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4 May 2007

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departure icelandic fishermen 1894 artist frederic
Departure of the Icelandic fishermen, 1894. Artist: Frederic Lix
alejandro rodriguez casona alejandro casona
Alejandro Rodriguez Casona, Alejandro Casona (1903-1965) Spanish playwright and poet
georges jacques danton 1759 1794 french politician
Georges-Jacques Danton (1759-1794), French politician, colored engraving
jose echegaray y eizaguirre 1832 1916 spanish
Jose Echegaray y Eizaguirre (1832-1916), Spanish writer, engineer, dramatist
eduardo dato iradier 1856 1921 spanish politician
Eduardo Dato Iradier (1856-1921), Spanish politician, President of the Spanish government
doncel siguenza young nobleman martin vazquez arce
Doncel of Sigüenza', young nobleman Martín Vázquez de Arce (1460-1486)
francisco domingo marques 1842 1920 spanish painter
Francisco Domingo Marqués (1842-1920), Spanish Painter, engraving of the
santo domingo la calzada 1019 1109 spanish hermit
Santo Domingo de la Calzada (1019-1109), Spanish hermit, relief in his mausoleum
diocletian 245 313 roman emperor 284 305
Diocletian (245-313), Roman emperor (284-305), porphyry sculpture outside of San Marco
cosme damian churruca elorza 1761 1805 spanish
Cosme Damián Churruca and Elorza (1761-1805), Spanish scientist and sailor, major
hernan cortes 1485 1547 spanish conqueror
Hernán Cortés (1485-1547), Spanish conqueror
claudio lopez del pielago y bru second marquis
Claudio Lopez del Piélago y Bru, second Marquis of Comillas (1853-1925), Spanish
manuel cortina 1802 1878 spanish politician
Manuel Cortina (1802-1878), Spanish politician, oil
christian ix 1818 1906 king denmark 1863 1906
Christian IX (1818-1906), King of Denmark (1863-1906), engraving of L'Illustration
joaquin costa 1846 1911 spanish politician
Joaquin Costa (1846-1911), Spanish politician
lluis companys i jover 1882 1940 catalan politician
Lluis Companys i Jover (1882-1940), Catalan politician, President of the Government
sor juana ines la cruz juana ines asbaje y ramirez
Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, Juana Ines de Asbaje y Ramirez de Santillana (1651-1695)
joaquin chapapietra torregrosa 1871 1951 spanish
Joaquin Chapapietra and Torregrosa (1871-1951), Spanish politician, reproduction of
map spain 1500 work spanish cartographer pilot
Map of Spain', 1500, work by the Spanish cartographer and pilot Juan de la Cosa
entry hernan cortes tlaxcala series paintings
Entry of Hernán Cortés in Tlaxcala', series of Paintings 'Conquest
hernan cortes battle otumba july 7 1520
Hernán Cortés in the battle of Otumba', July 7, 1520
landscape dunes near haarlem jacob ruisdael
'Landscape with dunes near Haarlem' by Jacob Ruisdael
assassination abbe broglie 1895 artist oswaldo
Assassination of the Abbe de Broglie, 1895. Artist: Oswaldo Tofani
capture hova camp madagascar 1895 artist henri
The capture of a Hova camp, Madagascar, 1895. Artist: Henri Meyer
admiral nikolai skrydlov russian naval officer 1895
Admiral Nikolai Skrydlov, Russian naval officer, 1895. Artist: F Meaulle
fight gendarmes civilians bois boulogne paris 1895
Fight between gendarmes and civilians in the Bois de Boulogne, Paris, 1895. Artist
farandole 1895 artist f meaulle
The farandole, 1895. Artist: F Meaulle
students sitting writing exam tonkin vietnam 1895
Students sitting a writing exam, Tonkin, Vietnam, 1895. Artist: Unknown
young girls taking exams town hall france 1895
Young girls taking exams in a Town Hall, France, 1895. Artist: Oswaldo Tofani
arrest prostitutes parisian hotel 1895 artist
Arrest of prostitutes in a Parisian hotel, 1895. Artist: Henri Meyer
accident french warship bouvines 1895 artist
Accident on the French warship 'Bouvines', 1895. Artist: Oswaldo Tofani
death anarchist assassin aniche france 1895
Death of an anarchist assassin, Aniche, France, 1895. Artist: Henri Meyer
madagascar expedition 1895 artist oswaldo
Madagascar expedition, 1895. Artist: Oswaldo Tofani
general raoul le mouton boisdeffre french soldier
General Raoul le Mouton de Boisdeffre, French soldier, 1895. Artist: Henri Meyer
anti german allegory 1895 artist henri meyer
Anti-German allegory, 1895. Artist: Henri Meyer
explosion letter bomb sent baron alphonse rothschild
Explosion of a letter bomb sent to Baron Alphonse de Rothschild, 1895. Artist: F Meaulle
prohibition bullfighting south france 1895 artist
Prohibition of bullfighting in the south of France, 1895. Artist: Henri Meyer
lord mayor london visiting bordeaux france 1895
The Lord Mayor of London visiting Bordeaux, France, 1895. Artist: F Meaulle
heatwave paris 1895 artist f meaulle
Heatwave in Paris, 1895. Artist: F Meaulle
lion attack 1895 artist henri meyer
Lion attack, 1895. Artist: Henri Meyer
balloon explosion hal belgium 1895 artist
Balloon explosion in Hal, Belgium, 1895. Artist: Henri Meyer
king leopold ii belgium prince nicholas greece denmark
King Leopold II of Belgium and Prince Nicholas of Greece and Denmark, 1895. Artist
