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where want go 1922 creator unknown
'Where Do You Want To Go?', 1922. Creator: Unknown
high wycombe marlow road c1802 c1900 creator
'High Wycombe from the Marlow Road', c1802, (c1900). Creator: Unknown
hackfall yorkshire c1809 creator letitia
'Hackfall, Yorkshire', c1809. Creator: Letitia Byrne
folly ditch jacobs island c1878 creator
'Folly Ditch, Jacob's Island', (c1878). Creator: Unknown
a sedan chair 1881 creator unknown
'A Sedan Chair', (1881). Creator: Unknown
the embankment charing cross bridge 1881
'The Embankment, from Charing Cross Bridge', (1881). Creator: Unknown
the london school board offices 1881 creator
'The London School Board Offices', (1881). Creator: Unknown
old whitehall stairs 1881 creator unknown
'Old Whitehall Stairs', (1881). Creator: Unknown
the chinese junk 1881 creator unknown
'The Chinese Junk', (1881). Creator: Unknown
the lions head buttons 1881 creator
'The Lion's Head at Button's.', (1881). Creator: Unknown
an old coachmakers shop long acre 1881 creator
'An Old Coachmaker's Shop in Long Acre', (1881). Creator: Unknown
macklins house tavistock row 1881 creator
'Macklin's House, Tavistock Row', (1881). Creator: Unknown
covent garden market looking eastward 1881
'Covent Garden Market, Looking Eastward', (1881). Creator: Unknown
interior covent garden theatre 1804 1881
'Interior of Covent Garden Theatre in 1804', (1881). Creator: Unknown
the church st benet fink old view 1897
'The Church of St. Benet Fink, from an Old View', (1897). Creator: Unknown
pulpit hour glass 1897 creator unknown
'Pulpit Hour-Glass', 1897. Creator: Unknown
st pauls neighbourhood 1897 creator
'St. Paul's and Neighbourhood', (1897). Creator: Unknown
bridewell rebuilt fire old print 1897 creator
'Bridewell as Rebuilt after the Fire, from an old print', (1897). Creator
the custom house time elizabeth c1872 creator
'The Custom House - Time of Elizabeth', (c1872). Creator: Unknown
the temple 1671 from old birds eye view inner
'The Temple in 1671. (From an old bird's-eye view in the inner temple)'
the old bank looking mansion house 1897
'The Old Bank, Looking from the Mansion House', (1897). Creator: Unknown
trial pix 1897 creator unknown
'Trial of the Pix', 1897. Creator: Unknown
the figure panyer alley 1897 creator unknown
'The Figure in Panyer Alley', 1897. Creator: Unknown
tombs knights templars 1870 1897 creator
'Tombs of Knights Templars, 1870', (1897). Creator: Unknown
the old coal exchange c1872 creator unknown
'The Old Coal Exchange', (c1872). Creator: Unknown
a knight templar 1897 creator unknown
'A Knight Templar', 1897. Creator: Unknown
interior goldsmiths hall 1876 1897 creator
'Interior of Goldsmith's Hall, 1876', (1897). Creator: Unknown
richard tarleton actor 1897 creator unknown
'Richard Tarleton, The Actor', (1897) Creator: Unknown
fleet street temple etc 1897 creator
'Fleet Street, The Temple, Etc.', (1897). Creator: Unknown
broad street cornhill wards 1897 creator
'Broad Street and Cornhill Wards', 1897. Creator: Unknown
hall skinners company c1872 creator unknown
'Hall of the Skinners' Company', c1872. Creator: Unknown
richard burbage 1897 creator unknown
'Richard Burbage', (1897). Creator: Unknown
interior dukes theatre c1673 1897 creator
'Interior of the Duke's Theatre', c1673, (1897). Creator: Unknown
the church allhallows great 1784 c1872 creator
'The Church of Allhallows the Great in 1784', (c1872). Creator: Unknown
old house standing bolt court 1897 creator
'Old House Still Standing in Bolt Court', (1897). Creator: Unknown
chapel merchant taylors school c1872 creator
'Chapel of Merchant Taylors' School', c1872. Creator: Unknown
theodore e hook 1897 creator unknown
'Theodore E. Hook', (1897). Creator: Unknown
dyers hall c1830 c1872 creator unknown
'Dyers' Hall', c1830, (c1872). Creator: Unknown
the royal societys house crane court 1897
'The Royal Society's House in Crane Court', (1897). Creator: Unknown
the chamber lambeth palace lollards confined
'The Chamber in Lambeth Palace In Which the Lollards Were Confined', (c1878)
sir r claytons house garden front 1897
'Sir R. Clayton's House, Garden Front', (1897). Creator: Unknown
the door saddlers hall 1897 creator unknown
'The Door of Saddlers' Hall', 1897. Creator: Unknown
the library st pauls 1897 creator unknown
'The Library of St. Paul's', 1897. Creator: Unknown
execution tomkins challoner 1897 creator
'Execution of Tomkins and Challoner', (1897). Creator: Unknown
tower street ward c1872 creator unknown
'Tower Street Ward', (c1872). Creator: Unknown
introduction randolph ben jonson devil tavern
'Introduction of Randolph to Ben Jonson at the Devil Tavern', (1897). Creator
john wilkes 1897 creator unknown
'John Wilkes', (1897). Creator: Unknown
no 73 cheapside 1897 creator unknown
'No. 73, Cheapside', 1897. Creator: Unknown
the scaffolding observatory st pauls 1848 1897
'The Scaffolding and Observatory on St. Paul's in 1848', (1897). Creator
the trumpet duke york shire lane 1778
'The Trumpet, afterwards the Duke of York, Shire Lane, 1778. Elias Ashmole's House'
