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myths legends/pandora artist unknown
Pandora. Artist: Unknown
myths legends/knights round table ca 1475 artist evrard despinques
The Knights of the Round Table, ca 1475. Artist: Evrard d'Espinques (active 1440-1494)
myths legends/venus fastens girdle juno
Venus fastens the girdle for Juno
myths legends/trojan horse 1874
Trojan Horse, 1874
myths legends/wounded angel 1903
The Wounded Angel, 1903
myths legends/storm spirits c 1900
The Storm Spirits , c. 1900
myths legends/rape proserpina early 17th cen
The Rape of Proserpina, Early 17th cen
myths legends/look infinity 1914 1916
Look into the infinity, 1914-1916
myths legends/fight st george killing dragon vi 1866 artist
The fight: St George killing the dragon VI, 1866. Artist: Burne-Jones, Sir Edward Coley
myths legends/vill vallareman 1910
Vill-Vallareman, 1910
myths legends/till hasse att titta pa jul 1903 1903
Till Hasse att titta pa jul 1903, 1903
myths legends/freya seeking husband 1852
Freya Seeking Her Husband, 1852
myths legends/lena dances knight gnomes trolls 1915
Lena Dances with the Knight. Among Gnomes and Trolls, 1915
myths legends/helen troy 1863
Helen of Troy, 1863
myths legends/pandora
myths legends/dragonslayer
The Dragonslayer
myths legends/knight gnomes trolls 1915 artist bauer john
A knight. Among Gnomes and Trolls, 1915. Artist: Bauer, John (1882-1918)
myths legends/arthur learns sword excalibur illustration book
Arthur Learns of the Sword Excalibur. Illustration to the book Le Morte d'Arthur
myths legends/idun bragi 1846 artist blommer nils jakob
Idun and Bragi, 1846. Artist: Blommer, Nils Jakob (1816-1853)
myths legends/fable c 1580 artist el greco dominico
The Fable, c. 1580. Artist: El Greco, Dominico (1541-1614)
myths legends/pandora 1885 artist crane walter 1845 1915
Pandora, 1885. Artist: Crane, Walter (1845-1915)
myths legends/thirty three bogatyrs 1901 artist vrubel mikhail
Thirty-Three Bogatyrs, 1901. Artist: Vrubel, Mikhail Alexandrovich (1856-1910)
myths legends/saint george dragon c1505 artist raphael
'Saint George and the Dragon', c1505. Artist: Raphael
myths legends/the birthday gifts phoebus 1880 artist
'The Birthday Gifts of Phoebus', 1880. Artist: Flaxman
myths legends/the fire breathing bulls 1880 artist picart
'The Fire-Breathing Bulls', 1880. Artist: Picart
myths legends/helene femme menelas 1403 1939 artist
'Helene - Femme De Menelas', 1403, (1939)
myths legends/loves game chess neptune strikes rock 1937
'Love's Game of Chess - Neptune strikes a rock', 1937
myths legends/the death robin hood c1835 1912 artist
'The Death of Robin Hood', c1835, (1912). Artist: Thales Fielding
myths legends/sir galahad brought court king arthur 1911
'Sir Galahad is brought to the Court of King Arthur', 1911. Artist: Walter Crane
myths legends/king arthur asks lady lake sword excalibur 1911
'King Arthur asks the Lady of the Lake for the sword Excalibur', 1911. Artist
myths legends/arthur draws sword stone 1911 artist walter
'Arthur Draws the Sword from the Stone', 1911. Artist: Walter Crane
myths legends/the mermaid c1909 artist charles shannon
'The Mermaid', c1909. Artist: Charles Shannon
myths legends/psyche c19th century artist henry meyer
'Psyche', c19th century. Artist: Henry Meyer
myths legends/paris abducting helen c1782 c1784 artist
'Paris Abducting Helen', c1782-c1784. Artist: Gavin Hamilton
myths legends/yama uba kintaro 1840s artist totoya hokkei
'Yama-uba with Kintaro', 1840s. Artist: Totoya Hokkei
myths legends/dick turpin 1706 1739 english robber highwayman
Dick Turpin (1706-1739), English robber and highwayman, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
myths legends/arch druid judicial costume from costume original
Arch-Druid in his full Judicial Costume (From The Costume of the Original Inhabitants
best british/robin hood legendary english folk hero outlaw
Robin Hood, legendary English folk hero and outlaw and champion of the poor, early 19th century