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fleisch macht fleisch meat gives meat 1555
Fleisch macht Fleisch (Meat Gives Meat), 1555
gabrielle destrees sisters duchesse villars
Gabrielle d'Estrees and one of her sisters, duchesse de Villars
topographic view countryside plain arezzo val
Topographic View of the Countryside around the Plain of Arezzo and the Val di Chiana
life dahlias ca 1886 1890 artist renoir pierre
Still life with dahlias, ca. 1886-1890. Artist: Renoir, Pierre Auguste (1841-1919)
jmw turner/ulysses deriding polyphemus 1829 1904 artist
'Ulysses Deriding Polyphemus', 1829, (1904). Artist: JMW Turner
princess tuvstarr sitting wistfully looking water
Princess Tuvstarr is still sitting there wistfully looking into the water, 1913. Artist: Bauer
lovers quilt phoenix design 1680s
Lovers under a quilt with phoenix design, 1680s
illustration rosary philosophers rosarium philosophorum
Illustration for The Rosary of the Philosophers (Rosarium philosophorum sive pretiosissimum
yorimitsu killing tsuchigumo detail scroll tsuchigumo
Yorimitsu killing Tsuchigumo (Detail of the scroll Tsuchigumo no Soshi Emaki), 13th century
nasreddin hodja artist anonymous
Nasreddin Hodja. Artist: Anonymous
saint rose lima 1670 artist murillo bartolome
Saint Rose of Lima, 1670. Artist: Murillo, Bartolome Esteban (1617-1682)
no crayfish require drinks swedish anti prohibition
No! Crayfish require these drinks!, Swedish anti-Prohibition poster, 1922
see wife crop 1892 artist sidney e paget
'See What My Wife Found In Its Crop', 1892. Artist: Sidney E Paget
holmes lashed furiously 1892 artist sidney
'Holmes Lashed Furiously', 1892. Artist: Sidney E Paget
john iii sobieski sending message victory pope
John III Sobieski sending message of victory to the Pope Innocent XI after the Battle
death joan arc
The death of Joan of Arc
lovers shunga erotic woodblock print c 1750
Two Lovers (Shunga - erotic woodblock print), c
dancers cogul cave painting roca los moros roca
The dancers of Cogul. Cave painting from the Roca de los Moros (Roca dels Moros)
selden map china artist chinese master
The Selden Map of China. Artist: Chinese Master
view toledo c 1598 artist el greco dominico
View of Toledo, c. 1598. Artist: El Greco, Dominico (1541-1614)
judgment c 1650
The Last Judgment, c. 1650
animals pets/diana uplands 1903 1904 c1915 artist charles
'Diana of the Uplands', 1903-1904, (c1915). Artist: Charles Wellington Furse
marchesa luisa casati greyhound 1908
Marchesa Luisa Casati with a Greyhound, 1908
study age wisdom 1936 1938
Study for The Age of Wisdom , 1936-1938
empress anna court 1907
Empress Anna and her Court , 1907
portrait dmitry lvovich naryshkin 1758 1838
Portrait of Dmitry Lvovich Naryshkin (1758-1838), Early 19th cen
profumo perfume c 1910
Profumo (Perfume), c. 1910
costume design vaudeville old moscow theatre femina
Costume design for the Vaudeville Old Moscow at the Théâtre Femina in Paris
self portrait ca 1919
Self-Portrait, ca 1919
portrait maria theresa naples sicily 1772 1807 c
Portrait of Maria Theresa of Naples and Sicily (1772-1807), c. 1790
adoration christ child 1546 1547
The Adoration of the Christ Child, 1546-1547
portrait sir thomas led execution
Portrait of Sir Thomas More as he was led to execution
brunhilde 1899
Brunhilde, 1899
sketch composition construction palace labor
Sketch of the composition Construction of the Palace of Labor, 1918
spring dreams c 1895
Spring dreams, c. 1895
portrait princess xenia georgievna russia 1903 1965
Portrait of Princess Xenia Georgievna of Russia (1903-1965) , 1915
jane fleming 1755 1824 later countess harrington
Jane Fleming (1755-1824), later Countess of Harrington, ca 1778
costume design ballet la nuit ensorcelee f chopin l
Costume design for the Ballet La Nuit ensorcelée by F. Chopin and L. Aubert, 1923
study age reason 1936 1938
Study for The Age of Reason , 1936-1938
water lilies agapanthus 1914 1917
Water Lilies and Agapanthus, 1914-1917
portrait prince pyotr vasilyevich lopukhin 1753 1827
Portrait of Prince Pyotr Vasilyevich Lopukhin (1753-1827), c. 1801
saint julian 1445 1446
Saint Julian, 1445-1446
portrait grand duke nikolai pavlovich 1796 1855
Portrait of Grand Duke Nikolai Pavlovich (1796-1855) on horseback , 1822
virgin child musician angels
The Virgin and Child with Two Musician Angels
vaslav nijinsky ballet jeux claude debussy 1914
Vaslav Nijinsky in the Ballet Jeux by Claude Debussy, 1914
