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man proposes god disposes 1864 1912 artist
'Man Proposes, God Disposes', 1864, (1912). Artist: Edwin Henry Landseer
south shields fun fair 1895 artist unknown
'South Shields - All The Fun Of The Fair.', 1895. Artist: Unknown
cardinal fisher bishop rochester 1532 1534 1945
'Cardinal Fisher, Bishop of Rochester', 1532-1534 (1945)
maps charts plans/isle wight c20th century artist john
'Isle of Wight.', c20th Century. Artist: John Bartholomew
edward i king england 1272 1932 artist rosalind
Edward I, King of England from 1272, (1932). Artist: Rosalind Thornycroft
i clapped pistol head 1892 artist sidney
'I Clapped A Pistol To His Head', 1892. Artist: Sidney E Paget
sandbank east showing sandbank kilmun 1895
'Sandbank - From the East, Showing Sandbank and Kilmun', 1895. Artist: Unknown
fowey entrance harbour 1895 artist unknown
'Fowey - Entrance to the Harbour', 1895. Artist: Unknown
edward refuses succour son crecy 1346 1864
'Edward refuses succour to his son at Crecy', 1346 (1864)
hall braille stereotyping machine 1919 artist
'Hall Braille Stereotyping Machine', 1919. Artist: Unknown
the helmsman 1925 1926 artist arthur
'The Helmsman', 1925, (1926). Artist: Arthur Briscoe
landscape c1480 1945 artist leonardo da
'Landscape', c1480 (1945). Artist: Leonardo da Vinci
kings college chapel cambridge 1864 artist
'King's College Chapel, Cambridge', 1864. Artist: Unknown
whitney straight maserati members bridge turn
'Whitney Straight (Maserati) at the Members' Bridge turn, Brooklands, 1933, (1937)
childhood/alice cheshire cat c1910 artist john tenniel
'Alice and the Cheshire Cat', c1910. Artist: John Tenniel
animals pets/the tiger c1900 artist helena j maguire
'The Tiger', c1900. Artist: Helena J. Maguire
animals pets/the dancing bear 1901 artist edward henry
'The Dancing Bear', 1901. Artist: Edward Henry Wehnert
maps charts plans/america new world theatrum orbis terrarum
'America, or the New World: From the 'Theatrum Orbis Terrarum' by Abraham Ortelius
leonardo da vinci/three studies paws dog wolf c1480 1945 artist
'Three Studies of the Paws of a Dog or Wolf', c1480 (1945)
leonardo da vinci/studies drapery figure seated right c1480 1945
'Studies of the Drapery of a Figure Seated to Right', c1480 (1945). Artist
saved c1856 1911 artist edwin henry
'Saved!', c1856, (1911). Artist: Edwin Henry Landseer
woodcutters late 1840s c1915 artist constant
'Woodcutters', late 1840s, (c1915). Artist: Constant Troyon
punch may day 1829 c1915 artist benjamin
'Punch or May Day', 1829, (c1915). Artist: Benjamin Robert Haydon
portrait artist 1782 c1915 artist madame
'Portrait of the Artist', after 1782, (c1915). Artist: Madame Vigee Lebrun
avenue merdervort c1650 1652 c1915 artist
'Avenue at Merdervort', c1650-1652, (c1915). Artist: Aelbert Cuyp
sheltered pastures c1900 artist sir ernest
'Sheltered Pastures', c1900. Artist: Sir Ernest Albert Waterlow
dye lack madam 1861 c1915 artist john
What D'Ye Lack, Madam?, 1861, (c1915). Artist: John Pettie
the frigidarium 1890 c1915 artist sir
'The Frigidarium', 1890, (c1915). Artist: Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema
mrs robinson perdita 1781 c1915 artist
'Mrs. Robinson (Perdita)', 1781, (c1915). Artist: Thomas Gainsborough
salisbury cathedral 1823 c1915 artist
'Salisbury Cathedral', 1823, (c1915). Artist: John Constable
cardinal richelieu 1633 1640 c1915 artist
