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holmes moriarty fighting reichenbach falls
Holmes and Moriarty fighting over the Reichenbach Falls
mosaic pavement roman villa 2nd century artist
Mosaic pavement of a Roman villa, 2nd century. Artist: Unknown
pottery cremation urn grave loveden hill lincolnshire
Pottery cremation urn, from a grave at Loveden Hill, Lincolnshire, Anglo-Saxon, 6th-7th century
hydroelectric power station near tashkent artist
Hydroelectric power station near Tashkent. Artist: Unknown
ferry yugoslavia artist unknown
Ferry in Yugoslavia. Artist: Unknown
view river sava old town belgrade 19th century
View across the river Sava to the Old Town in Belgrade, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
mountain sheep switzerland artist unknown
Mountain sheep in Switzerland. Artist: Unknown
alpenhorn gonergat artist unknown
The Alpenhorn at Gonergat. Artist: Unknown
view kleine scheidegg to jungfrau silberhorn artist
View from Kleine Scheidegg to the to the Jungfrau and Silberhorn. Artist: Unknown
wetterhorn alpiglen artist unknown
The Wetterhorn from Alpiglen. Artist: Unknown
jungfrau swiss alps artist unknown
Jungfrau in the Swiss Alps. Artist: Unknown
lapp dog panniers artist unknown
Lapp dog with panniers. Artist: Unknown
canal old houses belfrey tour des halles bruges
Canal, old houses, and the Belfrey of the Tour Des Halles in Bruges. Artist: Unknown
church st magnus orkney 12th century artist
The Church of St Magnus on Orkney, 12th century. Artist: Unknown
polynesian statuette tangaroa up in the sky artist
Polynesian statuette of Tangaroa-up-in-the-sky. Artist: Unknown
melanesian mask new ireland artist unknown
Melanesian mask from New Ireland. Artist: Unknown
australian aborigine bark painting artist
Australian Aborigine bark painting. Artist: Unknown
mummified head maori chief artist unknown
Mummified head of a Maori Chief. Artist: Unknown
melanesian male female ancestor figures artist
Melanesian male and female ancestor figures. Artist: Unknown
fossil forest dorset artist unknown
Fossil forest in Dorset. Artist: Unknown
fossil cybium speciosum artist unknown
Fossil of Cybium Speciosum. Artist: Unknown
fossil acantonemus subaureus artist unknown
Fossil of Acantonemus Subaureus. Artist: Unknown
fossil skeleton pteradactyl artist unknown
Fossil skeleton of a Pteradactyl. Artist: Unknown
giant fossil ammonite artist unknown
Giant fossil ammonite. Artist: Unknown
fossils jurassic rocks artist unknown
Fossils in Jurassic rocks. Artist: Unknown
pre columbian mayan maize god artist unknown
Pre-Columbian Mayan Maize-god. Artist: Unknown
maya eagle vase offering bowl hearts sacrificial
Maya Eagle-vase offering bowl for the hearts of sacrificial victims. Artist: Unknown
coral figure torres straits islands artist
Coral figure from the Torres Straits Islands. Artist: Unknown
human skull features modelled clay painted new guinea
Human skull with features modelled in clay and painted, from New Guinea. Artist: Unknown
figures carved painted ceremonial canoe paddle
Detail of figures carved and painted on a ceremonial canoe paddle from the Solomon Islands
skull dead rain maker new ireland artist unknown
Skull of a dead Rain-Maker from New Ireland. Artist: Unknown
painted gable wall cult house new guinea artist
Painted gable-wall of a cult-house from New Guinea. Artist: Unknown
australian aboriginal bark painting dugong artist
Australian Aboriginal bark-painting of a Dugong. Artist: Unknown
protective maori amulet 19th century artist
Protective Maori amulet, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
assyrian relief showing assyrian chariot battle
Assyrian relief showing Assyrian chariot at battle of the river Ulai, 7th century
engraved bone lortet hautes pyrenees artist
Engraved bone from Lortet, Hautes Pyrenees. Artist: Unknown
assyrian relief lion released cage hunt 7th century
