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lorenzo da ponte italian poet librettist c1890
Lorenzo da Ponte, Italian poet and librettist, c1890. Artist: Unknown
william maule 1700 1782 1st earl panmure soldier
William Maule (1700-1782), 1st Earl of Panmure, soldier and politician, c1880.Artist
suleiman pasha 19th century artist george j
Suleiman Pasha, 19th century. Artist: George J Stodart
john gibson 1790 1866 british sculptor c1880
John Gibson, (1790-1866), British sculptor, c1880.Artist: DJ Pound
female nude 20th century artist moise kisling
Female nude, 20th century. Artist: Moise Kisling
isambard kingdom brunel british engineer c1880
Isambard Kingdom Brunel, British engineer, c1880.Artist: DJ Pound
michael faraday british scientist c1880 artist
Michael Faraday, British scientist, c1880. Artist: DJ Pound
thomas babington macaulay british poet historian
Thomas Babington Macaulay, British poet, historian and Whig politician, c1880.Artist
archibald alison scottish didactic philosophical
Archibald Alison, Scottish didactic and philosophical writer, c1880. Artist: DJ Pound
richard grosvenor 2nd marquess westminster english
Richard Grosvenor, 2nd Marquess of Westminster, English aristocrat, c1880
john somerset pakington 1st baron hampton english
John Somerset Pakington, 1st Baron Hampton, English politician, c1880.Artist: DJ Pound
sir hugh mac calmont cairns british statesman c1880
Sir Hugh Mac-Calmont Cairns, British statesman, c1880. Artist: DJ Pound
right honourable edward henry stanley 15th earl derby
The Right Honourable Edward Henry Stanley, 15th Earl of Derby, British statesman, c1880
henry william wilson 11th baron berners c1880
Henry William Wilson, 11th Baron Berners, c1880. Artist: DJ Pound
sir fitzroy kelly english judge c1880 artist
Sir Fitzroy Kelly, English judge, c1880. Artist: DJ Pound
frederic thesiger 1st baron chelmsford english
Frederic Thesiger, 1st Baron Chelmsford, English jurist and politician, c1880.Artist
john campbell 1st baron campbell british liberal
John Campbell, 1st Baron Campbell, British Liberal politician and lawyer, c1880. Artist
right honourable john singleton copley lord chancellor
The Right Honourable John Singleton Copley, Lord Chancellor and politician, c1880
right honourable henry brougham lord high chancellor
The Right Honourable Henry Brougham, Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain, c1880
right honourable john russell 1st earl russell
The Right Honourable John Russell, 1st Earl Russell, British Liberal statesman, c1880
henry john temple 3rd viscount palmerston british
Henry John Temple, 3rd Viscount Palmerston, British statesman, c1880. Artist: DJ Pound
george william frederick howard 7th earl carlisle
George William Frederick Howard, 7th Earl of Carlisle, British politician and statesman, c1880
anthony ashley cooper 7th earl shaftesbury english
Anthony Ashley Cooper, 7th Earl of Shaftesbury, English philanthropist, c1880.Artist
brandenburg gate berlin 19th centuryartist
The Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, 19th century.Artist: Johann Poppei
charlemagne king franks 1875 artist dj pound
Charlemagne, king of the Franks, 1875. Artist: DJ Pound
john wycliffe english theologian 19th century
John Wycliffe, English theologian, 19th century. Artist: W Holl
marquis lafayette french military leader statesman
Marquis de Lafayette, French military leader and statesman, 1845. Artist: S Freeman
john milton english poet 19th century artist
John Milton, English poet, 19th century. Artist: W Holl
oliver cromwell 1860 artist unknown
Oliver Cromwell, 1860. Artist: Unknown
napoleon bonaparte 19th centuryartist w holl
Napoleon Bonaparte, 19th century.Artist: W Holl
