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12 May 2009

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malformation ears solomon islands 1920artist
Malformation of the ears, Solomon Islands, 1920.Artist: JW Beattie
portrait count valentin platonovich ivanovich
Portrait of Count Valentin Platonovich Ivanovich Musin-Pushkin (1735-1804), End 1780s
portrait general mikhail krechetnikov 1729 1793
Portrait of General Mikhail Krechetnikov (1729-1793), 1770s
portrait ivan vladimirovich lopukhin 1756 1816
Portrait of Ivan Vladimirovich Lopukhin (1756-1816), philosopher, mystic, writer and humanitarian
area chamberlains court guildhall city london 1886
Area under Chamberlain's Court, Guildhall, City of London, 1886
guildhall north side city london 1882 1883 1886
'Guildhall North Side', City of London, 1882-1883 (1886). Artist: Unknown
library museum corporation city london 1886artist
The Library and Museum of the Corporation of the City of London, 1886
drawing state lottery guildhall city london 1763
Drawing the State Lottery in Guildhall, City of London, 1763 (1886)
london actually surveyed 1677 1886artist
'London actually Surveyed', 1677 (1886).Artist: William Griggs
new council chamber guildhall city london 1886
The new council chamber Guildhall, City of London, 1886.Artist: W Griggs
council chamber guildhall city london 1886
Council Chamber, Guildhall, City of London, 1886.Artist: William Griggs
ceiling aldermens court room guildhall city london
The ceiling of the Aldermen's Court Room, Guildhall, City of London, 18th century (1886)
aldermens court room guildhall city london 1886
The Aldermen's Court Room, Guildhall, City of London, 1886.Artist: William Griggs
north guildhall chapel city london 1886 artist
North side of Guildhall Chapel, City of London, 1886. Artist: Unknown
south east view guildhall chapel blackwell hall
South-east view of Guildhall Chapel and Blackwell Hall, City of London, 1886. Artist
west guildhall chapel city london 1886 artist
West front of Guildhall Chapel, City of London, 1886. Artist: William Griggs
west view guildhall chapel blackwell hall city london
West view of Guildhall Chapel and Blackwell Hall, City of London, 1886. Artist: Unknown
william beckford speech king george iii 1770 1886
William Beckford and his speech to King George III, 1770 (1886). Artist: Unknown
interior guildhall chapel city london 1886 artist
Interior of Guildhall Chapel, City of London, 1886. Artist: William Griggs
guildhall interior city london 1886 artist
Guildhall interior, City of London, 1886. Artist: William Griggs
view east end guildhall old library city london 1886
View of the east end of Guildhall and the Old Library, City of London, 1886. Artist
plan guildhall surroundings city london c1750 1886
Plan of Guildhall and its surroundings, City of London, c1750 (1886). Artist: Unknown
view london thames south bank 17th century 1886
View of London and the Thames from South Bank, 17th century (1886).Artist: William Griggs
survey london 16th 17th century 1886 artist
Survey of London, 16th or 17th century (1886). Artist: Unknown
view london 16th century 1886 artist unknown
View of London, 16th century (1886). Artist: Unknown
prospect guildhall city london 1755 1886
'Prospect of Guildhall', City of London, 1755 (1886).Artist: William Griggs
prospect guildhall city london 1886 artist
'Prospect of Guildhall', City of London, (1886). Artist: Unknown
title deed properties surrounding guildhall city
Title deed for properties surrounding the Guildhall, City of London, c1182-1201 (1886)
plan wards parishes guildhall city london situated
'Plan of the Wards and Parishes in Which the Guildhall of the City of London is Situated'
georges duhamel french author 1935 artist
Georges Duhamel, French author, 1935. Artist: Unknown
prosper montagne french chef author 1932 artist