Assyrian relief of a lion being released from a cage for a hunt, 7th century. Artist
assyrian relief wounded lioness ashurbanipal
Assyrian relief of a wounded lioness from Ashurbanipal, 7th century. Artist: Unknown
assyrian relief wounded lion ashurbanipal 7th century
Assyrian relief of a wounded lion from Ashurbanipal, 7th century. Artist: Unknown
babylonian depiction siege egyptian city 7th century
Babylonian depiction of the siege of an Egyptian city, 7th century. Artist: Unknown
early bronze age bog burial denmark 16th century
Early bronze age bog burial from Denmark, 16th century. Artist: Unknown
late iron age bronze brooch bird artist unknown
Late iron age bronze brooch of a bird. Artist: Unknown
regin smith forging sword sigurds father 12th 13th
Regin the smith forging the sword of Sigurd's father, 12th-13th century. Artist
viking runestone ship eight legged horse sleipnir
Viking runestone with a ship and the eight-legged horse Sleipnir, 8th century. Artist
brooch viking grave 9th century artist unknown
Brooch from a Viking grave, 9th century. Artist: Unknown
portrait wladyslaw vasa 1595 1648 son king
Portrait of Wladyslaw Vasa (1595-1648), son of King Sigismund III of Poland, 1596
long live hero soviet people great stalin 1949
Long live the hero of the Soviet people - great Stalin!, 1949. Artist: Anonymous
portrait lilya brik 1891 1978 1921 artist silins
Portrait of Lilya Brik (1891-1978), 1921. Artist: Silins, Alexander (active Early 20th cen
nirvana buddha early 14th century artist
Nirvana of the Buddha, Early 14th century. Artist: Anonymous
girl playing shamisen second half 17th cen artist
A Girl Playing a Shamisen, Second Half of the 17th cen.. Artist: Anonymous
finding moses 1740 artist zugno francesco
The Finding of Moses, after 1740. Artist: Zugno, Francesco (1709-1787)
virgin child ca 1483 artist vivarini alvise ca
The Virgin and Child, ca 1483. Artist: Vivarini, Alvise (ca. 1446-ca. 1505)
portrait augustus iii poland artist zucchi lorenzo
Portrait of Augustus III of Poland. Artist: Zucchi, Lorenzo (1704-1779)
portrait man 1497 artist vivarini alvise ca
Portrait of a Man, 1497. Artist: Vivarini, Alvise (ca. 1446-ca. 1505)
head bronze sceptre artist unknown
Head of a bronze sceptre. Artist: Unknown
ivory panel adoration magi 6th century artist
Ivory panel of the adoration of the magi, 6th century. Artist: Unknown
illustration st mark holding gospel 8th century
Illustration of St Mark holding his gospel, 8th century. Artist: Unknown
byzantine ivory showing pilate condemning christ
Byzantine ivory showing Pilate condemning Christ and the denial of St Peter, 5th century
pyxis martyrdom st menas alexandria 6th century
Pyxis with the martyrdom of St Menas of Alexandria, 6th century. Artist: Unknown
st augustine preaching king ethelbert queen bertha
St Augustine preaching to King Ethelbert and Queen Bertha, 19th century
pope gregory rome seeing blonde slaves 19th century
Pope Gregory in Rome seeing blonde slaves, 19th century
horseman helmet thraco getic chief artist
Detail of a horseman from the helmet of a Thraco-Getic chief. Artist: Unknown
bronze medallion greek god apollo serpent python
Bronze medallion of the Greek god Apollo and the serpent Python, 15th century. Artist
equatorial armillary tycho brahe 16th century
The equatorial armillary of Tycho Brahe, 16th century. Artist: Joan Blaeu
st margaret boiled oil 16th century artist
St Margaret being boiled in oil, 16th century. Artist: Unknown
bronze medallion abundance satyr 15th century
Bronze medallion of 'Abundance and a Satyr', 15th century
miniature depiction st paul 10th century artist
Miniature depiction of St Paul, 10th century. Artist: Unknown
depiction saints rising tombs time crucifixion
Depiction of saints rising from their tombs at the time of the Crucifixion, 13th century
