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4 Nov 2006

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john dryden english dramatist poet laureate artist
John Dryden, English dramatist and Poet Laureate. Artist: Unknown
tradesman 19th century artist unknown
Tradesman, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
portrait bearded man 19th centuryartist richard
Portrait of a bearded man, 19th century.Artist: Richard James Lane
sophie monnier 19th centuryartist ferdinand
'Sophie de Monnier', 19th century.Artist: Ferdinand
small vessel used coast malabar cochin india
Small vessel used on the coast of Malabar (Cochin), India, c18th century. Artist: Unknown
baron lebzeltern 19th century artist unknown
Baron Lebzeltern, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
adam eve 1796artist francesco bartolozzi
Adam and Eve, 1796.Artist: Francesco Bartolozzi
the great mogul artist unknown
'The Great Mogul'. Artist: Unknown
portly gentleman looking telescope 19th century
A portly gentleman looking through a telescope, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
louise marie adelaide bourbon penthievre duchesse
Louise Marie Adelaide de Bourbon-Penthievre, duchesse d'Orleans, late 18th century, (1821)
roger aytoun 1839 artist unknown
Roger Aytoun, 1839. Artist: Unknown
anthony ashley cooper earl shaftesburyartist
'Anthony Ashley-Cooper, Earl of Shaftesbury'.Artist: R Cooper
the silver trumpets 1874 1879artist hanhart
'The Silver Trumpets, 1874-1879.Artist: Hanhart
page louis xii 19th centuryartist francois
'Page, Louis XII', (19th century).Artist: Francois Claudius Compte-Calix
george keate author painter friend voltaire 1781
George Keate, author, painter and friend of Voltaire, 1781.Artist: John Keyse Sherwin
hm empress eugenie c1879artist faustin
'HM the Empress Eugenie', c1879.Artist: Faustin
captain hugo arnot 1839 artist unknown
'Captain Hugo Arnot', (1839). Artist: Unknown
john wesley methodist leader 19th century
John Wesley, Methodist leader, (19th century).Artist: J Rogers
conway castle artist unknown
'Conway Castle'. Artist: Unknown
queen elizabeth i england 1533 1603 artist
Queen Elizabeth I of England, (1533-1603). Artist: Unknown
richard beau nash british dandy 18th century
Richard ('Beau') Nash, British dandy, 18th century.Artist: John June
thomas cochrane 10th earl dundonald early 19th
Thomas Cochrane, 10th Earl of Dundonald, early 19th century.Artist: Robert Cooper
mrs h johnston 1812artist j hopwood
'Mrs H Johnston', 1812.Artist: J Hopwood
mrs w west cordelia 1820artist woolnoth
'Mrs W West as Cordelia', 1820.Artist: Woolnoth
mr woodward character bobadil 1776artist
'Mr Woodward in the character of Bobadil', 1776.Artist: J Reading
broxbourne hertfordshire 19th century artist
Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, 19th century. Artist: Warren
chillon castle lake geneva switzerland 1864
The Chillon Castle, Lake Geneva, Switzerland, 1864. Artist: Unknown
bobs first introduction gaming modern hell c1821
'Bob's first introduction to gaming, a modern Hell', c1821
frederick duke york albany son king george iii
Frederick, Duke of York and Albany, Son of King George III. Artist: Unknown
jean francois paul gondi cardinal retz 17th
Jean Francois Paul de Gondi, Cardinal de Retz, 17th century French churchman and agitatorArtist
john dolben archbishop york 1822artist robert
John Dolben, Archbishop of York, (1822).Artist: Robert Grave
thomas arundel archbishop canterbury lord chancellor
Thomas Arundel, Archbishop of Canterbury and Lord Chancellor. Artist: Unknown
jacques savoie 2nd duke nemours 1580 c1795 1825
Jacques de Savoie, 2nd Duke of Nemours, 1580, (c1795-1825).Artist: Delpech
anne marie martinozzi 17th century italian born
Anne Marie Martinozzi, 17th century Italian-born French aristocrat. Artist: Unknown
henry chicheley archbishop canterbury 1805
Henry Chicheley, Archbishop of Canterbury, (1805). Artist: Unknown
pope gregory xvi artist unknown
Pope Gregory XVI. Artist: Unknown
alexander henderson scottish theologian early
Alexander Henderson, Scottish theologian, (early 19th century).Artist: R Cooper
franz josef i emperor austria 19th centuryartist
Franz Josef I, Emperor of Austria, 19th century.Artist: Cassell, Petter & Galpin
pope leo xiii late 19th century artist unknown
Pope Leo XIII, late 19th century. Artist: Unknown
anne genevieve bourbon conde duchess longueville
Anne Genevieve of Bourbon-Conde, Duchess of Longueville.Artist: Gatine
edmund calamy elder 17th century english presbyterian
Edmund Calamy the Elder, 17th century English Presbyterian church leader, (early 19th century)
john whitgift archbishop canterbury artist
John Whitgift, Archbishop of Canterbury. Artist: Unknown
st jerome artist e price
St Jerome. Artist: E Price
john dryden 17th century english dramatist poet
