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kiss 1895 artist munch edvard 1863 1944
The Kiss, 1895. Artist: Munch, Edvard (1863-1944)
poster opera madama butterfly g puccini
Poster for the Opera Madama Butterfly by G. Puccini
sunset seine lavacourt winter effect artist monet
Sunset on the Seine at Lavacourt, Winter Effect. Artist: Monet, Claude (1840-1926)
space force construction 1920 1921 artist popova
Space Force Construction, 1920-1921. Artist: Popova, Lyubov Sergeyevna (1889-1924)
The dancer
saint thomas apostle artist el greco dominico
Saint Thomas the Apostle. Artist: El Greco, Dominico (1541-1614)
apostle simon artist el greco dominico
The Apostle Simon. Artist: El Greco, Dominico (1541-1614)
saint philip apostle artist el greco dominico
Saint Philip the Apostle. Artist: El Greco, Dominico (1541-1614)
saint matthew evangelist artist el greco dominico
Saint Matthew the Evangelist. Artist: El Greco, Dominico (1541-1614)
apostle paul artist el greco dominico
The Apostle Paul. Artist: El Greco, Dominico (1541-1614)
saint james younger artist el greco dominico
Saint James the Younger. Artist: El Greco, Dominico (1541-1614)
apostle saint james great artist el greco dominico
The Apostle Saint James the Great. Artist: El Greco, Dominico (1541-1614)
saint bartholomew artist el greco dominico
Saint Bartholomew. Artist: El Greco, Dominico (1541-1614)
saint andrew artist el greco dominico
Saint Andrew. Artist: El Greco, Dominico (1541-1614)
young woman beach 1896
Young Woman on the Beach, 1896
freia fair one illustration rhinegold valkyrie
Freia, the fair one. Illustration for The Rhinegold and The Valkyrie by Richard Wagner, 1910
edge firmament flammarion engraving latmosphere
The edge of the firmament (Flammarion engraving) From L'atmosphere
portrait elizabeth i england 1533 1603 ballet
Portrait of Elizabeth I of England (1533-1603), in ballet costume as Iris (Rainbow Portrait)
yellow accompaniment gelbe begleitung 1924
Yellow Accompaniment (Gelbe Begleitung), 1924
waterlilies nympheas 1916 1919
Waterlilies (Nympheas), 1916-1919
soir grand prix au pavillon darmenonville
Un soir de grand prix au pavillon d'Armenonville
madonna pomegranate madonna della melagrana
Madonna of the Pomegranate (Madonna della Melagrana)
white ii 1923
On White II, 1923
miseries war no 11 hanging 1633 artist callot
The Miseries of War, No. 11. The Hanging, 1633. Artist: Callot, Jacques (1592-1635)
portrait jacob judah leon 1602 1675 artist italia
Portrait of Jacob Judah Leon (1602-1675). Artist: Italia, Salom (ca 1619-ca 1655)
beach vignasse artist cross henri edmond
The Beach of Vignasse. Artist: Cross, Henri Edmond (1856-1910)
guardian angel artist sugai yumi
Guardian angel. Artist: Sugai, Yumi
animals pets/blue black fox 1911
Blue-Black Fox, 1911
childhood/holy kinship detail infant john baptist baby walker
The Holy Kinship. Detail: The infant John the Baptist with a baby walker, 1510
portrait sisters ekaterina mikhaylovna maria
Portrait of Sisters Ekaterina Mikhaylovna, Maria Mikhaylovna und Julia Mikhaylovna
christmas angel artist sugai yumi
The Christmas Angel. Artist: Sugai, Yumi
angel lamb god artist sugai yumi
Angel with Lamb of God. Artist: Sugai, Yumi
angel pink lily artist sugai yumi
An angel of the pink lily. Artist: Sugai, Yumi
angel golden pearl artist sugai yumi
The angel of the Golden pearl. Artist: Sugai, Yumi
monument rosa luxemburg 1919 1920
Monument to Rosa Luxemburg, 1919-1920
leonardo da vinci/madonna yarnwinder c 1501
The Madonna of the Yarnwinder, c. 1501
leonardo da vinci/la bella principessa c 1496
La Bella Principessa, c. 1496
animals pets/cat dog
Cat and Dog
musical evening composer anton rubinstein
Musical evening with the composer Anton Rubinstein
camel rhythmic landscape trees 1920 artist klee
Camel in a Rhythmic Landscape of Trees, 1920. Artist: Klee, Paul (1879-1940)
myths legends/knights round table ca 1475 artist evrard despinques
The Knights of the Round Table, ca 1475. Artist: Evrard d'Espinques (active 1440-1494)
golden horn bridge 1907 artist signac paul
The Golden Horn. The Bridge, 1907. Artist: Signac, Paul (1863-1935)
sunset leventail c 1905 artist signac paul
Sunset (L'Eventail), c. 1905. Artist: Signac, Paul (1863-1935)
popular art/soda fountain 1935 artist glackens william james
