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false door tomb ptahshepses
False door from the tomb of Ptahshepses
stonehouse themed pub sheffield south yorkshire
The Stonehouse themed pub, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, 1971. Artist: Michael Walters
river tay perth scotland
River Tay and Perth, Scotland
first aid competition mexborough south yorkshire
First aid competition, Mexborough, South Yorkshire, 1961. Artist: Michael Walters
special care unit premature babies nether edge
Special care unit for premature babies, Nether Edge Hospital, Sheffield, South Yorkshire
computer room rotherham infirmary south yorkshire
Computer room, Rotherham Infirmary, South Yorkshire, 1967. Artist: Michael Walters
medical eye checks rotherham general infirmary 1967
Medical eye checks, Rotherham General Infirmary, 1967. Artist: Michael Walters
tea room montague hospital mexborough south
Tea room, Montague Hospital, Mexborough, South Yorkshire, 1977. Artist: Michael Walters
r colin snow coal merchants wagon barnburgh colliery
R Colin Snow coal merchants wagon, Barnburgh Colliery, South Yorkshire, 1961. Artist
applecross peninsula loch kishorn highland
Applecross Peninsula and Loch Kishorn, Highland, Scotland
coniston gondola lake district cumbria
The Coniston 'Gondola', Lake District, Cumbria, England
aboriginal rock painting group bradshaw figures
Aboriginal rock painting of a group of Bradshaw figures
millennium bridge baltic art gallery gateshead
Millennium Bridge and Baltic Art Gallery, Gateshead, Tyne & Wear
the triumph beatrice tapestry flanders brussels
'The Triumph of Beatrice', tapestry, Flanders, Brussels, early 16th century
statue david accademia gallery florence italy
Statue of David, Accademia Gallery, Florence, Italy
view burnt palace
View of the Burnt Palace
fresco villa agrippa postumus boscotrecase
A fresco from the villa of Agrippa Postumus at Boscotrecase, Pompeii
entrance cave cruachu uaimh cruachan
Entrance to the cave of Cruachu, Uaimh Cruachan
castel meur cleden cap sizun finistere
Castel-Meur at Cleden-Cap-Sizun, Finistere
wangshi master nets garden
The Wangshi (Master of Nets) Garden
waterfall aber valley north wales
Waterfall, Aber Valley, North Wales
aerial view fort dun conor
Aerial view of the fort of Dun Conor
bronze shield mount
Detail of a bronze shield-mount
gold coin belonging ambiani north gaul
Gold coin belonging to the Ambiani, from the north of Gaul
view fort al ain courtyard showing wind tower
View of the fort at al-'Ain from the courtyard, showing wind tower
sunset wheal coates tin mine st agnes cornwall
Sunset, Wheal Coates tin mine, St Agnes, Cornwall, 2009
painting lin feng mien hamlet mountains loose
Painting by Lin Feng-mien: 'Hamlet below the Mountains' (loose sheet)
painting li ke jan spring rain southern landscape
Painting by Li K'e-jan: 'Spring Rain in the Southern Landscape' (hanging
bali shrouded mist tiny shrine pura tegeg koripan
balinese villages family rice bins major expression
In many Balinese villages family rice bins are a major expression of status, often
typical chinese style fishing nets use cochin
Typical Chinese-style fishing nets in use in Cochin harbour
fort viewed desert jaisalmer town centuries
The fort viewed from the desert, Jaisalmer, a town which for centuries commanded
giza sphinx
The Giza Sphinx
lake chamo country origin ethiopia
Lake Chamo Country of Origin: Ethiopia
atlantic coast ghana zone tropical forests daily
The Atlantic coast of Ghana, zone of tropical forests which have an almost daily rainfall
necklace double strands lapis lazuli beads gold
Necklace of double strands of lapis lazuli beads, with gold clasp and two gold beads
silver bowl tomb king psusennes i
Silver bowl from the tomb of king Psusennes I
incised stamped gold plaque placed abdominal incision
Incised and stamped gold plaque found placed over the abdominal incision in the mummified
lid inner scarcophagus originally unidentified
Detail of the lid of the inner scarcophagus, originally from an unidentified XIXth
bust king merenptah thirteenth son successor
Bust of King Merenptah, thirteenth son and successor of Ramesses II, from his mortuary
relief sculpture goddess nut interior sarcophagus
Relief sculpture of the goddess Nut from the interior of the sarcophagus lid of 19th
silver spouted vessel nemset used pouring libations
Silver spouted vessel, nemset, used for pouring libations of water
fluted gold bowl inset faience centre disk inlaid
Fluted gold bowl with inset faience centre disk, inlaid with four stylised palmettes
silver bowl gold handle inset repousse gold centre
Silver bowl with gold handle and inset repousse gold centre, decorated with an aquatic
pair wooden boxes held 401 shabti figures provided
One of a pair of wooden boxes which held the 401 shabti figures provided to work
fragment nubian jewellery gold panels incised
Fragment of Nubian jewellery, with gold panels incised with Egyptian hieroglyphs
silver libation bowl tomb netaklabah amon 538 519 bc
Silver libation bowl found in the tomb of Netaklabah-Amon (538-519 BC), from the
colossal statues god thoth baboon aspect hermopolis
One of the colossal statues of the god Thoth, in his baboon aspect, at Hermopolis Magna
perforated globe intended incense burner
A perforated globe intended as an incense burner
faience low relief plaque winged lion headed
Faience low-relief plaque of a winged, lion-headed goddess
incised gold plaque depicting meroitic king honouring
