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31 Jan 2006

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ad vacuum cleaner company 1906 artist anon
Advertisement for The Vacuum Cleaner Company, 1906. Artist: Anon
gatling rapid fire gun 1862 artist anon
Gatling rapid fire gun, 1862. Artist: Anon
maxim machine gun c1895 artist anon
Maxim machine gun, c1895. Artist: Anon
why shouldnt girton rink cambridge rows 1876
'Why Shouldn't Girton Rink, When Cambridge Rows?', 1876
rink thine eyes 1876 artist george du maurier
'Rink to me only with thine eyes', 1876. Artist: George Du Maurier
gatling rapid fire gun 1870 artist anon
Gatling rapid fire gun, 1870. Artist: Anon
montigny mitrailleuse rapid fire gun 1870 artist
Montigny mitrailleuse, rapid fire gun, 1870. Artist: Joseph Montigny
early design quick firing cannon 1482 artist
Early design of a quick firing cannon, 1482. Artist: Unknown
henry morton stanleys african expedition relieve
Henry Morton Stanley's African expedition to relieve Emin Pasha, 1886-1889 (1887)
waitresses roller skates berlin beer cellar 1851
Waitresses on roller skates in a Berlin beer cellar, 1851. Artist: Anon
camera obscura c1840 artist anon
Camera obscura, c1840. Artist: Anon
camera obscura 1855 artist anon
Camera obscura, 1855. Artist: Anon
seaside visitors paying visit camera obscura 1862
Seaside visitors paying a visit to the camera obscura, 1862. Artist: Anon
the mile c1880 artist anon
'The Last Mile', c1880. Artist: Anon
sarah siddons english actress 1784 artist
Sarah Siddons, English actress, 1784. Artist: John Kay
police dog trained 1907 artist anon
Police dog being trained, 1907. Artist: Anon
ghent police dog 1907 artist anon
Ghent police dog, 1907. Artist: Anon
making telephone box 1888 artist unknown
Making a call from a telephone call box, 1888. Artist: Unknown
chicago police telephone box 1886 artist
Chicago police telephone box, 1886. Artist: Unknown
carbon microphone invented 1878 david edward hughes
Carbon microphone, invented in 1878 by David Edward Hughes, 1890. Artist: Anon
gatling rapid fire gun 1861 1862 1872 artist
Gatling rapid fire gun, 1861-1862 (1872). Artist: Anon
lesage experimenting first electric telegraph
Lesage experimenting with the first electric telegraph, Geneva, 1774 (c1870). Artist
new letter boxes mistaken heating stoves 1855
New letter boxes being mistaken for heating stoves!, 1855. Artist: Unknown
crash la republique 1909 artist anon
Crash of 'La Republique', 1909. Artist: Anon
londons first pillar letter boxes 1855 artist
One of London's first pillar (letter) boxes, 1855. Artist: Anon
la republique maiden flight 1908 artist anon
'La Republique' on her maiden flight, 1908. Artist: Anon
the new french police auxiliaries 1907 artist
'The New French Police Auxiliaries', 1907. Artist: Anon
in possession 1871 artist anon
'In Possession', 1871. Artist: Anon
battle sedan france franco prussian war 1 september
Battle of Sedan, France, Franco-Prussian War, 1 September 1870 (c1880). Artist: Unknown
shades louis xiv napoleon i lamenting fading frances
Shades of Louis XIV and Napoleon I lamenting the fading of France's glory, 1870
wilhelm i emperor germany 18 january 1871 c1880
Wilhelm I becoming Emperor of Germany, 18 January 1871 (c1880). Artist: Anon
general bourbakis defeated french army switzerland
General Bourbaki's defeated French army in Switzerland, February 1871. Artist
helmuth karl bernhard count von moltke prussian
Helmuth Karl Bernhard, Count von Moltke, Prussian general and statesman, c1880. Artist
french retreat switzerland 30 january 1 february
French retreat to Switzerland, 30 January-1 February 1871 (c1880). Artist: Unknown
an english butchers boulevard haussmann paris
'An English butcher's, Boulevard Haussmann', Paris, 1871. Artist: Unknown
shaving enemy montmirail 1870 artist unknown
'Shaving the enemy at Montmirail', 1870. Artist: Unknown
we sir 1871 artist unknown
'We have no more than that Sir', 1871. Artist: Unknown
wilhelm i emperor germany late 19th century
Wilhelm I, Emperor of Germany, late 19th century. Artist: Anon
britannia trying restrain napoleon iii embarking
Britannia trying to restrain Napoleon III from embarking on war with Germany, 1870
brooklyn suspension bridge new york usa cable
Brooklyn Suspension Bridge, New York, USA: cable anchorage on the Brooklyn shore, 1883
joseph wilson swan c1880 artist anon
Joseph Wilson Swan, c1880. Artist: Anon
incandescent filament lamp glow lamp lane fox 1883
Incandescent filament lamp, glow-lamp, by Lane-Fox, 1883. Artist: Anon
street newcastle tyne lit swan incandescent electric
Street in Newcastle Upon Tyne lit by Swan incandescent electric lamps, 1883. Artist
general adoption rolling skate 1866 artist
General Adoption of the Rolling Skate, 1866. Artist: George Du Maurier
lesage experimenting first electric telegraph
Lesage experimenting with the first electric telegraph, Geneva, 1774 (1876). Artist
battle sedan france franco prussian war 1 september
Battle of Sedan, France, Franco-Prussian War, 1 September 1870. Artist: Anon
peace pieces 1866 artist john tenniel
'Peace - and No Pieces!', 1866. Artist: John Tenniel
rival arbiters 1866 artist john tenniel
'Rival Arbiters', 1866. Artist: John Tenniel