'Cardinal Richelieu', 1633-1640, (c1915). Artist: Philippe de Champaigne
494 cc bmw ernst henne 1938 artist
'494 C.C. B.M.W. (Ernst Henne)', 1938. Artist: Unknown
coronation scot express lmsr 1938 artist
Coronation Scot Express, L.M.S.R., 1938. Artist: Unknown
bristolian express gwr 1938 artist
'Bristolian Express, G.W.R.', 1938. Artist: Unknown
248 cc dkw e kluge 1938 artist
'248 C.C. D.K.W. (E. Kluge)', 1938. Artist: Unknown
348 cc velocette stanley woods 1938 artist
'348 C.C. Velocette (Stanley Woods)', 1938. Artist: Unknown
499 c c norton h l daniell 1938 artist
'499 C. C. Norton (H. L. Daniell)', 1938. Artist: Unknown
german high speed motor coach 1938 artist
'German High-Speed Motor Coach', 1938. Artist: Unknown
napier railton john cobb 1938 artist
'Napier Railton (John Cobb)', 1938. Artist: Unknown
flying spray captain g e t eyston 1938
Flying Spray (Captain G. E. T. Eyston)', 1938. Artist: Unknown
de havilland comet racer 1938 artist unknown
'De Havilland Comet Racer', 1938. Artist: Unknown
bfw messerschmitt bf 109 fighter 1938 artist
'B.F.W. Messerschmitt Bf. 109 Fighter', 1938. Artist: Unknown
at tomb laura 1821 artist thomas rowlandson
'At the Tomb of Laura', 1821. Artist: Thomas Rowlandson
captain money leading blue jackets c1880 artist
'Captain Money Leading the Blue-Jackets', c1880. Artist: Unknown
before tribunal avignon 1818 1821 artist
'Before the Tribunal at Avignon', 1818, (1821). Artist: Thomas Rowlandson
murat c1880 artist unknown
'Murat', c1880. Artist: Unknown
view cayenne c1880 artist unknown
'View in Cayenne', c1880. Artist: Unknown
flushing c1880 artist richard principal
'Flushing', c1880. Artist: Richard Principal Leitch
bombardment flushing c1880 artist unknown
'Bombardment of Flushing', c1880. Artist: Unknown
lord howes victory glorious first june c1880
'Lord Howe's Victory - The Glorious First of June', c1880
admiral sir john jervis c1880 artist unknown
'Admiral Sir John Jervis', c1880. Artist: Unknown
mercedes benz rudolf caracciola 1938 artist
'Mercedes-Benz (Rudolf Caracciola)', 1938. Artist: Unknown
view pyrenees c1880 artist unknown
'View in the Pyrenees', c1880. Artist: Unknown
era raymond mays 1938 artist unknown
'E.R.A. (Raymond Mays)', 1938. Artist: Unknown
guadaloupe c1880 artist wp
'Guadaloupe', c1880. Artist: W.P
edward i c1880 artist unknown
'Edward I', c1880. Artist: Unknown
skirmish mountain pass c1880 artist unknown
'Skirmish in a Mountain Pass', c1880. Artist: Unknown
pontoon bridge prah c1880 artist wp
'Pontoon-bridge on the Prah', c1880. Artist: W.P
lord elgin c1880 artist unknown
'Lord Elgin', c1880. Artist: Unknown
the meeting generals c1880 artist cr
'The Meeting of the Generals', c1880. Artist: C.R
umballa c1880 artist unknown
'Umballa', c1880. Artist: Unknown
entrance balaclava harbour c1880 artist
'Entrance of Balaclava Harbour', c1880. Artist: Unknown
the british troops entering moultan c1880 artist
'The British Troops Entering Moultan', c1880. Artist: Unknown
amoy c1880 artist fleming
'Amoy', c1880. Artist: Fleming
the hunter taking flying leap rivulet c1740 1922
'The Hunter Taking A Flying Leap Over A Rivulet', c1740, (1922)
edward vi c1787 artist unknown
'Edward VI', c1787. Artist: Unknown
shooting 1769 1922 artist george stubbs
'Shooting: 1769', (1922). Artist: George Stubbs
the right honourable earl chatham seized fit
'The Right Honourable the Earl of Chatham seized with a Fit in the House of Peers', c1787
ambassadors states holland imploring assistance