John Dryden, 17th century English dramatist and Poet Laureate, (1803).Artist: J Chapman
christ crowned thorns 19th centuryartist william
Christ Crowned with Thorns, 19th century.Artist: William Dickes
henry william paget 1st marquess anglesey british
Henry William Paget, 1st Marquess of Anglesey, British soldier.Artist: Thomson
alexander nowell english clergyman theologian 1819
Alexander Nowell, English clergyman and theologian, (1819).Artist: J Chapman
thomas cranmer archbishop canterbury 1802
Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury, (1802).Artist: J Chapman
william bowyer 18th century english printer literary
William Bowyer, 18th century English printer and literary editor, (1800)
madame pompadour beautiful gardener artist
Madame de Pompadour as the beautiful gardener. Artist: Unknown
john leland 18th century english presbyterian
John Leland, 18th-century English Presbyterian minister and author of theological works, (1813)
leonhard euler 18th century swiss mathematician
Leonhard Euler, 18th century Swiss mathematician and physicist, (1804).Artist: J Chapman
napoleon iii emperor france artist unknown
Napoleon III, Emperor of France. Artist: Unknown
reverend charles john vaughan harrow headmaster
Reverend Charles John Vaughan, Harrow Headmaster and Dean of Llandaff, 19th century
francois marie arouet voltaire 18th century french
Francois Marie Arouet Voltaire, 18th century French writer and satirist, (1828).Artist
pascal paoli 18th century corsican general patriot
Pascal Paoli, 18th century Corsican general and patriot. Artist: Unknown
king charles i mid 19th centuryartist ed
King Charles I, (mid 19th century).Artist: Ed Hargrave
gilbert burnet scottish theologian historian
Gilbert Burnet, Scottish theologian and historian, (19th century). Artist: H Robinson
rene descartes french philosopher mathematician
Rene Descartes, French philosopher, mathematician, and scientist, (c19th century)
alexander von humboldt prussian naturalist explorer
Alexander von Humboldt, Prussian naturalist and explorer, (c19th century). Artist
claude louis hector villars french general
Claude Louis Hector de Villars, French general, (c19th century).Artist: Delpech
tom keats 19th century artist unknown
Tom Keats, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
joseph haydn austrian composer artist unknown
Joseph Haydn, Austrian composer. Artist: Unknown
sir matthew hale 17th century lord chief justice
Sir Matthew Hale, 17th century Lord Chief Justice of England, (1808).Artist: J Chapman
wonham surrey seat lord templeton c1827 artist
Wonham, Surrey, seat of Lord Templeton, c1827. Artist: Unknown
egyptian vulture c19th century artist unknown
'Egyptian Vulture', c19th century. Artist: Unknown
mitcham grove surrey seat henry hoare c1827
Mitcham Grove, Surrey, the seat of Henry Hoare, c1827. Artist: Unknown
rook c19th century artist unknown
'Rook', c19th century. Artist: Unknown
jumping joy happy inform sir gained cause artist
'Jumping for Joy - happy to inform you Sir we have gained the cause!' Artist
fra bartolomeo della porta florentine renaissance
Fra Bartolomeo della Porta, Florentine Renaissance artist. Artist: Unknown
henry fitzalan 19th earl arundel artist unknown
Henry Fitzalan, 19th Earl of Arundel. Artist: Unknown
robert devereux 2nd earl essex artist unknown
Robert Devereux, 2nd earl of Essex. Artist: Unknown
beefeater spanish soldier 19th centuryartist
Beefeater and Spanish soldier, 19th century.Artist: Lucien Besche
the king cochin riding elephant attended nayros
'The King of Cochin riding on an elephant, attended by his Nayro's', c1745
goodwood grand stand preparing start 1836
'Goodwood Grand Stand, Preparing to Start', 1836.Artist: RG Reeve
ascot heath racesartist james pollard
'Ascot Heath Races'.Artist: James Pollard
east indian leopard 1750 artist unknown
East Indian leopard, 1750. Artist: Unknown
race great st leger stakes 1836artist harris
'Race for the Great St Leger Stakes, 1836'.Artist: Harris
the chap book 1896artist henri
'The Chap Book', 1896.Artist: Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
horatio nelson 1st viscount nelson english naval
Horatio Nelson, 1st Viscount Nelson, English naval commander.Artist: Henry Bone
pascal paoli 18th century corsican general patriot
Pascal Paoli, 18th century Corsican general and patriot, (1820).Artist: Thomas Dale
john keats english poet 19th century artist
John Keats, English poet, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
niccolo machiavelli italian renaissance political
Niccolo Machiavelli, Italian Renaissance political philosopher.Artist: R Cooper
william iii king england scotland ireland artist
William III, King of England, Scotland and Ireland. Artist: Unknown
john dryden english dramatist poet laureate artist
John Dryden, English dramatist and Poet Laureate. Artist: Unknown