sir walter raleigh 1860 artist j posselwhite
Sir Walter Raleigh, 1860. Artist: J Posselwhite
emanuel swedenborg swedish philosopher mystic
Emanuel Swedenborg, Swedish philosopher, mystic and cosmologist, 1884. Artist: W Holl
admiral robert blake 1860 artist james mollison
Admiral Robert Blake, 1860. Artist: James Mollison
queen elizabeth i 1860 artist w holl
Queen Elizabeth I, 1860. Artist: W Holl
mary stuart queen scots 1860 artist t w
Mary Stuart, Queen of the Scots, (1860). Artist: T W Hunt
john hampden esquire 19th century artist j
John Hampden Esquire, 19th century. Artist: J Posselwhite
thomas more english statesman scholar saint
Thomas More, English statesman, scholar and saint, 19th century. Artist: Richard Woodman
william pitt younger british statesman 19th century
William Pitt the Younger, British statesman, 19th century. Artist: J Posselwhite
robert burns scottish poet 19th century artist
Robert Burns, Scottish poet, 19th century. Artist: W Holl
athens greece 1887 artist w richardson
'Athens', Greece, 1887. Artist: W Richardson
schiller platz berlin germany 1879 artist
'Schiller Platz, Berlin', Germany, 1879. Artist: Unknown
bordeaux france 1879artist sargent
'Bordeaux' France, 1879.Artist: A Sargent
the romer frankfort on main germany 1879 artist
'The Romer at Frankfort-on-Main', Germany, 1879. Artist: Laplante
barcelona seen castle monjui spain 1879 artist
'Barcelona, seen from the Castle of Monjui', Spain, 1879. Artist: Laplante
view city melbourne victoria australia 1877
'View of the city of Melbourne, Victoria', Australia, 1877. Artist: Unknown
chateau chambord loir et cher france 1875
'Chateau de Chambord, Loir-et-Cher', France, 1875. Artist: James Tingle
garden front luxembourg paris france 1875
'Garden-Front of the Luxembourg, Paris', France, 1875. Artist: E Radclyffe
hotel ville paris france 1875 artist j
'Hotel de Ville, Paris', France, 1875. Artist: J Saddler
entrance port marseilles france 1875 artist
'Entrance to the Port of Marseilles', France, 1875. Artist: A Willmore
cabul bala hissar 1883 artist j stephenson
'Cabul, from the Bala Hissar', 1883. Artist: J Stephenson
lisbon portugal 1879 artist laplante
'Lisbon', Portugal, 1879. Artist: Laplante
balmoral castle scotland 1883 artist unknown
'Balmoral Castle', Scotland, 1883. Artist: Unknown
stockholm seen saltsjon sweden 1879 artist
'Stockholm, as seen from the Saltsjon', Sweden, 1879. Artist: Laplante
oporto portugal 19th century artist taylor
'Oporto', Portugal, 19th century. Artist: Taylor
salsburg kapuzinerberg austria 19th century
'Salsburg, from the Kapuzinerberg', Austria, 19th century. Artist: Taylor
the kalkmarkt amsterdam holland 1879 artist
'The Kalkmarkt, Amsterdam', Holland, 1879. Artist: Taylor
church st catherine hamburg germany 1879
'Church of St Catherine, Hamburg', Germany, 1879. Artist: Unknown
venice italy 1879 artist charles barbant
'Venice', Italy, 1879. Artist: Charles Barbant
naples italy 1879 artist charles barbant
'Naples', Italy, 1879. Artist: Charles Barbant
windsor castle england 1883 artist edward
'Windsor Castle', England, 1883. Artist: Edward Paxman Brandard
city mexico 1883 artist henry adlard
'City of Mexico', 1883. Artist: Henry Adlard
basle switzerland 1883 artist el roberts
'Basle', Switzerland, 1883. Artist: EL Roberts
lucknow uttar pradesh india 19th century
'Lucknow', Uttar Pradesh, India, 19th century. Artist: Edward Paxman Brandard
perth australia 19th century artist john
'Perth', Australia, 19th century. Artist: John Cousen
belgrade 1883 artist willmore
'Belgrade', 1883. Artist: A Willmore
st petersburg russia 19th century artist
'St Petersburg', Russia, 19th century. Artist: S Bradshaw
