknown
sir charles gavan duffy 1816 1903 19th century
Sir Charles Gavan Duffy, (1816-1903), 19th century.Artist: R Taylor
william smith obrien 1803 1864 19th century
William Smith O'Brien, (1803-1864), 19th century. Artist: Unknown
chartist demonstration kennington common 1848 1900
The Chartist Demonstration on Kennington Common, 1848, (1900)
chartist agitation police force bonners fields
Chartist Agitation, the Police Force on Bonner's Fields, 1848, (1900). Artist
joseph sturge 1793 1859 19th century artist
Joseph Sturge, (1793-1859), 19th century. Artist: Unknown
revolution paris 19th century 1900 artist
The Revolution in Paris, 19th century, (1900). Artist: Unknown
highland cottages lochaber scotland 1900 artist
Highland cottages in Lochaber, Scotland, 1900. Artist: Unknown
prince albert deerstalking c1840s 1900artist
Prince Albert deerstalking, c1840s, (1900).Artist: William Heysham Overend
falmouth harbour cornwall england 1900 artist
Falmouth Harbour, Cornwall, England, 1900. Artist: Unknown
queen woodwardian museum c1850s 1900 artist
The Queen in the Woodwardian Museum, c1850s, (1900). Artist: Unknown
william whewell 1794 1866 19th century artist
William Whewell, (1794-1866), 19th century. Artist: Unknown
presentation queen c1850s 1900 artist william
Presentation to the Queen, c1850s, (1900). Artist: William Heysham Overend
kings college cambridge 1900 artist unknown
King's College, Cambridge, 1900. Artist: Unknown
st johns college cambridge 1900 artist
St John's College, Cambridge, 1900. Artist: Unknown
prince von metternich 1773 1859 19th century
Prince von Metternich, (1773-1859), 19th century. Artist: Unknown
queens college belfast 1900 artist unknown
Queen's College, Belfast, 1900. Artist: Unknown
cornish coast 1900 artist unknown
On the Cornish Coast, 1900. Artist: Unknown
queen visiting cornish iron mine c1840s 1900
The Queen visiting a Cornish Iron Mine, c1840s, (1900). Artist: Unknown
royal palace madrid spain 1900 artist unknown
The Royal Palace, Madrid, Spain, 1900. Artist: Unknown
windsor castle berkshire 1900 artist unknown
Windsor Castle, Berkshire, 1900. Artist: Unknown
queen deserters death warrant c1850s 1900
The Queen and the Deserter's Death Warrant, c1850s, (1900). Artist: Unknown
the rival pages c1840s 1900 artist unknown
'The Rival Pages', c1840s, (1900). Artist: Unknown
john campbell lord campbell 1779 1861 19th
John Campbell, Lord Campbell, (1779-1861), 19th century. Artist: Unknown
sir henry hardinge 1785 1856 19th century
Sir Henry Hardinge, (1785-1856), 19th century. Artist: Unknown
british army crossing sutlej river india 19th
The British Army crossing the Sutlej River, India, 19th century, (1900). Artist: Unknown
sir james graham 1792 1861 1900 artist
Sir James Graham, (1792-1861), 1900. Artist: Unknown
st stephens cloisters westminster hall london 1900
St Stephen's Cloisters, Westminster Hall, London, 1900. Artist: Unknown
edward geoffrey smith stanley british statesman
Edward Geoffrey Smith-Stanley, British statesman and prime minister, 19th century
queen opening parliament 1846 1900 artist
The Queen opening Parliament, 1846, (1900). Artist: Unknown
deputation london dublin queen c1840s 1900
The Deputation, London and Dublin before the Queen, c1840s, (1900). Artist: Unknown
lord george bentinck 1802 1848 19th century
Lord George Bentinck, (1802-1848), 19th century. Artist: Unknown
george wilson 19th century artist unknown
George Wilson, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
ambassadors court st jamess palace london 1900
Ambassador's Court, St James's Palace, London, 1900. Artist: Unknown
king leopold i belgians 1790 1865 19th century
King Leopold I of the Belgians (1790-1865), 19th century. Artist: Unknown
st marys oxford 1900 artist unknown
St Mary's, Oxford, 1900. Artist: Unknown
magdalen college oxford 1900 artist unknown
Magdalen College, Oxford, 1900. Artist: Unknown
queen launch trafalgar 1841 1900 artist
The Queen at the Launch of Trafalgar, 1841, (1900). Artist: Unknown
hatfield house herfordshire 1900 artist
Hatfield House, Herfordshire, 1900. Artist: Unknown


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