Prosper Montagne, French chef and author, 1932. Artist: Unknown
maurice ravel french composer 1931 artist
Maurice Ravel, French composer, 1931. Artist: Unknown
georges delamare french author 1950 artist
Georges Delamare, French author, 1950. Artist: Unknown
francois fratellini french circus clown 1938
Francois Fratellini, French circus clown, 1938. Artist: Unknown
jules romains french poet writer 1935 artist
Jules Romains, French poet and writer, 1935. Artist: Unknown
paul valery french poet essayist philosopher 1935
Paul Valery, French poet, essayist and philosopher, 1935. Artist: Unknown
georges braque french artist 1934 artist
Georges Braque, French artist, 1934. Artist: Unknown
andre maginot french military engineer 1929
Andre Maginot, French military engineer, 1929. Artist: Unknown
hansi french artist 1930 artist unknown
Hansi, French artist, 1930. Artist: Unknown
louis franchet d esperey french first world
Louis Franchet D' Esperey, French First World War general, 1932. Artist: Unknown
raymond poincare french politician 1920 artist
Raymond Poincare, French politician, 1920. Artist: Unknown
jerome jean charaud french writers 1932 artist
Jerome and Jean Charaud, French writers, 1932. Artist: Unknown
marriage custom uganda 1920artist cw
Marriage custom, Uganda, 1920.Artist: CW Hattersley
muslims prayer algeria 1920artist biskra
Muslims at prayer, Algeria, 1920.Artist: Biskra Frechon
death custom burma 1920 artist unknown
Death custom, Burma, 1920. Artist: Unknown
fire walking fiji 1920 artist unknown
Fire walking in Fiji, 1920. Artist: Unknown
native americans hunting buffalo 1841artist
Native Americans hunting buffalo, 1841.Artist: Myers and Co
sioux tribe performing beggar dance 1841artist
The Sioux tribe performing a beggar dance, 1841.Artist: Myers and Co
sioux tribe performing bear dance 1841artist
The Sioux tribe performing a bear dance, 1841.Artist: Myers and Co
black rock chief nee caw wee gee tribe 1841
'Black Rock', chief of the Nee-caw-wee-gee tribe, 1841.Artist: Myers and Co
the pure fountain wife chief ponca tribe 1841
'The Pure Fountain', wife of the chief of the Ponca tribe, 1841.Artist: Myers
smoke chief ponca tribe 1841artist myers
'Smoke', chief of the Ponca tribe, 1841.Artist: Myers and Co
the bloody hand chiefs riccaree tribe 1841
'The Bloody Hand', One of the chiefs of the Riccaree tribe, 1841.Artist: Myers
the twin matron riccaree tribe 1841artist
'The Twin', matron of the Riccaree tribe, 1841.Artist: Myers and Co
he who ties hair before native american male
'He Who Ties His Hair Before', Native American Male of the Minataree tribe, 1841
two crows native american male minataree tribe
'Two Crows', Native American male of the Minataree tribe, 1841.Artist: Myers
native american male weapons headdress riding horse
Native American male with weapons and headdress, riding a horse, 1841.Artist: Myers
medicine men dance cooking pot giving thanks great
Medicine men dance around a cooking pot giving thanks to the Great Spirit, 1841.Artist
french imperial family 1866 artist unknown
French Imperial Family, 1866. Artist: Unknown
ice hockey st moritz switzerland artist
Ice hockey, St Moritz, Switzerland. Artist: Unknown
church matterhorn zermatt switzerland artist
Church and Matterhorn, Zermatt, Switzerland. Artist: Unknown
photographer child c19th century artist unknown
Photographer and child, c19th century. Artist: Unknown
horse drawn fire engine c19th century artist
Horse-drawn fire engine, c19th century. Artist: Unknown
david killing goliath artist unknown
David Killing Goliath. Artist: Unknown
mountaineers late 19th early 20th century artist
Mountaineers, late 19th or early 20th century. Artist: Unknown
king edward vii queen alexandra state opening
King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra, State Opening of Parliament, Westminster, c1902-1909