paris seen church st gervais france 1879
'Paris, as seen from the church of St Gervais', France, 1879. Artist: Unknown
sebastopol ukraine 19th century artist j
'Sebastopol', Ukraine, 19th century. Artist: J Stephenson
liverpool england 1883 artist j stephenson
'Liverpool', England, 1883. Artist: J Stephenson
blenheim oxfordshire england 19th century
'Blenheim', Oxfordshire, England, 19th century. Artist: John Cousen
salisbury cathedral wiltshire england 19th
'Salisbury Cathedral', Wiltshire, England, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
stratford avon england 1883 artist j godfrey
'Stratford on Avon', England, 1883. Artist: J Godfrey
musjid chazipore india 19th century artist
'Musjid at Chazipore, India', 19th century. Artist: William Finden
bombay india 1860 artist willmore
'Bombay', India, 1860. Artist: A Willmore
damascus syria 19th century artist j h
'Damascus', Syria, 19th century. Artist: J H Kernot
new york united states america 1883 artist
'New York', United States of America, 1883. Artist: G Greatbach
the ghat hurdwar hindus bathing ganges 19th
'The Ghat, Hurdwar, Hindus Bathing in the Ganges', 19th century
alexandria egypt 19th century artist edward
'Alexandria', Egypt, 19th century. Artist: Edward Paxman Brandard
the esplanade calcutta india 1860 artist
'The Esplanade, Calcutta', India, 1860. Artist: E Radclyffe
place la concorde paris france 1875 artist
'Place de la Concorde, Paris', France, 1875. Artist: J Saddler
paris france 1883 artist edward paxman
'Paris', France, 1883. Artist: Edward Paxman Brandard
birmingham england 19th century artist d
'Birmingham', England, 19th century. Artist: D G Thomson
king william iii 19th century artist w holl
King William III, 19th century. Artist: W Holl
sydney australia 1883 artist g greatbach
'Sydney', Australia, 1883. Artist: G Greatbach
peter paul rubens flemish artist 19th century
Peter Paul Rubens, Flemish artist, 19th century. Artist: James Posselwhite
henry viii king england ireland 19th century
Henry VIII, King of England and Ireland, 19th century. Artist: W Holl
osman nuri pasha field marshal ottoman empire
Osman Nuri Pasha, field marshal of the Ottoman Empire, 19th century
marcantonio raimondi italian engraver 19th century
Marcantonio Raimondi, Italian engraver, 19th century. Artist: C Cook
jan iii sobieski king polish lithuanian commonwealth
Jan III Sobieski, King of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, 19th century. Artist
guiseppe garibaldi italian patriot 19th century
Guiseppe Garibaldi, Italian patriot, 19th century. Artist: W Holl
charles i king great britain ireland 19th century
Charles I, King of Great Britain and Ireland, (19th century).Artist: W Holl
mary stuart queen scots 19th century artist
Mary Stuart, Queen of the Scots, 19th century. Artist: W Holl
john knox scottish religious reformer 19th century
John Knox, Scottish religious reformer, 19th century.Artist: B Holl
johannes kepler german astronomer 19th century
Johannes Kepler, German astronomer, (19th century). Artist: F Mackenzie
sir robert peel british prime minister 19th century
Sir Robert Peel, British Prime Minister, 19th century. Artist: W Holl
george washington first president usa 19th century
George Washington, First President of the USA, 19th century. Artist: W Humphreys
dante alighieri italian poet 19th centuryartist
Dante Alighieri, Italian poet, 19th century.Artist: Wagstaff
queen elizabeth i 19th centuryartist w holl
Queen Elizabeth I, 19th century.Artist: W Holl
giovanni boccaccio italian author poet 19th century
Giovanni Boccaccio, Italian author and poet, 19th century.Artist: Richard Woodman


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