nonsuch house c1872 creator unknown
'Nonsuch House', (c1872). Creator: Unknown
alderman waithman authentic portrait 1897
'Alderman Waithman, from an Authentic Portrait', (1897). Creator: Unknown
wilkes trial 1897 creator unknown
'Wilkes on his Trial', (1897). Creator: Unknown
the royal banquet guildhall 1761 1897 creator
'The Royal Banquet in Guildhall, 1761', (1897). Creator: Unknown
the rebuilding st pauls 1897 creator
'The Rebuilding of St. Paul's', (1897). Creator: Unknown
waithmans shop 1897 creator unknown
'Waithman's Shop', (1897). Creator: Unknown
sir r whittingtons house crutched friars 1803
'Sir R. Whittington's House, Crutched Friars, 1803', (1897). Creator: Unknown
cheapside cross appeared 1547 1897 creator
'Cheapside Cross, as it appeared in 1547', (1897). Creator: Unknown
old st pauls interior looking east 1897
'Old St. Paul's. - The Interior, Looking East', (1897). Creator: Unknown
the library guildhall 1897 creator unknown
'The Library, Guildhall', 1897. Creator: Unknown
ancient view cheapside 1897 creator unknown
'Ancient View of Cheapside', (1897). Creator: Unknown
interior stationers hall 1876 1897 creator
'Interior of Stationers' Hall, 1876', (1897). Creator: Unknown
the crypt guildhall 1897 creator unknown
'The Crypt of Guildhall', 1897. Creator: Unknown
sword dagger ring king james iv scotland 1897
'Sword, Dagger and Ring of King James IV, of Scotland', 1897. Creator: Unknown
ruins barbican ludgate hill 1792 1897 creator
'Ruins of the Barbican on Ludgate Hill, 1792, (1897). Creator: Unknown
interior haberdashers hall 1876 1897 creator
'Interior of Haberdashers' Hall, 1876', (1897). Creator: Unknown
the heraldic court 1897 creator unknown
'The Last Heraldic Court', (1897). Creator: Unknown
outer court la belle sauvage 1828 1897 creator
'Outer Court of La Belle Sauvage in 1828', (1897). Creator: Unknown
the college physicians warwick lane 1868 1897
'The College of Physicians, Warwick Lane, 1868', (1897). Creator: Unknown
heads old london bridge c1872 creator
'Heads on Old London Bridge', (c1872). Creator: Unknown
the temple fountain old print 1897 creator
'The Temple Fountain, from an Old Print', (1897). Creator: Unknown
antiquities temple 1897 creator unknown
'Antiquities of the Temple', 1897. Creator: Unknown
remains chapel st thomas old london bridge
'Remains of the Chapel of St. Thomas, Old London Bridge', (c1872). Creator
london bridge c1872 creator unknown
'London Bridge', c1872. Creator: Unknown
the monument church st magnus 1800 1897
'The Monument and the Church of St. Magnus, about 1800', (1897). Creator: Unknown
city london c1872 creator unknown
The City of London, c1872. Creator: Unknown
miles coverdale 1897 creator unknown
'Miles Coverdale', (1897). Creator: Unknown
wrens original design summit monument 1897
'Wren's Original Design for the Summit of the Monument', (1897). Creator
the weigh house chapel 1897 creator unknown
'The Weigh-House Chapel', (1897). Creator: Unknown
cordwainers hall 1897 creator unknown
'Cordwainers' Hall', 1897. Creator: Unknown
the fourth salters hall 1897 creator
'The Fourth Salters' Hall', (1897). Creator: Unknown
cromwell house aggass map 1897 creator
'Cromwell House, From Aggas's Map', (1897). Creator: Unknown
blackwell hall 1812 1897 creator unknown
'Blackwell Hall in 1812', (1897). Creator: Unknown
the second royal exchange cornhill 1897
'The Second Royal Exchange, Cornhill', (1897). Creator: Unknown
wrens plan rebuilding london 1897 creator
'Wren's Plan for Rebuilding London', (1897). Creator: Unknown
plan exchange 1837 1897 creator unknown
'Plan of the Exchange in 1837', (1897). Creator: Unknown
the clearing house 1897 creator unknown
'The Clearing House', 1897. Creator: Unknown
jonathans 1897 creator unknown
'Jonathan's', (1897). Creator: Unknown
st pauls fall spire view hollar 1897 creator
'St. Paul's after the Fall of the Spire, from a view by Hollar', (1897)
old st pauls 1897 creator unknown
'Old St. Paul's', (1897). Creator: Unknown
old lud gate print published 1750 1897 creator
'Old Lud Gate, from a print published about 1750', (1897). Creator: Unknown
the inner court old belle sauvage 1897 creator
'The Inner Court of the Old Belle Sauvage.', (1897). Creator: Unknown
laying foundation stone blackfriars bridge 1760
'Laying the Foundation-Stone of Blackfriars Bridge, 1760', (1897). Creator
falling chapel blackfriars 1623 1897 creator
'Falling in of the Chapel at Blackfriars', 1623, (1897). Creator: Unknown
baynards castle view published 1790 1897
'Baynard's Castle, from a view published in 1790', (1897). Creator: Unknown
new bridge street obelisk 1755 1897 creator
'New Bridge Street and the Obelisk in 1755', (1897). Creator: Unknown
sun dial temple 1885 1897 creator unknown
'Sun-Dial in the Temple, 1885', (1897). Creator: Unknown
goldsmiths tomb 1860 1897 creator unknown
'Goldsmith's Tomb in 1860', (1897). Creator: Unknown
oliver goldsmith 1897 creator unknown
'Oliver Goldsmith', (1897). Creator: Unknown


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