Incised gold plaque depicting a Meroitic king honouring the Egyptian god Horus
nubian depiction egyptian goddess hathor
Nubian depiction of the Egyptian goddess Hathor
marble anthropoid sarcophagus
Marble anthropoid sarcophagus
phoenician ivory depicting egyptian god horus
Phoenician ivory depicting the Egyptian god Horus
suggestively shaped hills danu
The suggestively shaped hills of Danu
berber kasbah atlas mountains
Berber kasbah in the Atlas Mountains
winged scarab pectoral tomb general wen djeba en djed
Winged scarab pectoral from the tomb of General Wen-Djeba-En-Djed, senior official
pair anklets mummy psusennes i
One of a pair of anklets from the mummy of Psusennes I
gold pommel tubular section staff tomb psusennes
Gold pommel and tubular section of a staff top from the tomb of Psusennes I
gold funerary mask burial psusennes i
Gold funerary mask from the burial of Psusennes I
19th dynasty sarcophagus reused tanis psusennes i
Detail of a 19th Dynasty sarcophagus reused at Tanis by Psusennes I
folio 14r arabic version dioscorides materia
Folio 14r of the Arabic version of Dioscorides' De Materia Medica
nubian canopic jar
Nubian canopic jar
lion temple naga
The Lion temple at Naga
sets gold toe stalls mummified body king psusennes
One of two sets of gold toe stalls found on the mummified body of the king Psusennes I
ivory inlay nimrud
Ivory inlay from Nimrud
inner scarcophagus originally unidentified xixth
Inner scarcophagus, originally from an unidentified XIXth Dynasty burial but reused
battle horseback 1976 karima ali born 1947
"Battle on Horseback", 1976 by Karima Ali (born 1947)
wedding 1980 sayed mahmoud born 1971
"Wedding", 1980, by Sayed Mahmoud (born 1971)
site ancient fortress buddhist monastery sigiriya
The site of an ancient fortress and Buddhist monastery at Sigiriya - Lion's Rock
foot gigantic statue constantine great country origin
The foot from a gigantic statue of Constantine the Great. Country of Origin: Italy
hand gigantic statue constantine great country origin
The hand from a gigantic statue of Constantine the Great. Country of Origin: Italy
great ludovisi sarcophagus battle scenes romans
The Great Ludovisi Sarcophagus. Battle scenes between the Romans and the Germans
boxer quirinal therme boxer bronze hellenistic
The Boxer of Quirinal or Therme Boxer. Bronze Hellenistic orginal found at the remains
dying gaul galatian called dying gladiator
The Dying Gaul (Galatian) also called the Dying Gladiator
sleeping hermaphroditus form statue based portrayals
The Sleeping Hermaphroditus. The form of the statue is based on portrayals of Venus
mausoleum hadrian huge stone drum contained tomb
The Mausoleum of Hadrian. The huge stone drum which contained the tomb chamber was
interior view pantheon originally built reign
Interior view of the Pantheon. Originally built in the reign of Augustus, rebuilt
exterior view pantheon originally built reign
Exterior view of the Pantheon. Originally built in the reign of Augustus, rebuilt
fountain rivers fontana dei quattro fiumi
The Fountain of the Four Rivers ( Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi ) in Piazza Navona
multi coloured grave markers municipal cemetery
Multi-coloured grave markers in the municipal cemetery at Cuidad Hidalgo
ming dynasty blue white bowl depicting chi lin
Ming dynasty blue and white bowl depicting a Chi-Lin
funerary papyrus steward sethnakahte
Funerary papyrus of the Steward, Sethnakahte
section book dead princess nany
A section of the Book of the Dead for princess Nany
head pharaoh wearing blue crown possible representation
Head of a pharaoh wearing the blue crown. Possible representation of Tuthmosis III
goddess serket goddesses who protected dead
The goddess Serket, one of the four goddesses who protected the dead, guarding the
figure gilded statue tutankhamun light papyrus
Front figure: Gilded statue of Tutankhamun on a light papyrus boatwearing the red
stirrup country origin turkey transylvania culture
Stirrup Country of Origin: Turkey or Transylvania Culture, Period & Place of Origin
decorated tunic country origin egypt culture
A decorated tunic. Country of Origin: Egypt Culture: Islamic Period: 11th century
textile fragment country origin egypt culture
Textile fragment Country of Origin: Egypt Culture: Coptic Period: 4th-5th century
ludovisi ares roman copy greek original late
Ludovisi Ares, Roman copy of a Greek original (late 4th C BC) associated with Scopas
geometric mosaic floor culture roman place origin
Geometric mosaic floor. Culture: Roman. Place of Origin: Rome
mosaic depicting fish fowl fruitbasket central
Mosaic depicting fish, fowl and fruitbasket. Central section of a Roman geometric floor
mosaic representing hercules iolaus culture roman
Mosaic representing Hercules and Iolaus. Culture: Roman
roman mosaic head medusa culture roman period date
Roman mosaic with the head of Medusa. Culture: Roman
pavement mosaic depicting god pan culture roman
Pavement mosaic depicting the god Pan. Culture: Roman. Period/ Date:Antonine Period
pavement mosaic depicting god bacchus culture roman
Pavement mosaic depicting the god Bacchus. Culture: Roman. Period/ Date:Antonine Period
pavement mosaic depicting gods pan bacchus culture
Pavement mosaic depicting the gods Pan and Bacchus
mosaic depicting dionysus culture roman
Mosaic depicting Dionysus. Culture: Roman. Period/ Date: 3rd C AD. Place of Origin: Rome


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