gendarme poacher beziers france 1895 artist
'Gendarme and Poacher', Beziers, France, 1895. Artist: Henri Meyer
in barracks preparation manoeuvres snow 1895
'In the Barracks, Preparation for Manoeuvres in the Snow', 1895
departure french troops madagascar paris 1895
The departure of French troops to Madagascar, Paris, 1895. Artist: Henri Meyer
new wildcat house jardin des plantes paris 1895
The new wildcat house at the Jardin des Plantes, Paris, 1895. Artist: Oswaldo Tofani
the race wooden legs 1895 artist henri meyer
'The Race of the Wooden Legs', 1895. Artist: Henri Meyer
childhood/each age pleasures 1895 artist unknown
'Each Age has its Pleasures', 1895. Artist: Unknown
opera panurge theatre la gaite paris 1895 artist
The opera Panurge, at the Theatre de la Gaite, Paris, 1895. Artist: Henri Meyer
le mont de piete 1895 artist unknown
'Le Mont-de-Piete', (1895). Artist: Unknown
general davout grand chancellor legion dhonneur
General Davout, Grand Chancellor of the Legion d'Honneur, 1895. Artist: Henri Meyer
at barbers 1895 artist f meaulle
'At the Barber's', 1895. Artist: F Meaulle
gate shanghai china sino japanese war 1895
The gate of Shanghai, China, Sino-Japanese War, 1895. Artist: Henri Meyer
arrival general tchertkoff chertkov russian
Arrival of General Tchertkoff (Chertkov), Russian ambassador to France, Paris, 1895
fight barge 1902 artist unknown
Fight on a barge, 1902. Artist: Unknown
french ambassador gerard guangxu emperor china 1895
French Ambassador Gerard before the Guangxu Emperor of China, 1895. Artist: F Meaulle
french minister war giving military decoration 1894
The French Minister for War giving a military decoration, 1894. Artist: Jose Belon
rescue french soldiers avalanche 1894 artist
The rescue of two French soldiers after an avalanche, 1894. Artist: Unknown
death general ferron 1894 artist unknown
Death of General Ferron, 1894. Artist: Unknown
triple alliance germany austria hungary italy 1894
The Triple Alliance, Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy, 1894. Artist: Henri Meyer
ball celebrating century polytechnic school trocadero
Ball celebrating a century of the polytechnic school, Trocadero, Paris, 1894. Artist
anarchists executed barcelona 1894 artist
Six anarchists executed in Barcelona, 1894. Artist: Unknown
franz joseph i emperor austria visit france 1894
Franz Joseph I, Emperor of Austria, on a visit to France, 1894. Artist: Jose Belon
paris oclock morning 1895 artist unknown
Paris at six o'clock in the morning, 1895. Artist: Unknown
assasination stefan stambulov sofia bulgaria 1895
Assasination of Stefan Stambulov, Sofia, Bulgaria, 1895. Artist: Henri Meyer
french captive tonkin vietnam 1895 artist
A French captive, Tonkin, Vietnam, 1895. Artist: Oswaldo Tofani
french general saussier russian general dragomirov
French General Saussier and Russian General Dragomirov, 1895. Artist: F Meaulle
general negrier inspector general french army 1895
General de Negrier, inspector-general of the French army, 1895. Artist: Henri Meyer
a tragic duel death monsieur harry alis 1895
'A Tragic Duel: The Death of Monsieur Harry Alis', 1895. Artist: Oswaldo Tofani
admiral gervais investigation board 1895 artist
Admiral Gervais in front of the investigation board, 1895. Artist: F Meaulle
general zede military governor lyon france 1895
General Zede, military governor of Lyon, France, 1895. Artist: F Meaulle
the patriot 1895 artist f meaulle
'The Patriot', 1895. Artist: F Meaulle
felicite theophile fernig french heroines 1792
Felicite and Theophile de Fernig, French heroines, 1792, (1894). Artist: Frederic Lix
illustration louis henri boussenard henri makins
Illustration for Louis Henri Boussenard and Henri Makin's book Orphelin, 1894
sibyl sanderson delmas jules massenet s opera thais
Sibyl Sanderson and Delmas in Jules Massenet 's opera Thais, Paris, 1894. Artist
death anarchist jean pauwels church la madeleine
Death of the anarchist Jean Pauwels in the Church of la Madeleine, Paris, 1894. Artist
centenary polytechnic school paris 1894 artist
Centenary of the Polytechnic School, Paris, 1894. Artist: Unknown
caricatures legend faust 1894 artist unknown
Caricatures from the legend of Faust, 1894. Artist: Unknown
mehariste corps 1894 artist frederic lix
Mehariste corps, 1894. Artist: Frederic Lix
funeral lajos kossuth budapest 21st march 1894
Funeral of Lajos Kossuth, Budapest, 21st March 1894. Artist: Paul Merwart
easter russia 1894 artist unknown
Easter in Russia, 1894. Artist: Unknown
first communicant 1894 artist oswaldo tofani
First communicant, 1894. Artist: Oswaldo Tofani
decoration mechanic 1894 artist oswaldo tofani
Decoration of a mechanic, 1894. Artist: Oswaldo Tofani
parisians returning countryside boat 1894 artist
Parisians returning from the countryside by boat, 1894. Artist: Weber
defeat tuaregs 1894 artist frederic lix
The defeat of the Tuaregs, 1894. Artist: Frederic Lix


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