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23 May 2007

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st marks venice 19th centuryartist william
St Mark's, Venice, 19th century.Artist: William Finden
charles cotton 1638 1687 english poet 19th
Charles Cotton (1638-1687), English poet, (19th century).Artist: Philip Audinet
mr gattie monsieur morbleu monsieur tonson 1822
'Mr Gattie as Monsieur Morbleu in Monsieur Tonson', 1822.Artist: R Cooper
reverend george burden 1811 1892 19th century
Reverend George Burden (1811-1892), 19th century. Artist: Unknown
portrait man c19th century artist unknown
Portrait of a man, c19th century. Artist: Unknown
duke bellegarde c17th centiury artist unknown
The Duke of Bellegarde, c17th centiury. Artist: Unknown
prince wales future king george v 1865 1936 c1900
The Prince of Wales, the future King George V (1865-1936), c1900.Artist: JS Virtue
pietro martire vermigli 1499 1562 italian theologian
Pietro Martire Vermigli (1499-1562), Italian theologian, 1816.Artist: Chapman & Co
admiral sir charles john napier 1786 1860 19th
Admiral Sir Charles John Napier (1786-1860), 19th century. Artist: Unknown
oscar schaeffer c19th century artist unknown
Oscar Schaeffer, c19th century. Artist: Unknown
coats arms flags canada artist unknown
Coats of arms and flags of Canada. Artist: Unknown
great military review tempelhofer field berlin
The Great Military Review at Tempelhofer Field, Berlin, Germany, early 20th century
death king ludwig ii bavaria 1845 1886 1886
The death of King Ludwig II of Bavaria (1845-1886), 1886. Artist: Unknown
mr wilkinson michael free easy 1822artist r
Mr Wilkinson as Michael in Free and Easy, 1822.Artist: R Cooper
ferdinand miranda c1900artist j caswall smith
'Ferdinand and Miranda', c1900.Artist: J Caswall Smith
the turkish ambassador 1794artist george
'The Turkish Ambassador', 1794.Artist: George Murray
francis atterbury bishop rochester 18th century
Francis Atterbury, Bishop of Rochester, 18th century.Artist: J Chapman
high priest apollo c1820 1830artist delpech
'High Priest of Apollo', c1820-1830.Artist: Delpech
elizabeth barrett browning british poet 1859
Elizabeth Barrett Browning, British poet, 1859. Artist: Unknown
robert browning british poet 1859 artist
Robert Browning, British poet, 1859. Artist: Unknown
neil gow scottish fiddle player 1800artist
Neil Gow, Scottish fiddle-player, (1800).Artist: William Green
alfred duke edinburgh c1900 artist js virtue
Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh, c1900. Artist: JS Virtue
john whitgift archbishop canterbury 1602 artist
John Whitgift, Archbishop of Canterbury, 1602. Artist: Unknown
francis joseph i emperor austria artist unknown
Francis Joseph I, Emperor of Austria. Artist: Unknown
thomas manton puritan clergyman 1816 artist
Thomas Manton, Puritan clergyman, (1816). Artist: J Chapman
sir henry vane younger english statesman author
Sir Henry Vane the Younger, English statesman and author, (1814). Artist: Unknown
reverend w mason 1815artist r page
Reverend W Mason, 1815.Artist: R Page
archbishop cranmer 1816artist j chapman
Archbishop Cranmer, (1816).Artist: J Chapman
mr wewitzer doctor caius 1819artist thomas
'Mr Wewitzer as Doctor Caius', 1819.Artist: Thomas Charles Wageman
laughing faun 2nd century bc artist unknown
The Laughing Faun, 2nd century BC. Artist: Unknown
john hackett bishop lichfield artist unknown
John Hackett, Bishop of Lichfield. Artist: Unknown
mr johnstone major oflaherty 1818artist
'Mr Johnstone as Major O'Flaherty', 1818.Artist: Thomas Charles Wageman
woman elizabethan dress c1819artist g
'Woman in Elizabethan dress', c1819Artist: G Engelmann
william atkyns artist unknown
William Atkyns. Artist: Unknown
young woman c19th century artist unknown
'Young woman', c19th century. Artist: Unknown
young woman c1740 1810artist francesco
'Young woman', c1740-1810.Artist: Francesco Bartolozzi
portrait woman feathered hat c1750 1850 artist
'Portrait of a woman in a feathered hat', c1750-1850. Artist: Unknown
portrait woman 18th centuryartist louis
'Portrait of a woman', 18th century.Artist: Louis Dupont
woman fan c1750 1850 artist unknown
'Woman with a fan', c1750-1850 Artist: Unknown
merle c19th century artist unknown
'Merle', c19th century Artist: Unknown
portrait woman c1875 1915artist walery
'Portrait of a woman', c1875-1915Artist: Walery
woman breastfeeding c1780 1820artist thomas
'Woman breastfeeding', c1780-1820Artist: Thomas Cheesman
thais c1740 1790artist sir joshua reynolds
'Thais', c1740-1790Artist: Sir Joshua Reynolds
la menagere c1630 1670artist gerrit dou
'La Menagere', c1630-1670Artist: Gerrit Dou
portrait girl 1813 artist unknown
'Portrait of a girl', 1813. Artist: Unknown
lady caroline capel c1800 1820artist john
'Lady Caroline Capel', c1800-1820Artist: John Hayter
the countess eglinton c1720 1740artist sir
'The Countess of Eglinton, c1720-1740Artist: Sir Joshua Reynolds