'Ambassadors from the States of Holland imploring Assistance of Queen Elizabeth', c1787
family playing games field 1937 artist
'Family playing games in a field', 1937. Artist: Unknown
the celebrated jacob van ardevelt cruelly murdered
'The celebrated Jacob Van Ardevelt cruelly murdered by the Populace at Ghent', c1787
the first meeting british king vortigern saxon
'The first meeting of the British King Vortigern with the two Saxon Chiefs Hengist
king edmund first assassinated leolf robbe c1787
'King Edmund the first Assassinated by Leolf the Robbe', c1787. Artist: Unknown
king alfred great forming code laws dividing
'King Alfred the Great, forming a Code of Laws, and Dividing the Kingdom into Counties'
the remains william conqueror refused interment
'The Remains of William the Conqueror refused Interment by Anselm Fitz Arthur', c1787
king athelstan saving life father edward elder
'King Athelstan saving the Life of his Father, Edward the Elder at the Battle of Sherwood'
king edgars first interview queen elfrida c1787
'King Edgar's first Interview with Queen Elfrida', c1787. Artist: Unknown
lady bruce sister robert bruce king scotland
'Lady Bruce, Sister of Robert Bruce, King of Scotland, confined in a Cage', c1787
caractacus british chief basely betrayed hands
'Caractacus the British Chief, basely Betrayed into the Hands of the Romans by
auto union bernd rosemeyer 1938 artist
'Auto-Union (Bernd Rosemeyer)', 1938. Artist: Unknown
the madonna degli ansidei 1505 c1915 artist
'The Madonna Degli Ansidei', 1505, (c1915). Artist: Raphael
m g magnette major a t g gardner 1938
'M. G. Magnette (Major A. T. G. Gardner)', 1938. Artist: Unknown
a spy camp c1890 c1915 artist john seymour
'A Spy in the Camp', c1890, (c1915). Artist: John Seymour Lucas
the village autumn c1915 artist henri eugene
'The Village in Autumn', c1915. Artist: Henri Eugene Le Sidaner
day dreams 1880 c1915 artist dante gabriel
'Day Dreams', 1880, (c1915). Artist: Dante Gabriel Rossetti
fete champetre c1722 c1915 artist jean baptiste
'Fete Champetre', c1722, (c1915). Artist: Jean-Baptiste Pater
roman canal lincolnshire c1840 c1915 artist
'Roman Canal, Lincolnshire', c1840, (c1915). Artist: Peter de Wint
women children 1937 artist louis guichard
'Women and children', 1937. Artist: Louis Guichard
outdoor gathering people talking 1937 artist
'Outdoor gathering of people talking', 1937. Artist: Louis Guichard
outdoor gathering 1937 artist louis guichard
'Outdoor gathering', 1937. Artist: Louis Guichard
a group women duck pond 1937 artist louis
'A group of women by a duck pond', 1937. Artist: Louis Guichard
a group men women sat talking table 1937 artist
'A group of men and women sat talking by a table', 1937. Artist: Louis Guichard
man sat tree 1937 artist louis guichard
'Man sat in a tree', 1937. Artist: Louis Guichard
men women horse drawn carriage 1937 artist
'Men and women in a horse-drawn carriage', 1937. Artist: Louis Guichard
the enemys vessels stranded off point grao c1880
'The Enemy's Vessels stranded off the Point of Grao', c1880. Artist: Unknown
three men pond 1937 artist louis guichard
'Three men by pond', 1937. Artist: Louis Guichard
woman child 1937 artist louis guichard
'Woman and Child ', 1937. Artist: Louis Guichard
sir john burgoyne c1880 artist unknown
'Sir John Burgoyne', c1880. Artist: Unknown
tarifa c1880 artist unknown
'Tarifa', c1880. Artist: Unknown


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