cards danish tarot pack 19th century artist
Cards from a Danish tarot pack, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
german medal depicting paracelsus 16th century
A German medal depicting Paracelsus, 16th century. Artist: Unknown
austrian fortune telling cards artist unknown
Austrian fortune-telling cards. Artist: Unknown
french statue eros psyche 18th century artist
French statue of Eros and Psyche, 18th century. Artist: Claude Michel
illustration st luke 11th century artist
Illustration of St Luke, 11th century. Artist: Unknown
josephs brothers showing father bloodstained coat
Joseph's brothers showing their father his bloodstained coat, 14th century. Artist
joseph potiphars wife andjoseph prison interpreting
Joseph and Potiphar's wife andJoseph in prison interpreting dreams, 14th century
illustration joseph sold brothers 14th century
Illustration of Joseph being sold by his brothers, 14th century. Artist: Unknown
angel syon cope 14th century artist unknown
Detail of an angel from the Syon Cope, 14th century. Artist: Unknown
english playing cards commemorating defeat spanish
English playing cards commemorating defeat of the Spanish Armada (8 August 1588). Artist
st edmunds hall oxford 16th century artist
St Edmunds hall in Oxford, 16th century. Artist: Unknown
athelhampton manor dorset 15th century artist
Athelhampton Manor in Dorset, 15th century. Artist: Unknown
children sir john scudamore 17th century artist
The children of Sir John Scudamore, 17th century. Artist: Unknown
english wall painting lady lute 17th century
English wall painting of a lady with a lute, 17th century. Artist: Unknown
italian earthenware plate showing pan piping shepherds
Italian earthenware plate showing Pan piping to two shepherds. Artist: Maestro Benedetto
italian earthenware plate showing satyr family durer
Italian earthenware plate showing the satyr family after Durer. Artist: Unknown
italian earthenware plate showing vulcan forging
Italian earthenware plate showing Vulcan forging arrows for Cupid, c.16th century
italian earthenware plate showing birth adonis c
Italian earthenware plate showing the birth of Adonis, c.16th century. Artist: Unknown
italian earthenware plate erysichthon felling
Italian earthenware plate, Erysichthon felling a tree in grove of Ceres, 16th century
italian earthenware plate showing birth hercules
Italian earthenware plate showing the birth of Hercules. Artist: Unknown
italian earthenware plate showing pelias killed
Italian earthenware plate showing Pelias being killed by his daughters, 16th century
italian earthenware plate showing artemis turning
Italian earthenware plate showing Artemis turning Actaeon into a stag. Artist: Unknown
italian earthenware dish possibly showing nymph
Italian earthenware dish, possibly showing the nymph Callisto, 16th century. Artist
portrait woman florentine school 16th century
Portrait of a woman from the Florentine School, 16th century. Artist: Unknown
equestrian statue king charles i 17th century
Equestrian statue of King Charles I, 17th century. Artist: Hubert le Sueur
marble bust king charles ii 17th century artist
Marble bust of King Charles II, 17th century. Artist: Honore Pelle
equestrian statue king george iii 19th century
Equestrian statue of King George III, 19th century. Artist: Matthew Cotes Wyatt
statue king george iv england 19th century artist
Statue of King George IV of England, 19th century. Artist: Francis Legatt Chantrey
equestrian statue first duke wellington copenhagen
Equestrian statue of the first Duke of Wellington on Copenhagen, 19th century. Artist
jeep pack playing cards belgium 1940s artist
Jeep Pack of playing cards from Belgium, 1940s. Artist: Unknown
statue known physical energy 1900s artist george
Statue known as Physical Energy, 1900s. Artist: George Frederick Watts


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