countess cowper c1865 1890artist john hayter
'Countess Cowper', c1865-1890Artist: John Hayter
miss temple c1720artist bocquet
'Miss Temple', c1720Artist: Bocquet
caroline dawson c1750 1850 artist unknown
'Caroline Dawson', c1750-1850 Artist: Unknown
louisa dumont c1825 1850 artist unknown
'Louisa Dumont', c1825-1850 Artist: Unknown
lady elizabeth lambert 1750 1820 artist
'Lady Elizabeth Lambert', 1750-1820. Artist: Unknown
miss heard aurelia 1796 artist unknown
'Miss Heard as Aurelia', 1796 Artist: Unknown
aphra behn 1640 1680 first professional woman
Aphra Behn (1640-1680), first professional woman writer in English literature.Artist
mrs h johnston 1818artist moses haughton
'Mrs H Johnston', 1818.Artist: Moses Haughton
mrs tickell c1780 1810artist richard cosway
'Mrs Tickell', c1780-1810Artist: Richard Cosway
mrs clover mrs oakly 1818artist thomas charles
'Mrs Clover, as Mrs Oakly', 1818Artist: Thomas Charles Wageman
mme dhoudetot c1750 1770 artist unknown
'Mme D'Houdetot', c1750-1770 Artist: Unknown
miss chaworth c1800 1820 artist unknown
'Miss Chaworth', c1800-1820 Artist: Unknown
mrs woffington c1760 artist unknown
'Mrs Woffington', c1760 Artist: Unknown
mrs w west cordelia 1820artist thomas charles
'Mrs W West as Cordelia', 1820.Artist: Thomas Charles Wageman
miss m wilson c1820 1850artist rose emma
Miss M A Wilson, c1820-1850Artist: Rose Emma Drummond
henry fisher c19th century artist unknown
'Henry Fisher', c19th century. Artist: Unknown
james figg prize fighter c19th centuryartist
'James Figg, prize fighter', c19th century.Artist: R Graves
cyrus w field american financier c19th century
'Cyrus W Field, American financier', c19th century. Artist: Unknown
sir john franklin c1860sartist dj pound
'Sir John Franklin', c1860s.Artist: DJ Pound
prince frederic minister war c19th century
'Prince Frederic, Minister of War', c19th century. Artist: Unknown
count fersen c19th century artist unknown
'Count Fersen', c19th century. Artist: Unknown
colonel james fisk junior c19th century artist
'Colonel James Fisk, Junior', c19th century. Artist: Unknown
fairfax c19th centuryartist ah payne
'Fairfax', c19th century.Artist: AH Payne
general james ochoncar 1837artist james
'General James Ochoncar', 1837.Artist: James Ochoncar
henry fuseli c18th centuryartist t holloway
'Henry Fuseli', c18th century.Artist: T Holloway
henry fuseli c19th centuryartist ridley
'Henry Fuseli', c19th century.Artist: Ridley
albany fonblanque journalist c1820 1850artist
'Albany Fonblanque', journalist, c1820-1850.Artist: Alfred d'Orsay
luke fildes artist 19th century artist
'Luke Fildes', artist, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
henry fielding c19th century artist unknown
'Henry Fielding', c19th century. Artist: Unknown
james t fields c19th century artist unknown
'James T Fields', c19th century Artist: Unknown
stephen c foster c19th century artist unknown
'Stephen C Foster', c19th century. Artist: Unknown
a b frost american illustrator c19th century
'A B Frost', American illustrator, c19th century. Artist: Unknown
bernard le bovier fontenelle c1870sartist
'Bernard le Bovier de Fontenelle', c1870s.Artist: E Ronjat
mrs fletcher c1830sartist j cochran
'Mrs Fletcher', c1830s.Artist: J Cochran
william powell frith c1860artist dj pound
'William Powell Frith', c1860.Artist: DJ Pound
sir richard fanshaw diplomat author 1823artist
'Sir Richard Fanshaw', diplomat and author, 1823.Artist: Charles Pye
w powell frith painted 1838 1887artist
'W Powell Frith', painted by himself in 1838, (1887)
albany fonblanque journalist c19th century
'Albany Fonblanque, journalist', c19th century. Artist: Unknown
sir john fortescu 1793 artist unknown
'Sir John Fortescu', 1793. Artist: Unknown
john forster c1860 1900artist ch jeens
'John Forster', c1860-1900.Artist: CH Jeens
prof henry fawcett mp c19th century artist
'Prof Henry Fawcett, MP', c19th century. Artist: Unknown
the assassination viceroy india c19th century
'The Assassination of the Viceroy of India', c19th century. Artist: Unknown
defeat death dhoondiah conaghull c19th century
'Defeat and Death of Dhoondiah at Conaghull', c19th century.Artist: J Rogers
capture tantia topee c19th century artist
'Capture of Tantia Topee', c19th century. Artist: Unknown
sikh chief 1886 artist unknown
'Sikh chief', 1886. Artist: Unknown
bhil woman 1886 artist unknown
'Bhil woman', 1886. Artist: Unknown
bhil man 1886 artist unknown
'Bhil man', 1886. Artist: Unknown
the voyage c1870 1900artist edwin lord weeks
'The Last Voyage', c1870-1900.Artist: Edwin Lord Weeks
bandela 1886 artist unknown
'Bandela', 1886. Artist: Unknown
indian wedding procession c19th century artist
'Indian wedding procession', c19th century. Artist: Unknown
lascar c19th century artist unknown
'Lascar', c19th century. Artist: Unknown
woman servants c1808artist j haafner
'Woman with servants', c1808.Artist: J Haafner


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