lord roberts entering pretoria boer war south africa
Lord Roberts entering Pretoria, Boer War, South Africa, 1900 (1925). Artist: Unknown
louis broglie french physicist 1933 artist
Louis de Broglie, French physicist, 1933. Artist: Unknown
collette french novelist artist unknown
Collette, French novelist. Artist: Unknown
andre antoine french actor theatre manager film
Andre Antoine, French actor, theatre manager and film director, 1935. Artist: Unknown
serge voronoff russian born french surgeon 1923
Serge Voronoff, Russian-born French surgeon, 1923. Artist: Unknown
jacques doucet french fashion designer 1927
Jacques Doucet, French fashion designer, 1927. Artist: Unknown
pierre paul emile roux french physician bacteriologist
Pierre Paul Emile Roux, French physician, bacteriologist and immunologist, 1928. Artist
jean mermoz french pilot 1935 artist unknown
Jean Mermoz, French pilot, 1935. Artist: Unknown
aristide briand french politician 1921 artist
Aristide Briand, French politician, 1921. Artist: Unknown
maurice barres french journalist novelist politician
Maurice Barres, French journalist, novelist and politician, 1914. Artist: Unknown
charles lucien leandre french painter illustrator
Charles-Lucien Leandre, French painter, illustrator and sculptor, 1915. Artist: Unknown
marcel proust french author 1922 artist
Marcel Proust, French author, 1922. Artist: Unknown
g lenotre french historian dramatist 1924 artist
G Lenotre, French historian and dramatist, 1924. Artist: Unknown
louis lepine french french lawyer politician 1911
Louis Lepine, French, French lawyer and politician, 1911. Artist: Unknown
louis bleriot pioneering french aviator 1909
Louis Bleriot, pioneering French aviator, 1909. Artist: Unknown
henri rousseau french post impressionist painter
Henri Rousseau, French Post-Impressionist painter, 1902. Artist: Unknown
maurice rollinat french poet playing piano 1902
Maurice Rollinat, French poet, playing the piano, 1902. Artist: Unknown
joseph gallieni french general 1899 artist
Joseph Gallieni, French general, 1899. Artist: Unknown
henri joseph harpignies french painter printmaker
Henri-Joseph Harpignies, French painter and printmaker, 1901. Artist: Unknown
leon bloy french novelist essayist poet 1895
Leon Bloy, French novelist, essayist and poet, 1895. Artist: Unknown
alexandre falguiere french sculptor painter 1890
Alexandre Falguiere, French sculptor and painter, 1890. Artist: Unknown
baron james rothschild 1867 artist unknown
Baron James de Rothschild, 1867. Artist: Unknown
jacques offenbach german born french composer 1878
Jacques Offenbach, German-born French composer, 1878. Artist: Unknown
louise colet french poet 1874 artist unknown
Louise Colet, French poet, 1874. Artist: Unknown
georges boulanger french general politician 1891
Georges Boulanger, French general and politician, 1891. Artist: Unknown
michel eugene chevreul french chemist 1891 artist
Michel Eugene Chevreul, French chemist, 1891. Artist: Unknown
frederick lemaitre french actor playwright 1876
Frederick Lemaitre, French actor and playwright, 1876. Artist: Unknown
claude bernard french physiologist 1876 artist
Claude Bernard, French physiologist, 1876. Artist: Unknown
edouard pailleron french poet dramatist 1875
Edouard Pailleron, French poet and dramatist, 1875. Artist: Unknown
francis garnier french naval officer explorer c1873
Francis Garnier, French naval officer and explorer, c1873. Artist: Unknown
charles lavigerie french clergyman 1869 artist
Charles Lavigerie, French clergyman, 1869. Artist: Unknown
empress eugenie france c1858 1870 artist
Empress Eugenie of France, c1858-1870. Artist: Unknown
louis napoleon prince imperial pony c1860 1863
Louis Napoleon, Prince Imperial, on a pony, c1860-1863. Artist: Unknown


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