dr samuel jean pozzi 1881
Dr Samuel-Jean Pozzi, 1881
triumphant athlete 1813
Triumphant Athlete, 1813
easter day
On Easter day
saint bartholomew apostle
Saint Bartholomew the Apostle
portrait princess nina georgievna russia 1901 1974
Portrait of Princess Nina Georgievna of Russia (1901-1974) , 1915
weeping willow 1921 1922
Weeping willow, 1921-1922
young woman garden c 1890
Young woman in a garden, c. 1890
lot daughters 1651
Lot and his Daughters, 1651
entrance 17th century church yaroslavl ca 1894
The entrance of a 17th Century Church in Yaroslavl , ca 1894
repudiation hagar
The Repudiation of Hagar
virgin child saints 1500
The Virgin and Child with Saints , 1500
portrait princess ekaterina nikolaevna lopukhina
Portrait of Princess Ekaterina Nikolaevna Lopukhina, née Shetneva (1763-1839), 1805
volkhov river stage design opera sadko n
The Volkhov River. Stage design for the opera Sadko by N. Rimsky-Korsakov, 1929-1930
portrait countess julia samoilova 1803 1875
Portrait of Countess Julia Samoilova (1803-1875) with Austrian Hussars , 1855
suprematism curtain outline unemployment committee
Suprematism. Curtain outline for the Unemployment Committee meeting, 1919
hunting party emperor alexander ii
The hunting party of Emperor Alexander II
abigail offers gifts david army
Abigail Offers Gifts to David and His Army
virgin christ child saint john baptist boy 1645
The Virgin and Christ Child with Saint John the Baptist as a Boy , Between 1645 and 1655
conte iseppo da porto son adrian ca 1552
Conte Iseppo da Porto with his son Adrian, ca 1552
madonna dei pellegrini pilgrims madonna
The Madonna dei Pellegrini (Pilgrim's Madonna) , 1604-1606
moulin rouge paris
Moulin Rouge, Paris
life fruit 1910
Still life with fruit , 1910
general hasphenor costume design play judith
General Hasphénor. Costume design for the play Judith by Henri Bernstein in
portrait countess maria grigoryevna razumovskaya
Portrait of Countess Maria Grigoryevna Razumovskaya (1772-1865), née Vyazemskaya
nativity christ ca 1620 1625
The Nativity of Christ, ca 1620-1625
bouquet flowers 1922
Bouquet of flowers , 1922
costume design theatre play wolfs sheeps a ostrovsky
Costume design for the theatre play Wolfs and Sheeps by A. Ostrovsky, 1915
costume design ballet la boutique fantasque 1918
Costume design for the ballet La Boutique Fantasque, 1918
portrait daria alexandrovna valueva nee kosheleva
Portrait of Daria Alexandrovna Valueva, née Kosheleva (1757-1836), 1798
amants comedy theatre la renaissance 1895
''Amants'' a comedy at the Theatre de la Renaissance, 1895
costume design ballet diane et acteon pas deux
Costume design for the ballet Diane et Actéon Pas de deux (Pas de Diane) , 1910
portrait tatiana borisovna potemkina nee golitsyna
Portrait of Tatiana Borisovna Potemkina, née Golitsyna (1797-1869), 1820
portrait duke federico da montefeltro 1422 1482
Portrait of the Duke Federico da Montefeltro (1422-1482) , ca 1471-1472
madonna orante
Madonna Orante
annunciation c 1505
The Annunciation, c. 1505
grafskaya wharf sevastopol 1852
Grafskaya Wharf, Sevastopol, 1852
portrait agafokleya alexandrovna poltoratskaya
Portrait of Agafokleya Alexandrovna Poltoratskaya, née Shishkova (1737-1822) , c
young woman reading ad column ca 1880 1885
Young woman reading in Front of an Advertising Column, ca 1880-1885
portrait architect giuseppe valadier 1762 1839
Portrait of the Architect Giuseppe Valadier (1762-1839) , 1827
mercury argus 1716
Mercury and Argus, 1716
set design opera victory sun a kruchenykh 1920
Set design for the opera Victory over the sun after A. Kruchenykh, 1920
portrait painter yegor gregor bottman 18 1891
Portrait of the painter Yegor (Gregor) Bottman (18
vieille place c 1907
Vieille place, c. 1907
anatoly lunacharsky 1875 1933 vladimir lenin
Anatoly Lunacharsky (1875-1933), Vladimir Lenin (1870-1924) and Leon Trotsky (1879-1940)
alexander dead body darius um 1700
Alexander before the Dead Body of Darius, um 1700
autumn leaves bouquet 1930
Autumn Leaves Bouquet, 1930
exotic dancer 1926
An exotic dancer , 1926
venus amor 1632
Venus and Amor, 1632
dance seven veils 1925
Dance of the seven veils, 1925
seine port villez 1894
The Seine at Port-Villez, 1894
set design opera orfeo ed euridice ch gluck
Set design for the opera Orfeo ed Euridice by Ch. Gluck, 1911
portrait marcel duchamp 1887 1968 1923 1925
Portrait of Marcel Duchamp (1887-1968) , 1923-1925


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