The Soda Fountain, 1935. Artist: Glackens, William James (1870-1938)
paul signac boat artist rysselberghe theo van
Paul Signac on his boat. Artist: Rysselberghe, Theo van (1862-1926)
seated woman legs drawn adele herms artist schiele
Seated Woman with Legs Drawn Up (Adele Herms). Artist: Schiele, Egon (1890?1918)
christmas angel artist sugai yumi
The Christmas Angel. Artist: Sugai, Yumi
christmas angel artist sugai yumi
The Christmas Angel. Artist: Sugai, Yumi
christmas angel artist sugai yumi
The Christmas Angel. Artist: Sugai, Yumi
christmas angel artist sugai yumi
The Christmas Angel. Artist: Sugai, Yumi
architectonic painting artist popova lyubov
Architectonic Painting. Artist: Popova, Lyubov Sergeyevna (1889-1924)
baron louis francois lejeune 1775 1848 artist
Baron Louis-Francois Lejeune (1775-1848). Artist: Guerin, Jean Urbain (1760-1836)
portrait king henry viii england ca 1526
Portrait of King Henry VIII of England, ca 1526
portrait painter francois boucher 1703 1770
Portrait of the painter Francois Boucher (1703-1770), 1741
eva prima pandora eve first pandora c 1550
Eva Prima Pandora (Eve, First Pandora), c. 1550
seneca c 1473 1475
Seneca, c. 1473-1475
portrait john fearless duke burgundy 1371 1419
Portrait of John the Fearless, Duke of Burgundy (1371-1419), ca 1404
christmas/la nuit noel christmas eve
La nuit de Noel (Christmas Eve)
self portrait beret gold chain 1633
Self-Portrait with Beret and Gold Chain, 1633
self portrait 1825
Self-Portrait, 1825
portrait alphonse lamartine 1790 1869 1848
Portrait of Alphonse de Lamartine (1790-1869), 1848
member cooperative sign immediately 1927 1928
You are not yet a member of the cooperative - sign up immediately!, 1927-1928
madeleine bois damour 1888
Madeleine in the Bois d'Amour, 1888
peasants preparing meal early 19th cen
Peasants preparing a meal, Early 19th cen
shogun minamoto yoshitsune samurai c 1840
Shogun Minamoto no Yoshitsune and his Samurai, c. 1840
bijin playful child 1842
Bijin and her Playful Child, 1842
tale forty seven ronin kakogawa honzo momonoi
The Tale of the Forty-seven Ronin. Kakogawa Honzo and Momonoi Wakasanosuke, c. 1850
margrave theatre erlangen 1721
Margrave Theatre in Erlangen, 1721
black lines schwarze linien 1913
Black Lines (Schwarze Linien), 1913
dominant curve courbe dominante 1936
Dominant Curve (Courbe dominante), 1936
winter landscape church 1910 1911
Winter Landscape with Church, 1910-1911
group crinolines reifrockgesellschaft 1909
Group in Crinolines (Reifrockgesellschaft), 1909
composition 8 1923
Composition 8, 1923
blue interior 1883
Blue Interior, 1883
fathers day/football players 1908
The Football Players, 1908
conveying childs coffin 1879
Conveying a Child's Coffin, 1879
rotterdam mill canal morning rotterdam le moulin
Rotterdam, the mill, the canal, the morning (Rotterdam. Le moulin. Le canal. Le matin)
portrait thomas alva edison 1847 1931 1890
Portrait of Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931), 1890
chocolat delespaul havez
Chocolat Delespaul-Havez
myths legends/lena dances knight gnomes trolls 1915
Lena Dances with the Knight. Among Gnomes and Trolls, 1915
bells first telephone 1876
Bell's first telephone, 1876
katri c 1918
Katri, c. 1918
garden hospital saint remy 1889
The garden of the hospital at Saint-Remy, 1889
senses elements 1627
Five Senses and the Four Elements, 1627
game chess c1508
The Game of Chess, c.1508
repudiation hagar c 1615
The Repudiation of Hagar, c. 1615
odalisque 1745
Odalisque, 1745
samson delilah 1628
Samson and Delilah, 1628
adoration shepherds c 1644
The Adoration of the Shepherds, c. 1644
portraits la campagne 1876
Portraits a la campagne, 1876
reading 1892
The Reading, 1892
night children death sleep 1822
Night with her children death and sleep, 1822
peasant couple eating peas c 1620
Peasant Couple eating Peas, c. 1620
ixion chained tartarus 1824
Ixion Chained in Tartarus, 1824
watering place eragny 1895
The Watering Place, Eragny, 1895
bathers c 1655
The Bathers, c. 1655
small bather interior harem 1828
Small Bather, or The Interior of the Harem, 1828
le pont leurope 1876
Le Pont de l'Europe, 1876
musical instruments 1770
Musical instruments, 1770


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