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2 Jun 2010

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view pirna sonnenstein fortress c1752 c1755
'View of Pirna from the Sonnenstein Fortress', c1752-c1755
archangel raphael bishop domonte 17th century
'Archangel Raphael with Bishop Domonte', 17th century
girl selling fruit c1650 c1660 artist bartolome
'Girl Selling Fruit', c1650-c1660. Artist: Bartolome Esteban Murillo
country celebration late 19th early 20th century
'Country Celebration', late 19th or early 20th century
animals pets/girl cow 19th century artist max liebermann
'Girl with Cow', 19th century. Artist: Max Liebermann
portrait pierre paul riquet sieur caramon 17th
'Portrait of Pierre-Paul Riquet Sieur de Caramon', 17th century
still life attributes arts 18th century artist
'Still Life with Attributes of the Arts', 18th century
boats normandy shore 1823 artist richard
'Boats at the Normandy Shore', 1823. Artist: Richard Parkes Bonington
winter 1894 artist konstantin korovin
'Winter', 1894. Artist: Konstantin Korovin
children 1899 artist valentin serov
'Children', 1899. Artist: Valentin Serov
demon seated garden 1890 artist mikhail
'Demon Seated in a Garden', 1890. Artist: Mikhail Vrubel
the infant christ c1635 c1640 artist francisco
'The Infant Christ', c1635-c1640. Artist: Francisco de Zurbaran
still life violin 19th century artist pierre
'Still Life with a Violin', 19th century. Artist: Pierre Justin Ouvrie
the watering place 17th century artist philips
'The Watering Place', 17th century. Artist: Philips Wouwerman
vanitas 17th century artist vincent laurentz
'Vanitas', 17th century. Artist: Vincent Laurentz van der Vinne I
the shepherds family 1837 artist ludwig
'The Shepherd's Family', 1837. Artist: Ludwig Richter
eurydice hell early 17th century artist hermann
'Eurydice in Hell', early 17th century. Artist: Hermann Weyer
a horse cart river 1817 artist johann adam
'A Horse And Cart at the River', 1817. Artist: Johann Adam Klein
cossack horseback 1837 artist franz kruger
'Cossack on Horseback', 1837. Artist: Franz Kruger
woman piano 1913 artist kazimir malevich
A Woman at the Piano', 1913. Artist: Kazimir Malevich
portrait stage producer vsevolod meyerhold 1916
'Portrait of the stage producer Vsevolod Meyerhold', 1916
rest flight egypt c1665 artist bartolome
'Rest on the Flight into Egypt', c1665. Artist: Bartolome Esteban Murillo
the visit grandmother 1645 artist louis le
'The Visit to the Grandmother', 1645. Artist: Louis Le Nain
still life ebony chest 1652 artist antonio
'Still Life with an Ebony Chest', 1652. Artist: Antonio Pereda y Salgado
rural musicians 1645 artist adriaen van
'Rural Musicians', 1645. Artist: Adriaen van Ostade
italian street scene 1849 artist alexandre
'Italian Street Scene', 1849. Artist: Alexandre Gabriel Decamps
duck hunters 1843 artist alexandre gabriel
'Duck Hunters', 1843. Artist: Alexandre Gabriel Decamps
company edge forest late 1720s artist nicolas
'Company at the Edge of a Forest', late 1720s. Artist: Nicolas Lancret
motherhood 1800s artist marguerite gerard
'Motherhood', 1800s. Artist: Marguerite Gerard
smell from series the senses late 1720s
'Smell' (from the series 'The Five Senses'), late 1720s or early 1730s
farewell wet nurse 1777 artist etienne aubry
'Farewell to the Wet Nurse', 1777. Artist: Etienne Aubry
running dogs 1853 artist constant troyon
'Running Dogs', 1853. Artist: Constant Troyon
after masquerade 1850s artist thomas couture
'After the Masquerade', 1850s. Artist: Thomas Couture
the moorish gate 1835 artist eugene isabey
'The Moorish Gate', 1835. Artist: Eugene Isabey
the children king edward iv england 1852 artist
'The Children of King Edward IV of England', 1852. Artist: Paul Delaroche
a love letter procuress second half 16th century
'A Love Letter (Procuress)', second half of 16th century. Artist: French Master
a flower girl c1795 c1799 artist jean baptiste
'A Flower Girl', c1795-c1799. Artist: Jean-Baptiste Charpentier the elder
a small town latium 1660s artist gaspard
'A Small Town in Latium', 1660s. Artist: Gaspard Dughet
prelude 1786 artist louis leopold boilly
'Prelude', 1786. Artist: Louis Leopold Boilly
taste from series the senses late 1720s
'Taste' (from the series 'The Five Senses'), late 1720s or early 1730s
portrait marie adelaide savoy 1697 artist
'Portrait of Marie-Adelaide of Savoy', 1697. Artist: Francois de Troy
a stroll 1852 artist eugene isabey
'A Stroll', 1852. Artist: Eugene Isabey
portrait king louis xvi 1770s artist joseph
'Portrait of the King Louis XVI', 1770s. Artist: Joseph Siffred Duplessis
portrait duchess la valliere flora 17th century
'Portrait of Duchess de la Valliere as Flora', 17th century
forest swamp 1870 artist narcisse virgile
'Forest Swamp', 1870. Artist: Narcisse Virgile Diaz de la Pena
the rape europe c1725 artist francois lemoyne
'The Rape of Europe', c1725. Artist: Francois Lemoyne
concert park 18th century artist nicolas
'Concert in a Park', 18th century. Artist: Nicolas Lancret
the battle lesnaya 1717 artist jean marc
'The Battle of Lesnaya', 1717. Artist: Jean-Marc Nattier
bretteur swordsman red cloak 19th century
'Bretteur (Swordsman) in a Red Cloak', 19th century
still life writing implements late 17th early
'Still Life with Writing Implements', late 17th or early 18th century. Artist
the trevi fountain rome pope benidict xiv visits
'The Trevi Fountain in Rome (Pope Benidict XIV Visits the Trevi Fountain in Rome)'
interior basilica st paul outside walls rome c1750
'Interior of the Basilica of St Paul Outside the Walls in Rome', c1750. Artist
the graces 1650s artist sebastiano mazzoni
'The Three Graces', 1650s. Artist: Sebastiano Mazzoni
the old market place dresden c1750 c1752 artist
'The Old Market Place in Dresden', c1750-c1752. Artist: Bernardo Bellotto
the market place pirna c1752 c1755 artist
'The Market Place in Pirna', c1752-c1755. Artist: Bernardo Bellotto
the nativity christ the holy night early
'The Nativity of Christ (The Holy Night)', early 16th century Artist: Jan Joest